Wife is big?

Chapter 61 The Lord of the County is here!

The three returned to Bai Mansion. It was the setting sun, and hurriedly scrubbed each other’s clothes. The uncle and Huang Furong went to the old lady together.Because the two came back outside, they did not take a rest in the past. When they arrived, only the master was in front of the wife.

Huang Furong rushed to salute the side, but the salute had speculated that two 80 % of the mother and son were transported in the future.Have you? Don’t I accompany the uncle now to play in the yard for a while? "

The old lady laughed and put her hand with a smile: "It’s okay, don’t you be tired after playing in the afternoon? Come on, come and sit in front of you!" Saying her exclaimed, the master who had no expression of his eyes with the uncle directly with the rabbit directly with the rabbit.Similarly, it passed.

Master’s eyebrows frowned slightly: "Walk well, get more and more!"

"What do you say he did? If you are like him, you are afraid that he is not even more!" The old lady looked at the uncle with a lovely manner, and naturally he was blame the old man in his mouth.Huang Furong wanted to shrink aside at the moment, but the old lady suddenly ordered her: "Hey, the grandchildren’s daughter -in -law, you didn’t run out in the past two days. Yesterday, I heard that you went out to replace another place.I am tired of the objects in your hand, but I really worked hard! "

Huang Furong smiled at his heart: "Where is the old ancestor, Sun Ying should have a little force at home. Besides, it is the foundation for the remarriage that is replaced.The ancestors hurt me, and I should give me Zhuangzi, saying that I was standing up to the big cheap at home! "

"It is a person who knows respect. OK, okay! Rong’er, although the Bai family is a family, the humanity is not indifferent.

You can treat the Bai family intimately as your own home, I am the happiest.My ancestor and I worked hard to come out of the Bai family’s foundation. What I pursued was to treat others sincerely. As long as I really protect the Bai family and surrounds the Bai family, I really have the loyal dog of the Bai family.The family will never let him eat a line of losses!Can you understand?"

The old lady suddenly threw such a word of eight hundred words, and Huang Furong was surprised and obedient. At the moment, the old lady suddenly said: "The silver two you raised last time asked you to give Er Ye for taking it.If you use it, you can make a few days after you say. Since you got the money this time, you should give it to your father -in -law.There are a few people. If the second grandfather is used, you don’t need to annoy you in your room. "

The old lady’s words were three levels, and Huang Furong’s thoughts followed three times. I didn’t feel the coolness behind the back, and now I responded: "Okay, for dinner, I will take someone to lift the money box to the master to the master.The courtyard … "

"Where do he do what to do, lift me here, the two silver two in the palace of the Bai family have always been placed in me!" The old lady said, "Hou virtue, talk to Ruyi at night, Grandma has been in the house for six or seven days, and she should also let her take Rong’er to familiarize with her family business.Lock Rong’er to follow Ruyi’s associates according to the rules. "

As soon as Huang Furong heard his thoughts and said, the master made a voice: "What the mother said is, I will tell Ruyi later …"

"Old ancestor, old ancestor, where are you going to get Rong’er? I want her to play with me!" The uncle suddenly opened his mouth and looked like he was reluctant.The old lady smiled helplessly when he slept him like him: "Where can I get your daughter -in -law? Naturally, she accompanies you, but she can never see the Tianjia let her play with you? Should I get started?Always get started, she is a grandma! "

The uncle seemed to pursue himself dissatisfied: "Do you want her? Isn’t the younger sister who is in charge!"

"Yes, the second grandma is worried now, but that isn’t that you don’t have a daughter -in -law. Now that this daughter -in -law has entered the door for a few days, she should take over. Besides, you are here, and you will say it will be a month after another month.I do n’t worry about the delivery in the future. I ’m a age, I ca n’t tell me to run, so naturally it’ s the one of your second brother and the third brother. But your third brother is too young and I haven’t run outside.The little boy is not enough to give me a disaster, I can only choose your second brother … "

"Who? These two brothers? He went out, who would look at the shop?" Uncle blinked.

The old lady nodded, and slowly wiped tears, but the man was obviously painful in his heart.

Huang Furong took the Paizi from Hongying’s hands and arrived; the old lady gently persuaded in front of her. At this time, the girls sang, and the wife brought the second grandfather and the second grandma.

In the singing room, the three entered the house. Huang Furong quickly got up and rushed to salute. The wife saw that Huang Furong was a little surprised.He took the second grandfather and the second grandmother to give a gift from the old lady.

The old lady wiped out her tears and put her hand: "Okay, sit down!"

The girls were waiting for a few to sit down, and the wife opened: "How did the mother -in -law feel tears? But where is uncomfortable?"

The old lady snorted lightly: "There is no hindrance, although I am old, my body is good, I just watched Qier’s heart a little bit happy."

"Ancestor, you want to open!" Er Ye got up and went to the old lady: "The big brother is already the same, you are sad and useless, there is something worry about, you just have to explain Xuan’er, the grandchildren you washed, and there are me who have me.And Yan’er, although we are not comparable to your elder brother, but “”” is half half a matter? "

The old lady nodded: "Yeah, I still have you and Yan’er, but you two, it is good to cause me less trouble! Hey!"

As soon as the old lady came out, the wife’s face was a bit ugly. She glanced at the second grandfather, and the second grandfather quickly retracted the seat.Ye Yuqing looked at the embarrassment at this time, and took the tea to the old lady: "The old ancestors are about to be annoyed, and the second grandfather is trained by aunt when he goes back.I forgive him! He went to the invitation banquet of Han Yue, and he was also thinking to be stable with the eunuch, for fear of what would we get back? "

Huang Furong heard a thumbs up to Ye Yuqing in her heart: She would really say, the second grandfather came out at all, not only to say that the wife had educated the motivation to say that Er Ye was good. The most important thing was to sell.It was good to please, and it disappeared the embarrassment.

She was holding in her heart, and she planned to learn one or two in the future, but unexpectedly the old lady pushed the tea and said, "I don’t drink this tea. Grandma said to me yesterday and told me to drink tea before and after eating. Don’t drink tea before and after eating., Avoid hurting the spleen and stomach. "

Now Huang Furong said, the sun!I saw Ye Yuqing’s complexion look at herself in an ugly look, but she only laughed for a second, and accompanied her hand on her face and patted it: "Oh, Yu Qing really should fight, wait for the wait, wait for the wait, wait for the wait, wait for the wait, wait for the wait, wait for the wait, and wait for the wait.Over the years, the ancestors have been confused over the years and I don’t know how to understand the spleen and stomach of the ancestors. Oh, Yu Qing is sinful to die! Old ancestor, you can beat me this kind of worm! "Say she put the tea, reached out and grabbed it and grabbed it.The old lady’s hand was locked in front of the old lady with a wave -skinned little girl, but she stretched her face to catch the old lady’s hand and patted it gently.

There was a laugh in the hall for a while, and then the old lady also laughed: "You are a monkey!" Said his hand and poked on Ye Yuqing’s mind.Huang Furong knew that he was slapped by the old lady again.

Hey, I was so shot by my old lady like this, why did she drag me out at once?Huang Furong was thinking about it, so he heard the old lady’s opening again: "Yu Qing is a capable person, and it is very good inside and outside. It has been handy for helping your mother -in -law.Rest assured! However, what I mean, starting today, you will start to take your sister -in -law to get familiarity with things in the house, and you can take off your hands in half a month, and make it together! "

When Huang Furong heard it, he shouted the sun again!I was just taken as a fly and grabbed others. The direct IU was taken to the face of others. She felt that she would definitely be used by the second grandmother as a person who seized power.What do I do so early, I will definitely be misunderstood. I have the right to ask.

Ye Yuqing’s face just changed slightly, and immediately laughed: "Yes, the ancestor didn’t say it before, how dare Yu Qing dare to delay, especially the good skills, just one day raised those silver.Thinking of the goodness of Dasao, saying that it relieves our urgent need. When I came here today, my mother said that I would be familiar with the grandmother from tomorrow.It was entangled in a few days.

Dasao!You have to get familiar with it quickly. I will give it to you earlier.Huang Furong didn’t know what to say, but the old lady spoke again.

"If you want to be lazy, it is not possible. Today, the second grandfather of Haijia came. If you say what you say, you also listen to it. So, I will openly say, our Bai family wants to find a way.You are familiar with the family. When you wait for the next month, you will go out with Xuan’er and find out the road of transportation! "

As soon as the old lady’s words fell, the three three after the house were all stunned.

"Naturally, your dad, do you think that words can be achieved? You see, you have not arrived, 80 % are playing outside again!" The old lady said to sweep the wife, and the wife pursed it now.Lips: "Yan’er did not arrive at the time of the Er Ye to go to the nearby suburban county. He said he wanted to see the grain households in the nearby suburbs and counties, and would you like to produce food."

The old lady drooked her eyelids: "He still knows his heart? Yes! It is just a big brother to play!"

"Oh!" Er Ye coughed and talked: "Old ancestor, do the father, the father, a thing on this shop? Otherwise, I talked to the third brother these days, the others live, and Zhang Luo in the shop.It should be done before and after! "

"Don’t worry about this anymore. When the Bai family was more difficult than now, your father had dealt with it. He had dealt with it. He came here! Besides, the uncle was still there. Although it was confused, this shop was in this shop.It was even thirteen to wake up at the age of thirteen. Now I do n’t draw it. It ’s still the same as the three shopkeepers in the same size, so he’ s just like the three shopkeepers on the size of the size!

However, this way of exploring the road is not a trivial matter. Putting the number of ways along the way, and finding a near way. This … This is at least two to three months.You can worry about it too!"

"Really?" The old lady said with a smile: "Why don’t you ask your daughter -in -law? I told her to take a hand to help you, do you be the way to accompany you on the road? Her maid’s family made that silk, a large number of transportation of transportation every yearSilk, cloth, is it all the Haijia who is entrusted? Besides, you really do n’t know how to do it. Your mother is not still there, she will not help you? You say it is good? "

The wife’s face was white: "You said you are out of the way, how can Ruyi do his best to help."

"Listen? Yu Qing, how about you?"

The second grandma also laughed: "When I saw the ancestor, how can I help the second grandfather?"

At this time, the old lady smiled at the second grandfather: "Xuan’er, rest assured, you have your mother and your daughter -in -law to help you, and if you fell early, you will go out and come out!" The old lady looked at it.Red Sakura: "I’m hungry, pass the meal!"


For a meal, the old lady praised the filial piety of the uncle with a duck for a long time.Fatter resigned on the grounds of tiredness.

Huang Furong thought that his wife would send herself again, but she did not have a loud sedan this time, but Huang Furong had to follow him in the past.With a meal, the wife wiped her mouth and asked about the money. When Huang Furong said that he was replaced with all the land deeds in his hand, he exaggerated a few words and did not ask.She went to the chief office earlier, and she explained that several mother -in -law who was in the house knew her. He instructed that in the afternoon of tomorrow, she would accompany her uncle to shop on her head. She should pay attention.The two looked at their words, but they were basically the wife’s mouth, and Huang Furong just responded.

After Huang Fu’s wife realized that Huang Furong didn’t mention the meaning of the matter of tonight, she also raised her hand and put Huang Furong back.

Huang Furong came out of his wife and returned to the house for dining. The uncle naturally shrank in the ancestor.

She was absent -minded to eat, thinking about the intentions behind the words she said to her today, and suddenly thought that the old lady explained it, and now it was forgotten the food, put the remaining deed documents, and called the red light to the red light.Hongying moved out a box of gold that came out today.Since the six pieces of golden cakes were called Xianglan lock into Curry, she asked the two to lift the old lady.

As soon as I was admitted to the hospital, I heard the banging sound. When I looked up, I saw that under the light in the garden, there were a few people who seemed to be fighting.They are playing boxing! Grandma don’t worry. "

Huang Furong nodded and glanced at it. The red cherry here was in front of him. Seeing that the grandmother took someone to lift the box, she immediately attracted her into the house. The old lady held a book book to seeWhen I saw her coming, she closed it, Huang Furong noticed the red skin.

"What is this? I have a number in my heart.

The old lady asked softly, and the red cherry blossoms went to the box.

"It’s almost three thousand gold. If you get it, there will be about 30,000!" Huang Furong said seriously as possible.

In front of Jin Chancan’s cake, the old lady looked at a box of cakes without opening and was shocked, but the red cherry was counted, and she reported it to the old lady.

The old lady nodded and smiled: "Our Bai family is really blessed!" She said her hand, and Hongguang and Hongying immediately retreated.

"The granddaughter’s daughter -in -law really has the ability. Now the whole family knows that you have got the silver two, and you know that you are the dowry base that you brought in your hands.The great family of my family is in person! But … I know very well in your family at the family of your Huangfu family, so I am curious. I have been more than 60,000 silver, and now the three thousand two golds. Where did you get these in the Western European year?"

Huang Furong seemed to be helpless, and found the pile of documents from his arms and gave it to the Red Sakura: "Old ancestors, you know that I know that my Huangfu family is fine. Indeed, I can’t get one or two silver.But that day you ordered Rong’er again and told Rong’er to think about it. What Ronger saw that the ancestor did not want this matter to get on the Ye family, so what was asked is the Dongfang family and the sea family.I also know that these two people can raise money are not easy, and the most important thing is that they are also family. There are no interests in the middle, Rong’er is unclear, but since ancient times, there are many people who have fallen in the well.When I asked for this, I lost my face and caused trouble, so I was very worried for a while. Fortunately, I missed Mrs. Eye’s foot injury and said to see it, and found that Mrs. Eye’s dowry was extravagant, soSo there was a last resort, I knocked her. "

The old lady nodded gently and smiled. Huang Furong saw that the old lady knew the bottom, so she secretly glad that she had not concealed her.

"I’m curious, what conditions do you use to knock her so much? You know you can knock her 30 % of her dowry!" The old lady said, and shocked Huang Furong: Only 30 %?Is that one hundred thousands of books on the book? Mrs. Mei brought 300,000 to a hundred houses?

"Huh?" When the old lady saw Huang Furong didn’t speak, she snorted and urged. Huang Furong sighed helplessly and decided to honestly explain: "Mrs. Mrs.’s heart naturally has a uncle. If I want to knock her, I can only take her.Knocking, I responded to her long and pressed her uncle to her room. She was willing! "Huang Furong automatically saved the child about the child. She didn’t want the old lady to know her later.

"Uncle was worth 100,000? Stupid girl, you have to have less!" The old lady said, and suddenly the yard had movement, and the red cherry was immediately out. After a moment, the housekeeper Wu followed the red cherryWhen I ran in, I said in a hurry to enter: "Old lady, a noble guest is here!"

"Oh? Who?" The old lady raised her eyes.

The housekeeper Wu glanced at Huang Furong in front of him, and lowered his voice and said: "Jingyang County is here!"

Chapter 62: The main top of the county (top)

"Jingyang County Master?" The old lady immediately raised her eyebrows and had a heavy face: "How many? Joe, dress, or format? He Lu and Horse?"

The housekeeper Wu was busy: "Three of them came. The county owner brought one man and a woman. The woman was the girl Jin Chan who had been with her last time.The police are afraid of the guard. The three people wear a casual clothes, and only hire a horse horses, and it looks like Lincheng. "

The housekeeper Wu answered in a fame, and the old lady asked, "Can the introduction of the hall?"

"I saw that this was the county owner, and when I saw the stool she wore, I first approached the hall. Now I call someone to wait for the tea to follow the tea, and hurry up and report it."

"Okay, let’s pass it immediately. You call people who will meet the houses in the past! Rong’er, you will accompany me first!" The old lady said, but her eyes swept the red cherryStanding in front of the golden box, he was bent and did not move.When Huang Furong saw that she knew that she was going to arrange the golden cake, and obediently went up to help the old lady, and went out of the hall.

The housekeeper of Wu Luo immediately opened the notice of each room. Huang Furong remembered that the uncle was playing with people outside the courtyard, so he wanted to call him one.

"Sun daughter, what are you looking at?" The old lady asked, and there were already sedes in front of me.

"Nothing, just look at where the uncle went to play again." Huang Furong’s words fell, and the old lady smiled and squeezed her hand: "Don’t be afraid, you are my grandmother’s grandma, no one can move!"After speaking, he went to the sedan seed, making Huang Furong a bit wrong.

What does the old ancestor mean to say this?Don’t be afraid of me?Yes, the housekeeper Wu reported that she had glanced before. Is this Jingyang County owner and me a little bitter?No, no, the Er Ye in the morning said that it took four days to arrive in the Bai family, but now people have arrived.Furthermore, what is the relationship between this county and the Bai family, but why is the old ancestor that said such a sentence? Is it related to the uncle?

She thought about the relationship in the coquettishness, but she knew almost blank to the county owner, and for a while, she also settled south. It was only when she got off the sedan to help her old lady, and she noticed that the lamp wall in the main hall was brilliant.The amount of the coming.

After helping the old lady, Huang Furong entered the hall.At this time, the little sister at the door reported that the old lady came.She glanced at the room in the hall and saw the sitting one who got up, and greeted it with a good step: "Old lady, Meng Jie came to disturb you!"The old lady helped her: "Oh, the county master, what kind of gift do you do, you should give you salute according to the reason!" The old lady said that she was also kneeling.

"Old lady, don’t do this, Mengjie is a junior! Well, we still look at the old way, two, no one worships anyone! Hehe." A brisk voice with a self -confidence in his self -confidence, Huang FurongBecause the old lady was in front of it, I was swept away at the moment, and I saw that she was about 17 or eight -year -old girl. There was a pair of apricot eyes with a pair of apricot eyes on the face of Yupan. There was a pair of dimples on the small cherry mouth.Seeing it, I felt that she was a enthusiastic and elegant girl, which was not annoying.


The old lady who spoke in the same way was a look of cooked than herself. She helped the old lady to go to the open chair: "Old lady, I haven’t seen you for a year.Miss you, this time I also brought you some melon fruit that only south of the south, but when I came on the road, I encountered refugees and was robbed.The fruits that you bring you are also gone by those people! "

Huang Furong was robbed of the old lady like this, and he could only take a step back slightly. He still thought that he was a common people. Whether he saw this county master still kneeling and hoeing.

"Oh, what is important to be Guagu or something? What is important is that you have not been hurt and not scared? Hey, why do you know how to do it? What if there is one?It ’s okay to go out and welcome you, otherwise let your brother know, do n’t think about it …" The old lady said that not only did she sit on a open chair and took her togetherOn it, looking at the old lady’s grandson and daughter.

At this time, Xiao Xun sang the sound, and the wife came in with the second grandmother and the second grandma. At the moment, she kneeling at the county owner, and she had to follow Huang Furong.When the wife of the county, the wife of the county had to salute the hall, and immediately left the seat to help the wife, but naturally others could only give a honest gift.

"Don’t do this, I won’t pass a year, why do you put these gifts again? It looks like it is not interesting, and it is better to follow the same as before?"The sweetness was shrinking, and Huang Furong was a little faint. He couldn’t help thinking that the county owner would not go out in the house!

"How can we not say that the county owner said this cheap us!" The wife said with a smile and lost his anger. At this time, the county owner left his wife’s arms and a few people who kneeling kneeling on the ground.The meaning of support is comparable: "Er Ye, you get up, and the second grandma, how do you still kneel, our sisters are so familiar, alas, who is this relative, I look at what kind of eyes are??!

The county owner will see Huang Furong, but just asks without mentioning it. Huang Furong really wants to follow up, but he also understands that people who are royal people are also folk organizations or masses in the world.Kneel on the ground and answered: "Ronger is Bai Huangfu …"

"The county master, this is my grandmother, our grandmother’s grandma!" Ye Yuqing suddenly made a sentence, his face was full of smiles, and he was full of floating enthusiasm.

"Oh, Grandma Bai’s grandma, you get up!" There was a cold color flashed in Xing’s eyes, but she laughed at her eyes. She completely gave away from his wife, and stretched out his hand to help Huang Furong.Where can Huang Furong dare to let her really help herself?The busyness was graceful, and he didn’t touch himself.

It was just a moment of disappointment in the apricot’s eyes, and then she shrank, but it was inevitable a little embarrassed.The second grandma didn’t seem to know that Huang Furong would not know the courtesy. He laughed on the side: "You look at it.The protagonist is: "The county master, my grandmother comes from the Huangfu family of Pingcheng, although the family is a famous door, but the rules and gifts are not big. Xu has never seen a noble person like you.ah!"

The master of Jingyang County smiled: "I am the kind of person who is not considered? You, don’t call me any county master, and call me dreams like me!"

Several people now respond, and Meng Jie said like the family: "You are uncomfortable as soon as I come, you can sit and talk, I am dull in the palace, and I am thinking about it.Find you to play. ""

At the moment everyone laughed, and they sat as they were sitting according to their identities. When Huang Furong saw Yu Qing, he found his position and was ready to sit, but suddenly the old lady shouted her: "Ronger, what are you sitting there to do there? Come, come to sit with me, and rub my shoulders by the way. "It was a picture of the position around him. At the moment, Huang Furong breathed a tightness, and he could only look at the Lord of Jingyang County because of the previous JingyangThe county owner was sitting next to the old lady, and the position was sitting.

As soon as the old lady’s words came out, she had already been up to the steps to sit on the old lady, Jingyang County, the master of the old lady, and then she turned to the Huang Furong who looked at her and smiled: "Grandma’s very old lady likes it.Ah! "Speaking of turning back again, it was no matter the old lady’s words, I still sat in front of the old lady:" I am here, why should you call me? Or let me rub it for you! "To say it is to raise your hand.

"Well, can’t do it!" The old lady biased: "You are the county master, I am just a common people. If this is passed, it will …"

"The old lady was tired of me?" The smile on the face of the county was faded suddenly: "I didn’t see you who resigned like this when I knead it for you before, but after a year, the old lady would beDid you give birth to me? I knew it a long time ago, I didn’t go back with my brother, so I rely on it, and I did n’t have to see these! "When I blinked my eyes, I rolled the tears in my eyes, and the crystal flashed.Zhuhua.

Huang Furong was not good at walking to the old lady. She could only quickly look at the old lady. The old lady had to glance at her, which means that you stand on the side first, and then the Chongjun Lord said: "Look at it., I just love the craftsmanship of the grandchildren’s daughter -in -law, so I will provoke your love crying ghost. If I do n’t speak in the future, I will go! "Say it is a pout.

"Old lady!" The county owner shouted with a throat, but smiled with tears: "Well, I let me, let your grandchildren rub it, and I go to the wife!"Speaking of the stage under his body, he followed his wife.The wife’s face was shocked now, and I was busy saying: "Oh, my county master, you will take a break, I heard that you can come, this is tired?" Say she grabbing her grabbingThe county owner’s hand pulled her beside her.

Huang Furong saw that the posture came, and hurried to the old lady and kneaded.She didn’t know much about massage, but she was extremely familiar with the structure and acupoints of the human body. Therefore, the current one really gave the old lady a little bit of rubbing, and in the sound, her face was concentrated.

The county owner glanced at Huang Furong and saw her attentively waiting for the old lady, and said in a blink of an eye: "Mrs. Meng Jie Xie cares, but why do you call my county master?Come before! ""

The look on the wife’s face was slightly embarrassing, and the county owner opened again: "Well, why didn’t you see Master Bai? But I’m still busy on the shop? Uncle and San Ye? Why didn’t you see it?"

"Oh. Our master will only go out to see a friend. The door of the front foot is coming out. Your back feet are here. I have called people to chase, and I will come after a while;Go, I may have to come back as early as the earliest, and I do n’t know if I can meet you. Alas, I do n’t know how many days I came to stay this time? Where did you go when you came out this time?Look at it? "The wife asked with a smile, but the county owner looked suddenly dark, and tears rushed in the eyes.Come down.

"Well, how did you cry? Can’t you be wronged?" The wife said quickly and wiped her tears, but the county owner suddenly became more vigorous, and the crying sound gradually made a lot.of.

Huang Furong looked sighing: Oh my god, tears really do not need money. If this is not aggrieved, it can only be said that this is an acting school, crying and crying, real skills!I can’t squeeze tears?She murmured in her heart, and she really tried to sew it to see that she could squeeze out tears, but it was very unpleasant and didn’t feel half a drop.

"What’s wrong with this? I cried after saying a few words!" Grandma I looked at the shoulder of the lord in front of him and asked, "Can’t you be wronged on the road?"

Huang Furong looked down at the old lady, but the old lady stretched her hand and pressed it on her rubbing hand.

Grandma felt the old lady’s meaning, and immediately took her hand back and sat back. The wife had to lightly pat the back of the county owner.The county owner cried for a moment, sobbing and scratching his tears: "Dream Jie, Meng Jie is not wronged on the road. Really, it is really forced by my brother this time!"

Several people raised their eyes, but the old lady did not say anything, and no one dared to answer it again.

The county owner sobbed twice before he continued: "Since the uncle had something to do with last year, I was sent back by my brother, and I couldn’t let go of the uncle in my heart.Which thought, a strong one for me Zhang Luo, the assassination history of several cities near the south, and the uniforms of the state roads, he met each other several times. I have no intention to marry, but he has to force me to set the next one.. I said me, me, I have someone in my heart, and my brother said, saying that he would be married today. I heard that he was shocked and stole away slowly.If you ca n’t calm down, think about me, how can I come and see. But in the end I came out privately, and it ’s not a way to be familiar. It’ s too late to wait for these days.Tears were rushing again.

For a moment, Huang Furong’s mouth was open: Dare to love this county owner to run out of the rough claws

"The master of the county, you see, Qier has married Ronger …" The wife looked embarrassing, but the county owner suddenly raised his head and said loudly, "I know, I know, I have no extravagant asking anything anymore! I regretted it when I was in the palace, and I regretted listening to my brother’s words and returned to the house. I didn’t feel comfortable in my heart this year! I asked myself on the way to the way, what should I do?Just thinking about running here first, it would be good to see him. If the old lady, my wife is willing, I, I am willing to enter the door, even if I am a good wife with sister Huangfu! "

Chapter 63: The main top position of the county (below)

"" Was sprayed out of Er Ye’s mouth. At the moment, he coughed violently. The second grandma around him didn’t care about his face and reached out his mouth with his own hands.

At this moment, the people in the entire hall were surprised, and they could only hear that Er Ye cough was shocking.

Huang Furong stiffened behind the old lady, and his eyes widened.She was so doubting that the county owner in front of her eyes was more high -profile, because she couldn’t believe that a county owner, a dignified county master, could say such a thing as shamelessly!Not only talks about her marriage, but she is not even ashamed to sit with her wife with herself. She is too shocking!

Looking at the colors of a living room, the master of Jingyang County buryed her head and covered her face with the Paizi in her hand.While sweeping the people in the hall, she opened his mouth: "Old Mrs. Bai’s family, wife, and grandma and grandma. Our county owner is rude today, and please forgive me. However, the words have been said by the county master.When I came out, I was so happy. My county owner said this that he said this without knowing it, and it was really her tortured. The real thing was that I couldn’t hold it!, My County Lord said clearly that she should not return to the palace again when she comes out. If she can’t marry into the Bai family, she would rather go to the river to follow others.The Lord cried and passed out, and when we woke up, we had a life and death. Later, we rushed all the way over, and the county owner thought about it.She really doesn’t want to follow others! "The girl said with tears and fell.

"However, Qier has married Rong’er. Even if you say a flat wife, you are the positive Jingyang County master, how can you confiscate his identity! This will let the Yue Wang know that our white family can be in the future.How are you living! "The old lady opened his mouth now:" Take a step back, although my Bai family is not a government -oriented home, but also a big family.There is no peaceful wife, no … "

"Old lady!" Suddenly the county owner called a throat, and he fluttered in the arms of his old lady: "You can’t lose Mengjie. When I came with my brother, you and my wife did not praise me and uncle me and uncle.Is it a pair? Didn’t you say it with my wife, do you want me to be your grandmother’s grandma? "

"Meng Jie, you …" The old lady closed her mouth with embarrassment, and the wife looked complex.

"Did the old lady not admit it? Meng Jie did not ask her to let her give me the position of the grandmother. I have lost my face and said that she was willing to be a flat wife with her.I am also willing to make her all! "At this moment, the county owner pointed at Huang Furong with tears at the moment, as if she had recognized the planting today, Huang Furong took advantage of it, and could only be grateful to Voldemort.willing.

Huang Furong hummed in his heart, and he was talking deeply when he took a deep breath, but never thought about it. At this time, the uncle rushed into the hall with a mud, and he shouted "Ronger, Rong’er!"

Huang Furong had to quickly pass by, and the uncle had completely entered the hall. Regardless of the people in the hall, he only excitedly said at Huang Furong: "Ronger is coming, the swallow said that the big Heihe big man said thatFighting! Let’s go and see! "He was about to catch Rong’er’s hand when he said.

"Qier!" The wife shouted at the table at this time: "Did you not see a guest in the house?" Say she shouted at the outside: "Who follows the uncle today?" Come in! "

Suddenly the wife fell off her face, and the little sister who should be outside hurriedly ran in and kneeling: "It was the slave, who followed …"

"Dog slaves who have no eyesight! The guests are here at home, so you know that the uncle will come, what have you done this half -day kung fu? Now people are coming, and I don’t talk about letting the uncle know that the guest is coming.Rush in, what is the face that tells our face? Go, look for Wu head according to the rules, take the twenty boards and care about you, roll! "

For the first time, the wife revealed these fierce colors in front of Huang Furong, and she really surprised Huang Furong. She sighed the tiger in her heart and looked at the county owner slightly. Seeing that the county owner seemed to be very unexpectedly stiffed in the wife.In front of him, he didn’t care about it, but she was not a wife who noticed, but she looked at the man around her.

"The county master, let you laugh!" Xiao Yan cried and retreated, and the wife accepted the lust on the face to show a embarrassing smile to the county owner.At this time, the old lady opened: "Qier, Mo Chengtian knew that he was holding your daughter -in -law to play with it. You will always say hello when you are here!

The work of speaking, the end of the water from the water, the upper Paizi of the Paizi, and after the service, the face was finished. Finally, a white face was fresh in the soil.

"Hurry up to the county master! What do you do?" The old lady said softly, but the uncle was crooked head and looked at the county owner who slowly stood around the old lady.Tao: "Rong’er, do I know her?"

Huang Furong rolled his eyes and said, "Do you know if you know or not?But I could only say with smile gentlely: "The husband is confused, and Ronger has married for a few days. Did you know that the county owner met before, how can I know?"The hair was made up, and I deliberately made up: "Look at the shape of you, it must be drilled into the dumplings."

Uncle nodded immediately: "Yes. Ah, I and the swallow hid in the mound to see Da Heng swallowed a snake to support the boss’s belly. As a result, some individuals were suddenly hairy.The cage is looking at it! Swallow said they are going to fight! Are we going well? "He said with a brilliant smile on Rong’er’s hand.

"Oh!" The old lady coughed lightly, Ronger rolled his eyes full of strange eyes at the uncle immediately, and then pulled his arms, regardless of the soil above, stained her arm, and only faced the county closer.The Lord said: "The husband is so good to see, this is the master of Jingyang County, it seems that your old acquaintance is, you should say hello!"

Uncle followed Huang Furong’s words to the county master, but he crooked his neck and looked, but reached out and pulled his chin.! "

As soon as this was out, the county owner’s body was obviously trembling, and then she rushed to the uncle in two steps, and asked the uncle’s voice: "You, what do you say? Do you say you don’t remember me?"

Uncle nodded: "I really don’t remember, do I know you?"

