Will plaster cause physiological disorders. Is it true?

“Health Management”

I like the interactive verification show "Is it true?", Not only attracted by Huang Xi’s humor’s hosting style, but also shocked by the truth behind the rumors of life. Our brain is to be constantly refreshed by the truth to accumulate more and more high -quality knowledge reserves.

Return to home, what I want to take to verify today is that plaster can cause physiological disorders. Is it true?

My personal verification answer is "true".

I have written the article "Ghost Arrow Wind is not a legend" before, and today’s topic is also its sequel.

After encountering the "Ghost Arrow Wind", because the back pain could not be directly affected, in order to recover as soon as possible, a few stickers had a medicine sticker that improved the microcirculation and relieved the pain effect. The effect was obvious. Three days later, the back pain caused by the ghost arrow wind recovered.At that time, I needed to arrange the annual body test every year. My physiological period is very regular, and I arrange a physical examination on the 16th on the 16th.I am a careful person, and the usually time plan is proper, but that medical examination made me temporarily cancel the appointment on the evening of the 15th because the aunt came five days in advance.I have always been confused how it was so abnormal, and then I cautiously recalled special events related to physical health that happened in the past month. Only ghost arrow winds, but how can low back pain be linked to the physiological period?Dr. Dad, who was doing drug research and development, gave me the answer.The main effects of ingredients in the medicine stickers, such as Chuanniu and Sichuan Achyranthes, can promote blood circulation, which can promote blood circulation. It is normal for a week to have a week.

Well, the plaster of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can indeed cause disturbances in the physiological period, but the disorder caused by this factors is also short. Basically, it can be restored to normal when the period of menstrual periods will be restored. ThereforeThe body’s own self -regulation function can quickly be adjusted back to normal.But women who are in a special period, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, must use various plasters with caution, remember!

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