Will pregnant women have a sudden toothache, will treatment affect the fetus?Stomatologist reminds her to pay attention

Toothache is very common in real life. Generally, patients with toothache will choose hospitals or clinics for treatment as soon as possible.However, for special groups such as pregnant women, they are always worried that the treatment of teeth will affect the development of the fetus, so most of them choose to nake the pain and dare not treat it.According to clinical data, more than 80%of pregnant women will have oral diseases, while the consultation rate is only about 6.81%.

Ms. Mo is one of many cases.According to reports, Ms. Mo had more than 10 weeks of pregnancy, and her toothache has lasted for 3 days, which seriously affected eating and sleeping.Ms. Mo has always endured because she is worried that treatment will affect the fetus.

Until recently, Ms. Mo chose the dental department to see the dental department in the case of pain.In the Department of Stomatology of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hunan Province, after careful examination of Dr. Xiao Wang, he was diagnosed with acute pulpitis.After the doctor communicated and appeased in a timely manner with Ms. Mo and her family, she immediately opened the marrow treatment of the bureau, and explained that they were reviewed for 10 to 14 days.After treatment, Ms. Mo’s pain was quickly relieved, and she could sleep normally that night.

Xiao Wang introduced that there are two main causes of high -liposcopic diseases in pregnant women: changes in hormones in the body during pregnancy are likely to cause gingivitis and wisdom tooth crown inflammation; changes in eating habits, increasing frequency of eating, and often cleaning and being in place are susceptible to dental caries and pulp pulp.Yan and so on.

When there are symptoms of toothache during pregnancy, we must first know what causes pain. Mild inflammation can be solved with mouthwash brushing.Once severe pain and symptoms affecting eating and sleeping, you need to go to a professional oral institution for further diagnosis and treatment.If it is not thoroughly treated with oral pain, it will affect the health of the pregnant woman and the safety of the fetus.

Clinically, many pregnant women endure the torture of oral diseases during pregnancy. The quality of life has been severely reduced, and the proportion of premature babies and low -body births has increased.

Xiao Wang reminded that in order to avoid toothache during pregnancy, detailed oral examination should be performed before preparing for pregnancy.During pregnancy, you must control the amount of sweets and frequency, rinse your mouth after vomiting, and brush your teeth in three meals.

Correspondent Xiao Wang Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Mei Mei

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News

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