Will it affect fertility with cervical cysts?

"Doctor, I wrote a cervical cyst on the medical examination report. I would like to ask what is the disease of the cervical cyst, is it serious?"

"I got a cervical cyst after getting married. What would I be worried about? Will it affect fertility?"

"Doctor, I want to ask, will cervical cysts cancer?"


A series of questions are the questions that Director Wu Magnolia has asked more about cervical cysts for many years.In response to cervical cysts, Director Wu Magnolia said that cervical cysts are mostly in married women. They are a type of cervicitis. They belong to benign cysts and usually appear in the recovery period of cervicitis.Women with cervical cysts don’t have to panic too much and give them too much pressure. They can generally heal themselves.

Secondly, Director Wu Yulan reminded the majority of women: When cervical cysts have mild symptoms in the early stage, timely treatment will not affect fertility.However, if it is already very serious, the cyst will block the cervix, so that the sperm cannot enter through the cervical mouth, which will reduce the chance of pregnancy and even cause infertility.Of course, when women suffer from cervical cysts, doctors do not recommend patients’ pregnancy because cervical cysts can easily cause abortion or premature birth.

Cervical cysts can also cause uplifting infections, which can easily lead to the occurrence of other chronic cervical diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, etc.Therefore, women with cervical cysts do not have to worry if they are mild, or even no treatment measures, but they should also go to the hospital for inspection and monitoring every year to observe whether they have increased to prevent the disease from worsening.To prevent pregnancy.If the cysts are particularly huge, they must obey the doctor’s advice for regular treatment. After the treatment of recovery, it can be conceived normally.

In addition, whether cervical cysts will be cancerous is probably the most concerned on women.Generally speaking, cervical cysts are benign cysts that can be cured by themselves, and they belong to benign lesions.However, it is not that cancerous is impossible. Of course, the chance of cancer in cervical cysts is very small, and cervical cysts do not belong to a pre -cancer lesion.So women with cervical cysts can relax.If you have any fertility problems, you can add WeChat: 17661063839 and consult.

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