The county owner seemed to be stepped on the tail, and it was excited. She grabbed the uncle’s arm from Huang Furong’s hand, and then grasped his hand and put it on his face: "You see clearly, I am, I am,Mengjie, you touch it, you also say that my skin is smooth as jade, you, how can you remember me? You still say … "

"County Lord!" Xu is the monitor of the county. The move of the county is too taboo, and the people in the room look great, but the old lady shouted her, and then shouted, "Qier, come here!"

The uncle immediately responded and took his hand to the old lady: "What is the ancestor!"

"Slap!" The old lady slaps the uncle’s face with a slap. Everyone in this slap is stunned, and the uncle is also a meal, but the next buy it, covering her face wow, crying out.: "The ancestor hit me, the ancestor hit me …"

"Of course I want to hit you! Do you know what the county owner is? How noble people can be, can you touch it with your hands? You are a wife’s room, she is an unmarried county master, even though you are already infatuatedStupid, but you can’t just take advantage of others! Come, please ask the family! "The old lady came out again, and the wife and the second grandfather immediately listed:" Mother -in -law, don’t be annoyed, Qier has been foolish what to know about these rules.Ah! "My wife quickly persuaded.

"Yeah, ancestor, where do you know these ritual rules now? You play this meal.

"Old lady, don’t blame the uncle, it’s me, it’s me …" The county owner hurriedly argued, but the old lady said at her: "Dream Jie doesn’t have to help me talk about this grandson, he dares to touch youIt is a rude move. As a family, my family is a family, and I will settle the households with rules!

The old lady emphasized again, but the Red Sakura came out of the inner hall.When Huang Furong saw it was a red cherry blossom, he found that she glanced at the old lady when I was in front of the old lady, and suddenly her heart lit up. He immediately stepped forward and said, "The old lady is punished.Can’t be chaotic, this punishment should be there. But the uncle has been punished with a funch that he is also punished. His memory must not be remembered.The old lady should be punished according to the rules.

The old lady grabbed the rattan from the stage and stood in front of the Huang Furong and the county owner, and then said, "Yes, I know that this is what my grandmother should be like, the uncle is stupid, but after all, it is meThe grandfather of the Bai family, this made a mistake, only punished you can serve the crowd, come, raise your hand! "

Huang Furong raised his hand obediently, and subconsciously tightened the muscles of the palms, but it was too water, and there was no effect she wanted.

"Pap!" With the air -pumped from Huang Furong, a red shadow stood on his palm, and once again, "Slato" Huang Furong’s teeth could not help but bite together.

Everyone knows that the fingertips are the most sensitive parts of pain in the human body except soft meat, because the nerves gather there, and the skin is the highest.Although no one took her pinch at this moment, and did not burn her skin at this time, the vine strip was beaten, but when it was hit, it was a blood marks.Sweat.

Three times, the three blood marks were presented in Huang Furong’s hands. It can be seen that the old lady did not show mercy at all, and she was not doing it at all.Only at this moment, the face of the county owner turned white, and the uncle suddenly stopped it step by step: "Don’t hit Ronger, don’t fight!"

At this time, Red Sakura said, and an old lady said at the uncle: "No, because it is the first offender, it is just a fifth penalty, it’s over!" She said she took the vine from the old lady’s hand in one hand.I was handed over to the girl who followed immediately.

"Rong’er, can you blame?" The old lady had a face.

"Rong’er is the Bai family’s daughter -in -law who naturally follows the Bai family’s rules. She dare not blame and can’t blame it." Huang Furong’s words fell, the old lady nodded with satisfaction, and said, "Don’t look at me.Alright, help your daughter -in -law! "Said the old lady and helped the red cherry back to the position.

The uncle helped Huang Furong with a distressed expression, and when he looked at her hand, he asked not to hurt.Huang Furong gritted his teeth and his face was unable to smile.

"County Lord!" The old lady ordered her, and the county owner seemed to accept the shaking god at the moment: "Old lady."

"The county master, I and I would like to watch you and the uncle in one pair in the same day, but at that time, our … but as long as the uncle was interested in you, we would also be fully happy.One pair. Just what happened later, you also know that the uncle fell in love with the second lady of the Oriental family, and the two were good in those days. Later the scandal said, did you know?. Yue Wang was afraid that you would have to marry an uncle for a while, delaying the happiness of his life. "

The old lady said that, the county owner couldn’t stand up, and now he nodded, and he didn’t make a response.

"I did n’t happen today. I did n’t have a broken mouth. I asked the county owner to live in Yayuan. At first, she lived there.The wife was already guest, and the county owner was not good at staying. He had to thank him, and then shouted the two of him to go out.

Seeing that people went out, the old lady looked at the wife: "Ruyi, the coming person is not good, no matter what you want, you can go back quickly and say that she hurriedly sends the letter to King Yue.! "

The wife responded, and the hall was now out of the hall. At this time, the old lady watched Huang Furong beckoning, and Huang Furong obediently came to follow: "What did the old ancestor instruction?"

The old lady reached out and gently tilled Huang Furong’s hand and said, "I aggrieved your grandchildren’s daughter -in -law! In order to prevent her from getting in, I only have to blame you to Liwei and let her know that the rules of my Bai family are threatening.It’s useless to put it on me. I can’t do it. I hit it. Don’t complain about me … "

"What the ancestor said, Rong’er didn’t blame it, but Rong’er was a little curious. How did the county owner, what was the case, um, so I did not know the courtesy …"

"Respect the courtesy, she can’t enter the door of my Bai family in her life, naturally only to tear her face to force it! However, I am frightened, it is estimated that she can be hacked. EhIf you are wronged, you will bear it if I will drink five and drink it for you. As long as let her know that the big grandma of my Bai family is not good, I can’t wait! "The old lady said with a glance at the red cherry blossom, redSakura found out the old porcelain bottle from the bag to the old lady.

"Qier!" The old lady greeted the uncle and said the porcelain bottle in his hand gently: "Today, you have been in trouble. It is your daughter -in -law punished for you. After returning, you can wipe it out.The internal force turns this medicine, but you know? "

The uncle looked at the porcelain bottle slightly mending, and smiled at the old lady: "I know!"

At present, the old lady raised their hands and sent them back.

The two came out of the hall. Huang Furong wanted to ask the uncle, whether the county owner was really affectionate to him, but the uncle was walking like a flying. When Huang Furong ran to catch up, the uncle squeezed the porcelain bottle.Running quickly.

"Hey!" Huang Furong glanced at the uncle who ran away, and could not help but turn his eyes: "You are a white -eyed wolf!"The painful hand shakes his head helplessly, and goes back to the courtyard.

Uncle squeezed into the backyard like porcelain bottle, and swallows were yawning holding a reed into the cage to tease the big man.

"Hey, cooperate with it, don’t be so lazy, a bit fierce, otherwise I will bring the grandmother to bring the grandmother, I can’t see you angry, how can I say that you and Dahei have finished fighting!"

The big lizard in the cage dropped his head, and the slender tail swept the sand and stones on the ground, but some dust splashed.

"Yeah, this is like it! Hey …" Swallow said, suddenly hearing the sigh behind him, and when he saw that the uncle was standing in the courtyard, it was a stun, and then said, "Uncle you?What about grandma? "

Bai Ziqi didn’t speak, and only buried his head into the swallow’s house.Seeing this, Swallow also lost the reed pole and followed in: "Grandma likes these guys. She heard that she would come. Why? The old lady in the hall does not let her go?"

Bai Ziqi shook his head.

Swallow pouting: "Why are you looking like this, who comes, see you nervous!"

Bai Ziqi had gone to speak, and only took out the bottle a little weakly to give it to the swallow.

Swallow’s expression was stunned, and suddenly he laughed: "The old lady gave it?"

Bai Ziqi nodded: "Rong’er was injured in his hand, and the old lady gave me this to me, and said, I asked me to make it with the internal force …" Bai Ziqi said that he hadn’t finished it.Swallow smiled: "The old lady really said that? Haha, I think her old man is urgent! Uncle, you have a good blessing this night!"

Chapter 64 Those things that year

"Red jade, how much do you know about the Lord of Jingyang County?" As soon as Huang Furong returned to the courtyard, he sent the girls who were busy around.She saw the water prepared and some swollen drugs.When she looked at them ugly, she wanted to tell them not to worry, but when she thought of the county owner still lived in Bai Mansion, the old lady planned to scare the tactics again, and she couldn’t make it clear.EssenceEven Xiang Lan, who frowned, just appeased a sentence, "This is a family rules, and the uncle can only suffer me and recognize it." Then he sent it out.

"Grandma, I was in front of the old lady. I didn’t know much about the Lord of Jingyang County, but it was generally able to say the above."

Hongyu said that when he took the Paizi, he was about to dip the water to wipe Huang Furong’s blood, but Huang Furong stretched out his hand and pointed at the kettle on the side. After seeing the water inside, he poured a cup and asked her to dip it with it.That wiping.

"Everyone who saw the blood, broke the skin, and used the boiled water when cleaning up. No matter who in the house, I need to remember." Huang Furong said stretched out his hand: "Then you talk about youKnow! "

The red jade was made of Tianzhao, and he talked lightly while gently stunning: "The master of Jingyang County is the sister born in the first mother of Yue Wang.","

"Nineteen?" Huang Furong was still a little surprised. In this ancient times, most of them talked about people in the 134th, and 167 were already mother.The conditions in the family are good. The girl can rely on it for two years, and after all, she married before the age of eighteen. Now the county owner has been nineteen, which is beyond the usual habit. This is generally not wrong.In this way, this girl’s vision is too high.

Hongyu looked at Huang Furong’s surprise, and smiled: "Grandma didn’t know. The Lord of Jingyang County was the baby in the palace of Yue Wang.After the title of the Lord and the title, the emperor mentioned the title of "Jingyang" to the county master.The person who talks about relatives is endless. The old king is gone, the principal is the king of Yue, and the princess is a gift., I picked it up. Whenever there was a relative, he would find the opportunity to take the county owner to go out to look at the man.I didn’t see it. When I went to the eleven years old, I heard that the nobles and nobles in the south of the south were seen. No one was successful.

"South China? But the sea of Yue King?"

"It is the sea of King Yue. Earlier Yue and the emperor were two brothers born to a mother. The old emperor was the eldest son, and the King of Yue was the second son.Wen soft and kindness is up. Although he was favored by Wenchen, he was also questioned weakly. Prince Chayue could fight for good war and laid a lot of war.The emperor’s prince is at stake. I am not very clear about the things in it. After all, it was the old lady’s business, but she heard her darning. At that time, Yue Wang was extremely powerful.It ’s a faction supported by the Prince of Bai’s ancestor at that time, and later it was worse, and he resigned. But who expected it, at the end, the prince was tide.It was the last life to inherit Dabao, but there was no rebellion by Prince Yue of the ghost. He heard that the old lady said that if the Prince Yue was willing at the time, he would be able to win Jiangshan.Instead, I invited the borders to the southern border as the king, guarded the south of the border, and worshiped the prince as emperor. "

"Oh? In the end, I didn’t fight for the stall again?" Huang Furong couldn’t figure out. In her memory, which of the historical power in history is not bloody?Only in the dragon chair, I didn’t remember who was so competitive to say that I didn’t want the throne in the end!

After listening to Huang Furong’s words, Hongyu nodded slightly: "It is just that anyway. The prince is the throne to become emperor, and it is nothing to do with each other.It also organized that kind of barbaric governance, but Xu was overworked, and then went to the post. "

When Hongyu said here, he took the swelling medicine to wipe Huang Furong, but Huang Furong thought that the ancestor had given the master’s medicine, and then put his hand to signal.But what I said from her mouth is enough to see what she knows.Saying at the moment, "Don’t talk about the king of Yue, let’s talk about the county master!"

Hongyu realized that he was far away, covered his mouth gently, and quickly said: "Uncle has been managing the Bai family’s business. Four years ago, I had the minds to sit down in the south.In the previous year, I finally did it in the south. However, the southern border had a lot of attention, and there were many things. The uncle had to go to Yuewang Mansion to hand over the bars. When Yue Wang saw that the Bai family did business, he himself, so he himself, so he himself, so he himself, so he himself.After receiving, Grandma you also know that the uncle gave birth to a good skin. When he saw it, he felt that the uncle was good, and he thought about the Bai family’s background.In the county master, the county owner also felt good at the uncle. In addition, she had been dragged to the age of sixteen at the time, and she was really unable to drag it. As a result, Yue Wang personally mentioned this to the uncle and wanted to give the county master to the master of the county.Speaking of this dear, let the uncle come to the door, but the uncle did not have that thought, but the number of business roads at the time was pinching in the hands of King Yue. He had to say that he cared for the business and did not have home.After all, there was always no or completely refused. "

"When the interruption continues, this will be endless!" Huang Furong murmured: "Uncle is not beautiful!"

"Grandma, you don’t know the hardships of this business, nor do you know that the King of Yue was very important to his face! Uncle also thought about it directly, but it was the baby sister of Yue Wang, and the King of YueThe first time I saw Zhongyi, I took the initiative to talk about my relatives. How did the uncle refuse? For this reason, I wrote a letter to the old lady and asked the old lady. "

Huang Furong blinked and blinked: "I look at the head of the county. Why didn’t the uncle look at others? Oh, yes, at that time, he was in love with Mrs. Mei, right?"

"Grandma, you can say wrong! At that time, the uncle did not get better with her! After the uncle added the championship, the sister Yun Xiu served in front of him to sleep.Even if I often go to the restaurant flower pond, I have never been like a Hu who has never been with other son -in -law. Later, the old lady saw that only Yunxiu was waiting in front of him, and saw that the uncle had no marriage to his wife.He picked two or three to the uncle in front of the girl, and asked him to pick it up with him. Then the uncle picked the Juan Juan to close it in front of him, and served with Yun Xiu two.

Uncle is a person who is used to running all year round. For half a year, he is not home. Even if he comes back, the uncle is not free to get rid of those things on the shop.Born two daughters.

At that time, the old lady really wanted to urge the uncle to do the marriage, and she was also looking for a suitable family.But the uncle knew it, but said it was not in a hurry, letting the old lady wait until he finished the south, and the old lady responded, but she was anxious.But when the uncle’s letter, the old lady did not urge the uncle, so she asked the uncle to have the feelings of Yue Wang, and even said that the relatives of the Yue Wang family could not be touched."

"Oh? It turned out that the old lady was unwilling." Huang Furong said so, but he already thought that the savvy ancestor 80 % did not want his son and the royal family.

"The old lady is not urged, and the uncle is even more unconscious, so he dragged it like this, but the master of the county did not know if he grew up in the south, but it seemed that those barbarics were not too scrupled.Although the uncle is against her, because of this county owner, the business has become extremely smooth. In only half a year, everything has been flourishing, and the uncle can take off. Uncle can see the county.The Lord is an entangled master, so he said that there is something in the main shop, and he hurriedly said goodbye, but who knows that the uncle’s front foot arrives, the master of the back foot is chased to the capital, and the king of Yue did not stop her.The horse sent a letter, and I asked the uncle to take a picture. The result was coincidental. Soon after the uncle returned to Beijing, the old woman in the Oriental family had a life at her house to have a hall at her house.There are people from the Haijia and the Ye family who are lively. The grandfather didn’t want to go, but because he was always close to his second grandfather. In addition, the old lady explained to him that day, and he went to He Shou. As a result, he saw the one in his house.Miss Er, after that, often went to his house. Then the county owner went to Baifu. The uncle naturally received it, but he always shouted to accompany the Eastern Miss who accompanied the county owner every time.After a long time, everyone can see that the uncle and the second lady of the Dongfang family are right, but the county master can’t see it, and it is mixed in it all day long. "

"Can’t see it?" Huang Furong immediately stunned his nose: "I don’t think it must be! The most sensitive person in my daughter’s family, I think she can’t see it!" She said in her heart that the uncle and the wife of the eyebrows were gathered.The cleverness and strength together suddenly felt that maybe the uncle may not be really affectionate with the eyebrow of the eyebrow, but the uncle had taken advantage of the affairs of others, and felt that it was a bit early under this conclusion.

"If the county owner is pretended, she can only say that she will pretend too much." Hongyu said with a sigh: "Grandma, you don’t know, when the county owner often appoints the second lady of Dongfang family, he said.They are good sisters. Oh, when Yue Wang entered Beijing and passed by Bai House, he told King Yue that she and the second lady had a fate, and when she had to go to Beijing, she begged the emperor to find a good relationship with Miss Er.I just don’t know why, there is no following, but at that time, everyone knew that they were excellent sisters. "

"What about then?"

"Later, the county owner played like this all day long. When the King Yue returned from the capital, it was the marriage of the Yue King to the old lady.The second lady of the family was right. Since ancient times, she has been the beauty of adults. She also depends on who the uncle’s heart is! Yue Wang didn’t know what he thought. He directly sought to find the uncle and asked him if he was willing to marry his sister.Seeing this situation, the uncle only offended that he had a favorite person and could not meet with the county owner. "

"What he said is Mrs. Eye?"

"Uncle didn’t say it, but everyone knew it! At that time, the King Yue was very unhappy and said that he wanted the county owner to go back.Following Yue Wang back, I just said that I still wanted to come here again, watching the uncle and her sisters go back after the wedding. Yue Wang had no choice but to go.It was settled, and it was forced to make a family home as soon as possible, so as not to destroy the reputation of his sister. Uncle did not say it was bad, and did not say good. I just said that a group of military food would be sent to the middle.Say. Just who could have thought that the uncle had something to do with this trip, and what was even more unexpected was that a family lady in the dignitaries chased the uncle in shame, and even more, the uncle did that! "

Huang Furong looked at the red jade face, and he smiled: "Look at you, although Mrs. Eye is indeed lost her face, but the impulse of the children of love can be considerate. Besides,This kind of thing is not a slap that can make a sound, or the uncle touched others! "

"I don’t believe the uncle touched her!" Hongyu now had a chin: "Although I didn’t wait in front of the uncle, I was also very good with the butterfly beside the uncle., Our uncle is really not the kind of person who only wants to think of these things, let alone a person who likes to fall in love with a woman. The uncle is taught by the old lady himself.The uncle would not do it! I only knew that she chased the uncle and followed the uncle. The next day, the uncle sent someone to send her back to her house.Isn’t she just? But uncle did not, after that, the uncle had something to do, and the people were unconscious, and then burned again, remembering nothing. Then the Oriental family suddenly came to the door, saying that the uncle took advantage of his family’s house.Miss Er’s body, who believes in this! And when she was pregnant again! When the old lady knew, her face was green, her breath was incredible, and her death was not allowed.At home, she can only come in to make a concubine to cover this matter, but I don’t believe that Uncle will touch her! "

Huang Furong shook his head with a smile: "What can I believe or not? She is now the uncle’s house. The uncle and her have been together for a year. No matter how can she be a woman’s woman?. Hey, what about the county master? As soon as the uncle happened, she left? "

"No, the uncle rejected her before, and she didn’t leave. When the uncle had something wrong, when the white house was busy up and down, Yue Wang sent someone to pick her up, saying that she was also troublesome here.I didn’t fight, and I left when the people in the house were crying. We thought that she would leave when she saw that the uncle was fine, but who would be here at this time! Just now I was in the hallWhen I was waiting at the door, she said that she said that she was flat, but she was startled. I didn’t expect that she was thinking of the uncle again, grandma, can you say this person knows the word "shame"? "

Huang Furong smiled lightly: "She can say so, just lost the word shame, but I am curious, what can she be ashamed because of her?Want to say, she must be because of something else! "Huang Furong was saying, but the door was pushed, and the uncle walked in with a porcelain bottle with a crimson face.

Chapter 65 Uncle

"Grandpa, where are you going? Just run away, don’t worry about grandma, you see the injuries in her hand! I don’t know the distressed person!" Hongyu saw that the uncle came in and went up.Reluctant him with dirty clothes.

The uncle didn’t speak, only looking at Huang Furong with the bottle straight.

Huang Furong watched him wondering, watching his movement, and felt funny. He said at the moment: "The ancestor is just a medicine for you to ask you to help me wipe the wound, but I don’t want you to eat me.Staring me! "

As soon as Huang Furong’s words came out, Hongyu also paid attention to the porcelain bottle in the hands of Uncle Dao. At the moment, he whispered, "I call the girl to send the water to the water, how can you do this soil!"Running out with blushing.

Huang Furong looked out like Hongyu’s red face, and he couldn’t help laughing: "What kind of face do you red?"

At this time, the uncle took a deep breath and said, "The ancestor told me to use the internal force to open the wound for you!"

"I know, I didn’t stop it, ah, give you, wipe it!" Huang Furong said, sitting on the table and stool, stretched his hands.

The uncle stared at her hand and said, "No, no hurry!"

Huang Furong rolled his eyes: "Dare not to hurt your hand! Not in a hurry! You can’t wipe it? Pull it down if you don’t wipe it!" Said that she reached out to grab the swelling medicine left on the table.

The rattan pumping hands, although the strength is not heavy, and the flesh cannot hurt, but the skin is broken, and only the pain of the touches and one touches. In addition, Huang Furong is not a copper -skinned iron bone now.A little cold in his mouth.

"Don’t move!" Uncle stepped forward, pulled away the bottle of swelling medicine, and then watched Huang Furong’s grievance -like child and said, "I don’t give you it, but you just don’t worry, don’t worryWell, this medicine can not be wiped directly on the hand.

"Ah? Rubbing into the body?" Huang Furong’s lips now: "I’m just a flesh injury … Well, is it just like you wipe me that ‘Qinxiang’, so rub it into the body?"

Uncle licked his lower lips nervously and nodded.

Huang Furong laughed at the moment: "Hi, then rub it!" Then he raised his hand and wanted to let his sleeves down.

Uncle emphasized again: "Don’t worry!"

Huang Furong heard that he was about to speak, but the voice of the red jade outside the door: "Grandma, the hot water came, and the slaves asked someone to come in and add water."

Huang Furong was stunned and allowed people to come in. At the moment, Hongyu sent five subordinates. One person put two barrels of water into the house and injected water into the barrel next door.

"Is this water burning too fast?" Huang Furong murmured and looked at Hongyu.

"Oh, the uncle was a mud when he went to the hall this time. When the slaves returned, they told them to burn the water first."

Huang Furong nodded: "Then wait for you to scrub the uncle, I can hurt my hand."

Huang Furong said to sit on the soft couch on one side.

Hongyu nodded, and saw a few people injecting the water, so he hurriedly shocked them out, and helped the uncle to clean the dust.In addition to the finishing packaging, Huang Furong was thinking about what was behind the county owner on the soft couch that could force her not to be polite and shameless as if she broke the boat.

Suddenly I felt a humid hot air approaching herself. She looked up and saw a brocade robe with a little water droplets standing in front of herself, and the red jade was pulling the door.After walking around the screen, the sound of the door was covered by the door.

Huang Furong opened his mouth and closed again.She originally wanted to let Hongyu wipe her too, but she saw that the girl went out, and thought that the uncle was in the house, even if he was thin, he only held his hand and asked, "Can you wipe me now?? "

Uncle’s face was because he took a bath. In Bai Li saw a trace of water, this would only be a nod, but it was even more red.: "Just apply a medicine, as for the redness!"

The uncle walked directly to the bed and said in the bed: "You come!"

Huang Furong walked obediently, and at this time, the uncle grabbed her belt with one hand and relieved her.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Huang Furong’s heart jumped.

"Take off your clothes! Do you sleep in clothes at night?" Uncle answered very naturally.

Huang Furong thinks about this. There is no word. In conjunction with the uncle, she took off her dressing skirts, leaving only a leisure.It was just that after the uncle took off, he did not stop, but reached out and grabbed her obscene clothes.

"Hey, don’t take off this!" Huang Furong said, turning around, but the uncle stuck up like a locust, and said, "How to rub the medicine for you without taking off the obscene clothes,"! "

Huang Furong immediately felt that a drop of sweat on his head fell down: "I hurt my hand, you have to rub with two arms, can you just get your sleeves up? Why not get rid of my clothes!"

The uncle glanced at Huang Furong: "Who told you that this medicine is rubbing his arms? This pharmacy starts from Qiqi.In the body, not only can the injuries above your hands lose pain, but you can also form internal force protection in your body from then on. If you have any hit, you will not feel painful and you will not be injured. "

"What did you just say?" Huang Furong didn’t listen to the later words, but only a nodded acupuncture point. These acupuncture points can be better removed from the Qi.How can these parts be rubbed at the nipple tip, under the milk, the main abdomen and the groin?

"I said that once this medicine was allowed to use the internal force, it was prescribed in your body. From then on, there will be a protective formed by me in your body to follow your meridians. Not to mention that any rattan smokes you, someone is hitting you on you, Can also resolve 40 %! If I do my best to guide you, wait for seven or eight times, if a person hits you, you can get 70 % of the strength! "The focus.

Sure enough, after hearing this words, Huang Furong did not stare at him again, but looked at him and looked up and said, "What kind of medicine is this?"

"The treasure of the Red Gate, washing the marrow!" The uncle said blinking and blinking, making himself innocent as much as possible.

"Red Gate is the treasure? This thing is really so amazing?" Huang Furong held skepticism.

"Of course, this is the baby of the ancestor! It’s just that I don’t know how my ancestors are willing to use this for you? I was only rubbed by my ancestor to me seven times when I was a child, but since then, the average knife injury has been wounded.Can’t hurt me! "Uncle said with his head, showing his pride.

Huang Furong frowned at the moment, and he unconsciously flashed the wound on the back of the uncle’s back unconsciously, and said subconsciously: "So if you don’t have this layer of protection, the wound on your back will be heavier?"

"Yeah!" The uncle said with a nod: "The ancestor said, fortunately, she rubbed me!" He said that he was rubbing me in a bottle: "Now the ancestor told me to rub you, then do you want to rub?"

Huang Furong wanted to shake her head and say no, but rationality made her not so.She has seen the ability of the uncle, and has seen the ability of cat face and doll head, and she has seen the strange kung fu of the Erfang Master. She feels more and more.Different, she is just a guy who can kill. Although everything he knows is a killing trick, 90 % of them have to be close to the goal before they can be completed, which makes her body’s fatal parts be retained in front of her goal.Although she is agile enough, although she believes that she can make up for some practice the day after tomorrow, there is an indisputable fact that if she meets an opponent like an uncle, a cat face and a doll head, she may not really be able to kill one shot in one shot.And it is likely that even if they were killed, they could not retreat all over the body. She believed that with their ability, she was afraid that she would be goodbye!

So after a weighing weighing, Huang Furong glanced at the uncle, but he opened his mouth obediently: "Okay, take off!"

I am his wife. Although this body is now belonging to me, it is also Huang Furong’s original industry, just touch it!Huang Furong paralyzed herself with the spirit of Ah Q. After feeling that the clothes on her body were taken off by the uncle’s face, she took a deep breath and said, "What about now? Am I lying down or sitting?"

Uncle swallowed his mouth spit: "Lie."

Huang Furong lay on the bed when he heard his words, put his hands on both sides of the body with both hands, and then she looked at the ceiling and began to anesthetize herself: "It’s okay, this is just a three -dimensional hallucination test …"

When Bai Ziqi saw Huang Furong was lying on the bed so obediently, he still felt a little surprised, but saw the graceful body and saw the skin like a fat, and still felt a fire in his throat.

His head, he tried to soothe his mind, and then he pulled off his clothes, closed his eyes in Huang Furong’s surprised eyes.

Why did he take off himself?Huang Furong was about to ask, but saw a weird scene: the uncle’s body floated with a golden light, but then the flame was burning.But just like it, there was no real flame rising, but the golden light formed the shape of the flame swaying.

The uncle’s right hand suddenly caught the void, and the porcelain bottle that he put on the table was floating and drifted in the air. The next second, the porcelain bottle dumped, a drop of blue dew falls down, but sent out in the palm of the uncle with golden light.Squeak.

As soon as the uncle’s eyes were opened, the peach blossom eyes flashed. At present, the palm of the uncle pressed on Huang Furong’s gas hole, and a hot hot flow immediately rushed into Huang Furong’s body.

Bai Ziqi’s full -scale internal force was opened and washed away, and he scattered along the meridians a little bit. When the palm of his palm was rubbed to the milk acupoint, he clearly felt that his heartbeat accelerated a lot.He gradually stood up in his palm, and then the little Zhu Guo scratched his atrium in his palm.

Huang Furong trembled.After entering the hot flow of the body, with a strong impulse, for her meridians and blood, she clearly felt that her whole body began to enter a comfortable state, just like finding a warm quilt wrap in winter in winterI am average.

But … Gradually, as Uncle’s palm is getting closer to the private part, she has also accelerated her heartbeat. She can still coax her in the previous chest. This is just a test of three -dimensional hallucinations.In private, she had a feeling of being in a stove.

When the uncle’s hand was rubbed into the air acupoint, the warm current had formed the internal force protection of this area along the body of Huang Furong’s meridians, and Huang Furong had become red all over, and the body began to spread in her body.Essence

Bai Ziqi gradually accepted the internal force, and slowly rubbed the last drop of medulla dew for her with her own palm.He looked at Huang Furong’s intoxicating look, and felt that his lips were dry.

He is very clear about the effect of washing the marrow dew. This thing is good, but there is a big trouble, that is, it is easy to make people hot and increase their desires, especially when the internal force is protected.A large amount of calories will cause people to have the illusion of taking chunyao.This is not just a feeling of being appreciated. People who have resolved in his internal force will also feel like burning, because the medulla dew will also penetrate from his skin, and he guides a lot of internal powerIt also brought these medicines into his body, and a new protection will also be formed in his body.

He spit out his hand, and he looked at the beautiful carcass in front of him, but felt the tight pain of his lower body. He didn’t need to see that his desire was high.

It seems that only she said that she would take up her again, and she would not have doubts if she thought about it?Bai Ziqi thought in his heart that he lay on Huang Furong’s body, and he even bowed his head to kiss her cute Zhu Guo.However, at this time, Huang Furong suddenly raised his feet and held the uncle’s body, and then said: "Don’t be so impulsive, you can’t help but take a cold bath! The water in the compartment is also cold.wash!"

The moment Bai Ziqi’s face was completely reappeared by the rainbow. When he paid for Huang Furong’s words for about three seconds, he couldn’t help asking: "I’m hot, don’t you?" He asked him?When he stared at Huang Furong’s red skin, he didn’t believe she didn’t feel it, and he didn’t believe she could bear it.

Huang Furong smiled: "I also feel it, but I can bear it, go, you go, go washed!" Said that she showed his mind to wash.So the uncle rushed into the compartment with his desire to bite his teeth with a rainbow face, and the sound of water rushed.

"Huh", Huang Furong breathed a sigh of relief, secretly rejoicing: Although my body can’t resist the desire, fortunately, my soul belongs to me, and I can still restrain myself!

The killer has a subject called driving willpower.Generally speaking, like agents and higher sophisticated soldiers also have this subject. The former is mainly to judge the error message guided by the torture of torture and psychological war.There are individuals in front, but under the night, high -definition projection can also give you this sensory perception information, but it is wrong), the latter is to let the elite soldiers burst out and persist in the inferior environment.If you can’t say anything, you can control himself by the willpower. Of course, he has not trained).The killer also has this subject, but there is one more than the two, that is, the inferior assassination.This is a way to complete when encountering a powerful goal that cannot be approached, and becomes a "no threat" character for the goal.When the other party thinks that you can’t do it, you can be close to you, but after you can kill the target perfectly, you can also insist on your rescue with willpower.

