Will girls bleed for the first time?What is the use of this membrane?Don’t be "brainwashed" by men


Hello everyone, this is Dr. Daming, and I will explain to you about the first knowledge about women.

Nowadays, people’s ideological level has been greatly improved. However, many people still have the thoughts of the older generation. They believe that girls should not have a sexual life before they get married.red".

However, this idea is wrong!Now women have their own thoughts, and pre -marital sex is not the standard for judging a woman’s good or bad; then, is the first time girls really meet red?

"Women’s Virginity" is the moral concept of women advocated by Confucianism, without remarry, and even saying that "starving to death is small and lost"!In fact, this is a feudal dross; today, although this concept is impacted, many people are still affected by this concept and have a certain virgin complex.

Of course, the virgin complex is not wrong, but it can only be said that it is a TV series to watch if it is a virgin!Many people do not understand hymen.

"Hymen" is actually just one alias. Its real name is "vaginal valve", not a real layer of membrane; vaginal flaps are a layer of perforation mucosa tissue, which are left over from the fetal development.The connective tissue is composed of scales on the upper and lower sides.

Under normal circumstances, the vaginal valve will have a small hole with a diameter of about 1 cm. This small hole is called "vaginal valve hole". The shape of the vaginal valve holes of different women is different.

During women’s menstruation, menstrual blood is discharged from the body through this small hole. If there is no hole in this hole, surgery is needed, otherwise the menstrual blood will not come out!

As for the role of this "film", simply helps to resist the invasion of the germs; before puberty, the vaginal mucosa is thin, the acidic is low, and the resistance is relatively weak. During this period, the hymen can play a certain protective role.

But after entering the adolescence, the ovaries gradually matured, estrogen secretion increased, vaginal resistance was increased, and the role of hymen was not so great!Therefore, do not take the hymen too seriously. It is just a very common body tissue, and it is not the "chastity archway" of girls.

In addition, whether the first sex life bleeds and the hormonal state also has a certain relationship; the thickness of the hymen is affected by the female estrogen level. Before the adolescence, the women’s hymen is thicker and poor elasticity; after entering the adolescence, the level of estrogen rises rapidly quickly.The hymen will gradually become thicker, more flexible, and not easily damaged.

When girls are mature, they do not necessarily have symptoms of bleeding!

When girls first use the cotton bars for the first time, there is a very small chance of vaginal petals that will be slightly stretched, which will cause the capillaries in the membrane to break and exudate slightly.

For some women, due to large vaginal valve pores and high elasticity, even if sexual behavior is occurred or using sanitary cotton strips, it will not break!Generally speaking, the diameter of the cotton strip does not exceed 1.5cm, while the small pores of the vaginal valve can usually accommodate 1 finger width, about 1.90cm, and women can use it with confidence.

In fact, sanitary cotton strips are no longer a fresh product, but many people still have prejudice or misunderstandings about it. I hope everyone can treat this item scientifically.

1. Prepare

Girls need to be prepared before the first sexual life, and have a full understanding of sexual life knowledge to eliminate tension and embarrassment. At the same time, girls should avoid being too blindly obedient, learn to protect themselves, and do not make sex too early.Life!It is recommended that girls have a room in an adult.

2. Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene

Because it is the first time, female genitals have never been exposed to external factors, so the ability of the genitals to resist viruses is very poor; in the first time, we must pay attention to cleaning the outside of the genitals and try to clean it as delicate and comprehensive. This is also this is also this.Responsible for your own behavior.

3. Pay attention to contraception

Girls should not trust a series of promises of "getting married", and don’t choose to take contraceptives by themselves because of the impulse!When you are pregnant before marriage, most people’s experience is abortion, and abortion will cause great harm to girls’ health!The only one who was injured in the end was yourself.Therefore, you must pay attention to contraception for the first time in sex.

Today’s topic: Do you know which cold knowledge about girls for the first time?

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