Will menstrual pregnancy be pregnant?

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In order to achieve the purpose of contraception, many female friends choose to have a room in the same period during menstruation. Of course, the harm of the same room in the same room during menstrual period is very large. Will the menstrual period be pregnant during menstruation?Will you get pregnant during menstruation? For this issue, Xiaobian wants to tell you that during menstruation, it is generally not pregnant.

Will you get pregnant during menstruation?

Will you get pregnant during menstruation? For this issue, Xiaobian wants to tell you that during menstruation, it is generally not pregnant.Because ovulation will not occur during menstruation, the combination of eggs and sperm will not occur, so it is generally not pregnant during menstruation.

Menstruation includes menstrual period, ovulation period and safety period.Women can get pregnant, mainly ovulation during ovulation, sperm can be combined with eggs, so as to become a fertilized egg, and can succeed in pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, women only ovulate during ovulation day and excreted only one egg. Therefore, the chance of pregnancy during menstrual period is low.However, if you take drugs such as contraceptives, causing menstrual disorders, it may also lead to abnormal ovulation and ovulation during menstrual period.

It should be noted that you should avoid love during menstruation.Because the endometrium in the menstrual period is formed, and the immunity of various systems decreases, it can easily lead to inflammatory infection, forming pelvic inflammatory inflammatory disease and attachmentitis.In addition, when women are excited, uterine contraction may cause blood flow to the pelvic cavity, causing endometrial planting and endometriosis.Therefore, it is recommended to avoid life during menstruation.

Women’s pregnancy during menstruation

1. Some women’s menstrual cycles are short or irregular menstruation, ovulation will be advanced in advance, and even when the menstruation is about to end.Because women’s eggs have the ability to fertilize within 24 hours to 48 hours, if the male sperm happens to enter the uterus and then enter the fallopian tube, there is a possibility of pregnancy.

2. Because men’s sperm can survive in women for three to four days, if men’s sperm enters the fallopian tube, it is possible to get pregnant.

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