At this moment, although Huang Furong was full of strong desires in her body, her sober consciousness and superb will, which made her feel stunned by her physiological desire. At this moment, she listened to the sound of water, but silentlyLaughing: If you are a fool, you will give you earlier.But you are obviously pretending to be stupid, and you want to take the opportunity to occupy me, then don’t dream!Those who want me, you have to get my heart first!

Chapter 66 Integrity

The night breeze blows in from the window, and the yarn tent shakes.

Huang Furong placed his two hands on the edge of the bed, and chased Zhou Gong with his eyes closed.In the face of strong willpower, hot and restlessness were forcibly suppressed. At this moment, she seemed to come out from the high temperature room, but she felt comfortable and comfortable.In addition, the uncle was taken off by the uncle today. At this moment, the quilt in the cotton satin was rolled out. It was comfortable only sleepy.It has no danger to her.

Bai Ziqi swallowed saliva with red face.He slept next to Huang Furong, breathing hot as July.At this moment, she was wrapped in the snow shoulder wrapped outside the quilt.Temptation.

The nose was filled with her body fragrance, just like a finger fingers gently hooking him, tempting him to touch and rushing up …

A slightly frowned, he boiled in that desire, looking at the tranquil back of his back, and exuding the temptation. He wanted to reach out and touched her back several times. Her shoulders.But seeing her peace of mind, he was full of surprise, and he was even more embarrassed.

If I overwhelm the desire, but it is too obvious. If I do n’t press it, I will inevitably go to find her. No matter which steps, I ’m suspected if I do n’t do it.Pretending, I can’t make any mistakes, let her catch my handle!what to do?Should I touch her still?

Internal collisions, his hands raised and clenched several times, and finally he finally touched Huang Furong with his elbow: "Ronger!" Ronger! "

Huang Furong responded, but his eyelids were too lazy to lift: "Eh? What are you doing?"

"Rong’er, I’m hot …" The coquettish voice like a child is full of grievances of children.

Huang Furong’s lips were gently hooked, but people didn’t move: "As the saying goes, the heart is quiet and natural, you learn to fall asleep like me, don’t think about it, don’t move, it will not be hot in a while."

Bai Ziqi watched the indifferent body around him, and heard Huang Furong’s lazy voice, but felt that the contradiction in the heart had climbed one step, and had to brow with his frown and said with the coquettish voice: "RongMy child, I hurt … "

"Pain?" Huang Furong heard his words obliquely: "What’s wrong with you? What hurts?"

"I, I hurt there." The uncle was like a red rabbit half a half of his head and pouting his head, which was completely cute, but others were too handsome, making this coquettish and cute picture a bit beautiful.Essence

Huang Furong blinked his confused eyes: "Where?"

Uncle’s hand slowly grabbed Huang Furong’s wrist, and then grabbed her hand gently on the top of the tent.

In that second, across the quilt, both of them were stunned.

The nodded Huangfu Rong’s sleeping light, the hardness that her fingertips could feel, told her that the popularity she had suppressed quickly gathered at the speed of light from all corners of the whole body, and her heart seemed to be scratched by the cat.

Bai Ziqi trembled, and the touches on the sharp touches made him rising from the limbs and the bones.Small friction.Immediately, he hummed gently in his throat.

But it was this thin and gently humming sound, and when Huang Furong was seduced by a trace of numbness to the whole body, her head sounded the siren in her head.She immediately realized that it would go on like this, and the quasi -guarantee would play with the fire, and rationally told her to let go.However, she looked at the uncle’s face because of his comfort, but she climbed a kind of evil mind in her heart, so the next second, she suddenly hung a curious expression, and then she was actually a way, and then she was a way.Having opened the quilt of the uncle and asked curiously: "What is this?"

Uncle’s obscene pants were pushed into a tent, and Huang Furong tilted his head with his fingertips with his fingertips.Hongyu, they went to the doctor for you! "Huang Furong said that he turned around and shouted. Bai Ziqi’s heart trembled and grabbed her arm:" No! "

"Why not?" Huang Furong shook his arm, his expression of concern: "It’s not a trivial matter when swollen here, don’t you say it hurts!" After that, he turned his head and shouted.The uncle sat up at once, wound her shoulders, and then emphasized: "I said no need!"

"But …" Huang Furong had to make a trouble for him, but he didn’t want the uncle to suddenly kiss her lips, and it was as light as lightning. All the jokes of her jokes were pressed into this sudden kiss.

After the lips were warm, the lips were rubbed, and the four lips were grinded for three seconds when they touched it. The uncle’s tongue wanted to explore from her mouth.He lowered his head: "Sleep!"

Bai Ziqi was full of tenderness and passion. Suddenly he heard such a sentence that was pushed like this. I only felt that when it was a pot of ice water falling in the sky, I couldn’t help asking, "Why?" After two seconds,Another sentence: "Whether Huahua, Yun Xiu and Xuanjuan, what they most hope is that I kiss them, then … why don’t you like it? You, you hate me?"

Huang Furong reached out and grabbed the quilt, blocking most of the half of the spring that she accidentally revealed just now, and said softly: "I and they are different. They follow you, that is, in your room, do they say both in your heart,, Even in their eyes, it should be divided into good. But my Huang Furong disagreed: Although I have married you and become your wife, I don’t want to just be in the name of a wife.Give you your body. If you love him, give it to him, but you and me are far away from this love. I, I just want to wait for us to love each other, give you again, do you understand?Now, it is obviously not the time, because in your heart, there is no me! "She said that her fingertips poked gently on his chest, and the face was a light deserted, but there was an unscrupulous loss in my eyes.Essence

"I have you, there is really you!" Uncle grabbed Huang Furong’s arm: "I will think of you, I will read you, Qier’s heart has Ronger."

Huang Furong smiled: "You are so cute!" Said her back and moved her body: "You turn around! Sit back to me!"

The uncle was stunned for a second, but did it according to her, but when she was facing her, she saw it clearly that his back muscle was still tight.

Huang Furong sighed in his heart, but smiled silently, and then he slowly put his face with his back, touched the scar on his back with his fingers, and said, "When one day, you will be right back.When I was in me, I was not so tight. Only when I relaxed and relied, I would be in your heart. At that time, I can give you, remember? "

After the uncle’s body, when the bed was quiet, the previous pleases and the atmosphere instantly dissipated.

Huang Furong left his back with a smile, and he turned around, and then pulled the quilt, so that his naked back Ge was across the thin obscene clothes on the uncle’s body.At the moment when I trust each other, I will lean back to you like this. Do you do it? I dare to give you the tree of my life to you, how about you? Do you dare to give it to me? "

The uncle’s body was not moved, but the person said nothing, and Huang Furong laughed again: "Sleeping late at night!" Said that she slipped away from the back of the uncle, and the quilt was pulled.Just put it in the edge of the bed: "Go to bed! If you are here at home, you can toss. If I remember it, I will go to the shop to see what the account houses are or what are the other?It’s better to sleep earlier, so as not to deal with it without spirit! "

Bai Ziqi lay down without saying a word. He looked at Huang Furong’s back. At this moment, he lost the boiling desire, and some of them only shook in his heart.

Suddenly her right hand grabbed his right hand, and then pulled her, the uncle embraced her in the arms, and she put the uncle’s hand softly in the waist: "You have your difficulties, I am my difficulty, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am your difficulties, I am, I am, I have your difficulties, I am the difficulty, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I have your difficulties, I am the difficulty, I am, I am, I am, I am, I have your difficulties, I am the difficulty, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am your difficulties.Know, but you have to know, I am willing to give you my back without reservation, because from the beginning, the day I became your wife, I chose to stand by you. "Say she closedHis eyes: "Okay, go to sleep!" She said she did not release his right hand that she caught …

The night breeze still blows the gauze of the bed stick, and Bai Ziqi feels the graceful body in her arms and has not risen to take out the hot desire, but holds her tightly into her arms, and ask herself in her heart: you, you can really let you really let you make it.Do I trust in great trust?I have been chopped behind me, because of trust, can I really give you the trust of my life?


"Grandma, it’s time to get up!" In the morning, the girl’s screams sounded again outside the door.Hanging on the uncle’s body.

After a meal, she quickly pumped her legs and feet directly from the bed to the ground, and then looked at the uncle who was still closed and slept, but a little froze: I, how can I sleep like this?When do I have no alertness?

At this time, the door was ringing. The girls came in. Huang Furong quickly got up, but found that the two hands in the pestle had no pain at all.Looking down, the scars were still there, and the thin blood marks formed were still eye -catching, but she really did not have the slightest pain.

"Grandma don’t be surprised, that’s the baby of the ancestor. If it hurts it, it is not as rare as the ancestor!" Hongyu looked at Huang Furong’s movement, and knew what she was surprised.The death of the same death, just when the two loved the love of the phoenix last night, they laughed with a smile: "The slaves originally wanted to let the grandma sleep more, but today you and the uncle want to wantWhen you go to the main shop, you must not be familiar with the process and rules, and it is inevitable that it is wrong? So, only you can call you early, and go to the small hall first after grooming.The old shopkeeper tells you what is going on with you, and then you go to the uncle to ask and go out with the second grandfather. "

Huang Furong nodded and was washed consciously. At this time, Hongyu said: "I call Cuier and Xianglan to serve the uncle!"

"Don’t panic!" Huang Furong glanced at Uncle said: "Anyway, it is also a matter of listening to the arrangement. He goes to go for a while, so you can ask him to sleep for a while!" Thinking of his toss in the middle of the night yesterday, she subconsciouslyI thought he would sleep more, and Hongyu heard this, but responded with a smile: "Yes. Grandma really hurts!"

Huang Furong blushed for a while, but quickly went to wash. When he was dressing up, he found that only red jade came to dress himself.

Chapter 67 Unbearable Inside

Hongyu glanced at Huang Furong from the mirror and saw her beautiful eyes staring at herself. She smiled at a heart and lowered her voice: "The slaves thought about it all night, and felt that there were two things.Or, it’s good to give grandma, so that you have a number in your heart. "

"What?" Huang Furong only compared his mouth in the diameter.

Hongyu looked at the bed tent from the mirror. After glanced at the uncle, he whispered: "Grandma can think of the county master, it is not just because it is as simple as the uncle. Can you think of it?? "She said that she began to give Huang Furong a thin share, a strand of the upper market.

Huang Furong laughed and laughed. She had long understood that behind the red jade was the old lady’s mind, so she always asked everything with Hongyu, which means that this is as long as the old lady is willing to show her.They will say it, instead of whether she does not need to know her, Hongyu will press it and not to know.Now that I came to talk about the county owner, obviously the old lady had some scruples about the county owner. She also had to use the red jade mouth to tell himself, but I did n’t say it.Asked, I always had the meaning of trying her.

"I said yesterday. A county owner can tear his face and lose his courtesy and shame. This is obviously a step that has been forced to break the boat, and I have a common reason to make her like this: first, first, first, first, first,I really love the uncle who loves into the bones, but he can’t live without him. But what he talked to you yesterday, the county owner knew that the uncle and the eyebrows were good, but he did not see the death.Well. Especially after the uncle was injured, he also cried a person. If you really filled the people with the uncle, I was afraid that the knife holder would not leave on the neck?The Lord will not be a person who loves the uncle, but the uncle looks good, and it doesn’t lose it out. "Huang Furong said that he swept the uncle in the glasses, and his fair skin was really down under the candlelight.Yingrun.

Hongyu fell into a small flower and fell into Huang Furong’s side brain. He used the bead flower with the rubber, and the three of them were full of exquisite nobleness.Then she divided into a thin braid in her hand, and asked in her mouth: "What about the second and third type?"

"The second is that her brother Yue Wang had sought her husband’s house. She was unsatisfactory and had to be a flat wife who would rather be the Bai family.

However, you also said yesterday that the King of Yue loved her very much. She always wanted her to choose, but I thought about it. That was her younger.pick.But now she is nineteen years old, and she is also an old girl, but it is difficult to pick?However, she is the master of the county. I think that there should be a lot of people who are looking forward to a marriage with her. It is difficult to guarantee that her brother does not choose one. It is just that she is unwilling, so it is better to follow the uncle.But if you want to do this, I am afraid that the person must have a serious problem, not crooked melon and jujube, if there is a bad habit, it is called the county owner to be unwilling!And this kind of person can agree to the consent of King Yue, and it is difficult to guarantee that it is not a hundred times behind.But this is just a possibility of pushing, but it is what I don’t know if there is such a possibility!Huang Furong said with his eyebrows and looked at Hongyu. She believed that she would learn to learn to the old lady, and she could find out whether there was any possibility in the end.

After listening to this, the thin braids in her hand were the sleeve in the three verses. At this time, she bit her lower lips and said: "Grandma is very fine, what about the third one?? "

"The third type? Oh, you see that the uncle is not hurt. I think he was burned into the news of the idiot. It should be more than only the people in Pingcheng know?In terms of, naturally it is a place where there are Baijia shops, and someone will know this, and according to my conjecture, the news is spread in the south. "She said to see Hongyu for verification, HongyuBut it was a look of focusing on the eyes, and did not respond.

As soon as Huang Furong’s eyes turned, he said it politely: "If I didn’t think right, the old lady did not want the Bai family and the royal people from the beginning, especially this kind of in -laws.I do n’t want to blend it. Other houses are not allowed to be attached to the officials’ home, which is convenient, but the Bai family’s graduation was created by the old lady’s ancestor in the Bai family.There is no need to mention the effort with the effort, but at least now, it is the old lady’s life -long effort. She must not be able to spy on others.It is troublesome to be pulled in home, so the old ancestors are opposed, so the news that the uncle burns into an idiot will definitely be announced by her intention to be announced in the south.In order to call King Yue’s death! And from this year, there are no counties to come to the door to disturb. They can be seen that they have died! But suddenly she appeared here, even the first day of entering the house.After saying the mind, it can be seen that the third situation is imminent, I have to gamble! "

At this time, Hongyu inserted an emperor’s sister -in -law into this plate of flowers and butterflies, and then laughed at Huang Furong in the mirror and said, "Grandma is talking about a set, it can be seen that there is a exquisite heart, the old lady, the old lady, the old lady.When you look at you, you know that you are a person who can host the feedback. He said that with you, the family business of the Bai family can support it! "

"Okay, don’t take it out of this words, just say what you want to say!" Huang Furong said that he took a pair of treasure blue crystal and pearl earrings and hung it in the ear pier.

"Grandma knows what makes the county master like this?"

"This is how you decrypt me? After all, you have to tell me what you say, isn’t it just to tell me two things, it is the key to think!"

At this time, Hongyu divided the remaining hair between Huang Furong’s hair in the ears, and twisted the rest of the hair, and inserted it into the hair in the hair with a thin half month:"The first thing is: A year ago, Princess Yue was pregnant. The news came half a month ago. Three months ago, Princess Yue gave birth to a pair of kids."

Huang Furong blinked: "So?"

Hongyu looked at Huang Furong’s clothes unknown. She was surprised, but in a blink of an eye, she shook her head helplessly: "You don’t know the prince’s affairs?"

How do I know Huang Furong?I can only blink: "I don’t know!"

Hongyu had to whisper to her: "Today’s prince is not the emperor, his biological mother is the concubine, because it is the eldest son, and the queen has no sister -in -law so far.The low position is a slave, so it is inevitable that some of the courtiers always move this speech. And the prince married a prince five years ago, and there were two Wen Yuan Liangyuan around him and the three Shuyi Liangyi.But it is strange that although there are frequent pregnancy, most of them are not children. Even if they are produced, whether they are men or women, they can not live for a year. Now there is only one small county master under the knee of the prince today.Living, but still getting sick at both ends for three days, I am afraid that I may not be able to live for three years. "

At this time, Huang Furong flashed in the history of several famous court murder in history. When the names of Wan Guifei and Zhao Heide were drawn from their brains.She didn’t want to know that even if the mortality rate of the ancient births was extremely high, it was caused by persecution.

At this time, she thought of the king of Yue Wang, and immediately brightened: "Is the son of Yue Wang particularly healthy?"

Red jade nodded.

"This is the second thing you want to tell me?"

"No!" Hongyu shook her head and took a treasure blue velvet. Do not be in Huangfu Rong’s ears: "The second thing the slave is going to say is grandma, you really guess the same, that is, the county master reallyThere is the mind of escaping marriage, because Yue Wang has recently gone with Jing Zhaoyin Xu Da Teng, and Master Xu’s wife is sick for half a year. "

"Jing Zhaoyin?" Huang Furong thought about how big this official title was. After thinking about it for a long time, he remembered that this was equivalent to the position of the capital mayor.He became a relative, wouldn’t he be in danger? "

Hongyu shrugged: "The prince is dangerous or not, our Bai family is not worried, and the old lady can succeed.Wife, so I can imagine why the county owner escape. "

"Isn’t it a wife? Could it be that they died before?" Although Huang Furong knew that there was also the same saying in ancient times, this belongs to the clouds in the sky, and basically there can be a pair of chances of 10,000 pairs in it.After all, such things, except for the two people who are willing to do, are willing to ask two families.And often this moves, it involves interests and faces, and if the woman after the harmony leave has no strong economic ability, it is still the residence and supply of the original husband’s family.However, both parties hurt the courtesy. In case the woman and the leave, there is no financial ability, and the former husband’s family has not arranged.Well, it will become a touch of life.Therefore, it was the third party that Huang Furong died, and then he could think of what was the first two.

Hongyu nodded: "Yeah, his wife was sick, and her second relative room was dead and died, but a good lady could lose her feet and want to know what was going on. NowadaysThe third appointment, it seems to be only two years before his family, but now he has a sudden illness. He gone half a year ago. Oh, yes, these three ladies did not give him a life.A man and a half woman, but Master Xu is a person who is not in a hurry. If you say something with his wife, you have not been able to accept it. "

Huang Furong looked at Hongyu in surprise.From her heart, she also hopes that this world has the kind of people who are willing to be old -fashioned to the old man, but survived in ancient times, she knew that this was more floating than clouds, especially feudal rituals, but any money can be available.It seems like this is a complete family in the house.So she looked at Hongyu in surprise, and she believed that a person who was sitting in the official position like Jingzhao Yi was unaware and miracle.

Hongyu looked at Huang Furong’s look, and knew what she thought, and shook her head helplessly: "Grandma, don’t you really treat him as a Gao Shi!" Hongyu lost such a sentence, but stopped saying it, Huang FurongAsked, she only laughed and answered. After a moment, Huang Furong knew it and could only smile: "If this is the case, would Yue Wang push her distressed sister into the fire pit?"

"Who said no? So the old lady didn’t think about it first, but yesterday, the county owner came, and the old lady moved her thoughts. Her old man thought about it.In my mind, I wanted to tell the county owner to Master Xu, but Xu had leaked the wind before it was finalized. The county owner ran away.I don’t care about the shame. "

"What is the age of Master Xu?"

"This is unclear, but why is it in his forties?"

Huang Furong sighed when he heard the words: "No wonder she was out, but why did she choose the uncle? Because the uncle looks good? But it looks good and can’t eat it as a meal.Warked with me, who wouldn’t it be possible to marry? Why can’t you come to compete with my wife? Oh, or know how to be a small one! "Huang Furong said to seeXiang Hongyu, she needs to know the core.

At this time, Hongyu pursed her lips and said, "Who knows? People just want to follow the uncle? Probably the uncle was too chic, fascinated her heart …"

"You lie!" Huang Furong shook his head directly, and the flowing emperor’s sister -in -law placed lightly at the eyebrows: "You must know that the cause, the old lady will tell you, but it may not be willing to tell me., I have to accompany the uncle in my life, so I think that if the old lady really does not intend to let the county owner mix in, it is best to tell me the real reason, otherwise I really do n’t know how to prevent everyone!"

Hongyu pursed her lips again, but she didn’t answer the words of Huang Furong when she spoke: "Grandma says it makes sense, but the slaves really don’t know. Go to the old lady to see if you can ask. Grandma., The family has the rules, and the old lady also has her own scruples. Not to mention you, yesterday was in the middle of the night, and the old lady had rest, and she told the slaves before going to bed.But treat you sincerely! "

Huang Furong frowned slightly, and then laughed: "Okay, I know, the old lady has her scruples, but I always feel that the King of Yue and the Jingzhao Yiruo is really connected, and the prince is the prince.Ye is a great threat. Will he not ask? As I think about it, the county owner may not be able to fill in the house smoothly. Furthermore, she can ignore her brother and ignore the interests of Yue Wangfu.As a county owner like her, it can only be said that the courtesy and shame of this Yue Wangfu taught it in the dog’s mind! So I still think that there is a greater benefit to seduce her to marry us this foolishness.uncle!"

Hongyu listened to grandma emphasizing the word stupid, and couldn’t help looking at the uncle, and then sighed, but turned to look at the sky and said, "Grandma, it’s almost the same, the slaves give you makeup, the old shopkeeper, the old shopkeeper, the old shopkeeperBut still waiting in the small hall, let’s delay! Oh, by the way! "Saying that she touched a small cloth bag from her arms, she took a opponent from the inside:" The old lady said you are this this one this this oneIf you want to go to the shop, it is not good if you see the imprint. You bring it, not only others can’t help but look at it! "Saying that she did not wait for Huang Furong to say itAfter going to the cabinet, a few goose yellow spring shirts with the same color was accompanied by a Tianshui dumplings to Huang Furong.

When Huang Furong saw this, he didn’t ask anymore. After packing his makeup, he looked at the uncle and followed Hongyu to go out.When the door was closed, the uncle opened his eyes, and he reached out and touched the empty bed beside him, but his heart was full of shock: she actually looked so thoroughly, but the bright guns and arrows I faced by the Bai family at the moment, you can see it.How much is clear and how much can it be blocked?She came with the bloody wind, and I can help you block it?As for why she had to choose me, haha, who told me that my biological mother was the young lady of the Hai family, and my stepmother was the Ye family!

——Mhaha, can you see the reason now?

Chapter 68 The World Crows are generally black

In the early morning, Huang Furong accepted a lecture by the old shopkeeper of Bai’s main shop in the small hall, and finally understood what this day meant meant.To put it plainly, similar to the shareholders’ meeting, in fact, it is the benefit of each section of each segment in the past six months, and the next person’s personnel and some of the logistics arrangements.

Due to the large field of the Bai family, the Baijia section of the Bai family in all cities and counties in the country, so after listening to the old shopkeeper, she knew that the Bai family had more than 530 scores.One hundred of them are high -level sections, which belong to the general agent of a certain area.Recently, the disk of the end of April is actually the shopkeeper of the large scores in the central area. Next month, it will be from the southern region, and next month, it will be from the northern region.

Then after three months, the inventory of the east and west regions, then the year -end inventory and dividend, then half a month of rest and then opened.From April, it is Zhong, South, North, and north.The three -month -old three -month time is the days when the owner wants to go out.

Huang Furong heard this way, and finally understood what to do, and then talked about a series of matters and what he did in the old shopkeeper.Then went to the main pavement of the Bai family to meet.

Because this trip is a case, and the first month of the year of the day of the year, and the big grandma of the Bai family is the first time to accompany the owner, so let’s not say that the Bai family owner spreads it.In the battle, there are six carriages that come out today. This also brings more than thirty people with maids, wives, young men, Xiao Yan, and Jiading.

Huang Furong looked at the carriage in front of the eyes from the window, and looked back and asked Hongyu: "Isn’t it come out in accordance with the size of the size, why is Er Ye’s car in front of us?"

Hongyu skimped his mouth: "Now, when it comes to, the owner is still the uncle.Go there to sit there and consume it with you, just fill in the sealing inside, how many things are waiting for the uncle to show it? Not all the second grandfather said? Although he is not the Dong family now, But it is the real second shopkeeper on the Baijia shop. Who does he go before he walks? Besides, when he arrived at the main shop, he had to lift the curtain in person, you and the uncle can you hit the carriage! "

"Why is this?" Huang Furong was slightly curious.

"Because the big house is the owner, although the big shopkeeper was pinched by the master, but in the end, the owner was told, and it fell on the uncle’s head!" Hongyu said, he looked at where he went, and then gave the uncle.Taking the clothes on your body, he explained: "Uncle, this matter is the same as the year before, and said hello to everyone, just sit there and don’t say anything.What is the matter, the master will ask you, you will say ‘quasi -quasi ", what is about to be discussed, the second master will ask you, you say:" Low first, talk about it.’ Wait until the reconciliation, this time youDon’t look at it yourself, just give it to the big grandma directly. This is the same thing, which is the same as the original. When you check the warehouse, after the bottom is closed, we will set up a banquet.Please eat the account rooms from various ways. After this seat, you can return to your grandma. "

Uncle played with the Rubik’s cube, and the man nodded.When Hongyu saw him playing with him, he didn’t say much. Then look at Huang Furong: "Grandma, you will go for the first time this time, slaves will help you from walking away. If you do n’t know what you do n’t knowHand, slavery naturally knows how to deal with it. You can rest assured! "

Huang Furong nodded before responding, but the car and horse arrived, and at this time it was a small firecracker bombing.Although the old shopkeeper talked about the agenda, Huang Furong still felt interesting, so he opened his mouth and looked at it, and stretched out his hand to pinch the uncle’s mouth, letting him balance the sound shock.

After the firecrackers were finished, I heard the workers on the main paved shouting the sound of the account. Huang Furong loosened the chin of the uncle. The carriage curtain was lifted.Account! "

The uncle was obviously used to it. He nodded with a righteous face, and the man helped the Er Ye’s hand of the carriage, and then Huang Furong hung the veil and obediently followed the carriage behind him.

At this time, the smoke in front of the main shop was filled, and the people in several carriages came down, and they stood on the position of the station according to the rules. The other horses’ pendants were busy.

"Brother, please!" Er Ye stood at the main shop door and bowed at the uncle, and then made the request. Hongyu immediately helped Huang Furong and snorted gently.Treat them seriously into the main shop.

The main shop in front of the main shop is not the God of Wealth, but the landlord.Six meters long and width talk room.After passing through, it was in front of a well, and around the three -story pavilion, and the courtyard courtyard with two floors was added.

When Huang Furong looked at it, he saw that the houses on both sides were all piled rice grains, but they were facing a large hall. There were many tables and chairs in it.Be respectful, and there are many paper, books, and large abacus in front of them.

Unconsciously, Huang Furong’s heart showed a sense of atmosphere, but at this time, the master and the second grandfather attracted them to the second floor, and the second floor was set up.There are two people behind the case, one holding an abacus and one holding the account book. At this moment, they are standing respectfully.

"Good family!" Grandpa just stood with Huang Furong to the big table in front of it. The people in this house were singing, and the uncle enjoyed a smile: "Everyone is hard! Sit!"

Huang Furong glanced at him, and the master said at this time: "Today is our owner who brings the main mother with the mother.

Huang Furong was facing everyone Wanfu, and everyone shouted as usual.At this time, the second grandfather Zhang Luo took everyone to sit.Huang Furong followed the uncle, and the uncle reached out and took the first book on the table.

So Huang Furong saw the ancient business way of reconciliation, which was the total number of profitability from the account houses in various places.Summarize the report and what you need in the coming year.

After such one by one, Huang Furong could listen to a while at first, and then he heard that he was so similar, so he simply looked around by taking the opportunity.Whenever a ledger room said the imagination of the coming year, the master or the second grandfather had one shown, and the uncle dealt with the past as well as good.

After all the breath is finished, it is one hour, and the next one is a detailed account. Each book is read by the uncle.Uncle was very obedient, and all gave Huang Furong. Huang Furong had to pretend to pick it up and opened it.The ancient accounts were not like the borrowing of borrowing into bar columns in modern times, but recorded each day’s withdrawal in time, which made Aquina, who can only be used as a word by word.Huang Furong watched a few pages and was not interested, but he did not dare to make it. He could only deal with it.After all the books were turned over, it took two minutes.

In fact, Master Bai has been checked by these books. This is just a form, but as soon as Huang Furong turned over, he felt that this kind of thing was indeed very tortured, so he thought of the convenience of the modern account book.One came out and told Uncle Bai that he asked him to use it for the master, and he would better check the account.

After this was over, they were invited to the outer corridor. At this time, they looked at them, but they saw the Mr. account room raised a long abacus, and a dozen people stood in front of the abacus.At this time, Master Bai personally sang the total number of books in various places in his hands.Even if the total number is checked.

For a while, Master Bai said in the rules to the progress of each place, and then praised the account houses of the two branches, and then included two silver to their own hands.At this time, the whole shop was in a lively and serious atmosphere.Huang Furong looked at the uncle stealing his eyes, watching him still standing there and looking at the abacus below, and suddenly he asked the red jade beside him: "Red jade, the rules in this shop are old.The wife came out, or did the master come out? "

Hongyu laughed: "The shop was run by the old lady. When the shop was bigger, the old master was fighting out, but the rules that really spoke from the rules of the uncle thought about it.The business is divided into five pieces. It is easy to be too troublesome to unify, and the types of rice grains each one are different, and it is easy to arrange. "

Huang Furong was shocked. Although she knew that Grandpa did better the Bai family’s business, but he did not expect that he could think about it.She looked at his long figure, looked at his serious and focused expression, and admired the master’s ability from the bottom of her heart.

Hey, handsome, good kung fu, and so hard -hearted. It seems that the only good luck in Huang Furong’s life is all smashed on you. No wonder I am so dark now.It’s light!

Huang Furong sighed in his heart. The uncle turned his eyes and looked at her. When the two of them touched each other, the corner of the uncle’s lips gently revealed, and the bottom of Huang Furong’s heart immediately said a word.: People say that the peony flowers are dying to be ghosts.

After the reconciliation is complete, it is a inspection according to the rules.The uncle walked in front of him, Huang Furong followed, on the one hand, a father -in -law photo, on the other side, the second uncle lined up, after seeing the warehouse, and after testing the items, it was the time when he was pledged.After the uncle signed the book book in various places, he was printed and drawn, but Huang Furong saw that the uncle did not get any seal and did not use any red mud. Instead, he held his thumbs one by one.Past past.

She was really curious, and stood aside to look at it. Only then did she see the uncle’s seal, but it was changed by thumbs, but it was not a fingerprint, but a strange word similar to the words, but the mark left was not nothing.The red seal is a kind of uneven mark similar to the current steel print.

Are you Super Saiyan?Huang Furong looked at the uncle with the eyes of Superman, but the uncle was like a child. The stamp was quite cheerful, and a smile on his face.

After the end of everything, after the banquets were invited, they returned to Baifu.I went to the old lady first to make a report. After a while with the old lady, this was the only one. Everyone was able to return to their courtyard for a while.

After going back to the courtyard, Huang Furong suddenly remembered his own affairs, so he thought about how to coax the uncle and let him promise to repair a boxing and wrestling training ground for her to do recovery training.As a result, she had to ask the uncle to like wrestling. She heard the sound of piano sounds coming, and the melody was fresh in leisurely, and it sounded a bit of a taste of rain and rain in summer.

"Who is this? It’s so elegant in the house!" Huang Furong sighed for a while, reaching out and lifting the car curtain to ask the red jade, but when he asked, he saw the red jade complexion and yin.She listened to Qin Yin in the direction of the coming, and said in surprise: "Well? Why does this piano seem to come from our hospital?"

"Who played so well in Rong’er’s room?" The uncle around him smiled at her teeth: "I remember that Niang said that Rong’er played a good piano, is it good for your girl?"

Huang Furong blinked, and said, "Who plays the piano there is so cheap, don’t it itch for Xianglan’s hands?"The face was stretched: "It’s not clear. I didn’t bring Xianglan today when she went out today. Xu is her!" She said so, but thought of the silver on the face of Hongyu, rational told her that she was not so cheap.

