Will cervical erosion be good?Is cervical cancer precursor?Pay attention to the more secretions and abnormal bleeding

Cervical erosion is a common case in gynecological clinics. According to statistics, more than half of female friends have similar problems. However, it is because everyone knows not much about cervical erosion, so the first reaction hearing is usually the first response.Surprise and fear.

Cervical erosion actually occurs mostly in pregnancy, postpartum, postoperative and taking drugs.Why does the uterus erosion?The erosion says is a bit too much. The correct name in medicine should be cervical. Strictly speaking, cervical erosion is not a disease. It is just because the disease does not understand.Moisting directly thinks of cervical cancer directly and panic.

The main cause of cervical erosion is that women cause cervical damage caused by postpartum or postoperative postoperative surgery.The appearance looks like a layer of skin is broken in the cervix before being mistaken for cervical erosion; however, if a woman is pregnant or is taking medicine, it may also cause cervical congestion and similar erosion.

Women with cervical erosion are usually because of too many vaginal secretions and abnormal bleeding. Pain in the same room or bleed after the house.Cervical erosion is often caused by cervical inflammation caused by infection. Mold, bacteria, trichomonas, etc. may be the source of infection. Therefore, the vagina will have more secretions, sometimes it may have an unpleasant taste, and even causes even cause it.Pain or itching symptoms.

Some patients with mild symptoms have no obvious conscious symptoms. It may only be simple leucorrhea slightly, so it is often easy to be ignored.Still bleeding after the same room.

Erosion is caused by infection, and most of them are caused by mold. As long as they are in a humid environment or weak physical resistance, such as before and after menstruation, ovulation period, pregnancy, anti -cancer drugs, anti -cancer drugs, diabetes and other symptoms, etc.It is easy to be infected.In addition, E. coli and Enterococcus from the anus will also bring the bacteria into the vagina and infected when the toilet or the same room, and replace it.

Therefore, it is recommended not to have the habit of rinse the vagina, wearing ventilated sweat -absorbing underwear, paying attention to local cleaning, after the toilet, remember to wipe the sanitary paper from back toSpecific infection.

It is worth mentioning that cervical erosion is mostly caused by infection, so it is not directly related to cervical cancer.This is because of the cause of cervical cancer. According to medical confirmation, more than 990 % of patients are from the infection of human mastoid virus (HPV). However, due to the infection of mastoid virus, the cervix will also appear erosion. ThereforeIt is necessary to use sliced examination to confirm that it is not cervical cancer, and the situation of other cervical lesions is eliminated. Generally, no treatment is required.For patients with obvious symptoms or combined with other cervical lesions, doctors give symptomatic treatment.

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