Will eating contraceptives gain weight?

Many women find that they have increased their weight after oral contraceptives, so they think that taking contraceptives will gain weight, so scared that they are afraid to eat, and even rather than get pregnant and do not eat.

Do you really get fat?

Short -acting compound oral contraceptives mainly contain estrogen and progesterone, which may increase the body’s hybrids.In addition, because short -acting contraceptives contain estrogen, and estrogen can cause water sodium retention, which is the phenomenon of puffiness, which causes weight gain and looks fat.But it increases the moisture in the body tissue, not the fat that causes obesity.

At the same time, if contraceptives are taken for a long time, it may indeed cause some women to gain weight, but not all women.Usually, if long -term contraceptives may have a certain effect on the body’s sex hormones and insulin secretion, it may easily lead to slow fat metabolism, which causes the body to have slight edema or fat accumulation, which will gain weight.

If you want to take contraceptives, you do n’t gain weight. In fact, it is very simple. When taking contraceptives, you can control your diet, increase exercise, and accelerate the calorie consumption of the body. You can also avoid fat accumulation and then prevent weight gain.

There are also short -acting contraceptives with low estrogen content, such as You Siming, You Siyue, etc. These contraceptives of these contraceptives are lower and more reasonable.medicine.For example, You Siming, because the main ingredients contained in it are alcohol ketones and amylosol, each piece contains 3 mg of flexol ketones, and the estradiolin is 0.03 mg.Among them, the alcohol ketone confronts estrogen, and the content of estrogen is low, which will hardly cause water sodium retention, and the chance of weight gain will be reduced.

Therefore, most people take You Siming or You Siyue’s weight will not increase, and as long as the instructions are used, the contraceptive effect is very reliable, and the effect of adjusting the endocrine is also very good.The flow of people cannot be done, especially not often, even if it does not hurt the body, it is very great.

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