Will semen not liquefy affect male fertility?Make 4 points to improve sperm quality!Men should know

Under normal circumstances, the liquefaction state is presented when the sperm is ejected. In just a few minutes, it will be converted into jelly, and then the liquefaction is restored after half an hour.However, after 30 minutes, semen still does not pay attention to liquefaction, which may affect men’s fertility and deprive them of their father’s rights.

The newly emitted semen is liquefied to facilitate ejaculation; and then converted into jelly -like. The purpose is to allow semen to stay in women’s vagina and avoid semen outflow; finally liquefyWandering to the women’s fallopian tube is conducive to the combination of sperm and eggs to help fertilization.

If the semen is ejected, there is still no liquefaction, which is called semen non -liquefaction.Sperm non -liquefaction can affect sperm activity, affect sperm into the uterine cavity fertilization, and leads to male infertility.Too high semen viscosity can reduce sperm vitality and survival rate; protein solunts in semen can lead to liquefaction in the backward cervical mucus, thereby reducing the ability of sperm to penetrate cervical mucus and cause male infertility.

1. Exercise

The more obese men, the worse the sperm quality, because it is too obese to increase the temperature at the groin, which affects the growth of sperm, and causes male infertility. Therefore, the weight of the weight should be actively controlled. The weight index cannot exceed 25.In addition, actively reduce stress because the mental stress can affect sperm production.

2. Stay away from radiation

Radiation is radiation pollution, and long -term contact with radiation irradiation can cause sperm chromosome deformity.In addition, refuse to steam sauna or take a hot bath, because the high -temperature environment can destroy the production of fine cells and reduce sperm quality.In addition, it is necessary to quit smoking and alcohol, which can reduce sperm vitality and quality.There are also less cosmetics, which contains phosphates, which can reduce the number of sperm and reduce fertility.

3. Can’t abuse drugs

Chemotherapy drugs, anti -tumor drugs, sedatives, hormone drugs, etc. can hinder the production of sperm, cause sperm chromosome damage and break, so the drug cannot be abused.In addition, the abuse of supplements with supplements and sperm non -liquefied must not be used to improve the problem of sperm non -liquefaction, but it will increase the condition.

4. Stay away from harmful and toxic substances

Formaldehyde is volatile organic matter and can damage the genetic material intracellular. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the plates and coatings produced by regular manufacturers; granite or marble can release a radioactive substance.Causes male infertility.Therefore, the newly renovated house must be opened for more than half a year to move in.

Kind tips

There are many reasons for sperm non -liquefied, including lack of trace elements in the body, lack of congenital prostate, and poor living habits.Therefore, you should arrange diet reasonably, and eat more foods such as iron, zinc and magnesium, etc., which is conducive to semen liquefaction.Maintain a healthy lifestyle, participate in physical exercise, and face everything with a positive and optimistic attitude; go to the hospital for a physical examination to actively prevent reproductive system infection.

If the semen caused by chronic bacterial prostatitis is not liquefied, a high concentration of fat -soluble antibiotics should be selected.Under the guidance of doctors, take drugs that can improve microcirculation, promote blood flow and flow, and provide sufficient oxygen and nutrients for tissue cells, thereby improving sperm quality.

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