Will guinea pig bite people?

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Dutch pigs, also known as guinea pigs, are a pet mouse that looks cute in appearance.Dutch pigs are very docile. During the breeding process, the Dutch pigs will not bite easily, but there is a saying that "rabbits are anxious and bite", and the docile rabbit will bite people.So, do Dutch pig bite? Will the Dutch pig bite people?

Does the Dutch pig bite people? Dutch pigs are docile and friendly. In many cases, when feeding it, it will also carefully sniff the taste of your fingers without biting you.Most of the Dutch pig bite will not happen, but "rabbits are also bitten and bite people." If the Dutch pigs feel tension, dangerous, and oppressed, then it will also be bitten by themselves.Dutch pigs were anxious.

Is the Dutch pig biting? Like many other pets, the Dutch pigs will not bite people under normal circumstances. Unless individual temperament is violent or during pregnancy, or in estrus, there will be individual phenomena that bite people.Dutch pigs will also have a natural motherhood love. If you are angry and touch it when you are pregnant in Dutch pigs, then Dutch pigs will also have attacks such as biting people.But from here, it is not difficult to see that if the Dutch pig is not forced to tolerate, it feels that it will not bite when it is threatened.

What should I do if I have been bitten by the Netherlands? If the Dutch pigs are bought from the street, the physical health of the Dutch pigs will not be guaranteed. It is recommended to vaccinate; if it is a regular pet shop, don’t be too afraid, wash it with water for 10 minutes for 10 minutes for 10 minutes for 10 minutes.Left and right, repeatedly scrub with soap, and squeeze the blood (note: the soap can not be used with soap, hand washing, etc., only soap can be used. Because the soap is high).Rubbing for 10 to 15 times, wipe it with iodine and alcohol, do not use creative patch. This is not conducive to the penetration of alcohol. Gently squeeze with your fingers until the alcohol is completely absorbed.Circle, you can’t get too much, which is conducive to wound healing.

Will the Dutch pigs bite? When raising Dutch pigs, the owner should not worry about being bitten by Dutch pigs.As long as the owner takes care of its diet and is funny to play with it, then Dutch pigs will be your very good pet partner, and add more fun to a dull and lonely life.

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