When the sedan was entered the courtyard, the sound of the piano was clearer, and the sound of the sound of the sound of beads fell in the pan.At this time, Huang Furong saw Xianglan, but she did not play the piano, but rushed to the front with a nervous look: "Uncle, grandma, you can come back, the Lord of Jingyang County entered the courtyard, and now he took your piano.Zheng Huan in the pavilion in the courtyard! "

Huang Furong looked at the uncle when he heard the words, but the uncle looked indifferent and blinked at Huang Furong: "Isn’t Ronger also play? I want to listen!"

Huang Furong immediately glared at him and lifted his hand: "I still want to raise my hand!"

The uncle was disappointed at the moment, and at this time, Jin Chan, who was in front of the county, followed the stone bridge and walked along the stone bridge to Huang Furong.Ah, my county owner was thinking about you today, but he did not expect that the two of you went out. She felt boring and thought about turning around in this yard.When you go to the pavilion, the small bouncing is rushing, but you should also ask Grandma Bai, don’t be angry! "

Huang Furong lost a smile: "Just a piano, what’s so angry, the county owner likes to move away! Xianglan, remember to go back and send the piano box together!"She felt that the stuff stayed with a time bomb. Maybe the uncle shouted her to play a song, she could go to hit the wall. She believed that she could pop up the sound of cotton with Guqin with her own skills.

Xiang Lan naturally responded. The Jin Chan was slightly froze, but then he reached out and made the invited posture: "My county owner is on the side of the pavilion.

Huang Furong raised his eyes and scanned the girl, and there was a hint of unhappy in her heart. After all, this was her courtyard. Now it ’s too much anti -guest. At the moment, she reached out and supported her waist.Those who should sit with the Lord of the Lower County in the past, but we are too tired all morning, and we must take a break. Bad up to tell your county owner.It doesn’t matter, we won’t bother! "Speaking of her uncle’s arm, he said directly:" Red Yuxianglan asked people to wait for water, and my uncle and I will go back to rest for a while! "

"Grandma Bai!" Jin Chan shouted and stopped: "Are you blame our county owner to bother you?"

Huang Furong looked back and smiled: "How can it? Your county master is the heart of Qi Lan, the famous lady, how can you disturb us without the color without color? You, laugh!"

When Jin Chan’s lips were skimped, people stared at, but could Huang Furong boo her?It’s just a smile.At this time, Qinyin stopped, but the little sister who was behind the county owner came over: "Grandma Bai Jia, our county owner invited you to narrate the words in the past, saying that if the uncle is tired, please ask the uncle first firstGo back to rest, she actually just wants to talk to you a few words! Also, please sell a face! "

When it comes to this, Huang Furong is not able to go well, so I have to smile: "I can’t stand the words of selling a face! I am the county owner to caress the piano and do not want to disturb.What you say, okay, okay, I have passed! Red jade, you accompany me, Cui’er, help the uncle back to rest! "

"I’m going too!" The uncle seemed to pull Huang Furong’s arms to coquettishly, and Huang Furong glared at him: "What do you do about our women’s affairs? Maybe she wants to talk to me about her intentions,You run away, what else do she say, good, go back to rest, I will come to accompany you when I will wait! "Said that she patted the uncle’s face, the uncle’s body stiffened, and obediently bowed his head and went.At this time, Huang Furong looked at the hands of the two people: "Let’s go!"

The four people now go to Shiting.

In the mottled tree shadow under the sun, Huang Furong saw a pink ghost shadow standing with the bamboo pavilion’s columns, and one hand pulled the strings and jumped out of three or two sounds from time to time.

Pink?It’s really pity!Huang Furong sighed helplessly in his heart: Hey, this kind of color that is naturally pity to calmly calmly calmly, this county owner will really use it!However, the small three of the world are the same, always show the weakness first, first to tell you, you are in a tragedy!After that, if you know it, you will have nothing to say. If you swear to defend, they will immediately show their teeth to tear your meat!

"Grandma, you must bear it!" Hongyu whispered to Huang Furong’s ears.

Huang Furong smiled, and said without concealing his voice at all, "This depends on my mood!"

Chapter 69 The Tung tooth of Xiaosan

"Sister Rong’er!" The county owner heard that the footsteps knew that the person had arrived in front of the pavilion, and immediately greeted the affectionately reaching out to support each other, as if the two had a good sister.

But Huang Furong took a step back and owed his body slightly: "The county owner is so polite. I am a sister with you.

The hand that stretched out in the air was a little bit, and the county owner flashed a second stiffness on the face, but then smiled, and the tears on the cheeks also mottled: "Sister Rong’er is not happy to see me?"Speaking of her eyelids, a touch of sorrow was exposed, and she immediately overflowed with a cry:" I know that I was shameless yesterday, and I also know that I was my sister in front of those people.It’s really deeply affectionate! Sister! Do you forgive your sister? "

Huang Furong looked at the carving and painting in Shiting expressionlessly, as if he had disappeared.Seeing this, the county owner took a step forward and cried in Huang Furong’s arm, but Huang Furong turned into the pavilion, and even pulled the red jade over, and the current county owner caught a little bit.At this time, Huang Furong laughed a little and said, "The county owner laughed, what did I have lost my face? Yesterday, what I was expressing was that you were not me! Why do I forgive words?"

"You …" Jin Chan frowned, but was caught by the county owner, and then she grabbed Jin Chan’s arm and said, "My sister must be angry with me. Also, if anyone is changed, it will not be acceptableIndividuals are going to calm my wife with myself? But I am also the sister of Yue Wang, can I still do a small one? "

"But did our Bai family not force you to be small? So many princes and nobles, why are you staring at my silly husband? He is stupid, you can’t see it? He is an embroidered pillow, follow him, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, youNo ‘sex’ blessing! "Huang Furong said with a cold face sitting on the stone bar on the side.

About the county owner did not expect that Huang Furong would speak like this, and he opened his mouth for three seconds, but at this time he didn’t have the strong smile, but said with tears: "He is stupid and not stupid.Yes, I recognize it. Who makes me like him? "

Huang Furong only sneered when he heard the words, but people looked at the bamboo forest in front.

"My sister knows why I came to this courtyard? I lived here a year ago. Then there is a bamboo in the bamboo forest and me and my uncle.Interrupted her, a serious saying: "Sorry, the bamboo in this bamboo forest is all in Hsinchu in March this year.

The county owner’s face was filled with a hint of displeased, and Hongyu rushed to Huang Furong’s hand. She didn’t want to see the grandmother who offended this troubled person.But Huang Furong did not move, as if he didn’t find that he had no face to squeeze the county owner at all. He just opened his mouth and said, "The county owner says something straight.For those who are animals, don’t go around with me. If you have something straight, if you are okay, I will go back and rest.And the county owner hurried forward to stop: "Wait!"

Huang Furong looked at her and waited for her to say.

"You heard it clearly yesterday. I don’t care about the uncle’s stupidity, let alone marry you! To be honest, if he is not stupid, how can he marry you? It’s just that this is the case now.After you are also considered a name, you don’t want to look at each other, so I also want to tell you a good way today. If you know that you are to be a sister and my wife, you will throw it to you as well as your family business.There are faces, if you do n’t know how to do it, be careful that I can make you even a flat wife! "At this time, the county owner’s eyes were full of pride, although the tear marks were still hanging on the face, where is where, but where is it?Is there a half -point pity?

Huang Furong smiled and stared at the county owner’s eyes and said: "The county owner really talks. If the uncle is not stupid, it is not you who marry?You are not afraid to lose your face of Yue Wangfu? Do you want others to say that you want men to crazy? "

Huang Furong’s words were not left at all. At the moment, the face of the county owner was white, and he raised his hand and pulled it towards Huang Furong’s face.The movement of covering her face hurt her wrist tendon, but she didn’t want to rush in front of herself.inside.

Huang Furong was about to do it, but Hongyu pulled her rushing to the county and said, "Please ask the county owner to be self -respect, this is Bai Fu!"

The county owner bit his lips and closed his hand: "Okay, I give Baifu face! Huangfu, you will not eat and do not eat and punish wine! I give you face to let you, since you dare to call me, hum, Let’s take a look. If I don’t let you kneel down, ask me to be your grandmother’s big grandma, I will be the master of Jingyang County! "After that, she turned away, and the Jin Chan beside her glanced at her.Huang Furong, and the little sister -in -law left.

"Grandma!" Hongyu looked at them and hurriedly turned to speak, but Huang Furong grabbed her hand first and said, "Red jade, I thank you for the first time for me, but really not needed. You look at you, youThis is swollen! "Hongyu’s cheeks were red and swollen at this moment.

"Grandma, the slave’s face is swollen, what if your face is swollen?" Hongyu’s eyes were helpless.

"It’s just right, I can also beat her half -disabled! Anyway, I didn’t do it first." Huang Furong joked with a smile, but Hongyu sighed helplessly: "Grandma!"

Huang Furong had to say seriously: "Okay, no jokes. In fact, such people are bullying people. Everyone has some carelessness and can’t make her like it, so she thinks.

Since she came to me, she just wanted me to make myself as dirty, but unfortunately, my grandma I never inferior!I spoke so deliberately. Anyway, she was shameless to negotiate with me. What are I afraid of?I am waiting for her to fight this slap!As long as she hit me, I went to the old ancestor to make trouble.How can she live in the Bai family!Huang Furong said so, but couldn’t help but slander in his heart: hit, slap, I told her to abandon her arm. Who can I find her? "

Hongyu heard his eyes drooping: "But you are a grandma. If you lose your face at home, you, the master and mother, the face of the family, the face can be lost.

Huang Furong heard the four characters of the master and mother, and the flying look on his face was dark, and he shook his head helplessly: "Yeah, how can I forget this fork!", Find some medicine to wipe you down, look at the swollen face! "

"Yes." Hongyu should leave, and suddenly saw the piano. When he went down, Huang Furong watched the piano pinch his hand and said, "This piano, burn it!"

"Ah?" Hongyu was surprised: "Such a good piano …"

"I, I don’t like others to move me, especially her!" Huang Furong put on a grand look, and opened a big way: NND, if this stuff stays in the house, it is a nightmare!


"Pop!" The tea cup was thrown on the ground heavily, and the Lord of Jingyang County held his fingers angrily: "This bitch, give his face shameless!"

"You don’t get angry with the county owner! It’s so angry that you will lose your body!" Jin Chan said, he went up and rubbed her shoulders, and the little sister next to him silently stepped forward to pick up the fragments on the ground.

"No, I can’t swallow it! I still want to keep her. In the future, she is a honest and cheap her, but she dares to put her face for me? Mrs. Bai did not dare to treat me so much,She came up with a frame! Huh, no, I want to clean up her! "The county owner said," Ah He, I told you to ask you in the bottom of Huangfu’s family, IDo you inquire clearly? "

"The words of returning to the county, the slaves have already inquired. The Huangfu family was just a name after there was a famous door.aware.

"Huh, that’s good! I think she fights!" The county owner immediately stabbed his nose.

"But the county master. This morning, the slave went to the courtyard to ask, saying that the dowry of the big grandmother Bai’s big grandma was very thick. I don’t know if it was Ahe’s inquiry …" Jin Chan frowned.

"There will be no wrong. The slaves all the way to collect the news of Huangfu’s family according to the meaning of the county master. Last night, I went to a few ticket numbers to turn over the book.! It’s just that I have been on it recently! "The little sister immediately refuted.

"No matter what, even if there is a little money in her house? Can you fight with me? Hey, last time you said that the Huangfu family still has a kid, which is particularly valued by the Huangfu family?" The county owner turned his eyes.

"Yes, called Huangfu Xingjian, the baby son of the Huangfu family!"

"how old are you?"

"This year is fourteen years old. This Huang Furong is 17 years old. Shortly after she was born, Mrs. Huangfu had another pair of pairs, but a dragon and phoenix.Child. This Huangfu Yun’er said a few days ago. He was the youngest son of the owner of the city, as if he was married three months later. As for this Huangfu Xing mark, he has not went to the prosecution and has not went to the test. "

After listening to Xiao Xun’s words, the county owner squinted, and Jin Chan asked whispered as looking at her thoughts, "Is the county owner going to start with her family?"

The county owner nodded: "I don’t move well at the white family, and there is a little worse pool, but the old lady is tired of me. Can I just get it in this emperor’s family and pull her in?"

"Pull in? The county owner, when the matter is small, who does it hold the relationship between the Bai family? It is not a word! But the thing is big, it really involves the Bai family go in, you are not …"

"What do you know!" The county owner Bai Jin cicada glanced at: "What I want is to let the Bai family reach out! As long as she controls, I caught the tail of the Bai family! At that timeI also asked me to protect myself! By then, I would not want a flat wife! What I wanted was the position of the Bai family’s wife! She Huang Furong! See if I do n’t practice to die! "He said, "Ah, it is not too late, you will arrange it now, I want her Huangfu’s house, I will be uneasy about this night!"

Chapter 70

"Then then?" The uncle stared at a pair of eyes and annoyed God."She hit you?"

Huang Fu Rong Tian nodded unknowingly: "Yeah, hit me, you see my face swell!" He said pointed at her face that was not swollen.

The uncle looked at it very much, and then saw the red jade on the side turned his eyes weakly, and he pointed to the red jade: "Her face seemed to be swollen!"

Huang Furong nodded: "Uncle’s eyes are so good. The master of this county is really arrogant. I slapped me and I flashed. I only wiped it. When she couldn’t beat it, she hit the red jade.Dare to hide, you look at it, this person is really dark! "Huang Furong said that he pulled the red jade to the front, and the bottle of swollen medicine yesterday stuffed it into her hand.

"Red jade, the cheap woman really hit you?" Uncle was very indignant.

Hongyu glanced at Huang Furong and frowned: "No, uncle, the slaves are accidentally …"

"Needless to say, I know!" The uncle said, jumping down from the bed, and running his shoes out: "Dare to bully Rong’er, see if I don’t clean up her …"

Hongyu hurriedly hugged the uncle: "Uncle, don’t come! That’s the county owner, don’t you …"

"Can the uncle plan to return back for us?" Huang Furong sat with a smile on the bed and asked, and the uncle naturally turned back: "Of course! She bullying you is to bully me!"

Huang Furong smiled: "But now we are the master, how suitable you to fight! OK, let’s sleep well!" Saying her getting up and getting out of bed, pulling the uncle out of the red jade arms, dragging to the bed, draggingEssence

"That’s not okay, I must never let her bully you in vain!" Uncle complained, not cooperating, Huang Furong immediately did not drag him, and only laughed and said, "If you want to discussPlay! "

Uncle and Hongyu stopped looking at Huang Furong together. Huang Furong hooked his fingers to make up the two together.Uncle was excited, but Hongyu was worried: "Isn’t this good? And this will affect the swallow!"

Huang Furong waved his hand: "Let the swallows be out of responsibility?" Said her to look at the uncle: "Do you know what to do?"

"For the sake of nature, let’s wait for the darkness!" Huang Furong said with a grill out, and the uncle smirked with him, while Hongyu sighed helplessly and silently withdrew from the house.

Closing the door, she touched her red and swollen cheeks, bit her lip, and returned to the girl’s room. At this time, Cui’er and Xianglan were worried, especially the Xianglan hugged the piano, and the tears were all in tears.Turn in the eye circles.

"How is it? Grandma is nothing?" Cuier was very concerned.

"It’s okay, Grandma just squeezed her two sentences. She was annoyed to fight. I blocked it, but I was very worried. After all, the county owner’s temperament never looked at good.When I think of what happened at the beginning, my heart trembled … "Hong Yu said that he finally noticed the appearance of Xianglan, and then asked her:" Hey, what kind of heart are you hurting?! "

"But grandma is confused!" Xianglan shouted her lady as her grandmother, and she murmured with the piano: "This piano has always been her favorite thing.When you come back, you have to care about one or two songs every day. I often wipe my own Pak to wipe myself. I do n’t let me wipe it. But when I am so cherished, I put it into the Baifu.It’s going to burn it! This, this is definitely vague! "

Hongyu glanced at Cuier, and then said: "When grandma told me, 80 % was annoyed! If you put it here first, send it back in a few days, and then return it.If you mention it, let’s take it out and burn it again! "Hongyu said with a lot of cherishment:" Hey, this is a good piano, it is a pity to burn! "

"Grandma’s heart is uncomfortable. If my things are also touched by someone I hate, I will throw it up again!" Cuier said that he would apply her from the red jade, but the red jade would beI bite my lips: "Don’t wipe it first. I think about it or let the old lady speak well.Going outside the courtyard, and Xianglan looked at Cuier: "Is the county master bad?"

Cui’er’s mouth: "It’s not easy to mess with it anyway!"


Take a nap in the afternoon, blowing in with warm wind, adding laziness.

Huang Furong was lying on the bed, and Uncle Ren hugged her waist, only playing with his slender fingers, and from time to time, he used his fingertips to rub his fingertips, thinking about his fingers pressed on the steel printing effect.

Bai Ziqi looked at the sparl earrns falling on her neck, squinting slightly, as if thinking about something.

"I went to the ancestors yesterday, and the remote ones saw that you and the family are wrestling. Which one do you like?" Huang Furong’s light words made Bai Ziqi return to God: "Yeah, that’s fun!"

Huang Furong led the corner of his mouth: "What do you just mean by looking at who knocked down with his strength? I would have another wrestling, but it was not all the power, do you want to play?"

Uncle does not seem to be much interested: "What’s so fun? No one in this house can win me!"

Huang Furong made a chin: "If I play with me, you must not play me!"

The uncle sat up: "You brag!"

Huang Furong was loosened by Uncle’s hand, a fingering joint: "Do you want to try it?"

"Okay!" Uncle immediately jumped out of bed.

Huang Furong smiled, and got out of bed and shouted that the uncle carried all the tables and chairs in front of him.

"Come!" Uncle hooked his body excitedly.

"I won’t play with you every kind of strength. I am exactly based on strength. I play with you like us. Without your restrictions, I just see who puts down the ground first!" Can you come? "

"Of course!" Uncle was obviously looking forward to it.

Huang Furong reached out and took the Liu Huangfu sister -in -law on his head. He felt that no other thing was, and then stood opposite the uncle: "Cheaned you, you fell me first!"

"Okay!" The uncle rushed up immediately when he heard the words, and he grabbed Huang Furong’s waist without politely, just to the high, as if to fall Huang Furong to the ground, but Huang Furong immediately doubled doubled immediately.The legs stretched out and clamped the uncle’s head, and then turned the moment when the body turned. The uncle was immediately thrown up because of the leverage principle.On the ground.

Huang Furong loosened his feet, and looked at the uncle a little worried. She would definitely fell with his hand to fall without hurting him, and she did not take the opportunity to hold the throat strongly, because that would be completely twisted to break a person’sneck."It was just that he didn’t expect that the uncle did not make any precautions, and he fell so simply.

Bai Ziqi fell on the ground for three seconds.

When he was holding Huang Furong to fall, he was still doubting whether he would start too heavy. When Huang Furong turned around and wrapped around his neck, his instinctual body’s internal force was condensed. HeThe hurried scattered power would be afraid of hurting her, but did not want her to throw it. He was thrown up and stunned directly on the ground.

At this moment, he looked at Huang Furong, and suddenly found that she had many ability he could not see in her.

"Are you okay?" Huang Furong worriedly reached out to check his neck, but he grabbed Huang Furong’s hand with a smile: "This fun! I want to play!"

Huang Furong said with confidence when he saw him nothing, "Okay, but playing this is best to have a dedicated venue, otherwise you play like you, and you can make a mud.Say you, but if I get mud, it will be troublesome! "

The uncle blinked: "What else? The venue?"

"Yeah, that’s really played, there is a lot of places to be more than this. Besides, it would be troublesome if the things in this house broke!" Huang Furong said he reached out and dragged his uncle: "We repair a venueLet’s play with you so much! OK? "

"Yes! As long as you can play, it’s fine." Uncle laughed very brightly.

"Okay, I add something fun when I fall!" Huang Furong immediately smiled and smiled: "You have to make a sandbag, and you have to make a barbell, ah, you have to get it …"

The uncle looked at Huang Furong’s focus, and the corner of his mouth continued to rise, and a pair of peach blossom eyes were full of appreciation.


By the time of the dusk, Huang Furong accompanied the uncle as usual to serve his ancestors to eat.Due to the arrival of the county master, the old lady invited her to eat together for her respect. Today, she did not let her wait. Instead, all the family gathered together to eat, but the three grandpa did not return.

The seats are quiet, and everyone eats it comfortably, but the county owner is particularly diligent. Not only does the old lady, but also the people in the mouth of the uncle also feel awkward, but it is hard to say that they can only pretend.But the uncle came to the eclectic, just eating a big mouth, but he lost his chopsticks without waiting for the ancestor to let go: "Ah, I’m full! I want to go to the swallow to play!"The ancestor was right, and people rushed outside.

The master twisted his eyebrows, the wife had a white face, and the Bai family felt that she couldn’t help looking at the old lady for a while. She thought she would roar her uncle, but the old lady looked at the uncle running out with a smile, and then hung up.He said with a loving look: "Uncle looks at him at the age of seven or eight, and then he lost his chopsticks when he was full.! "Saying to the master:" Isn’t it, Dehou? "

The master smiled embarrassedly, and after speaking a few polite words, a lobby person continued to use meals bored.After waiting, the old lady sent out the scattered people on the grounds of chatting with the county, leaving the county owner alone.When Huang Furong saw such a good luck, he had the opportunity to take advantage of it, and did not intend to wait until the sky was completely dark.Jin Snake brought it out and copied two frogs out.Then the two went outside Yayuan immediately. Hongyu Zhao previously instructed to knock on the gate of the courtyard. She noticed that when she was eating, the county owner only brought Jin Chan to, so Xiao Xun must have stayed in the courtyard.But she knocked a few times, and no one shouted twice.Huang Furong simply entered from the door of the courtyard and was close to the house

The place was thrown into the garden wood aside, and then threw the two poor frogs directly from the open window.

"Grandma, why are you so bold!" Hongyu and Huang Furong dared to ask after slipping out of the courtyard. She watched Huang Furong hold the snake head and put the snake in the sleeve belt.Seeing that she pulled out two frogs from the other sleeve, she just felt that the grandma was not ordinary.

"Ah? I’m not afraid of seeing too much. The old lady tells you nothing about it. I didn’t tell you this?" Huang Furong patted his hand and pulled the red jade to go back. But after two steps, she suddenly felt thatIf you are not right, you ask: "The little sister she brought was not in the yard, where can I go? Could it be that we came to rectify her, and she called him to harm us?"

Hongyu heard the words and was busy pulling Huang Furong to run back, but the two did not see any abnormal abnormalities when they returned to the hospital.","

Hongyu looked at Huang Furong’s shrugging movement, and a little surprised in his eyes, but then he became worried: "I hope something happens!"

"If you can’t get something, the snake is not poisonous, and he doesn’t tighten it when he bites. In fact, it scares her. When she knows that the uncle loves such a bunch of treasures, she doesn’t know she wants to marry like this!" HuangfuRong said, she sent Hongyu out, and grabbed her brush on the white paper on the sketch of her equipment.

When the moon was hung in the sky, the uncle returned with a loss.

"Why? Didn’t scare her?" Huang Furong guessed the result when he looked at the uncle.

Uncle nodded: "I waited for her to scream, waiting for her to make trouble, but I didn’t move. I couldn’t hold it up and secretly went to her courtyard. I thought that if the snake didn’t know where I went inThrow it in, but, but there is nothing to be quiet inside. Then I was looking for a snake in it, but when I met the followers she brought, he asked me what to find, and I was hard to say. I had to run back.The snake is gone! "

Huang Furong scratched his head and scratched his head: "Forget it, I have always had a bad character. I guess the snake ate a frog eliminating elsewhere!" Saying that she lost the book in her hand, got out of bed and uncle the uncle: "Come onDon’t think about it, go to bed early, I’m tired of this day. "

Uncle nodded and stretched out his hand and let her take off: "Rong’er, you are so beautiful today!"

Huang Furong smiled with a stunned: "Isn’t I ugly this time?"

The uncle leaned his mouth and didn’t speak again.


In the early morning, Huang Furong was dressed by the girls, but she didn’t want the voice of the breasts Zhang Ma from outside the door: "Grandma is it? Is it almost the same?"

Huang Furong glanced at Hongyu in surprise, and Hongyu went out to ask: "Why did Ms. Zhang come early in the morning, but what would happen to urge grandma?"

"Master! Can I get in?" Zhang Ma’s voice was anxious.Huang Furong talked inside, and he walked out of the screen by herself. Zhang’s mother who was hitting in, and now she supported it: "What is Zhang Ma?"

"Grandma, your mother’s family happened last night. Your little master killed someone in Han Kee’s restaurant last night!"

Chapter 71 Bing Gang Performing Enforcement

Huang Furong heard that he was stunned, but the Xianglan behind her was shocked by the comb. "What? Me, my young master, he … no, impossible!"

Not to mention that Xianglan feels impossible, only Huang Furong feels unusual. After all, Huangfu Xingxing is still a child, and it is obvious that a child who is not good and entrusts the Huangfu family’s hope.I think it’s a joke.

"Mother Zhang, where do you hear the news?" Huang Furong knew that he would never play such a joke as Zhang Ma’s identity and age, so although she was surprised at this moment, she also asked carefully.

"Yesterday in the middle of the night, the housekeeper on your house came first and handed over the post. I wanted to press it to give it this morning, but in the four days, Mrs. Huangfu came to knock on the ears in person.After reporting the master and wife, I would like to ask me to come over and ask you to pass by, but I did not expect that the old lady got up early, and stopped when she saw the movement.With Mrs. Huangfu and Mrs. Mrs., I told me to urge you to pass! "Zhang Mu said that seeing that Hongyu had taken clothes to put Huang Furong, Cuier had also followed the rest of the rest.The torrential hair was a stretch, and this was the curtain: "Grandma you go!"

Huang Furong did not dare to delay, and then walked out of the house, as Zhang Ma got on the sedan.On the road, she couldn’t help but think of Zhang’s words: What did the old lady do so early?Four heaven!What are you afraid of disturbing? Isn’t such a big event more important than that?And four days, who can do the four heavens?Maybe she wants to touch the situation first!Hey, how can Xingxian kill?One is a teenager with a strong mouth, how can it kill?Is it an accident?

She thought wildly and became uneasy. After the old lady’s courtyard settled, she almost rushed into the old lady’s hall.

As soon as she entered the house, she saw the cheaper lady of the cheap lady, Mrs. Tian’s. At this moment, she was sitting on the open chair near the old lady.

"Rong’er has seen the old ancestor!" Huang Furong did not dare to disrespect, and asked the wife’s good first. As soon as the old lady put her hands, Tian’s rushed and rushed directly to Huang Furong: "Ronger, save rescueYour brother, you want to save your brother, my Huangfu family is such a solo, so you must have a loss! "

Tian’s may cry for a long time, and this is a bit hoarse.Huang Furong helped her trembling body, so she had to comfort it first, but she sighed in her heart. The only independent seedlings in the ancients were the symbol of whether they existed or not.

"Mother, you sat down and said slowly, what’s going on?" Huang Furong didn’t know that the bottom was completely dare not pack the ticket, I just hoped that Tian’s can tell her clearly.

Tian’s face was slightly darker when he heard that his face was slightly darker: "That’s it. Since he stepped on the green, he made some bookmates and often gathered together. Yesterday was a poetry club, and he went out. He didn’t come back at night.I was worried that I planned to ask someone to find him. The government came to someone, saying yes, saying that it was your brother, he killed someone … "Tian’s sobbing at this time, Huang Furong had to calm and ask:"Are you not going to inquire about what is going on? "

"Yes! Your dad asked the Grand Service first, and the madage said that it was a star marks killed in the Han Kee wine restaurant. Many people saw it. Your dad asked again, but he couldn’t ask why.After the post came over, I quickly spent the silver and went to the prison to see your brother. He said, he said he just stabbed the man.Must be angry … Your brother just stabbed him. How strong can your brother have any strength? He didn’t kill, and he didn’t kill … "Tian’s emotions were excited, and Huang Furong’s arm hurt.

Hongyu and Cuier hurriedly shouted Mrs. Huangfu, and the two persuaded her to let Huang Furong’s arm.Tian’s is still crying, but Huang Furong realized that he looked at the old lady.

The old lady pursed her lips, and the red cricket around her opened her mouth: "Grandma, as soon as Mrs. Huangfu came, the old lady heard that she was worried about whether this was wrong, so she didn’t call you noisy.People ask. The result is indeed the emperor’s family. The Lord of the Huangfu family stunned people in the Han Kee wine restaurant. As a result, the man did not get up after the man fell.Accidentally, see if you can lose some silver to private. "

Huang Furong quickly thanked the old lady, and the old lady sighed with a hand: "It sounds an accident. This child encountered it, and it was impossible.Otherwise, you first accompany her to go to the guest room to rest. When your father said that the Xiang is back, it would be good to discuss it? "

Huang Furong also knew that the old lady had been tossed for a while, and her heart was full of apology. She quickly responded, got up and coaxed Mrs. Huangfu a few words, and accompanied her to the guest room.

Huang Furong helped Mrs. Huangfu away. The old lady’s grim rushing red Sakura said: "You have no evidence, this matter can not be said to be" fabricated ‘. Since you also ask the other party to be rogue, he used to be so rumored.Specific, just this time I died, and it was easy to handle it. Go to the master to talk about it. It is unexpected to bite the field. It is unexpected.Things can always be skimmed. "

Red Sakura listened to: "It’s such a reason! Old lady, you will go soon! Mrs. Huangfu grabbing you and crying as a squeezing amulet, but he is too considerate of your bones!"

"I’m okay. I didn’t think that Jing Moukou was in a hurry to seek medical treatment. She had something to do with her baby. Everything was chaotic. Don’t you hold me? Don’t pick people. But this timeWe have a lot of heart in our hearts, so I mean, look at the movement, if it was really her worry, jump out in accordance with it, and help "see how to get it!"The old lady finished speaking, Red Sakura responded.

In the wife’s courtyard, the second grandfather was around the wife, but there were no subordinates around him.

"Can’t think of this? Lai Zi is dead?" The second grandfather’s face was full of surprise: "Mother, are you right?"

"Where did I hear it wrong? My father and I were caught by the emperor’s wife and cried for a while. Your father had already gone out and said!" The wife leaned on the soft couch with a look.yawn.

"Aunt, then you can hear it clearly, that person is so dead?" Grandma’s face was anxious.

"Yeah, the old lady asked someone to check it yesterday, and I was still in trouble! As a result, I heard that it was just a push and died. I was frightened. I really thought it wasThe hands and feet you do, can’t help thinking of the Bodhisattva in your heart. Fortunately, the Red Sakura said that it should be an accident.

"Mother, don’t scare ourselves, we just look at the old lady’s eyes that there is only a big sister.A few people were tangled with the boy these days, and then they came out of his mouth. This Huangfu family did not have those family at all! "The second grandfather said disdain:" Mother, rest assured, I didn’t press, but I didn’t press it.The scene came out, it was something that they had happened, it had nothing to do with me! "

The wife nodded with peace of mind: "You know the right. Now your elder brother is stupid, the Bai family’s base industry will sooner or later enter your hands. I always want to go into your hands steadily.I just didn’t expect to choose a lot of choices. I chose an old lady’s eyes on the top! What kind of downtown makeup, I am so suspicious that the old lady took the red door money and posted it! "

"Aunt, I don’t think it is necessary. The girl in my house said that the big sister had went to find Rumei, and then the big surname put the elder brother in her house for two days, and after that, I heard that another biteThe big box, I also sent it to the old lady. I thought about it. Will the two wives and concubines be in one heart, or Da Jie asked the Dongfang family to borrow money from her! "

As soon as the words of the second grandma fell, the wife sat up: "This Huang Furong has two times, but he can put money from the Oriental family!"

