Will not eat folic acid without having an impact on your baby’s health?What must be known for pregnant mothers!

I believe that folic acid is no stranger to many preparing for pregnancy and expectant mothers, but as for why folic acid is supplemented, many people are not very clear.It may be because the doctor asked to add, maybe a friend notified to add, maybe because everyone is adding, knowing that it is good.What are the disadvantages of not replenishing?Why do you start to replenish from pregnancy?

The consequences of lack of folic acid:

Fetal nerve tube deformity

If the most direct consequence of folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy is that it can lead to malformations of fetal nerve tube. It is a serious deformity disease. The neural tube is the central nervous system of the fetus.Such birth defects are mainly manifested by brainless, cerebral swelling, cerebral spinal membrane, spinal spine/hidden spinal spine, lip fissure and palate.

Pregnant women’s signs of eclampsia

Studies have shown that the lack of folic acid during pregnancy may increase the risk of expectant mothers to suffer from eclaose.Eclaration is a hypertensive disease unique to pregnancy, which will affect 5%to 8%of expectant mothers.

Pregnancy hyperlipidemia risk

The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that it will be taken from 2 to 3 months before pregnancy, and has been taken to 3 months of pregnancy or throughout pregnancy. In addition to preventing neural tube malformations, it is also conducive to reducing the risk of hyperlipidemia in pregnancy.

Folic acid reserve has a cycle

The purpose of being emphasized that the purpose of being taken 3 months before pregnancy is to maintain a certain level in order to keep the folic acid in women’s body at a certain level to ensure that the embryo has a good nutritional state in the early days.According to research, after 90 days after taking folic acid, women can be corrected by the deficiency of folic acid in the body.In this way, sufficient folic acid can meet the needs of nervous system development in the sensitive period for formation of fetal nerve tubes in early pregnancy.

Dose for folic acid supplement

The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" clearly states that women with pregnancy and pregnancy need to supplement 0.4 mg of folic acid daily to achieve the effect of preventing fetal nervous tube deformities and supplementation of folic acid during pregnancy.If you add too much or too little every day, you cannot achieve the effect.

Supplementing folic acid is not just a matter of expectant mothers. Both expectant mothers and prospective dads should take it, so female compatriots should not forget to eat folic acid at the same time, and remember to let her husband add folic acid every day.Practice has proved that a balanced and healthy diet is very important for dads, because the nutrition of food will directly affect the vitality of sperm.

Kiwi, strawberries, jujube, hawthorn, pear, walnut, pork liver, chicken, beef, lamb, beans, nuts, soybeans, soy products, walnuts, cashews, pine nuts, chestnuts, almonds, barley, rice bran, brown rice, etc.

Therefore, expectant mothers must not have a chance, and think that it will not be so unlucky and will hit the neurophastin deformity. However, once it appears, it will be able to regret it, which will have an extremely serious impact on the family and even the child’s life.And it is also a poor stability. It is easy to lose during the heavy food cooking, so for the sake of insurance, it is necessary to take folic acid tablets while supplementing. You should try to supplement folic acid on time and quantity as much as possible.

For the health of the fetus and pregnant mothers, don’t try to prepare for pregnancy without eating folic acid, scientifically supplement folic acid!

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