Will pregnant women infection the new crown affect the fetus, can they still give birth?Expert answer

On December 8th, the State Council’s comprehensive group of the joint control mechanism of the new type of coronary virus pneumonia issued the "Notice on Further Doing a Better of Maternal Maternal and Children’s Health Management and Medical Service Guarantee", which requires medical institutions at all levels to ensure normal medical servicesKeeping maternal and children’s emergency emergency green channels are unblocked.

In the new situation of the epidemic prevention and control, what should pregnant women pay attention to the pregnancy test?Will it affect the fetus if infected with the new coronal virus?The reporter interviewed Zhou Jingzhen, the head of the obstetrics isolation ward of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, and Zhang Xiaoli, chief physician of obstetrics.

There is no evidence to prove that the new coronal virus has the spread of mother and baby

Southern Daily, Southern+: Is pregnant women more likely to infect the new crown virus?

Zhou Jingzhen: At present, human beings are generally susceptible to new coronary viruses.Due to the impact of pregnancy psychology, hormones, nutrition, etc., pregnant women have reduced their resistance, the risk of infection may increase, and the treatment cycle is longer than ordinary people.Maternal mothers with high blood pressure, diabetes and other basic diseases, if they have fever symptoms at the same time, may aggravate the condition.

Southern Daily, Southern+: Will pregnant women have an impact on the fetus after the new coronal virus is infected with the new crown virus?

Zhou Jingzhen: Pregnant women infected with new coronary viruses may affect the fetus, but there is no need to panic, and they should be evaluated and intervened as soon as possible.For maternal women with better constitutions, they can be cured in the short term after infection with the new coronary virus, which will not cause much impact on the body, and will not cause substantial harm to the fetus.However, if the maternal maternal is infected with the new coronary virus, symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue and other symptoms may need to be used.At this time, we must take medicine under the guidance of a doctor to minimize the impact on the fetus as much as possible.

At present, there is no evidence that after women infected with viruses during pregnancy, the virus will be transmitted to the fetus by maternal and infant transmission.Therefore, as long as the mother can maintain a good state, she can continue pregnancy.According to a large amount of data and the newborns who are currently delivered in our hospital, no mother has found that the mother’s infection will affect the newborn.

Southern Daily, Southern+: Can the maternal infection in the new coronal virus, can it be given birth?

Zhou Jingzhen: Infection of the new coronal virus does not affect the delivery, and there is no evidence that the cesarean section can reduce the risk of neonatal infection with the new crown virus.The detection of newborn virus nucleic acid detection in our hospital so far is negative.

Southern Daily, Southern+: What should a maternal infected with the new crown virus need to pay attention to after delivery?

Zhou Jingzhen: During breastfeeding, preventing infants from infecting viruses, mothers can wear well -fitting masks (such as medical surgical masks or N95 masks) and do well in hand.After breastfeeding, disinfection of the common surface that the baby may be in contact with the mother.

You need to wear a mask to keep your hand hygienic

Southern Daily, Southern+: During the epidemic, what are the precautions for pregnancy and checkup?

Zhang Xiaoli: First of all, we must do a good job of personal protection, wear masks correctly, and maintain social distance.Secondly, make an appointment in advance to reduce the stay in the hospital.Try to avoid directly contacting elevator buttons, door handles, etc., pay attention to hand hygiene after contact. Do not touch your eyes, mouth, nose, etc. before you wash your hands or disinfection.

In the choice of hospitals, it is recommended to give priority to choosing a non -order hospital or a maternal and child health care hospital near the residence.If a professional doctor evaluates the risk of "orange" or "red" color pregnancy, be sure to follow the doctor’s order to go to the designated hospital for a production examination.

Southern Daily, Southern+: How do pregnant women do a good job of health monitoring of themselves and fetuses at home?

Zhang Xiaoli: Pregnant women can self -monitor weight, blood pressure, fetal movement, etc., and carefully record that abnormalities communicate with doctors in time.The weight control criteria for normal weight pregnant women are: The total increase of no more than 2 kg before 14 weeks of pregnancy, and an increase of about 0.4 kg per week in the middle and late pregnancy.Blood pressure of pregnant women: systolic blood pressure 131 ~ 139mmHg and (or) diastolic blood pressure 81-89mmHg is the early stage of hypertension.The systolic blood pressure ≥140mmHg and (or) diastolic blood pressure ≥90mmHg, diagnosing hypertension.

Pregnant women generally feel fetal movements from 16 to 20 weeks.Counting fetal movements: 28-32 weeks once a week; 32-36 weeks 2 times a week; 36 weeks once a day.The number of fetal movements is 3 to 4 times per hour or 30 to 40 times.The fetal motion count is significantly increased or decreased, indicating that there may be a fetal hypoxia.

Southern Daily, Southern+: What are the cases of pregnant women in time?

Zhang Xiaoli: One is pregnancy -related conditions, such as dizziness, headache, unclear vision, increased blood pressure, shortness of breath, vaginal bleeding or flow fluid, abdominal pain, abnormal fetal movement, etc., and should go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.The other is to be related to the infection of the new crown virus, such as fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue and other symptoms. If you can contact the new coronal virus infection, the symptoms after rest have not improved, and you should go to the doctor in time.

Southern Daily, Southern+: Is it necessary to do before pregnancy during the epidemic?

Zhang Xiaoli: All couples who are preparing to get pregnant are necessary to conduct pre -pregnancy health examinations and evaluations before 3 to 6 months before pregnancy.Under the premise of preventing and controlling the epidemic, accepting pre -pregnancy examination and evaluation, it is necessary to avoid risk of pregnancy, reduce the risk of adverse fertility ending, and ensure the safety of maternal and infants.

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