"Mother, don’t go to the ancestor, but give the Zhuangzi’s land deed to Zijie, it is not good, Dasao took that and the Oriental family …" The second grandfather was saying, suddenly he closed his mouth, and soon he quickly closed his mouth.A girl came over to pass the words: "Mrs., the master is back and goes to the old lady!"

"I know!" The wife responded and hurriedly got off the soft couch: "Let’s go too!"

When the wife took the two sons into the hospital, it was when Huang Furong appeased Tian’s when he came to listen to the letter.Before entering the house, the hatchback was together, and the wife looked forward to asking a few words.Huang Furong accompanied him with a few gratitude, and he went to the hall with the two grandfather’s couple.

"How?" The wife asked, and asked Master Bai, who was clearly frowning in the chair.Huang Furong only looked at his face, and he knew that he had changed.

"The old who died was the old Lai of the Pippi family in the city. I was afraid of many things. I went to his house with one hundred or two. There was only one old mother in his house.I apologized, I was willing to bury his kid, and then took a hundred or two to care for it, but I didn’t want the mother to be as crazy as crazy.The master who said Xiang was hit by her spoon on his head, it was really obscure! "Master Bai shook his head and jumped out after hearing it:" What kind of Lai Lai, one hundred and two, his family’s family, his familyCan’t make this money in a lifetime, is she crazy? "

The old lady took a sip of tea with a dignified look: "I want to be a widow guarding the only child. So far all the way, now the child is gone, what about the shattered heart? Obviously the dead heart! Red cherry blossom heart! Red cherry blossoms!Go to the housekeeper Wu to accompany the master to take a trip, and let the things clear.Three years, but her family is really complete, telling her, if she is willing, my white family can support her … "

"Mother, I advise you not to call Wu Housekeeper. The sons are clearly said. She is really mixed. In her mouth, she called the child to lose her life.It is also a bad potential, so we care about it, or go to the Gongtang! "Master Bai said to Huang Furong, Huang Furong, and then turned several times at this time.I think the father -in -law said that it is reasonable. Since the man is Lao Lai, he wants to come to his mother. He is also used to him. At this moment, he holds the silver.Go, you really can’t buy peace, if you go to the public hall, what to do … "

Huang Furong was talking, but he didn’t want to scream outside the door: "Rong’er!" Then Tian’s rushed into the hall and rushed in front of her, raising his hand to slap: "That’s your brother!"

This slap is crispy in the hall, and no one would expect to go to the Tian family. Even the old lady stiffened for a second, her face became extremely ugly, while the wife, the second grandfather and the second grandma glanced at it.After everyone flashed a trace of joy in the eyes, it rushed to the front.

Huang Furong felt Tian’s slap, but he could only suffer this slap. Now the second grandfather and the second grandma who saw it were persuaded. The wife shouted a mother -in -law with a mouthful.Throw his hands and dumped the second grandfather and the second grandmother around him, and quickly grabbed Tian’s hand. He said with a right face: "Mother! I know he is my brother, but he met this kind ofIn the case, the other party is a pretty unreasonable person. The more we lose their faces, the more arrogant the other party. If she is just for the money, it is okay, it is not the best, but we give it a widow!The only child, what can I do? The government will not be tried for a day, and this will not be able to make it! Whether it is a father -in -law, a housekeeper, or my father, as long as there are people from the Bai family and the Huangfu family, we will look at it.I can talk about it for a day! It was just an accident. When I was dragged in the end, I could really think that my younger brother had killed someone, and we were covering him! Even if you find out that we know that we are innocent, butRumors have their own biography. Do you think your brother is charged with murderers in his mouth? There are Bai family, in order to help our Huangfu family is also involved in the championship to bully people, do you think of money?? "

Huang Furong’s words asked Tian’s dumb mouth, and asked the old lady’s side, and the second grandfather and the second grandma were stiff.Only Master Bai’s mouth murmured: "My Bai family has always been good, and the people should not …"

"Daddy!" Huang Furong had to say to Master Bai: "Geometry in the world? Gee people? The grain and oil business made by the Bai family is also the ideal of Boai.What is the same crazy purchase? Why is this? There are those who splash skin that splash skin. They often blackmail the rich and businessmen. Who is unclear in the hearts of the people, but someone jumps out to say good words to the rich and blame the rogue for the rich?If so, it is also those who are inherited by the sanctuary, and there are people who ask for this. What is this? Qiu Fu! The heart of Qiu Fu is in the hearts of the people! Even if you are the party who is wronged, because you are the rich, you are the rich, you are a rich manIt’s your fault! Unless you are a real wicked, you are bullying people, what they can’t do you. Otherwise, you are good and rich, once you have a choice

There is only one rumor, and the name of the first life can be destroyed!"

Huang Furong said very thoroughly. The people in the one -room were calmed down by his words. At this time, the old lady looked at Huang Furong’s eyes and exposed a hint of appreciation, and then said loudly: "It’s good!Everyone who has lived for more than half of my life clearly reads it! Just as she means, we are no longer private, Dehou, calling Master Dong not to drag us for us, please choose to start a trial day! "

Chapter 72 The Design of Bai Ziqi

The old lady’s words were finalized, but Nada heard that she said.I glanced at Huang Furong, obviously dissatisfied, but because of the status of the Bai family, I could only mumble and look at Huang Furong: "The place where the torture is in the jail, how do your brother suffer? "

Huang Furong stroked her back with Tian’s back: "Mother, don’t be afraid, the government always cares about it …"

"Mother -in -law, don’t worry, Master Dong is a good official of Che Aimin Ruzi, and he will not mess up." Master Bai’s family also said comfort at this time.In his heart, there was the result of Master Huangfu to run and asked, so he resigned.

As soon as Mrs. Huangfu left, everyone could have some free to rest. After Huang Furong thanked everyone, the old lady asked her to ask her to ask the news for the past few days.As soon as the old lady came out, the old lady frowned before she opened the mouth: "Daughter -in -law, not we don’t understand you. A few days ago, you have to raise silver and run away.If you change it, you will not be criticized, but now you are concerned about your brother, but you are going to be the gate and the cell.The family is sitting well, and the family who raises the family can also help you inquire about the news! "

Huang Furong heard helplessness and swept his eyes when he bowed his head. The old lady seemed to have taboo unhappy. At this time, the uncle suddenly ran, and he grabbed Huang Furong: "Ronger, Rong’er food tastes deliciouslyXuan has a new jujube tea today, walk around, I will take you to taste it! "

Huang Furong was happy when he heard his words, but his wife coughed his throat lightly before he spoke: "Qier, don’t salute when you come in, what kind of body?

The uncle’s obedient photos were instructed, and a few times frowned at the master, and he smiled, and then grabbed Huang Furong to leave.Huang Furong wanted to follow, but he also knew the rules of the house. He had to stand up and look at the old lady. The uncle immediately said, "Don’t look at the old ancestor, I will bring the ancestor when I come back!"

The old ancestor shook his head with a smile: "This monkey should remember your tea! Go and go, don’t come back too late.

Huang Furong immediately said that he was rising to the hall and went out of the hall with the uncle. At this time, his wife bit her lips and wanted to step forward, but was stretched out by the second grandma, so they also resigned from the hall.

"Huh, she took advantage of this opportunity to run the door. If she lost the Bai family’s face, how could it be good!" The wife murmured in a unhappy mouth, looking at the master around her.The master did not look back and said lightly: "It’s really going to be there, it is understandable, after all, it is something that her brother has happened. I will tell Wu’s housekeeper, no matter if she goes to the gate of the gate and the places in jail, I will come back.Just ask her to wash it! "Said that Master Bai’s family turned around and walked on another road.

"Where are you going?" The wife asked casually, and Master Bai paused: "I didn’t sleep last night. I ran for a long time in the morning and was noisy by the woman.Pressing Linglong, just in her sleep for a while, you can just talk together! "Master Bai said that no matter the wife’s face was embarrassing, only the second grandfather said:" Why are you still mixed here, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.Go on the shop! "After speaking, he turned and went to the exquisite courtyard.

The wife bit her lips and was speechless.Seeing this, the second grandfather resigned to the mother. Before leaving, he glanced at the second grandma. Ye Yuqing immediately nodded and expressed his understanding, and then went up and pulled his wife’s arm: "Aunt, don’t do this, it is not good to see people, it is not good to see it.There are always a few aunts in this house. You can’t stop your aunt and don’t call it! "

"I don’t stop him to see those one, I just don’t want him to see the bitch!" Ye Ruyi’s expression was a little excited, and his words were thicker.Ye Yuqing had to persuade: "Aunt, why do you have to do this, the older father is the oldest person. With his feelings for his old lady, it should not be able to let go of the aunt Hai."

The wife dumped her sleeve: "What do you know, if she is the same as other people, I will be lazy!"

"Aunt!" Ye Yuqing pulled her arms: "You can dispel anger! Mrs. Hai is the dear of his wife, and the Hai family did not treat her as a slave, you should stand it!It’s time for Mrs.’s Taboos, shouldn’t she hold it down? "

The wife put her hand irritably: "Don’t say her! Hey, why did you pull me just now!"

"Aunt, why should you maintain her decent everywhere? She is going to let her go, you stop it, others say that you do n’t want to see it, so it’ s good to come from her.Do n’t you get farther away from the master of the family? Do n’t you do well, can you be a mother -in -law? Even if the old lady protects her, is n’t it useless? ”Ye Yuqing said with a cold smile on the corner of her mouth, and the wife nodded."No, why did I forget this stubble? Hey. That would just think of the rules, forgot it! You go to two people to follow, if she goes to the gate, you will call someone to hit her car,At least let the old lady see how unsatisfactory she is! "

"The aunt said."


Inside the carriage, Huang Furong shook the uncle’s arm again: "Let’s go and see it, okay? Star marks are in jail, he can be killed by others!"

Uncle indifferent: "I want to drink jujube tea!"

"What’s so good about that tea!" Huang Furong had persuaded all the way, and the uncle always said this, really called her.

"That tea is good, sweet, I heard that I can nourish qi and blood …"

"Okay, I have listened eight times!" Huang Furong helplessly put his hand, and after rubbing the temples, she smiled at the uncle again: "Otherwise, let’s go after drinking the tea before going!"

The uncle shook his head: "Don’t go, how obscurous the gate and jail are, if you go to the father to know, I will scold!" Don’t go! "

Huang Furong frowned.She is not unclear the taboo of the ancients, but Huangfu Xingmo must ask each detail in prison.After all, although many people died because of wrestling, the cerebral vascular rupture was killed, but when the news was heard in the morning, the other person seemed to be a young person, so she was thinking about it.Is it really an accident or a misfortune to get married.

"Uncle, come!" Mei Xiang, who had been silent, suddenly opened his mouth and shouted the uncle. The uncle turned his hair even if he fell down.Huang Furong glanced at it before he noticed that Meilan was applying paste on the face of the uncle.

"This is……"

"Uncle said, last time he had noisy with the shopkeeper, and this time he must be reorganized, so bringing a mask, they can’t recognize him!" Meixiang said that he had touched the human skin from his arms.Mask, carefully stained the uncle.After the corner was cleaned up, after covering it, Huang Furong laughed: "So ugly, you really get out!"

Uncle touched his face: "What is wrong with ugliness, the shopkeeper can not recognize it!"

Huang Furong shook her head helplessly, but Meixiang also held her small bowl and looked at her: "Grandma, it’s you!"

"I also want …" Huang Furong asked in surprise, but when she exported, she immediately understood, and she didn’t talk more at the moment, but obediently gave her good to her.After packing, the uncle pointed at her politely and said: "Wow, you are ugly!"

Huang Furong was grateful in his heart. He said that he was ugly, but he pulled his arm: "That’s not right, you are ugly and ugly, this is called a natural pair!"

Mei Xiang heard the words and laughed, but the uncle was stiff. Huang Furong knew that he seemed to have a knot and ignored it. He only grasped him and said, "Is the light easy?Car! You look at what we wear, it doesn’t seem to match! "

At this time, the carriage stopped, and the horses said outside the sedan: "Grandpa, I’m in North City."

At this time, the uncle grabbed Huang Furong and got out of the car. She didn’t need to wear her face: "There are clothes selling clothes here, we will not change it!"After changing it, he did not get on the carriage, but called them to find a rest nearby, and only caught Huangfu Rongxing’s rush to Shiwei Xuan.

Huang Furong guessed that the uncle was helping himself, so he didn’t say much as he went, and when he entered the food, he found that it was actually very lively.Because it is still early, many people want bowl noodles, and only some idle talents are the jujube tea.The uncle grabbed Huang Furong and found a corner table, and then pulled his voice and shouted to eat. When Xiao Er responded, he had been drinking the jujube tea not far away: "What is that? Give me one! "

Xiao Er went to the moment, and no one in this restaurant really noticed two ugly people.

When the tea came, the uncle grabbed the chopsticks and ate it. He didn’t have the noble manner that was raised at home.But suddenly the uncle overturned the bowl of jujube tea, and then he shouted at the table at the table and shouted: "Is your mother -in -law blind? Lao Tzu’s tea told you to overturn!"

Huang Furong suddenly heard that Uncle talked about the tone. Suspected of which side language, he didn’t speak, but Uncle stared at her and yelled, "What did you say to Lao Tzu? Say you wrong?Go and go, stand on the side! "Said Huang Furong.

Huang Furong understood what he meant when the uncle came to her, and immediately rushed, and he cried at the moment.

"Crying, crying, crying to death! I will push you for a while, and I can’t die again! Cry!" The uncle said the empty tea bowl in front of Huang Furong, crackling, the bowl fell, and the bowl fell.Thin.At this time, the shopkeeper had already ran in front, and quickly persuaded: "The guest officer disappears, just a bowl of jujube tea, not! In case you get your personal life, then it will be troublesome!"He shouted a bowl of jujube tea again.

"You are nonsense! Don’t you just squeeze, you can still die! Pull!" The uncle looked scornful, the shopkeeper hadn’t spoken yet, and the surrounding people spoke back: "Who says you can’t die? Yesterday, yesterdayThere is one who was killed! "

"That is, you, foreigners!"

The uncle opened his mouth: "I am a foreigner? Do n’t you come to coax me, but just ah, if a milk baby still said, she died so big?"

"Why don’t you die? I was so embarrassed to see that people saw people yesterday!" At this time, a man drinking tea beside him opened his mouth, and the uncle immediately sipped him: "Non -nonsense! You lie to me!"

The man heard his eyes out: "Who lied to you? You ask everyone who is sitting, when did I lie to Wang San?"

"Then you tell me how to make it! I will make you make it! If you are dying, you will die, joke!" The uncle said that the chopsticks knocked on the noodle bowl, and the whole was a rough.

"Say! Who will make it for you! Yesterday in Han Ji, I was inviting Li to drink alcohol, and the two people next to the table quarreled for borrowing money.Toasting, I insulted each other in a blink of an eye. I was following, and I looked back at it. As a result, I did not expect that it was the little master of the Huangfu family.The two could make a table, and they looked at them twice. Then they knew that the little master of the Huangfu family scolded in his mouth: ‘Because you took the wicked people, I am a good person, and I regard you as a brother and brother., How can you have a day -priced light and I borrow silver? I haven’t returned it last time, this time

Borrow again, I said no, you scolded me, you apologize for me!‘Who is that Lai Lai?Can he apologize?At the moment, the little master of Huangfu’s family scolded him as a sour discount. Even a little money could not be taken out. As a result, Huangfu’s family had to leave the liquor to leave the checkout. Then Lai stopped him.Just reached out, hey, that Lai Lai fell to the ground. As a result, he pumped his body, and people couldn’t move."

"How is it possible!" Uncle immediately shook his head. At this time, Wang San didn’t speak, and a group of people around him rushed to the uncle and said it was true.So the uncle laughed and pulled Huang Furong to get up from the ground, stunned again, and poured her down again: "Look, don’t just sting like this, how can you fall to death, you together to lie to me!"

A few of the surrounding uncle said that they were deceiving, and they were immediately unhappy. At the moment, how could he speak like this, and the uncle showed a contempt: "Just see you, don’t you have anything to make?"

If you have money to come out, these ones are immediately compared with three or two.At the moment, Huang Furong looked carefully. They were all pushed by the other side with their arms, and the other party flickered, but the person fell down, and then he couldn’t move.

Huang Furong frowned now, but the uncle immediately opened: "I said you lie to me with your partnership! If I like you like this, you will definitely fall directly, just like my mother -in -law, how could it be down the side, how could it be downwards and fell down on the side.""

"He just fell sideways. The little master of the Huangfu family hit him and stretched out his hand, but he opened his body with his hand. As a result, he was on the side!" Several people said evenly, but wordsIt means it.

The uncle retreated the money with a sullen face, murmured in his mouth: "Wonderful, is really dead?"

"Who said no!" Wang San took the money, and said, "Several of us were present, and they thought it was strange. I thought it was the old man again, but I didn’t want him to die.A drop of blood didn’t say it, and even the mouth of the mouth didn’t vomit, it was so angry. Are you surprising? "

"Isn’t he a bag on his head?" Huang Furong asked in fear at this time, but those people shook their heads: "The bag is not seen!"

Lao Lai has blackmailing such a few times, and it ’s okay. It’ s okay to die alone.

"Hi, don’t say it, there is this possibility!"

"He can’t, it’s a child, look thinner …"

"What happened to? You forgot the man who saved the child on the road yesterday. He also looked at the thin person, but it was a horse who killed a wild horse.Step by the horse … "

The topic soon turned to this thing to see the righteousness.Huang Furong slapped the gray on the cover silently, and then sat back to the uncle’s side. He watched the uncle drinking the jujube tea, and asked softly after biting his lips: "I feel unsteady.Woolen cloth?"

The uncle looked at her blinking: "What is unexpected? Is there a surprise to drink a tea?"

Huang Furong was pretending to be Na virtue, and he had to turn his eyes, but he still said: "I listen to big problems. Let’s not say whether my brother has the ability to hideJust say that in the fall, there are more problems.

Uncle seemed curious: "What’s the problem?"

"Let’s talk about ordinary people first. Such a rampant with such a righteous hand, a natural person is leaning back. It is really possible to fall to the back of the back or brain and stem, but just said, when he was stunned, his hand was still carrying his hands with his hand with his hand.After placing it, it was called that Lao Lai to let the road, but only this time, it would be said that people would not fall, and at most, it can be seen that my brother did not make much energy, but it was part of him.Isn’t it strange? I guess there are two possibilities. One is that Lai often blackmails in this way. They just said that it was him again, so it was likely that he fell to the ground intentionallyThe injury of the pretending to be killed just one by one … "

"Didn’t he say it just now, he fell to death? Besides, what is the brain and stem?" The uncle was curious, but Huang Furong was not good at explaining to him, and he automatically wiped out the latter question: "Human sideways fellIf you go on, you will protect yourself in order to learn from the ground. Even if he is too late at the time, he is unloading his shoulders. Besides, people’s shoulders are wide.I may not be able to touch the ground, let alone falling to death. We took a step back and said that he really hit his head, and it was also the side brain of impact.There should be a bag, but they said no, so I think it is unlikely, especially the other party is still a person who often does so, and should have a sense of self -protection. Besides, I know intracranial hemorrhage orBleeding in the body, rarely died immediately, so I think the second might be that he fell because of other else! "

Chapter 73 Personally Feed

Huang Furong’s analysis of his own analysis stared at her.Because he was too shocking, at this moment he even forgot to cover up his sharp eyes, making Huang Furong subconsciously tighten his body to face his eyes, and asked softly, "What do you think?"

If you do n’t avoid it, you think you have emphasized the cognition of the uncle.Bai Ziqi looked at the woman in front of him, but didn’t know how to face it for a while.

Knowing that the Huangfu family had happened, he immediately slipped out of the house to find out. When he asked someone to find out that a few wine restaurants who had been in and in and out of the house used early tea here, he immediately brought her here.He knew that she would find a way to ask, and he just wanted her to know the situation at the time, so that the woman didn’t want this woman to speak strange words, but every sentence seemed to make sense, and even revealed a faintly revealing one of the one.Unsurprising murder.

"You, do you mean this is not an accident?" Bai Ziqi carefully regained his voice, but he couldn’t hold back the wise light in his eyes.

"I dare not say it, but at least 90 % of them are not an accident." Huang Furong said to pull the uncle’s sleeves: "Is there any way to see the body?"

The uncle shrank his head, just grabbing his chopsticks and pushing the noodles in his mouth, and then he would not take it.

Huang Furong bit his lips and looked at him. She knew in her heart that the body like this was either in Yizhuang or in the corpse of Yamen, and she would receive a corpse test.She did not know that her corpse inspection ability at this time was as high as geometry, and she couldn’t dare to send it here completely. Although she didn’t understand the forensic doctors, at least she was a killer. She believed that she could always judge his cause of death.

For breakfast, I installed two jujube tea with a bamboo tube, and the uncle pulled Huang Furong to leave the food Xuan Xuan.But at this time, the uncle suddenly murmured in his mouth: "I don’t know if the bounty list can find a reward for finding things? I lost a golden horns two days ago, if I could find it,"

Huang Furong heard a shock in his heart, and immediately looked at the uncle, but the uncle was distressed: "But I want to spend a hundred or two golds to find a cricket, let my father know, I must be scolded, I must be scolded.I said that I lost all Bai’s face! Code, forget it, lose it! "

Huang Furong also sighed at this time: Yeah, if I really want to go to the reward, please ask the ability to check it, but if everyone knows that the Bai family is contributed, it is inevitable that others will not pass the Bai family’s intention.People cover up, yes, it seems that the bounty list is holding the prince in hand, and the prince seems to be unhappy with the Bai family. If it causes trouble to the Bai family, it is really troubled.check!But, I should be like it, ""

"Rong’er, look!" Uncle shouted her suddenly, she immediately followed the reputation, and saw that the uncle smirked her with a mask with a monkey face, and his hand was holding a few masks,Shake the beauty face, baby heart …

For a moment, Huang Furong thought of the cat face and baby head, so she fell to her heart: There are still a few gold cakes in her hand, and she should be able to change them to help?

The uncle played for a while and bought a mask with a beautiful face with Huang Furong back to the carriage, so the carriage returned to Baifu, and the two removed the masses on the car and changed their clothes.

When I started, the steward of Wu stopped and said nothing, so he grabbed the grapefruit and the leaves and the water was sprinkled on them.Huang Furong knew that the rules were silent, but the grandfather did not follow, and made a ghostly face at the housekeeper Wu, grabbed Huang Furong and ran to the old lady’s courtyard.

At this time, the old lady Xu was sleeping. If she hadn’t seen them, the uncle gave the jujube tea, and then dragged Huang Furong back to the room.

Huang Furong was grateful to the uncle’s guidance of the scriptures, but he was suspicious. He already knew that he had been a bounty. After thinking about it, he sent his people to ask the uncle to see if he knew it, but the uncle poured it.As soon as the subordinates were taken away, she grabbed Huang Furong to play her wrestling yesterday.

How can Huang Furong have to play with it?But there was no way to be entangled by the uncle, so I had to call Sihong to say how to do it, what to prepare, and then found a piece of land behind the house with the uncle, so that people to set up a shed, so as not to rain.It’s like.

In short, it was noon such a toss. Huang Furong was preparing to call Chuanfan with the uncle, but the master of Jingyang County took her two followers into the yard.

Huang Furong saw her figure, frowned slightly, but then she smiled and said, "Guess whether she is here to find you or come to me?"

Uncle couldn’t look at the pink pink rush to Huang Fu Rong, "I didn’t owe her, why are she looking for me?"

Huang Furong smiled and looked at Jingyang County.Because the two were unhappy yesterday, Huang Furong had no thoughts to be the false courtesy, and only owed her to her as a politeness."Sister Rong’er …"

Huang Furong heard the cold when he heard it, and he was still polite at the moment: "I can’t be a sister of the county owner, please ask me to call me Bai Da.Rong’er, the two words of that sister are still saved! I can’t afford to climb! "He said again, and once again avoided the hands of the county owner.

The county owner did not show any embarrassment, but grabbed the uncle’s arm with a hand, and then the sweet and greasy Uncle said, "Why didn’t the uncle play with Mengjie?I want to go to the stream again. As a result, it is strange that you run to drink what sweet jujube tea is. Do n’t you hate eating sweetly, how do you drink that tired of people? "

"That’s delicious!" Uncle said that he threw the arms of the county owner, and he grabbed Huang Furong like coquettishly: "Rong’er, should we go to drink again?"

Huang Furong cooperated, and naturally gently smiled: "Okay. As long as the husband likes, accompany you every day for your wife to drink!"

The county owner was biting his lower lip, but he reached out and pulled the uncle’s arm: "Brother Qi, do you remember, when we were in the south, we did not rush back to the palace because of my accidental injury.You accompanied me to live in a hut in the suburbs. If you haven’t eaten, you also grabbed the mountain snake and made me snake. That’s the best thing I have eaten in this life.It is also a coincidence. It was about God’s fate with you. In the courtyard where I lived in my yesterday, Ahe found that a snake actually entered my room entrance.The friendship, so I specially asked people to boil snakes. Is it better to eat a copy with Mengjie at noon this noon? "

With the words of the county owner, the Jin Chan held the silver -quality jam soup and delivered it to the uncle, and the little sister -in -law immediately unveiled the lid.Yingying looked at Huang Furong: "Should Ronger try it?"

Huang Furong nodded with a smile, but suddenly frowned Uncle Chong said: "Oh, husband, you also told me this morning, the brocade snake you raised is gone.Is that one? "

The uncle heard his face changed, and the county owner was stunned. Then the uncle overturned the soup pot, and the soup water even splashed his clothes: "My little green, you are back on my little green!"It was a fierce shake to grab the county owner, and at this time, the little sister -in -law grabbed the uncle’s hand and squeezed the uncle’s wrist.Lord, the beads on the head of the county owner have shaken away a few mouthfuls of the little man who saw the uncle’s pain and no longer left a hand. Instead, he squeezed it hard.He loosened his hand, and he knew that he was bullied outside and knew the mother who was looking for his mother, and yelled at Huang Furong: "Pain, pain! Ronger, he bully me!"I have my own hand.

Huang Furong now noticed that the uncle’s wrist was red and heated, and the other person’s hands were not small, so he took the uncle’s hand to get angry at them. At this time, But turned to the slap to the little sister, scolded in his mouth: "Dog slave, you can see that it is the uncle Bai! How can you have such a heavy hand to the uncle? I tell you, the uncle is with me with mePlaying in trouble, did you squeeze him, did you make the old lady of Bai family blame me? "

The little lady looked down at the scolding, but Huang Furong knew that the scolding was fierce. They would only count on their heads, so they had to cough and said, ""Okay. You have to teach your slave before me. I don’t know if I blame you! Uncle’s hand injury, I want to take him to medicine, so I won’t accompany you! Send it!Guest! "Huang Furong talked back to the uncle back, and Hongyu could only send his face to send it.

The county owner snorted coldly and took people away.

After returning to the room, Huang Furong wiped the medicine for the uncle, and he asked people to make meals. Because the uncle was injured, he naturally wanted others to serve, but he was really thick -skinned.Huang Furong listened to the "Rong’er" of that voice, so he had to feed him with the rice bowl.

When Hongyu, Xianglan and others looked at them, they smiled secretly, and Huang Furong’s face became red after hearing the laughter.

"With your ability, he bullies you, you can fly him all, why not suffer this crime." Huang Furong found the words to cover the little ambiguity between the two, and guess the uncle in his heart.Want her to feed him.

"I didn’t expect that he would be so big. It didn’t hurt when he squeezed it first. Later, the strength was so big. I think my wrist is going to be broken." The uncle said that he opened his mouth and waited for Huang Furong to feed, Huang FurongI did not give me the meal in the mouth of the uncle, but frowned, with a slightly swaying expression.

"Hey, what are you thinking about!" The uncle’s face almost posted Huang Furong, and Huang Furong hurriedly clamped a chopsticks.

She said nothing, but she realized that there was such a person around the county owner, and I was afraid that it would not be just a little trick.

"In the evening, I am going to live in the house of Juanjuan. Today is Yu’er’s birthday!" The uncle suddenly said, "Oh, do you say that I would send you the Rubik’s Cube to her?"

Huang Furong stunned and laughed: "That is not suitable for her. She is still young. After a while, I called Hongguang to make a rocking chair for her!"Golden guest, deliberately make me empty tonight?

Chapter 74

During dinner, San Ye finally returned with good news. He still had some skills in this trip. He actually received the rice grains in the hands of the retail investors at a very low price.Supply contract.At this time, the old lady looked at the contract, and she showed appreciation in her eyes. Not only did she praise San Ye, she also praised the wife’s teaching.

It was back in the hall for a while, but Huang Furong still keenly discovered that the second grandfather and the second grandmother looked at each other at once. Obviously, the trip to San Ye was still in a good deed.However, they couldn’t make a smile that they continued. The Lord of Jingyang County had heard the news that she entered the hall. San Ye looked at the county owner.Sighing what is the melon and seedlings.

San Ye may have played with the uncle who lived in Pingcheng with the uncle. He watched some affinity with Jingyang County Lord. Whenever he said what the county owner said, he also responded absolutely.Shortly after this meal was used, Huang Furong found that the master of Jingyang County was quite ahead, especially when the smile cried, it had the level of professional actors.

Everyone was so troubled, but it was scary to send them in the post. It was a letter from the master of the county in front of the county.It won’t be dragged, and tomorrow will be examined. Because the Huangfu family has an in -laws, some people in the Bai Mansion today have been asked, so it is also a gift to send this letter.You can also open the second door in the side room of the hall to hear trials.

When the old lady said, she asked Master Bai to take care of the letter, but at this time the county master asked about the matter in surprise. In addition, the third grandfather returned, and naturally did not know, and then asked again.The second grandfather and the second grandma said the killing of Huangfu’s little grandfather one after the other.The words of the words, but unexpected Mrs. Huangfu, Tian’s, came again. At the moment, he had to receive a banquet and invited someone to come in. The hall was all the guests.People see it.

Tian’s come again is because I learned that I will start the trial tomorrow, and I am really worried that Huangfu Xingxian will suffer. I anxiously came to ask the Bai family to take care of it. I even met the old lady and described the Master of the Huangfu family regardless of her face.However, a bunch of people who only know about sour poetry rot are now unable to find someone who speaks.

Tian’s crying again, the old lady and the master comforted them together, and the wife temporarily left the group to speak to comfort, and from time to time, she talked in the words and hinted that this method means that your daughter means., Huang Furong, who was also made, was a bit inside and outside.

Huang Furong was helplessly to explain the truth that Tian’s understanding was not easy to become chaotic, but he didn’t want San Ye to mutter some loudly next to him: "Hey, I never thought that Huangfu’s family was in the ability.Can kill people, interesting! Interesting! "

"Yan’er! Don’t say it! That’s just a rumor. I look at the accident!" The old lady looked at Sanye so quickly and hurriedly made up the atmosphere.However, Er Ye immediately reacted himself that he had previously said that the murderer of the Huangfu family had a established ambiguity. He was busy holding San Ye to get up and apologize to Huang Furong.Huang Furong had to owe himself, but he didn’t say much, only frowing.

