Will liver disease affect children during pregnancy?Don’t panic first, look at 4 o’clock

Everyone knows that hepatitis B virus is very contagious, and it can be transmitted through the blood and sexual behavior of maternal and infants.Many women refuse to get pregnant because they have hepatitis. Was the mother’s liver disease affect the child during pregnancy?

1. liverization

Female pregnancy of liver cirrhosis needs to terminate pregnancy through artificial abortion, especially women who have lost liver cirrhosis.Because most of the liver cirrhosis is accompanied by jaundice, liver failure, hepatic encephalopathy or ascites, the blood capacity of the whole body will increase after pregnancy, aggravate the high pressure of the door veins, causing women to break and bleed the varicose veins during pregnancy or childbirth.Especially for liver cirrhosis, when pregnant women have liver and ascites, they will increase the risk of death, hypertension and premature birth during pregnancy.When suffering from liver cirrhosis, you should actively treat diseases, and you should consider pregnancy after the spleen campaign is relieved.

2. Autoimmune hepatitis

Autoimmune hepatitis mainly occurs in young women. Such women are often accompanied by endocrine diseases.It will stop ovulation due to severe activity of hepatitis, so the chance of pregnancy is low.If you are pregnant, you will aggravate the burden on the liver, so try not to get pregnant and get pregnant after you get effective treatment.If you do not get treatment and get pregnant, the disease will be increased because of sudden stopping drugs, so you cannot stop the drug after pregnancy, which can reduce immunosuppressive dosage.

3. Chronic hepatitis C

Most chronic hepatitis C virus carriers can go through the entire pregnancy, but the condition can increase after giving birth.In addition, chronic hepatitis C virus will be transmitted vertically by maternal and infants, and hepatitis C women need to treat a course of treatment before preparing for pregnancy, and then consider pregnancy after half a year.

4. Hepatitis with hepatitis during pregnancy

Hepatitis with hepatitis is the main factor that leads to the death of pregnant women, mainly based on viral hepatitis.Each period of pregnancy may be infected with hepatitis virus, especially in the late pregnancy.If you are infected in advanced pregnancy, your condition will become more and more serious, and it will even endanger pregnant women and fetal health.Hepatitis will cause worsening the condition after pregnancy. If you combine hypertension or acute fatty liver during pregnancy, it will increase the damage to the liver.In addition, excessive fatigue, bleeding, and anesthesia during childbirth will increase the burden on the liver and bring unpredictable consequences.

Hepatitis needs to be tested regularly after pregnancy, especially in the early and late pregnancy, at least every two months.If there is obvious fatigue and loss of appetite, the color of urine and eyes are yellow, and you should seek medical treatment in time to obey the doctor’s suggestions for treatment or liver preservation.Pay more attention to rest, avoid staying up late, balanced for physical intake, and cannot be blindly supplemented.

Editor in charge: Feng Lili

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