She was reluctant to come in.It is a benefit for the big big households, but there is also a disadvantage. The advantage is that he has committed great sin and can also become a trivial matter.Lawlogging, you can be torn into the body without paying attention to it.And there is always a truth: small things are good, big things are dealt with strictly.If you don’t make trouble, Xu is not too big, but once you make trouble, it will become a target if you don’t deal with it, so she is extremely unwilling!

"Oh my god, there is such a strange thing, the younger brother of the Huangfu family was wronged? What else, what the old laborer, how confused, her son was afraid of earning a hundred or two in his life.Right? She has this one hundred or two, not to say that it is a big fish and meat, but at least buy a house, and ask a few people to live comfortably in the second half of life. I really don’t know what she thinks! "With his speech, San Ye really attached.

Huang Furong didn’t want to talk more with her. She just wanted to soothe her cheap mother first, but unexpectedly, the county owner was very positive: "In fact, although the Bai family is a family, there is no official, but she has no officials, but she has no officials.The foundation of the home! Even though Master Bai’s master is a thorn history, but it is too far away. It belongs to the long water that cannot be resolved.

The wife immediately interfaced: "The county master is polite, how can this kind of thing make you show up? The children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, and the Huangfu family did not kill, and sooner or later!"

At first Tian’s did not notice the two more people in the house. She would be in a hurry to get angry just after a ritual. I knew that there was a county master in the hall., I ’m shocked. I do n’t know what to do.

"Mrs., don’t be polite, I didn’t treat you as an outsider. I was my own family. Besides, I was a hundred times the uncle when I was in my relative.What? Even though Grandma Bai’s grandmother stabbed in her heart, I didn’t want to deal with it, but I was dedicated to treating her as a sister. If I didn’t hear this time, I would like it. Since I hear itI want to help. "Saying that she did not wait for the response of the people in the hall, and said directly to the little sister next to her," Ah, take the seal given to me by my brother, go to the gate to meet Master Dong, this timeSince it was his principal, he would not know that he would not dare to use his punishment, otherwise I would tell my brother to call him a book! Oh, and you went to him, go to the city owner and tell him tomorrowThe Huangfu family in it was the in -laws of the Bai family.

"Yes, the county owner." The little man responded, and the people in the hall were full of ears.Huang Furong looked out at this little sister -in -law, but only felt that things were stirred by the county owner, and they were not chaotic. Those who wanted to be clear are difficult to clear.I can’t stand your grace, you still withdraw … "

"Oh, why is Bai Jia Grandma so polite! You don’t allow me to call your sisters, because you still know that etiquette is afraid of neglecting me, but I am not the first time I came to Bai’s house.The Bai family and the uncle are together. I am a real one as my own family. Then Dong Jing and Dong are a good official who is a clean official, and I was a general of my father. I just reminded him not to use it randomly.The punishment is also good for your brother. "The county owner said a glance at the Tian family who had died long ago at Huang Furong, and said softly in his mouth:" If you want to come to Mrs. Huangfu, you will be holding this heart.Hey, your daughter wants to face the face and not help you, I help! I am the master of the dignitarian county, see who dare not sell my face of Yue Wangfu! "

As soon as Tian’s hearing that Huang Fu Xing’s marks did not need to be tortured, he was happy to bloom in his heart. Not only was he kneeling excitedly to the county owner’s hoe, but also after being pulled up, he said to Huang Furong and the county owner.She thanked the Lord of the county.

Huang Furong looked at Tian’s so confused, and looked at the Bai family’s face and could not speak, and then looked at the pride in the bead of Jingyang County.He said with his throat: "Mother! You’re enough! This is the Bai family, not Huangfufu! You have to make trouble, ask, and also divide the occasion! Be your daughter to understand your anxious heart, but my brother is not murdered, that is just a oneIs it surprising? Since Master Dong is a Qing official, he will hear the younger brother a fair. You ask the Bai family on your side, how much is the relationship between the in -laws? What do you want to hold the county? What is this?The county master, how can you sell your face casually! You watch people worry about our affairs, but in fact, you have to take the human face with the white family! Mother, you will go back now! When your brother is tried tomorrow, except for your brothers, exceptI, the Bai family will not have another person to go! This is the affairs of Huangfufu.

The Tian family heard the words, and the joy of her face gradually turned into anger. She finally heard that when she would not have someone else in the day, she wanted to throw a palm of Ronger, but Huang Furong grabbed her.Wrist: "Mother, this is Baifu!"

"You, you are the last name of Huangfu? Do you know that you still have a younger brother!" Tian’s gas gritted his teeth.

Huang Furong stared at her with her eyes: "Because of I know, I asked you not to think that a group of people are helping him. If you make things bigger like this, you will only make your brother’s situation more dangerous! Also, I am, I amThe last name is Huangfu, but now, I am Bai Huangfu, I am the big grandma of the Bai family. I can never watch you Hulai, let me be despised by the big house of the Bai family! "After that, she shouted,"Red jade, Xianglan! Send Mrs. Huangfu out of the house! "

Tian’s lips, watching Huang Furong pointed at her just being speechless, and the people around him couldn’t help but embarrassed.The wife even helped the Tian family rushing to the emperor Fu Rong: "Daughter -in -law, she is your mother, how can you say this to your mother?"

"Grandma, you’re too much! Bai Xingxiao is the first!" The second grandfather sighed, and the second grandma immediately went up to persuade.The county owner’s eyes were smiling but poisoned: "Yes, I helped me kindly, I said it like a wicked. When did I offend your emperor’s house?"

When Tian’s hearing the county owner’s words, he was about to speak with a white face, but at this time the old lady spoke, and she praised the unprecedented Hong Liang: "Okay! Good grandma!It’s the master and mother! "Said that she rushed to Huang Furong and stretched out his hand, Red Sakura immediately rushed to Huang Furong:" Grandma you come forward! "

Huang Furong had to come forward now. As soon as he went to the old lady, he was caught by him: "Okay, well, with my style of the year. The mother is the mother of the host.More, the greater the benefits. If I was young, when I encountered this, I was afraid that the mother -in -law would not enter my door, but when I was old, I thought about it.Help, so assign your father -in -law to work back and forth. In the daytime, your words call me comfortably, knowing that you are a person who knows the overall situation, but after all, I read that is your brother, Xu is a polite words.I didn’t say it completely. But tonight, you said to your mother -in -law, and you are indeed not filial, but the word beads also regards the interests of my white family in it.You can give up the mother’s family and maintain the husband’s family.Speaking of a shout: "Dehou, Ruyi! Uncle married a good wife! The future of the Bai family can be blessed!"

Master Bai listened to a faint smile: "What the mother said!" He said that he looked at the uncle who looked like watching the show, but flashed a sorrow in his eyes.The wife couldn’t help laughing a little embarrassing, and only responded to it.

At this moment, Tian’s standing with the county owner felt embarrassed, and the old lady grabbed Huangfu Rongchong Tian’s.The family will not do this, but in this incident, the little master of Huangfu’s family is just an accident. I”家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 will be determined tomorrow.It is non -black and white, framed him, and even bending into a trick. My Bai family is the first as Huangfu’s family, even if it is Shangjing’s royal style! I want to come back to my Bai family’s foundation, enough to return him to innocence! Everything is not determined at the moment, you and me rashly.Ask for a told, but it was overwhelmed again. It would only make Master Dong misunderstand that the Huangfu family was really wrong. Wouldn’t it hurt him? Do you say it? "

The old lady’s voice was loud, and although her tone was gentle and kind, the loud voice shocked in Tian’s heart. Naturally, she had nothing to say. She just said a few words of the old lady, and said a few words.Just when I left, I didn’t look at Huang Furong.When the county owner looked at it, he apologized and said: "It seems that I have a good thing to do bad things. If you get it, I will not participate in the second time, so as not to become the wicked."The hall, while at night, hurriedly chased Tian’s.

In the hall, the remaining family was left in the hall. The old lady explained that Er Ye and San Ye went to handle rice food, and they sent them all back.After soothing, she sent her back.

After returning to the courtyard, he saw Cui’er Zheng and Hongguang Meixiang Zhang Luo.Huang Furong asked the people because of the grandfather, and learned that it was indeed Yuer’s birthday today.

"Grandma is a lot of ideas!" Meixiang praised with a smile. Huang Furong asked the uncle with a smile. Then he learned that the uncle had gone to play with Yuer’s courtyard to play with Yuer, and now he quickly brought a gift to Yuer.And how to play.For a while, the small courtyard was also happy, and Xiao Rong’er liked to sit in gravity and immediately ride himself.

Looking at the same time, Huang Furong left spontaneously, leaving the uncle to accompany the family today, and then returned to the room. He talked to the room and said that he was tired.Essence

When she was at midnight, she changed the night clothes in a light car, took the guy to send out, and climbed the wall again except that the Bai family went to the bounty wall.

At this moment, there are a lot of "Daoyou" watching the recent market. Huang Furong went in to see if he could meet those two, but before the crowd, there was a smiley and gentle and moisturizing.Sound: "Aren’t you looking for us?"

Huang Furong looked back in surprise and saw that the cat face and the baby head were already standing in front of him.

"What? You really look for us?" The broken box of the baby’s head opened: "We just said that, it was coincidental, alas, the two of us heard a strange thing today, and want to ask if you are interested.What are you looking for us? "

Huang Furong set off: "What are you talking about?"

"We want to explore the door at night to see how the unlucky ghost died? Well, what about your business?" The cat’s face was concerned.Huang Furong heard that he was happy, and immediately said, "It’s really a coincidence. I want to see it too, but I am a foreigner. I don’t know where the government is.I am looking for you to borrow. "

"That’s not bad. It is easy to bring you you to enter!" The cat face said, "Let’s go, see?"

Huang Furong nodded naturally, but still couldn’t help asking, "How can you think of bringing me?"

"Because you are a woman, you should be more careful than us. You can always find something!" This time, the doll head was talking. Huang Furong smiled at him and patted a shoulder in one hand.Huang Furong is very happy: "Let’s go to the night!"

At the moment, the two took Huang Furong to the direction of Yimen, and the cat’s face seemed to have made enough preparations for the previous observation, but it told Huang Furong about the guard arrangement of the inside of the gate.

The three quickly arrived near the gate. In order to enter silently, everyone decided to fly in with light work.Huang Furong can only rely on both of them.Huang Furong faced the cat’s face and baby’s head. He instinctively felt that the cat’s face had to be more affectionate. Naturally, she took a step towards the cat’s face, which was equivalent to choosing the cat’s face to hug her in.The cat’s face was about to reach out and hug, but the baby’s head opened: "Let me hug you in! He is more dexterous than me, and it is a matter of his light car to explore the road and put down the guards for us!"

Saying that he reached out and grabbed Huang Furong. At the moment, he hugged and looked at the cat’s face.The cat’s face laughed, and helplessly shrugged: "Envy you, the beauty is pregnant!"

Chapter 75 I am from another world

Not waiting for Huang Furong to be familiar with the scene of the phantom of the phantom, the baby’s head also hugged her to the ground, and when she jumped in the air, Huang Furong, who bowed down, also saw the cat’s face seemed to be ghosts.After defending the soldiers, each of them touched lightly.

The doll’s head fell on the ground with Huang Furong. She immediately left her hug and looked at the soldiers standing in front of her, showing a surprise look, but without waiting for her to ask, the baby head caught her with the cat’s face, and put it.Bring into the corpse of the corner of the front hall.

"Do you ordered their acupoints?" Entering the corpse and covering the door, Huang Furong asked the cat face novelty. What she could do was to control the acupuncture point with a silver needle, but the acupoint was herunable.

The cat’s face nodded: "It’s easy to put them down, but it will be troublesome for a while, and it is troublesome, and it will be bad for the two unclear troubles to the trial. So I ordered themSleep, ask them to stand and sleep! "

"We are not here to chat! How much time is there?" The baby asked, and people were looking for a corpse in the corpse.

"After half an hour, they changed their shifts!" The cat face said to a corpse inside.

Huang Furong hasn’t heard of the corpse, but modern technology is frozen library. In addition to the coldness of Bingling, it is more that a depressed atmosphere will surround you. After you enter, you will unconsciously produce a depression.But when Huang Furong entered the corpse, it was another feeling: the kitchen.

Because the corpse is more or less rotten. In order to avoid odor smoked and the velvery of the corpse poison, the floor here is splashed with vinegar, and the surroundings are full.There are many gloves used to check and turn the corpse gloves.Huang Furong stepped forward three gloves and came out to them. The family gave a pair of later and said, "How do you stop here?"

"Tomorrow there should be two cases of life -related cases to be tried. I have seen that, people are drowned, and the whole body is swollen. Come, look at the cause of this death!" The cat face saidThe corpse cloth was lifted, and the current naked corpse was revealed, which made Huang Furong pause, and the doll head directly reached out and returned the corpse cloth to cover the man’s lower body.

"Come to find the cause of death is still so secretive, how can I find something!" The cat smiled and shook his head, and the baby’s head refuted lowly: "Don’t forget that she is a woman!"

"Oh!" Huang Furong cough: "Okay, we are here to find the cause of death, professional, look at it!" Said that she reached out and pulled the corpse cloth to show a frank look, butIn fact, she couldn’t help but sigh: I haven’t seen it before, what’s good -looking!

"Then … save time, let’s go to find it!" The baby’s head spoke again, but the man stood in front of the man’s lower body that he checked this piece.The cat face looked at Huang Furong: "He found it, do you find that piece?"

Of course, Huang Furong refers to his head. The cat’s face went to the legs and feet consciously, and he reached out to look at the corpse’s leg.

"Wait!" Huang Furong hurriedly stopped: "I listened to people and said that the blood in the body after the death of the person will solidify the fall and deposit on the bottom of the body to form a corpse. At this timeLeave the traces of our movement on the corpse. Those who are afraid of being aware of the corpse can be used as a church, and it will affect his judgment. I advise you to not touch it if you don’t touch it. "

"Don’t touch it? What do you think?" The cat’s face asked now.

Huang Furong paused, "You two of you are very high, and you can’t move him void with internal force?" Huang Furong remembered the scene where the uncle controlled the knife separately.The baby’s head and cat face looked at each other, but shook their heads together, and Huang Furong sighed disappointed, thinking that if he could get out the uncle.

In fact, they are not the two of them who do not want to help, they just control the five elements in the ninjutsu, but the human body is outside the five elements, they have no ability to transport the human body.

Huang Furong reached out to them at the moment: "Then you have to find the cause of death with your eyes!" Saying she observed the person’s chest, neck, shoulders, and side skull.Because people have been dead for a day, the corpses on their bodies have entered a fixed period, and then they are more obviously deposited on the side of the bed, and Huang Furong’s observation also found that there are some corpses on the side.

She looked carefully, especially in the left shoulder. She observed more carefully. She had a bruise and black and mixed with the corpse, but the color was slightly heavier.Due to this discovery, Huang Furong looked at his left arm again, and found that the left side of the entire arm had a faint bruises and corpse mixing from top to bottom.

"He did fall to the ground, and he was on his left shoulder, but it may be too sudden. Someone may stop his arm that he failed to lift him for a while.Force, so that the arm fell was heavier, and the arms also had different degrees of bruises due to the force of hitting the ground. "Huang Furong told his discovery and judgment.Just, but the general meaning understands, the cat’s face asked: "Is that true grid dead?"

What I met with my head and hurt the key part. "Said Huang Furong to observe his head, but the ancients had long hair, bouquet or disk, and rarely worn.Essence

Huang Furong had already observed his left brain, there was no trace outside the hair, and she gently touched her hair and did not see any protrusions. At the moment, she was doubtful.Is it under a fall, cerebral bruise?But cerebral congestion is not so clean?At least the intracranial high pressure would cause him to vomit, and even hemorrhage of his nose and nose?

Huang Furong held this person’s head and fell into thoughts. The baby’s head and cat face looked at each other, and then quietly stared at Huang Furong’s thoughts.

The cat’s face shook his head lightly, and observed the man’s leg. After all, what can the lower body part of the doll head look at?


Huang Furong and the cat’s face were shocked by the daze, and immediately pressed his throat and said, "Skill!" After that, he looked at Huang Furong: "What are you talking about this?"

"There is a hard thing here!" Huang Furong said a little bit in the middle of the head of the dead body: "It seems like a recipe." The two came to her and learned to touch it.

"There is something, not big." The doll head confirmed.

"I touch it!" The cat’s face also reached out and touched, and then murmured: "Staged how this person has this thing on his head, touching the same as iron …"

"Iron?" Huang Furong stunned: "What does the iron nails look like here?"

"Iron Nail? Do you wear an iron nail? On the one hand, long tip, square -sided! (Although there is a recorded hardware in the" Hanshu. Food and Goods ", it also said that the iron nail was also mentioned, but the iron nail at that timeIt is used to wear armor. The top cover is square or ellipse and irregular. The nail part is similar except that some are two -strand.Wrapped in the top cover is not partially used for fixation.)

Huang Furong heard the baby’s head say that, and found out the flying knife from the back waist, and was cut towards the head of the corpse.

"What are you doing?" The baby stretched out his head.

"I suspect that his cause of death is here. So I want to cut his hair and see clearly."

"How do that do that? You cut off your hair, not to tell others, someone comes here!" The cat face opposed.

"I suspect that he was worn with iron nails. If you want to see it clearly, you can only cut off your hair.Speaking, they looked at it and didn’t stop. At the moment, Huang Furong carefully cut off the surrounding hair, so in this small block of the Mediterranean, a square of the square that was similar to the iron nail was so naturalPut it on the scalp, and the thickness of the black and red blood around the surrounding area can be seen that it was the part of the hemorrhage at the time, but because of the tight pressure of this square, the platelets were condensed here.Blood fell outside.

"Ha, it seems that someone shot this from the top of the top … No. Then there is no second floor of the Hanji wine restaurant. Besides, if you take this thing from the roof, who can do thisDo not work hard with my whole body? I recognize my skills, but if I pierce my brain in such an instant on the roof, I am afraid that I will have such a great strength.No! "The cat’s face said, and the doll head said," I also think it is impossible. Then Han Ji is not a tile house, but a wooden house, and an old house.Yes, if it is forced, it is difficult! But if this iron is not ejected from the top, where can there be a positive angle? "

"I know!" The cat face said one step to the person’s leg, squatting and pointing at the man’s ankle and said, "You see here, there is bruises, and the color of such black and red is obviously heavy, soI doubt……"

"You suspect that someone first hurt his ankle to make his side fall, and when he poured it on the side, he sent this iron nail to shoot into his skull, making it dying.It is on the other people! "Huang Furong knew this method very well. She also injured the browsee in this way.

"It seems like this. I really don’t know who the emperor’s family offends it! The other party made such a Gaoming game but framed him an uncertain killing case. What does this mean?"Ask, but Huang Furong shook his head: "There is no time to want the motivation. This kind of murder case with iron nails is mostly a method that women are persecuted when there is no way to escape.Drunk, and then nailed into the brain, because the body was skinned by his parents, no one would move the hair of the deceased, and often the real cause of death was not found! "

"It seems that the little master of the Huangfu family will be charged with missed killing!" The cat face sighed, but Huang Furong raised his knife: "That’s not necessarily. Since we find out clearly, why not give it back to this?Xiao Ye is innocent, and it can also make the government find a way to find out who is the murderer! "Said Huang Furong to the man’s head, and the knife in his hand quickly flashed, until the corpse finally revealed a one of the last one revealed a one.Bald head.

"It’s done! We should almost leave!" Huang Furong said with a knife, and the cat face sighed and shook his head: "You have a haircut, everyone knows that someone has come!"

"That’s not necessarily. Maybe they think they are ghosts?" Huang Furong said with his eyes sweeping the flat belly of the corpse outside and frowned: "Do you say he was drowned?"

"Yeah, the white bubbles are swollen." The cat’s face answered casually, and it had covered the corpse with the baby’s head with a corpse cloth.

"I’m afraid it’s not!" Huang Furong said that he walked in front of the corpse and opened the white cloth, and then looked at him all over his body and said, "Where is this man drowned? It is clearly thrown into the water after being poisoned!It is drowned after bleaching? You really say a big words! "

Cat face came over and looked at it: "Why do you say he was poisoned, and he said that he was thrown into the water and then thrown into the water?"

Huang Furong pointed out that the corpse on the back of the man said: "You see, his corpse is in front, and he is obviously dying when he dies.Is the color the same? "

"Well, your saying is really different. The one was purple -red just now, this is bright red."

"Yeah, people who should die." Although Huang Furong had a very research on poison, he couldn’t tell them that this brilliant red appeared in the poison of cyanide and carbon monoxide and frozen death."It’s about cream or the like!"

"Why do you see him throw it into the water after his death?" The doll head also asked at this time.

"Living people drowning into the water, it is naturally struggling, and not to say that, his corpse is not so regular, and the skin and feet are often “”” marks, and there are dust sand and gravel in the nails.Dead, there must be a lot of water in his abdomen. The abdomen will be high, and after the lungs are in water, people will strangle, and their faces are outside, accompanied by a large amount of mouth and nose bleeding, and there are a large number of mouth and nose in his nose and nose.The sediment will naturally become floating after the dying in the water. But you look at him, the abdomen is flat, and the hands and feet are curled up naturally? You have a natural floating shape? Look at his face again., But if you look closely, there is no sand in your nose and nose. "

When the cat’s face listened to Huang Furong’s words, he had to reach out to move. Huang Furong patted his hand: "Okay, there is no time, let’s go first, to do the righteousness, it is better to find a good work!"

"Yeah, it’s almost time. Don’t delay!" The baby’s head also urged, the cat’s face had to cover it with a corpse cloth. After the three took the gloves and put it, they came out of the corpse.The doll’s head hugged Huang Furong and left, and the cat’s face solved the acupuncture points of these people.

When the three people reached the bounty wall, the three were sitting by the river bank embankment. The cat’s face asked very novelty: "Can’t see you familiar with these? Have you learned these?Eat this bowl of rice? "

Huang Furong had to nod: "Ah, that, he met with a 仵, he told me some, but he just listened to curiosity at the time, but did not expect that it was used today."

Although Huang Furong’s killer subject did not ask her to learn forensic things, when understanding the results of the human body, it was a forensic doctor who taught them.It is manifested on the corpse, and said that unless you can fake the evidence of new corpse and let the corpse lie, you can be touched by the vine as long as you have clues.

Huang Furong also remembered that he was fortunate that he was not the destruction of the corpse, because what they had to learn is how to let the corpses say false words.And she just hopes that she can be more happy. She understands that her inner depression is more needed.

"You are very capable!" The doll said whispered, "Sometimes I am thinking about what kind of woman you are. Without internal force, you can’t work hard, but you can have a strange killing recruitment to the wallman.Yujinchi, your shot is as fast as lightning, and each knife must be fatal. I wondering that you are clearly a killer, but but there is no internal force, which is a bit strange, especially if you can still say todayWhen I got these, I was even more surprised who was you? "

The cat face also nodded at this time: "Yeah, I’m also curious."

Huang Furong lowered his head, touched the bridge brick with his fingers, and finally sighed: "I am a killer, a killer who wo n’t know anything except killing, do you believe it?"

Both were a meal, but the baby nodded first: "I believe! But you don’t even have internal strength …"

"In my world, there is no internal force!" Huang Furong said he got up and left the bridge.

"Is your world?" The cat’s face asked in surprise, and Huang Furong looked up at the sky: "I come from another world! Do you believe it?"

A moment behind was quiet again, Huang Furong turned his head and looked at the two. Seeing that they couldn’t look like no, they suddenly laughed: "You are not interested, I think you will say a letter! Two exchanges guys, want to listen to listen to it, want to listen to listen to itMy origin is not? Hey, can you two of your two light Lei! I do n’t ask you, do n’t you ask me, okay? "

They smiled embarrassed for a while.

"Okay, I’m going back! Hey, wash your body with vinegar after going back, and smoke with rice wine, it’s best to drink ginger soup again! But you know? No corpse poison!"Speaking, but at this time, the doll head was hesitate, so she was very light.

"What is this?" Huang Furong asked curiously after catching it, but the doll head said softly, "Promise to your good thing!"

Huang Furong opened it at the moment, and found that it was a seemingly thin cicada but not transparent black silk night dress: "This is …"

"Wow!" The cat face praised: "This is a good thing. Not only is it dripping blood and not sticky, but the general weapons are constantly cut.

"So good?" Huang Furong knew that he was short -handed, and thought that such a good thing didn’t know what the trap is behind her. At the moment, he would send it back: "Such a valuable thing, I can’t stand it, you still … you still …… "

"Even you shouted, it’s really kind. I only make friends with the people who are right.It’s a daughter’s house, you use this thing for this thing! "After that, he punch his hand:" Gathering again on the day! "

The cat’s face smiled: "Hold it, this is a good thing that you may not get! I have something to do, leave!" He said, but went to the direction of the gate.

Huang Furong had to hold his clothes in the direction where the doll’s head disappeared softly: "Thank you."

Chapter 76 The Lord of the Lord of the County

In the early morning of the next day, Huang Furong should go to the auditory church, and he got up early in the morning and freshed.When Hongyu entered the house, he heard a vinegar smell. Look at the table with a small pot of vinegar on the table, and there was a small charcoal stove underneath, so he asked, "Grandma you are …"

"In the evening, I feel that my nose is not breathable, I am afraid that I will be cold. When I am in the puppet, I will smoke vinegar and breathable every time.It’s better to this method. Alas, if you feel not comfortable in the future, you will smoke vinegar! "Summitting vinegar can sterilize, which is an excellent method. Although Huang Furong gave them the two of them, heBut she just smoked vinegar. She was not allowed to be allowed, but she knew very well. In fact, as long as it was not exposed to the rotten corpse, there would be no problem at all. The so -called corpse poison was actually a virus.Psychological comfort is just the same.

Hongyu also seemed to know that grandma often came up with some unexpected thoughts, so I didn’t talk much. When she waited for the rules, she went to the old lady. The uncle had hugged Yuer in front of the old lady to play the gravitational horse.They were all amazing.The wife even asked her how she thought about it. Huang Furong could only make up a compilation of a person who had seen a skillful in the repair of the restraint in the fellow.past.

The old lady did not ask more about it, and after receiving the words, she had to go out and disrupt the case of the yamen during the audience. She also called the housekeeper Wu to accompany Huangfu Rong out of the house and went to the gate to hear the trial.

Due to today’s low -key, the Bai family was not involved in. Huang Furong only brought Meilan and Xianglan to follow, and the two little crickets brought by the housekeeper Wu went out to the back door of the gate of the gate, handed over the door of the gate, handed overAfter the famous post, the two -door side room was introduced by the door. At this time, Master Dong, who was wearing a Tibetan blue official robe and a winged winged black hat hat, also took the master to leave the ritual.

"Master Bai Huangfu has seen Master Dong!" Huang Furong kneeling on his knees and saluting according to the rules.That Lord Dong owed himself: "Grandma Bai is polite, please take a seat!"

Huang Furong thanked and picked the position of the start. When the Lord Dong, who was thin, sat, she sat lightly and lowered her head, which was not wrong with everyone’s ritual rules.

"Grandma Bai, yesterday, a master of Bai, said that today’s matter was tried by this matter. The Bai family stopped asking, but afterwards, the county owner did not want the county owner to be a guest of Bai House.This … The person who wants to come to this is your younger brother. I do n’t know what you want to tell me? "Master Dong was as polite according to the courtesy, but he asked whether you Bai’s family was mixed or not blended.

Huang Furong replied: "Master Dong has a good name, but is a good official, so that his brother’s case will come to you. We will not ask the Bai family. I only believe that the adults will talk about evidence.The right and non -public interrupted. As for the county owner, she came to Bai’s family as a guest. I thought of seeing my mother’s family in chaos. I was interested in helping. Please do not have to care about it.It is clear that my younger brother of the Huangfu family will neither be a murderer, and the Bai family does not have any private law to make people suspect! "

The Lord Dong listened, and immediately nodded and said, "That’s what you, please listen here! Since the city owner, there is another room on the side of the hall, you see …"

"I have a woman’s family who is inconvenient to show up. Today, it is because my brother is involved. The owner’s prestige is not a man of a man." Huang Furong’s answer was satisfied with the housekeeper.You went out for a few words.Huang Furong asked the housekeeper Wu: "Who is this place?

"Grandma, the county’s trial was a case of civil criminal criminals. It was the main government’s government affairs.When hitting this area, there was a native king here. After the king of the soil was so good, the ancestor gave him an official, but he did not want to surrender to the people of a city.The city owner can extend a word for the people in the city. The ancestor was happy that he was not greedy, so he allowed him to be the city owner.","

Huang Furong nodded: "Is he good?"

"It is an honest person, but the family of the Taishou is very different. And the eunuch is just the title of this official, and it will not be because of which court is different."

He was talking about it, and there was a hall over there. Huang Furong listened to the process almost as in the TV series. After wearing Huangfu Xing marks to the hall, Huang Furong got up and quietly looked at the seams across the door panel.When Huangfu Xing’s marks were neatly dressed, seeing what he had never suffered, but he cried on the small face, and looked at the dust and looked like a little cat.

The court was nothing more than the situation at the time. Huang Fu Xingxian said that the difference between the king San only explained that he and Lao Lai met, but it was Huangfu Xingjue encountered a stealing one day, chasing the injury and injury.For his feet, the old Lai shot and helped the thief to recover the money bag, and also looked at the star trace to see the doctors. The two talents were made at a time.The old lady needs to spend money to see a doctor. Huangfu Xingmo borrowed money generously. She hadn’t returned it yet. This Lao Lai asked him to borrow it again.Xingxing had no money in his hands, so he said that he had no money, but he knew that Lao Lai said that he forgotten his righteousness, and finally made the two sides quarreling.

Huang Furong sighed: "You are fooled at such obvious fraud, hey, hey, I really do n’t know if you should say that you are simple or you are stupid!" Butler Wu’s eyebrows were slightly moved but had no words.

At this time, when a woman cried and said that my child was dead, she asked the official master to arbitrarily interrupted, and said that the Bai family Huangfu’s family came to the door for a few waves yesterday.The words of the house, who listened, murmured: "There is really a mother who must have a son, be evil!"

After that, the corpse was lifted to the hall, and she said that she was lingering, but suddenly found that the other party became a bald head and could not help but hold it. At this time, the widow yelled: "My child’s hair?"

Master Dong was surprised. Not only did he ordered the master to go down to check, he also heard the trials of the trial outside the column, frowned and looked at him, and he came to the front.I only saw these situations, and I could only show that the request took out the inspection. At the moment, Master Dong asked the widow to ask if it was allowed. The widow also wanted to know how his son died.

So when I made a guy at the moment, I pryed this iron from its skull, which was a one -inch lock -locking iron nail.After taking it out, it was said that the real cause of the corpse’s head was inferred, but it would only be a bit inferred by how to fall into the push of Huangfu Xing.Huang Furong also knew that Huang Fu Xing’s marks were also involved in responsibility. He was worried, but he didn’t want to say outside the bar at this time: "Push him with a table behind him, how can it be down?"

Huang Furong was surprised and glanced at it, and Lord Dong heard that he called the person who spoke into the hall. Huang Furong found that this person was actually Wang San.And Wang San said now that he was in front of him at the time, how he looked at the Huangfu family how to push the ground, and learned the appearance of Lao Lai to the ground.Covering his ankle, but now he seemed to be inspired, and then contacted the bruises at the ankle to make a correct judgment.

The church was still tried, but Huang Furong knew that this was a baby’s head or a cat face to help Huangfu Xingxing to wash the grievances, and he felt that he was full of warmth inside.The case on the church had no motivation to commit crimes, no cases, and no conditions for crime. After being released by the church, the widow’s tears were crying, only asking who Dong was the true murderer.

Master Dong asked Wang San to see.Wang San said that there were so many people at that time, and I only remember to make a little sister -in -law in front of the table that fell to the ground to the ground, but people didn’t recognize them, and they couldn’t answer them.In the end, it can only be released by Huangfu Xing’s marks.

Huangfu Xingxing washed the grievances and the Tian family and even the master of Huangfu’s family who were outside the column embraced. Huang Furong wanted to leave quietly, but thought that Tian also knew he was listening here.Between the side, after thinking about Dong’s humanity, he even looked at the pitiful mother, and took the twenty -two silver he had taken with him to the widow. "Find out the real murderer. "

The widow’s crying was soft, and her hands were too unable to get up. Huang Furong watched the poor little sister who helped the widow to leave, and even twenty or two silvers took it.Then I followed my father and mother.

"Daddy and mother, don’t be sad, my brother is okay!" Huang Furong appealed, Huangfu Xingjian would nod sobbing, and also the master of Huangfu, but Tian’s chin rushed to Huang Furong: "Huh, my child, my childThe grievances were because he didn’t do evil, and even God helped him! Expect your sister, but I couldn’t expect it! "After speaking, he took Huangfu Xing’s marks and Master Huangfu left.: God helped him?Am I God?

At the moment she wants to concentrate on taking the housekeeper Wu back, but sweeping the sharp eyes to the kneeling and thanking who of Tian, so I looked at the two steps in the first two steps.I couldn’t help but opened my mouth, and at this time, the steward Wu said softly: "Grandma we should go back."

Huang Furong quickly accepted his disappointment and nodded. He looked back in his heart and said to say to Master Dong, and then went out of the carriage from the back door and returned to the house.

"How could Jin Chan be here? Why did my mother kneel at her?" Huang Furong, who was puzzled in her heart, asked Meilan lightly. She believed that the old lady gave the four red given by himself.Then Mirandon answered softly: "The slaves went to the gravitational horses for the red light yesterday to find the silk cloth for the red light. When I came back, I saw it.When he was talking, he heard that the county owner said that he would help Xiao Ye to clean up his crimes. Maybe Mrs. Huangfu was grateful today! "

Huang Furong frowned: Death Primary Three, what are you doing for my family?Do you want me this cheap mother to advise me to make the throne?


The "pop" county lord greeted on Ahe’s face: "You are useless, this is your best? If it wasn’t for my good words yesterday, I didn’t get it at all?"

The little sister -in -law bowed his head and said that Jin Chan around him pulled the county owner and persuaded: "You are not angry, although you can’t mix the Bai family in, at least Nakada treats us as a kind person, but it is good.As for the Huang Furong, if you wait almost, the slaves will call Mrs. Huangfu … "

"That’s not in a hurry, it’s just my preparation, I don’t have to use it in less than a last resort."But say what you can do most, see what you did for me? "

"The slave did not expect why the man in the hall was shaved and showed a trace.

"Huh, I did not expect that it was unexpectedly. I hated this rhetoric most. You listen, this time I do n’t punish you, I also appreciate you!"Go to steal the incense! "

Xiao Yan looked up: "The county owner means …"

"The Huangfu family has nothing to do. With Tian’s temperament, it must be coming this night. After all, I have to go through the field. At that time, I can also banquet.At that time, I made some wine and fell on her, and she would take this to leave the clothes. At this time, you only go to find her to steal it. At that time, I would bring someone to the name of an apology.Even if you escape, she is not adultery, but who can keep a big grandma who is a suspected unclean woman?


At dusk, as the county owner expected, Tian’s unhappy and only dared to lose his temper to his daughter but did not dare to anger and neglect the Bai family.The old lady naturally invited in the house to speak and talk about dinner together.Tian’s self -knowing that he had made a bigger in yesterday, and a little face, he wanted to quit, but the county owner beside him persuaded him to stay.Naturally, I thanked I couldn’t help it.

Huang Furong saw Tian’s eyebrows coldly with Jin Chan, but although he thanked the county master, he did not mention that she was busy in this one.What does the county master do?

Speaking of time, the time is short, the sky is dark, the seat is ready, and it is time for meals.Because the Lord of the Huangfu family cleared the grievances, the old lady was happy, and she did not call just sitting for dining. Instead, she arranged a night show, told everyone to watch it while using it, and put the seats on the audience.In the cabinet, he listened to the song for a while, and said that drinking two glasses of wine was quite lively.

The play was two folds and the wine was three tour. It was when it was smooth that the county owner personally held the wine in front of Huang Furong. He shouted Sister Ronger sweetly and said congratulations to drink with her.Huang Furong didn’t want to drink, but he reached out and did not laugh at a smiley face, but he was afraid that there would be fraud in the wine. He had to be hypocritical, but he didn’t hold it. He sprinkled himself, ordered him to laugh in his eyebrows:"My sister doesn’t drink my wine, it won’t be like this!" Said her face.

Huang Furong didn’t make trouble in front of the hall, so he simply said, "How dare, but the injuries in your hands are not good, and it hurts. Look at my clothes wet.Come again! "At the moment, the people in the court lost were no, so they took Xianglan and Cuier to change their clothes, leaving the red jade to accompany the uncle.

The county owner watched Huang Furong leave, smiling at the corner of his mouth.Bai Ziqi saw it clearly, and when he was worried, he would get up and go back, but he didn’t want the county owner to fall into his arms, and smiled: "Qi Brother, you can owe me three.Cup wine! "

Chapter 77 The trick of the county master!

Huang Furong took Xianglan and Cui’er back to the courtyard, and Cui’er went to the cabinet to take the clothes, and Xianglan helped her relieve her coat.

Only when the clothes were liberated, the lace was about to remove, and Huang Furong felt the eyes of double peeping around. She subconsciously shook her shoulders and put her clothes back.And Xianglan looked at Huang Furong and softened.

Huang Furong’s eyes were closed one after another, and fell on Xianglan’s body. At this time, Cui Er also held the finding clothes to come over, while unbuttoning the puppet on the clothes with one hand, while bowing his head to speak, he spoke forward.: "Grandma, this is a red gown, the slaves think you change this …" She was saying that the aroma had entered the nose, her body was soft, her head was stunned, and her clothes fell to the ground, and people fell down.At this time, I heard a man’s voice vaguely: "Heart, I’m here!"


Bai Ziqi pretended not to remember these three glasses of wine, and ignored the county’s lord’s entanglement, but she lifted her out of her arms, and she shouted that she wanted to go out of the house.

The county owner shouted: "Good, good, you only have Rong’er in your eyes, but you don’t read the old people. Can I offend your Ronger? I will apologize for her?"It doesn’t matter if the people in the cabinet are speaking, just go out.Jin Chan copied a lantern from the Pavilion to the front.

The old lady watched the posture and hurriedly got up: "Poor, I don’t hurry up!"

But persuasion how to persuade, one pretending to be stupidly worried, and one must not be able to witness, and the two are even more troubled at the moment.The wife had to say so much: "Hurry up! Follow it! It’s really troublesome!"

The drama in the court saw that the posture was wrong, and they had stopped the show. Everyone went out, and one by one stood on the stage.Red Sakura waved his hand: "You sing you, don’t stop!" At the moment, he looked at the old lady, while the old lady nodded, reached out to take the cut apple and put it in the import.It is an illusion.

Tian Shi took Xingjian and Huang Fu Yun’er for a while. He didn’t know what to react. It was not until the girl around him sent melon fruit, and he grabbed a piece of stuffing into his mouth, covering up this confused uneasiness.


The doors and windows are pushing lightly, and a dexterous figure turns into the window.

The blindfolded Ahe looked around, and confirmed that all three people fainted softly, and immediately went to Huang Furong, who was falling, and reached out to grab her body, but at the moment when she was about to contact, another black shadow wasIt was the red shadow rushing in to break the window, and then fought with it.

The fisting feet were in the inside, but the red shadow gradually softened. Finally, in the unsatisfactory fragrance, he dispelled his mind. After he was suffering from Ah He, he spit out his blood and fell to the ground.

Ah He panting, frowned, glanced at Huang Furong, who was not saving on the ground, and immediately walked over to hold her on the bed.It was a turning right hand and grabbing a mule and hit it.

But this Ahe’s ability is extremely high. In the half -second of the electric light, he raised his left hand and grabbed Huang Furong’s right hand, which made Huang Furong’s shock down, but at this time Huang Furong’s left hand was a heavy one of them one of them.The boxing was on the right lower rib of Ahe. At the moment, Ahe’s body shook his eyes and closed his eyes. It was a painful squatting and fell down, but his left hand grabbed Huang Furong’s right hand and did not let go.

Huang Furong kicked his left foot in this half -second, his right leg was curled, and along his area, his right knee arrived on Ahe’s throat. At the same time, her right hand wanted to flip and twist again, butHelplessly he grabbed it very tightly. She couldn’t twist at all, so she had to compete with her left hand, while her left hand was cut directly into his eyes. Ahe’s throat was against at this time.Being stabbed, he had to grab the left hand of Huang Furong in his right hand, and he flew up with his legs to hit Huang Furong’s shoulders.However, Huang Furong’s body is still very soft, and the underground pressure is directly under the ground, not only to avoid the stress part of his knees hitting 80 %, but also because of the downward pressure of his body, which increases the heavy pressure on his throat.For a while, Ahe’s eyes were red.

At this moment, Huang Furong, who was almost on his body, suddenly raised his head and then hit his eye socket. He wanted to get rid of his wanting to hide, but Huang Furong’s knee was against his throat.He couldn’t move at all, so when Huang Furong hit his left eye when he hit his left eye, he called in pain, and his left eye was terrible.The movement of covering the wound, and a fierce force, pierced the sister -in -law to Ahe’s neck.

However, Ahe’s response was fast, and the force was rejected, so that the sister -in -law was just a stroke on his neck. At this time, the door of the door was kicked open, and the wrestling situation of Huang Furong and Ah Hing’s fighting.In front of Bai Ziqi.

Immediately, the scream of the county owner …

At this time, because of the sound of breaking the door, although Ah He was only at a glance, his ears were not easy to make. The sound of the county owner also knew that he had failed, and he wanted to escape.Whoever, I want to hit Huang Furong’s back again, looking forward to having the opportunity to abscond, but when he raised his leg, he suddenly found that his back pain reached his back pain. At this timeStep in one step to follow his chest is a palm. At the moment, Ah He held Huang Furong’s hand and was weak. Huang Furong turned around and left.The convulsions were not moving in an instant.

The screaming of the county leader attracted countless families. The uncle’s face ripped off the scarf. Although the blood was still flowing along the corner of his mouth, the left eye was blurred, but the uncle saw Ah Hirong at first glance.He reached out and pointed at Ahe, and then shouted at the county owner who was still shouted: "This is your person!"

The county owner froze at this time.

She followed Bai Ziqi. When Bai Ziqi broke in, it happened that Huang Furong was stuck on Ahe’s body, and his hands and feet were entangled.And everyone can see clearly, Huang Furong, do n’t think about any famous festivals in his life, but when the uncle rushed in, she was screaming and did not notice that the uncle went in this palm, so that the uncle now said to her and said at her.When it was your person, she instinctively froze.

When Jin Chan screamed in the county’s main scream, she didn’t daze. She saw this scene clearly, and then exported to the moment: "Oh my god, how can this be?"The county owner shakes: "The county master, this kid is actually the wicked!"

Lian Yao said that the county owner could not respond. At the moment, he caught Jin Chan and looked at Ahe on the ground with an unbelievable expression.He is not my person, but a beggar I saw on the road of home. I gave him one or two silvers for a while, and he would follow me to protect me. It was not safe to go out when we went out.I took it, but I didn’t expect him, he turned out to be the wicked … "

Huang Furong sneered: "Yeah, the county master was too careless, and he took a stealing into the house. Fortunately, I had practiced twice when I was a child before I didn’t get the way!"Mrs. standing outside: "Mother -in -law, why are you here? The old ancestors are still listening to the show. You are not so deserted. Everyone still goes back to accompany the old ancestor!"

When the wife heard words, she knew that such people and other people said that they said everything in many words, and then looked at Huang Furong’s chin to dip the blood, and she held a mule in her hand.Speaking of persuading everyone to leave, and the county owner could not respond at this time, he could only be pulled away by the persuasion.

"Grandma!" Hongyu watched a large group of people away, and hurried into the house: "Grandma are you okay?"

When Huang Furong helped her, she was crooked and said loudly: "Hurry up all the doors and windows…. "

Huang Furong’s speaking kung fu, the uncle had reached the side of Hongying, and now he squeezed his wrist, and then he saw a black -to -red palm printed on his chest and was eye -catching.

At this time, the other three reds have arrived, and they are about to ask, but when I see Hongying, it is a surprise. At the moment, Hongguang hugged someone to treat it, and Meilan followed.There is a little fragrance saying: "What kind of fragrance is this, why is it so strange?"

Huang Furong didn’t know what it was for a while. He had to point to Xianglan and Cui’er who fell to the ground and greeted Meixiang to take a look. At this time, Bai Ziqi noticed the blood of Huang Furong’s sleeves, and then stared at:"How did your arm bleed?"

Huang Furong smiled helplessly: "When I found the fragrance, I already smelled it. At the moment, I felt that my head was dazzling, my body was soft, and my body was talked.I expected that the evil person was distracted, so I took the opportunity to grab my arms by myself, so as to keep myself sober … Fortunately, the red shadow broke into the window and made the fragrance in the house lighter. UnfortunatelyFighting, sucked a lot of fragrances, and poured a trick … "Huang Furong said, she helped the red jade and sat up:" Red jade, go to the clothes for me, let’s go to the cabinet to listen to the show! "

"What? Listening to the show?" Hongyu was surprised, but Huang Furong nodded hard: "Some words need not be explained, everyone’s heart is also translucent, but after all, she is the county master.It is not easy to make trouble. If you are rendered by someone with a heart, I am afraid that my name will be damaged. Go and change my clothes. Let ’s listen to the show.Then I said that the thief was suffered in the house, and I had been killed by my family. I was a little late in the house, but I know? "

Hongyu immediately nodded, and then picked up the clothes on the ground to change the clothes to Huang Furong, while the uncle looked at Ah He who fell on the ground with a word of death. He really didn’t understand.The palm was just asking him to faint. Why did he spit out his blood and was even more breath.

Huang Furong could guess what he thought, but hindered that the girl was not good at talking before, so she pretended to find a cotton cloth to wrap her arms, so she quickly cleaned up the blood pollution and sorted her makeup, and then pulled the uncle out of the house to go out of the house., Leave Meixiang to clean up the rotten stall.

When she pulled the uncle into the sedan to go to the cabinet, she whispered: "Don’t worry, you won’t be okay even if you come for a while. His kidney has been interrupted by the ribs.He could not support it for a long time in his body, not to mention that I still pressed his throat, and he couldn’t hold it up for a while. "

The uncle looked at Huang Furong and didn’t know what to say. At this moment, he knew that Huang Furong found that he was pretending to be stupid, otherwise he would not explain to himself.But what can he say now?Can you admit that you are pretending to be stupid?

Her hand covered his finger, and her head leaned lightly on his shoulder: "Are you here to come and me?"

Bai Ziqi’s body shook lightly, and then turned his fingers to cover Huang Furong’s palm, but he held it tightly and did not say a word.

When the sedan fell in the Listening Pavilion, the last discount on the stage was Zheng Huan who played two times.Huang Furong was pulled into the seat by the uncle, but the old lady did not ask her why she was late, and Huang Furong also noticed that the person in the one -living room was uneasy, and no one focused on the play.

She was relieved, knowing that the woman in the door of the mansion was better than she knew what she wanted to cover up, and then looked at it, and then glanced at the Tian family. She saw her uneasy and looked at herself, but her heart was better.Thinking about it again, but in the end, she still knew she was worried about herself, so she returned to Tian’s smile to make her feel at ease, but she saw Huangfu Yuner staring straight at the uncle Bai Zi beside her.Strange, there was a strange discomfort in my heart, and she could only submit some fruits to the red jade to send her to Huangfu Yun’er, and Huang Fu Yun’er found that he was out of mind, and then lowered his head.I didn’t dare to look up.

After the show was over, the old lady asked someone to watch, and then pulled Tian’s to say a few words, boasting that the two children were dexterous and blessed, and then asked someone to get a few kinds of fun and gave Huangfu Yuner and Huangfu Xing.mark.Tian’s joy, grabbing the two people, and when he was resigned.Before leaving, she glanced at Huang Furong complicatedly, and silently took Yun’er and Xingmo.

As soon as people left, the old lady waved her hand, and the girls around Bai Fu immediately retreated.

"What’s the matter, after so long, everyone who hurts everyone is uneasy?" The old lady asked softly holding the tea cup.It sounds like a casual light question, but it feels shuddering.

For a while, everyone didn’t speak, and they looked at Huang Furong. Huang Furong was about to get up with words.The bedroom … "

Huang Furong frowned when he heard his words. This seemed to be covered by her, but she had to talk about the bedroom and made her life wrong. She quickly got up and opened, but the uncle had already opened the mouth: "What thief?It’s her! "

Seeing the uncle pointed at himself, the county owner had to quickly explain: "The old lady don’t misunderstand, that person is just a passerby who is good at me on the road.Grandma Bai Jia … "

"Insult?" Huang Furong drank suddenly, walked in front of the county owner, stared at her directly and said to everyone, "Dare to ask the county owner’s eyes to see him intended to insult me.Did you say that his eyes stared at her without concealment!

Chapter 78 I want to counterattack

When a little mouse who is holding the stolen fruit is about to be stared at by the poisonous snake, I don’t know if the sweat on the back will stand; when a steel is aimed at your eyeballs, there are only two millimeters in your eyes.When the distance, I don’t know if you still remember to breathe …

The master of Jingyang County has never been able to see the life and death of others in this life, and at this moment, facing the eyes of Huang Furong’s sword, that spread from the surroundings.The cold air pressure made her teeth into the shelf, as if she saw a poisonous snake that was sneer at her!

"Ah? Me, me, this … that … that … ah, I see you and him …" The county owner’s panic was unparalleled, and she clearly felt her eyes and breath like a knife.As long as she said something wrong, she would splash on the spot.

"What’s wrong with him?" Huang Furong asked clearly, and when he asked, even the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

"You, you, oops! I don’t know, I saw you entangled, I thought he wanted to insult …" The county owner stared at Huang Furong’s eyes and stared at the bones.Go!Moreover, everyone was clear at that time. Even if they wanted to give Huang Furong’s charges, they had to escape her eyes.

"Ha, can you do it again! Can a county owner be done casually? Do you not know that something is nothing, it will destroy a person’s famous festival!" Huang Furong said a step forward, his eyes were even more eye -catching, his eyes were even more eye -catching.In order to stare at the county master, at this time, the county owner was shivering and sitting on the ground.

She didn’t want to, but the murderousness emitted from Huang Furong made her hands and feet not listen to, and her legs couldn’t like a lead.

"Rong’er!" The old lady suddenly called on the big chair: "No rude!"

The old lady’s voice was still soft and gentle, but she also soothed the anger Huang Furong.Just for a moment, Huang Furong closed his eyes and opened the next second, the kind of murderous net that was scattered in the air disappeared.

After watching Jin Chan dragged the county owner from the ground, she turned around and said at the old lady: "Old ancestor, please forgive Rong’er so aggressive, it is really today, forgive me!"As soon as she kneeling, she said with a cry: "The county owner said that she was kindly accepted on the road, but did not want him to be evil. Such such things were encountered, and Rong’er didn’t want to argue with the county owner here, and lost her.Facing, but it’s really not so afraid that this is not the case! "

Huang Furong did not want to swallow to make things small, but he wanted to make a lot of trouble. After all, everyone was a little wrong.However, she didn’t avoid it. She even said that everyone was cold for a while, and her stunned ravage, even the uncle’s eyebrow beans raised unconsciously.

The old lady stared at Huang Furong and didn’t answer for a while, but slowly ate the next small piece of apple before she said, "The granddaughter daughter -in -law, isn’t it just a thief and baby?"

Huang Furong heard the old lady’s meaning to accept it when she saw it, but I thought that if I did not once the ambition of the county owner today, he would still have a sin in the next day.In the future, some gossip is fiddled with a gossip, so he simply gritted his teeth and said, "Old ancestor, it is really Ronger who has to say!"

When it came to this, the old lady couldn’t help it anymore. She had to look at her and said, "Say, what’s the case?"

"Back to the old ancestor, the county owner said that this was a person she had collected on the way, but it was not alone!" Huang Furong’s words came out, let alone Bai Ziqi’s eyes widened, and the old lady sat straight:"What?" The county owner and Jin Chan behind him looked at each other subconsciously, and the shock and disappointment in the eyes saw clearly.

"Old ancestor, please listen to the details of Sun’s daughter -in -law: Shi talent drinks, Rong’er went back to change clothes. When he was admitted to the hospital, he did not find that someone was on the side.At the time of listening to the noise outside the corridor, Rong’er stopped changing clothes and asked Xianglan to see who was to see. At this time, suddenly the interior fragrance came, and the two girls fainted one after another., But at the time, I fell to the ground and wanted to see who was evil. I also grabbed the sister -in -law on the head of Xianglan to prevent myself from being dirty. "

Huang Furong’s face was decisive, and everyone in the cabinet felt that she was the woman of Zhenlie.And Huang Furong said at this time: "As a result, I did not expect that there were two people in black in the room.As a result, when the result, one person said: "Why don’t you steal her? Isn’t there a good one on the county owner? Let’s go far! ‘And the other one said:" What do you know?For life, I am always hard to come back on her body. Now she ca n’t get this woman to die. It ’s better to find something of her good things.Bi Shi laughed, but that person had found out from my makeup box that my mother -in -law marrying me was a good pair of good slap Ruyi, and she went to hold it. She also said that she was more careful when she left.At that time, I was dizzy, thinking that my life was in the night, but at this time, the old lady cared for the red shadow patrol of the nursing hospital, and found that there were no figures in the house, and then broke the window to save me. Fortunately, he came., The airflow in the house is comfortable, and my dizziness is reduced. At this time, the red shadow was injured and fell to the ground with the villain, and the wicked was hit by the red shadow punch on the back waist and pounced on me.I was frightened, and the sister -in -law who turned around and grabbed the sister -in -law in his neck. In desperation, I was a female stream, but I was not asleep, but fortunately, the red shadow hurt him.I was afraid of suffering, and I hit his eyes at a time, and at this time, the uncle came and saw that I was threatened.

Huang Furong said that he pretended to wipe his tears, but he took the opportunity to pinch his nose. At the moment, the soreness was stimulated, and the tears rolled in the eyes: "Old ancestor, I was married to Bai’s family as a wife, and they knew the word and filial piety.I dare not violate it. But today’s things can not let Rong’er suffer in vain. Since the county owner said that it was the person you received for a while, I didn’t know the bottom, but how did you say to that person who wanted me to die?Let him want to insult me to please you? You are the master of the dignitaries, why do you say that your selfish words are so unbelievable?Red and shadow help, wouldn’t I die today as shameful, but you are very happy? You can say that he intends to insult me, county master, do you know too clearly? I have to doubt whether it is whether it isDo you teach it! "

Huang Furong’s words were extremely sharp, and through the county owner, “”” bit her seven inches, and made the county owner only care about shaking his head and eagerly refuted: "Where does the two come from?You don’t want the blood mouth to spray people, Ahe is me … "

She said that Jin Chan pulled her arm: "County Lord!"

The county owner reacted in a reaction and hurriedly said: "Ahe was a beggar picked up on the road. At that time, there was only one. I didn’t know there were two.The guy wants to be greedy but takes me as a guise. Who do I cry? Besides, don’t you say, the two of them are here to steal the money, just an accident. It is an accident.! "The county owner hates itching, but he can only follow Huang Furong’s words. After all, everyone’s mind is not promising. She can do it.

"Oh my god, the pair of slap Yuwu gives me my mother! But that was the dowry passed down from the family of the Huangfu family for generations. I also said that when my child marries my daughter -in -law in the future, I will give my daughter -in -law.Being touched by the stolen, the county master, how do you want me to mention this to my mother? Do I want to tell me, because the county owner, you do n’t know if you do n’t know how to take a nest of thieves to the Bai family to steal it.Is this heirland? With my mother’s personality, it is not strange to get the whole family chickens and dogs! And that is not only the face of the Bai family, I am afraid that even your reputation is over! Woohoo, the item, the pair of Yu Ruyi is goneHow can I face my mother’s family in the future! "Huang Furong said that he was sobbing sadly.

At this time, the county owner’s eyes turned upwards. She never expected that a big grandma Bai family in the Tang Dynasty actually entered her with a nest of thieves to the Bai family to steal it.Go, but you ca n’t have a real face, you can only say, "Okay, isn’t it just a pair of slap jade. When my brother comes, I told him to find it.! "

"Find? When your brother is coming, where did the thief go? The county master, your family is big and we can’t compare, the pair of jade is not a matter of money.Baby, leave me a thought, now it’s gone, how do you tell me how to explain … "

"Okay! I pay! As long as you say it, I just can’t find it, and it will be made of the same jade to sculpt you to come out?"At the moment Huang Furong sobbed twice, but immediately gently gently: "Since the county owner said to pay me the pair of Yu Ruyi, then this matter has passed, but you brought the thief into the white house today …"

"Okay, don’t mention this matter. No one can mention the people in Baifu. After losing my face of the Bai family, it is small, and the face of the county owner and Yue Wangfu can be big!" The old ladyAt this time, I took my face and said the end of the scene, and then sighed the Lord of the county, "The master of the county, you see what happened today, it is … hey, it is also my Bai family neglected to prevent, otherwiseI sent you to me in a house in the suburbs? Are you scared? "

The county owner immediately put his hand: "The old lady is not troublesome, it is me, it is Meng Jie’s intention to add trouble for everyone.I’m fancy! "She was not good at staying here and waiting to be stunned by the old lady, so she had to quickly drag Jin Chan and rushed back to the other hospital.

At this time, the people in the cabinet did not know what to do.

"Okay, that’s what’s the matter! You don’t have to mention it today. Zixuan, you have followed the past, you will give me a careful explanation in the courtyard.Can you calculate your account on your head! "

The second grandfather did not expect the old lady to order him, and he could only recognize it when he heard the words. He was disappointed a lot from his grandmother.The old lady seemed to know their minds very well, and I ordered the second grandma to say two words. The idea was to blame her without stopping the county owner.Essence

The most innocent in the whole incident is the wife. Now she is still the main mother of Zhengge. Although many things have been put to the second grandma, even though this kind of thing is not strictly checked, she must be counted as her head.Above, it can only be trained in vain, saying that he pays attention to the words of the future.

Huang Furong was originally going to give the county owner a rake and told her to know that she was not easy to mess with, but did not expect that it was such a thing. The old lady could also count the whole family through sesame watermelon.In addition to being a leader, he also lamented that he was placed by everyone again by the old lady …

After the old lady was finished, she asked the evil man’s result. I heard that it was dead. The master Bai Jia personally went to the gate to explain the situation to the case to prepare the nuclear pair, and then asked someone to send the corpse to Yizhuang.Then he waved his hand and said, "It’s all scattered, Rong’er left to talk to me, you all go back!"

After hearing the words, everyone was scattered, but the uncle did not move, but the old lady couldn’t even keep his uncle this time, shouting Hongyu to bring the uncle back.The uncle pouted with a bottle pouting, but the old lady’s consistent condonic this disappeared, only instructed: "I have something to say, what do you listen to?"

The uncle Xu saw that the old lady would not follow her today, and she left two times, but the old lady silently got up to return to her house in her house at this time. Huang Furong had to get up and followed.There was no words along the way. When she entered the old lady’s room, Hongying motioned for her to stand in the door of the room. It took a moment to let her go in, and moved Huang Furong to behind her.Then the old lady waved her hand: "Sit and talk!"

Huang Furong noticed the micro -movement of the window, and realized that someone must have seen the details and told the old lady. When she couldn’t eat, she couldn’t know how much, so she sat carefully.Two times were speechless, Huang Furong was not good at asking. After half a day, he said softly: "Old ancestor, Sun Ying Neng said before, I don’t know which paragraph you want to listen to?"

"Naturally, you can’t say it outside." The old lady still said warmly.

Huang Furong raised his eyes when he heard his words: "The old ancestors are assured, Ronger is not humiliated …"

"I know you don’t, if you have it, you can still go to the cabinet? I just heard that someone in your room was used to turn the dragon incense.Kung Fu, but I can’t be awake, so I am curious, why are you okay? "

Chapter 79 Want to compete with me?dream!

Huang Furong had to wipe out his sleeves and showed the cotton cloth on his arms: "Don’t hide the ancestors, in order to sober, I can only be injured and restrained with pain."

The old lady didn’t speak, but Hong Yan disassembled the cotton without talking about it. After seeing the scratching traces, she found a medicine bottle from her arms and sprinkled some medicine powder to Huang Furong’s wounds, and then bandaged againGo back.

"Thank you for the red cricket." Huang Furong felt the coolness at the wound, but Hong Yan smiled: "Hong Yan dare not be, it is a good girl."

Huang Furong was shocked when he heard the words, but the old lady said: "You monkey blackmail blackmail is really bold. What can you use to blackmail the county owner now? Do you want Yue Wangfu to owe us alone?"

"In the past, Rong’er was not clear, but Presumably the Bai family and Yue Wangfu were afraid there was a suspicion. The Bai family was the business of food and oil.I am afraid that it is difficult to sit up. Rong’er has no ability, nor does it think of how much he can help the Bai family. I just want to be able to do my own.It’s just that Rong’er is not a soft persimmon can be pinched at will, so if someone violates my bottom line, even if she is a county master, I will not give up! "

The observations of Huang Furong have clearly been clear that the old lady was a man who was a cloud of time. Especially in the past two days, as long as she took out some shelf, the old lady was quite appreciated.At this time, there was something to say. Anyway, she also knew that there was a powerful power behind the old lady. She wanted to play a big knife in front of Guan Gong, and she was full!

Huang Furong’s attitude really made the old lady’s face laugh. She smiled and took a sip of tea, and then said, "Can you still put her out?If the heart is difficult here, it is said that ‘I’ m not afraid of stealing, I ’m afraid of the thief.

There is something in the old lady’s words, and Huang Furong looked at the old lady, and she realized that the old lady was implying what she was.

"Red jade girls should have told you something? King Yue Wang has been close to Jing Zhaoyin recently. What can you think of?" The old lady seemed to be in a good mood and mentioned another sentence.

Huang Furong’s eyes turned immediately: "Jing Zhao Yin and King Yue will get closer, I’m afraid the prince will be uneasy today."

"Yeah! He was over his knees, but the king of Yue was full of knees. If the King of Yue got Jing Zhaoyin’s marriage, Gyeonggi had his own person holding himself. You said that the prince’s heart was burnt!" The old lady smiled and askedHe was Huang Furong, and there was a hint of hope in his eyes.

Huang Furong accepted the hopes of eyes, and said it when he turned around: "The ancestor was afraid, and the King of Yue deliberately released the news that the prince thought he would marry Jingzhao Yin, and then forced the prince to put pressure on the prince himself to destroy it.At this time, the county owner torn his face again to enter Baifu and his wife. In case the prince was for self -protection, he would likely come to Paushan to put pressure on Paushan in person … "

"Yes!" The old lady nodded: "The prince has already been approved to go to the emperor for relief on the emperor in person. After he turned around, he always came to Pingcheng, and he always had to go to my white family.In Beijing, I will be close to Jing Zhaoyin again. I am worried that the prince will continue to order food from Pingcheng.My wife, I just moved out of the family score, it is useless! "

Huang Furong heard his heart depressed and couldn’t help talking: "If this Yue Wang wants to be mixed with Jing Zhaoyin, how can he be willing to do this?The master of the county entered the Bai family, and he still had a peaceful wife with my identity? Old ancestors, Rong’er really didn’t understand. Uncle was a confused person.Following the uncle, I think that the King of Yue always can’t tell what is light and what is heavy, so please solve the mystery in Rong’er’s heart! "

That’s it, and it is also frank.

The old lady looked at Huang Furong with a smile: "You are the future Bai family and mother I saw. The relationship in it. If you think about it, you can understand it, but I know that you will be confused.Bar: If a person wants to seize power, there is only not enough heart. He has to have soldiers in his hands, but can soldiers hungry? It is easy to get a palace summer, and it is not a finger to win a rivers and mountains.If you want to win, you must catch the throat of others. What is the throat? The people take food as the sky! How can I not sting it? As for why is it that the uncle?Miss, say that it can make thousands of soldiers fast, who can provide them with effort salt? Who can it be except the sea family? And my Bai family still tie the Ye family, as long as the King of Yue stuffed the county owner intoMy Bai family, Hai Er Ye looked at my Bai family, but he would not lose Qier, and the Ye family, the county owner just tangled your mother -in -law and you had you.? "

Huang Furong was completely clear at this time, and couldn’t help but laugh and laughed: "Oh, this, so, people stared at the Bai family early and wanted to hold it in his hand. What about the prince?I didn’t expect these? He still had to stuff the county owner to me? "

"A snake is staring at you, and there is still a pile of fire behind you. The snake is vomiting and watched, but the fire is already burning to the clothes. At this time, do you kill the fire or kill the snake first?" The old lady saidHe smiled with Emperor Fu Rong: "The prince is afraid that the prince is not visible, but sometimes it is just to solve the urgency first!"

"But he can protect the county’s main house!"

"Bao? Ha, the owner of the other county has gone, but he is the wife. He takes a family to fight with us, and not to say that the other three are swallowed.It is the emperor’s people. If you are unstable, you can have trouble. It is only the prince who can only be infamous at that time! "The old lady said," Go back! I’m old, everything will be, everything will beLook at these young people! But … I know that you must have a way to push the fire and kill the snake again! "

Huang Furong didn’t dare to say a lot. At the moment, she obediently left the house. As soon as she left, Hongyan helped the old lady saying lightly: "Why don’t you ask her?"

"What about asking? There are some things when you are not asking. At this moment, I just think about how I can strangle the county’s heart!" The old lady said with a squint, and at this moment, the whole face wasThere is no such thing as a beautiful eyebrow.


Huang Furong’s heart contained this kind of entanglement right and wrong. I just felt that the master of the county was like a fixed stuffed into the white house to be a flat wife. How could she be comfortable?Thinking of the superb acting skills of the woman crying and crying, she didn’t admire it. After all, she had to pinch her nose in order to lose two tears, and they came!

Nothing!I can’t just wait for others to stop her in front of the uncle!I must die by myself, and I don’t want to enter the Bai family if I die!Wait, no, the old lady means that she can’t go to be the master, do I corrupt her reputation?It ’s not possible. She is still in Baifu. When I happened, Bai Fu was responsible. I ca n’t dig a pit to give her to the uncle!

Huang Furong turned his mind, and suddenly his eyes swept to the slender figure in front. She stepped forward quickly: "Why are you here? None of the girl follows you?"

Bai Ziqi muttered at Huang Furong’s lips: "The ancestor is eccentric, she said to you without taking me a whisper, what did she tell you?"

Huang Furong had a helpless smile when he heard the words: "She told me to see you tightly, don’t be snatched away!" Saying her sighed with a smile and touched the uncle’s ears: "Oh, you say you are your pair of peach blossom eyes,This face like Chunhua is only confused now. There are all these posters. If you do n’t have confused, I ’m afraid I will not be your wife at all!"

As soon as Bai Ziqi’s body trembled, his hand grabbed Rong’er’s hand, and the corners of the lip moved for a moment and said, "I only need Rong’er!" As long as you! "

Huang Furong was stunned, and her heartbeat was accelerated, but she looked at him to continue disappointing, but her heart was full of disappointment, so she smiled and lost the disappointed emotion, but she said with a smile: "You said,Then I can help you drive the nasty county master, okay? "

"Do you rush away? She is the county owner. Listening to the ancestors, we can’t afford to mess with them!" The uncle tilted his head and said softly, but Huang Furong smiled: "I couldn’t drive her away,But when I saw you, I found that I have a way, but your baby is going to use it! "

"Are they? Where is it! Yesterday, my little green was gone …"

Huang Furong glanced at him at a glance: "I don’t need to play this time, I just borrow some of their specialty."

"Specialty?" Uncle blinked and shook his head in a hurry: "No, poison, death, just happen!"

"What do you call, who said I am going to poison her? I just want to ask her to get out of his own time! I want to calm my wife, dream! You, can only be mine!"Let’s go and see your baby! "

Bai Ziqi seemed to be stupid, but he laughed and moved forward with Huang Furong, while Huang Furong found that he kept holding her hand and did not let go, so he laughed and asked with a smile. "Stay here, Hongyu, rest assured? "

"What is uneasy? The bad guys can’t beat me. Besides, I said that I want to wait for you to go back to sleep, they just laughed and left!"Murdering him: "You are so embarrassed to hang your mouth!"

"Aren’t you? You said just now that I can only be yours!" The uncle smiled with white teeth in the moonlight, looking bright and innocent. At that moment, Huang Furong couldn’t help thinking: he was so hard to disguise,Probably because you want to protect the last pure land in his heart?

Chapter 80 The Lord of the County is the evil

When I came to the backyard, I called the door. Swallow stood in front of the two people who did not shy away. The little girl’s face was filled with a smile to the two of them: "The slaves have seen grandmother, so late to find slavesIs it wrong? "

Huang Furong pulled the uncle’s arm: "Uncle said the baby in this courtyard he wanted to panic. If you want to take a look, I will come and see it."

Yan Er heard the words, but smiled and invited the two to the courtyard before closing the door.

It was night, but it was the most active time for most poisons.

However, the exception of the giant lizard was full about it at dusk, so it would be lazy to lie on the cage on the cage lazily, and it was the same as a sculpture.

Huang Furong came to pick up the material on the spot, so after looking at the big man, she began to look for "suppliers" in the Baby of the Manary to look for "suppliers."Because most of the poison in the yard has seen it, there is also a rough heart, similar to spider scorpion crickets, as long as the bite is not in the key part, most of them can suffer the wounded, but there is a creative mouth, so Huang Furong will be the will be.They are excluded, because what she wants is the fear of the county owner, and it is by no means as simple as physical pain.

After sweeping her eyes, she smiled slightly, but she could only give up.That poison is too powerful. If you do n’t have a good grasp of the county owner, you may hang it. The Bai family is unlucky. She has to find it with caution.

Bai Ziqi did not have Huang Furong familiar with these poisons. Although he was used, he was worried about the swallows for him, and although he did not hate these poisons, he was still afraid of it. After all, the warning color brought by animals itself was always called calledPeople have psychological pressure.He looked at Huang Furong beside him with a smile on his face and looked at the poisons. He unconsciously thought that when she had a hard color with flesh and blood, he even remembered that at that moment he clearly saw that the two were similar to each other.At the time, she has an incredible and elusive feeling of the beauty around her.He even thought unconsciously, what did she learn in that lady?

"Hey, baby, you are so beautiful!" Suddenly Huang Furong’s throat made a murmur, which attracted Bai Ziqi to return, but the next second, Huang Furong took her hand and smiled brightly.Going to the thick dark black next to the pool aside.

Bai Ziqi frowned, and he was slightly holding his hand, seemed to have the taste of being held, and seemed to want to discard the regrets he lost at the moment.

Swallow looked at the uncle, holding a lantern to make a ghostly face from his side, and the uncle who watched his head dumped his head.

"Grandma, Da Hei was full of full, and you finally saw it a few times!" Yan Er said casually, but Bai Ziqi heard the words and looked at Huang Furong again.

"Really? It’s not easy to see you once. Swallow, go to this big cup of tea, and take a hook!" Huang Furong explained anxiously, this will be full of snakes, how can you be full?It is also necessary to depend on the food for a week. During this time, it has no appetite to eat anything else, so the aggressiveness will decline. This is a good opportunity for her to take snake venom.

In fact, the poison of the king snake is also poisonous, but it is not as good as the silver ring snake in terms of toxins. However, it is more secreted, and it can reach 500 milligrams at one time. What kind of realm is it?According to the data she knows, when a glasses king snake releases all the venom once, it can poison 50 adults, and once it bites the poison sprayed with the prey, there will be a lot ofElephants will die in three hours.

Swallow brought big tea cups and iron hooks, but he did not dare to give Huang Furong a little hesitant.She followed the master to understand the poison, and she knew that Dahei was a snake that would actively attack. She had been with the snake for a long time, but she did not dare to do it at Dahei. Even every time she helped it clean up the cage, she wasIt is after it goes out for food food.

"Grandma, big black is very powerful …"

"I know!" Huang Furong said that holding the iron hook in his hand, but called the swallow to hold the tea cup in his hand, and then slowly approached Dahei gently, and made a soft voice in her mouth.: "Hey, baby, hello, you are so beautiful, so I can’t help but want to approach you!"

She said softly in her mouth, telling the cobra by her gently, she was approaching, and she was not malicious.She slowly came to it, gently picked the seven inches of position with a snake hook, and then she noticed that the guy’s body was swollen, obviously devouring a small snake.

"Wow, are you full? Look at you are enjoying it now." She gently said that she slowly scratched its body with a snake hook, and then gently lifted the snake hook, explored and hook the snake in the big blackThe body’s plane slipped lightly. When she looked at Dahei’s idea of no attack, she tried to get closer, but at this time, Dahei seemed to ignore her at all, and she didn’t want to move. She just glanced at her.Slowly raised his head.

"Don’t be nervous, I just want to use your saliva for use, take care of me, okay …" When saying this good word, Huang Furong pressed the semi -monthly snake hook to its snake head.The back of the neck, then she walked slowly, caught the snake head from behind, and threw the snake hook.Immediately he had a dark body to entangle Huang Furong, but Huang Furong immediately called the swallow to follow, and pressed the snake head down with his hand, so as not to spray the eyes of poison and injury.

When Bai Ziqi saw this situation, he was afraid that Huang Furong would hurry up and think of helping with him, but after walking halfway, he was drunk by Huang Furong: "Don’t come here! People will be scared and attack!"Huang Furong said that he had already scratched the sister -in -law on his head, and he was sprayed out with the big black front groove teeth with the big black head, but at the same time, she found that the big black mouthThere were many white bubbles in Li, and I immediately felt distressed on my face: "No wonder you don’t want to ignore me, it turns out that you are sick!"

After listening to the Yanzi, Huang Furong had already asked her to put the tea bowl with snake venom, and then she dragged the big black to move in front of the swallow’s main house.

The light and fire in the house were brighter, and she could see more clearly, and now she frowned.

In fact, the big black is not heavy. As a snake that is nursing and giving free movement space, the chance of illness has been reduced, but diseases like oral ulcers are common diseases of snakes.If in modern times, she can give it B2 to soak her with injections of Daqingmithromycin to take a bath, but where are this condition now?And she really does not know what Chinese herbal medicine has these healing medicines, and she has to be very depressed and tells the swallow: "The water in the big black pond is changed, and you can ask in the Yaotang.Herbs, if you have the kind of fresh grass leaves, you may wish to throw a little bit in the pool, but remember to change it every day! "Say she hugged Dahei to the pool, and then moved its body a little bit,Finally, Dahei realized that after it was over, the snake head was released. Dahei immediately made two voices in the water, which seemed to be dissatisfied.

Huang Furong was ill because of big black, and for a while, she was worried about the poisonous gardens. Soon she solemnly said to the swallow: "It seems that I want to transform this backyard, and reasonable breeding is important!"

Swallow and Bai Ziqi listened to the mist, but Huang Furong had reached the tea cup. He carefully found a lid and covered it.Then go back, swallows, you have to wash your hands, that poison is strong! "

Swallow nodded, looked at the two to leave with a look of admiration, and then she quickly ran to the place where Huang Furong just went to the snake venom, and moved those stones that had been stained with toxic.


Back in the courtyard, because the uncle was on the side, everyone saw the intimate state of the two, and they did not go forward to serve. Only the red jade came to say that Cui’er and Xianglan had nothing to do.Huang Furong asked Hong Ying and knew that he had no obstacles for the time being, so he sent her down. On the one hand, he called the uncle to go to bed. On the one hand, he kept dried with some venom with a flying knife, and then scraped those powder and packed them on it.In the paper bag.

Bai Ziqi was lying on the bed to see her such action, curious, and naturally asked questions, but Huang Furong only laughed and did not answer.The resentful eyes were staring at her, but Huang Furong was very interested in baking and didn’t notice it. He missed the poor look of the uncle.

When these venom was finally baked into powder, it was two hours later.At this time, the uncle was asleep, and the sky had passed the three more. Huang Furong packed it, but only took the pearl flower to clean up, and fell asleep beside the uncle at will.Sleep.

In the early morning, after dressing up, Huang Furong arrived at the old lady’s side. When the old lady used meals, she thought about it yesterday. I felt that I was impulsive yesterday.The Lord’s Yayuan sat.Yesterday, everyone saw the grandma’s fierce look, and she didn’t know how she was wise and no one at the moment. No one dared to answer it. The old lady was allowed to give it to her.

In this way, Huang Furong took Hongyu to Yayuan, and left after saying a few polite words to the county owner.No one should take it seriously, but at noon that day, the county owner suddenly coughed, not only saying that his chest had difficulty breathing, but also said that his head was drowsy. At night, he shouted that his limbs were burning.The burning pain, the noisy Baifu was on the day of the night, but it was served in Yayuan in the upper and lower up and down of Quanfu.

"Why is it uncomfortable?" The old lady said in her mouth, fiddled with a bunch of Buddha beads in her hand, and the wife appeased: "Mother -in -law, don’t worry, Wang Lao imperial doctor is a good man in the spring.After showing the county owner, there would be no matter. "She was saying, the bearded Wang Laoyu trembled and walked out, shook her head to the old lady:" Amazing, the county owner, she has noThere is no trauma to use any foreign body. The old man gave her the pulse, but found that her pulse was abnormal, but she had no pathology.You can first prescribe an analgesic medicine to the county owner. Old lady, please, please go again! "

Everyone was shocked when he heard it, but the imperial doctor was shaking with his body ashamed. Huang Furong watched the people who were still hitting a lot of age.The arrangement glanced at the red jade.Hongyu immediately whispered with a small whisper: "Isn’t the county owner frightened the wind? Do you want to find a Taoist monk to see it, so as not to be attached by the snake god!"

Chapter 81 Successful

As soon as Hongyu’s words came out, everyone was a meal. The old lady immediately raised an eyebrow: "Snake God? What do you say?"

The red jade was covered and covered her mouth, and when everyone was concerned about her, this was embarrassed: "I just guess. When I was still in the hands of people, I was hungry and bad all the way.It was killed on the road to eat a snake. It didn’t take long for the man who killed the snake, he was asthma and chest tightness. Later, he said that he was like a burning pain. Later, he swelled all over his body.Get up, ulcerate flowing water, oops, it looks scary to look like. We see that people can’t do it. We thought he was dead, but he encountered a monk, saying that he was attached by the snake god to come to death,Later, the monk did the law for him, asking him to stay away from the distance of the five miles of snake killing from then on, otherwise it would be saved once and could not be saved twice., Nothing. "

"But does this have to do with the monarch? Is she still hurting the snake?" The wife asked in surprise, but the girl beside the second grandmother suddenly exclaimed: "Oh, yes, the first morning, the monarch was in front of the monarch in the morning.Girl Jin Chan also raised a few sections of snakes to help us help me make snakes! The green snake looks so scary! "

"Absurd, eat a snake, and attach snake gods. None of the people who drink every day in Yijinchi are still wrong?" The second grandfather shook his head now, but the old lady was heard when she heard the three of the Royal Jinchi three.When he glanced at him, he immediately realized that he was out of words, and he didn’t talk too much when he was busy.

"The monarch has something wrong. If it is not good, my Bai family is also troublesome.Please also ask the master to pray for a blessing of the Bai family. "The old lady said beautifully, obviously asked others to do things, and to be said to ask the master to pray for blessings, so that the county owner was sick.Then the old lady dismissed everyone to be busy, and ordered the master Bai Jia to repair the book to mention the things that made the sister’s soil and so on.

These things were settled, and everyone turned around that night.Jin Chan heard that the master wanted to ask the master to see the law of the county, and it was suspected that after being guessed by the snake god because the county owner injured the snake, he was a little panicked for a while.Tears of the words of thanks.

The ancients were in the hearts of ghosts and gods, and most of the different phases were classified here. In addition, although the snake in the day was not killed by the county owner, she was also because she ordered Ahe to cut the snake into several paragraphs, and the next day she had to get it to get the next day.I went to the snake, so in the heart of Jin Chan, I was also misleading.

This night, he spent the moaning and tears of the county master, and the genius was bright. The host of Wu Xiang Temple took the clutch of nearly 50 people to the Bai family.After a few words of guests, the master was checked to the county owner, and the county owner had begun to have blurred vision at this time, and people were a little dizzy.

After the master checked it, he asked the old lady to whisper several words, and then made the fragrant candle siege outside the Yayuan House, Sami Pan recited the scriptures.

All the people in the Baifu are based on the rules or stand aside. Only the old lady did not come out, but took Hongyu to guard the county owner and Jin Chan in the room.

"Look at this sweat, wipe it!" The old lady ordered, Jin Chan immediately went to do it, but the old lady squeezed the county’s pulse door slightly at this time.After a while, when Jin Chan twisted the Paizi to wipe the county owner, the old lady had loosened her wrist, looking at the county owner in a distressed look.

After about a moment, the county owner suddenly breathed a little bit, and shouted in his mouth, "Go away, you go away, you are not killed, it is Ahe, it is Ahe!"Jin Chan was surprised to help, and the old lady also cared about it. However, the county owner would like a lunatic. He even lifted the quilt and was rushed out.Don’t eat me, it’s not me who killed, it’s Ahe, not me, I said it is not me! "

She rushed very fiercely, and Hongzheng and Jin Chan seemed to be unable to hold her, so she ran to the door of the room and shouted.Although the woodfish outside were mixed with the chanting sounds, they murmured whispering, but there was no cover with this high scream.At the moment, the people shouted in the mouth of the county’s mouth listened to their eyes, and they changed color, but Huang Furong frowned in surprise: strange, how could she cooperate with me?

If the snake venom directly acts directly, the human body should use blood transmission. As long as there is a wound to check, the doctor can naturally prescribe the right medicine, and Huang Furong is afraid to discover it.Little is on the in -room appliances of the county owner, and when talking to her, I swept some ejection into her tea cup with the nail cover and left after seeing her drinking it.Have different phases.

The snake venom of the King Snake is a mixed venom, which is mainly used on the nervous system. Therefore, it can enter the human body from the respiratory tract and digestive tract. It can achieve the effect of poisoning by absorption and infiltration.Few, no fatal danger, but the symptoms of poisoning can be discharged by its own immune detoxification system.Therefore, Huang Furong had long taught Hongyu to sing the county owner, and then spread the rumors that she had to retreat by herself.

However, the county owner shouted in the house like a lunatic. Listening to the movement in the house, there was a snake god to find her to ask her. She felt that this was an unexpected surprise.To the uncle around him, he doubted whether he had done his hands and feet, but the uncle just smirked the Rubik’s Cube while playing with the Rubik’s Cube.

Huang Furong thought about it. When he was wondering, it was suddenly quiet in the room. The door of the room was opened, but the red cricket helped the old lady out, and the old lady’s sweat and whiteness were white.Her face seemed to be telling that she was frightened by the county owner.

"Hurry up the old lady, she was scared by the county master!" Hong Yan said in his mouth that he had looked at Huang Furong, and Huang Furong stepped forward to help the old lady, but at this time the master was heavily.With a saying Amitabha, Sami stopped chanting and stopped woodfish, sitting in a cross -knee sitting without saying a word.

The host master entered the house in the eyes of the public, and then said in a loud voice: "This snake god has gone, but if it has been planted, everything is evil, otherwise the sky will be harvested.When the snake god records it, the old man advises the two masters to leave here quickly. As long as they are not in the five miles of the snake, they can gradually be relieved to relieve the torture.I am afraid that the old man is to recite the scriptures for forty -nine days, and it will be unable to recover! "

The sound of the master Hong Liang was clear in the full courtyard, and then the master went out of the house to the old lady’s jaw first.For a while, the family was busy sending these monks and sending sesame oil money, while the wife looked at the old lady in the eyes of her eyes.

The old lady shook her head and sighed, grabbing Huang Furong into the house. At this time, the county owner’s face was swollen, and there was no past light.Crying.

"The county master, you also heard the master’s words, you see me …" The old lady said in a dilemma, but the county owner had shouted in a dismissive manner: "I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, noNo, I don’t want to die here, I want to go! I want to go! "

The old lady was difficult to look: "Okay, I told you to prepare you, but what the master said is the distance between the five miles, or I will send you to the Zhuangzi in the suburbs to raise it to see it? Where and hereIt is nearly ten miles, it should be no hindrance … "

"Okay, okay, as long as you leave here, everything is fine!" The master of the county said in a panic, sweeping the dead ends in the house, as if the snake god would suddenly come out to bite her.

The old lady sighed, and immediately called the wife and the second grandmother to come in and instructed Zhang Luo. About half an hour later, the Bai family sent eight girls, six little sister -in -law, and four nursing homes.Accompanied by the county’s servant, the two were out of the house and went to the other courtyard in the suburbs of Baijia.

The county owner seemed to be immersed in fear, even if he was moaning and was lifted to the carriage, he stared around uneasily.Huang Furong was surprised by the side, very doubtful whether he was baking and grilled errors and even made a good county owner a lunatic, but San Ye was worried about his face. He couldn’t help it.Said: "Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, wait for you, you can come to Bai Fu to play …"

"Don’t, I, I won’t come here! Don’t entangle me, don’t entangle me!" The county owner shouted his throat, and he shrank into Jin Chan’s arms. Jin Chan immediately took the county masterThe curtain was put down, and I was so angry that Chong Sanye said, "San Ye, don’t you scare our county master?" After that, they nodded in the old lady, and they called Malaysia.Show.

Bai Ziyan watched the four carriages leave, but his heart seemed to be very disturbed. As soon as he turned to the old lady: "The ancestor, the county owner moved to the suburbs, I was really worried, I watched it in the past.indivual……"

"Noisy, even if you want to see it, you can’t be you! You are a big man who goes to the other courtyard, and you will be famous if you see the county master!" The old lady pulled her face and turned back to the house.In front of the horse shed, the wife hurried forward and grabbed Sanye’s arm and pulled back and persuaded: "Yan’er, don’t make trouble! Go back with me!"

"I don’t have any trouble!" San Ye shook his hand and took off: "I don’t worry about her, can’t I go to the house? I just go to the house in front of the house and live in the front of the house!"He shouted, and when he turned around, he caught the horse in the horses and chased out.

"This, this is simply noisy!" The wife stomped angrily, and immediately shouted the second grandfather to chase. The second grandfather chased after the second grandfather, and the wife helped the second grandma’s arm.So people are not worrying, always chaos! "


The group returned to the house. Due to the hurry of the county owner, the housekeeper Wu drank the family of his family and cleaned up. Because of the previous county owner, everyone was disturbed. The old lady looked at it.Posted directly: "Disassemble and wash everything in the house, so as not to find us, hey, I am old, but I can’t afford it! I can scare me just now!"Eliminated Huang Furong’s arm and held Hongyu to return to his courtyard.

Huang Furong was a little surprised, but Hongyu helped her arm: "Grandma, Hongguang found the objects you want, do you want to start today?"

Huang Furong nodded immediately and said yes, and wanted to call the uncle to go together, but found that the uncle went with the old lady in front of him, and naturally he only returned to his courtyard with Hongyu, and when they walked into the courtyard, they went into the courtyard.In the inside, Huang Furong suddenly stood up and looked at Hongyu: "Did you tell my ancestor about my idea?"

Hongyu smiled: "The old lady is the most smart, who can hide her?"

Huang Furong’s eyes turned: "How could the county owner cooperate with me?"

Hongyu looked at Huang Furong and said softly, "Good my grandma, you have to ask the old lady!"

"Ask the old ancestor? She wants to tell me too!" Huang Fu Li sighed, but Hongyu said, "Grandma has never heard of the big name of the Red Gate at all at a busy red light and Meixiang in the distance.? "

Huang Furong pouted: "I don’t know."

"Can you know the gods on the rivers and lakes?"

Huang Furong shook his head again: "I am very ignorant, I don’t know what you said, what is that?"

Hongyu stared at Huang Furong’s eyes, and couldn’t see a fake look. He had to sigh and said, "Even if the grandmother smells the grandmother, I don’t know. Sometimes the slaves really doubt whether you are the people in this world.! "

Huang Furong’s heart was shocked, but the person laughed: "Ha, then you mean, I’m not the people in the world? Okay, then me, uh, I am from the sky, or I am from me.The world came … "

"Grandma!" Hongyu shook her head helplessly, but people said seriously: "The original three gods on the rivers and lakes are" witch "all the way, the way is ‘fantasy’, and all the way is ‘forbearance’.Although it belongs to the martial arts in the rivers and lakes, it rarely mixes things on the rivers and lakes. It only pursues a higher state in their respective gates. Unless the country is facing a disaster, it will not shot. "

"Oh? Is there such a magical martial arts?" Huang Furong was curious, and he was quite interesting for a while.

"Yeah, anyone here knows this legend, but they don’t believe it, because after all, no one has seen it, but then I was fortunate to enter the old lady and follow the old lady.It exists, and the Red Gate is one of the "fantasy" factions of the gods.

Huang Furong heard it: "The Red Gate is the man of the Shenmen fantasy?"

"It’s not a person, but a mantle of the fantasy. I don’t know much, but the old lady is the family of the Red Gate, that is, she has inherited the Godmen Fantasy School. You always want to understand it.? "

Huang Furong blinked: "Is the old lady crazy?"

Hongyu Wan smiled: "Grandma’s method is good, but in the end, he took himself to the master of the county and forced it with the character of the birthday, so it will leave the county owner, but what if the heart of Yue Wang wants to kill grandma? GrandmaEven if the ability is good, I am afraid that there will always be a day when she can’t hold it, so after the old lady thought, she decided to help you in person and let her die directly. Since the grandmother wants the slave to make a snake god to make an article, the old lady simply simply simply simply simply.Let her "see the Snake God, I believe she dare not enter Bai Fu for half a step in her life!"

Huang Furong immediately accelerated his brain’s blood full heartbeat: "What is the old lady’s illusion? Is it an illusion?"

Hongyue was a crooked head: "This slave didn’t know!" Said she looked at the bright light and said softly, "Grandma, the old lady let the slaves know you, and you must be able to take the Bai family in ten days in ten days.The matter in the house takes over. "

"Ten days? So fast?"

"Yes, because not only the second grandfather, they have to leave the government as soon as possible, but more importantly, after ten days, you will enter the temple!"

Chapter 82 I just want to sleep now

Enter the temple?Huang Furong had a meal, and she faintly remembered that the old lady and wife had a dispute in the days when they entered the temple.But after ten days, she was also married for more than half a month after her uncle. It was almost less than a little bit.A large one came out, and more than a dozen groups were digging piles according to the position.

After looking at Huang Furong calmly, he called Hongguang aside and asked Hong Ying’s injury. When he knew that the old lady had asked someone to use acupuncture to give him poison, and then kept relieved, so she was relieved., I just pretended to be curious: "I look at his big black palm print that scares me. What kind of palm is it?"

"That’s the black poison palm." Hongguang’s face was slightly heavy: "I can’t think of someone around the county owner, but the boy will not look like a barbarian at all …"

"Not like?" Huang Furong shook his head: "Is there no one who has no South Northern Xiangxiang? Or is it adopted from a young age, and the habit is changed. Where can I recognize it?" HuangfuRong said suddenly: "You entered my house the day before yesterday, should you smell that fragrance?"

"After smelling, it’s Hua Long San."

"What kind of fragrance is that, and where is the number of ways?"

"This thing is not clear. It was not on the rivers and lakes earlier. Later, someone came back from the West and brought this kind of incense. Most of them thought that this thing came from the West, but the uncle was curious in the previous two years and told us to go to the West to deliberately deliberatelyAfter finding this thing, there is no shadow of this thing. The local Mongolian people even said that they had never seen this thing. Uncle once doubted whether this thing was from his place! As for this kind of fragrance, it is actually breaking the internal force and turning it.The aroma of hard work, but only for a while, it is okay after that. "

Huang Furong nodded and asked Meilan again. After learning that Meilan was looking at the red shadow, he told him to work. He returned to the house and picked the bamboo lounge chair to lean on it.Think of inner connection.

Gradually her brows locked deeply: Fragrant?Is this a way to use the fragrance of the Erfu of Oriental?Bian Bian, south, sounds like a place of Yunnan and Guizhou. Those places are the most growing places where poisonous insects grow. Will these things come from the south?In the south, Yue Wang could deal with the border, and he received a barbarian and the county owner. It seemed logical. He used his own things, and most of them brought from the southern realm …People, hissing, will the barbarian in the south of Yue have reached a certain agreement?

It was because of this incident that it made Huang Furong more and more guessing. In the end, he couldn’t help thinking of why Prince Yue gave up the throne he had already arrived at that time, and put himself in the wasteland in the south?Thinking about her suddenly think of the three gods that Hongyu said, when she was going to have a disaster when the country was encountered, a sudden idea was born: Will it?Approve?Can it be forced to give up the dispute over power?Now that his child Yue Wang rolled back, did he have received some of the recognition of the God Door?

Thinking of this, there was a sudden cold behind her, the red dragon spit out from the uncle, the palm of the red shadow, and the scars on the bending moon on the back of the uncle seemed to be telling her that everything was as good as the side, andWitch -related!

Among the three gods, the "witch" has been tied to the King of Yue because of the interests?

The question flashed in her head, and she felt that the forehead was struck, and she subconsciously reached out and grabbed her eyes, but saw the uncle’s eyes in front, and his hand holding the Paizi was died by himself.catch.

"What are you … what are you doing?" Huang Furong calmed down the accelerated heartbeat, and people wanted to sit up, but the uncle looked at the Pazi in her hand and smiled at her faintly: "I thought you were asleep, just sayDon’t wake you up quietly, but find that you frowned, and there are many sweats on your head. I worry that you have a nightmare, and I also say that you can wipe you! "

Listening to the voice of the uncle’s pretending to be a child, and looking at the faint smile of the uncle, Huang Furong’s heart suddenly rose a sourness, and she suddenly understood why he was so hard to disguise: If his own guess is correct, then he is what he isThe link between the world’s relationship is connected.

Everyone wants to get it, and the only one who gets it is that the one is not the one?Want to destroy!

This is an eternal truth, and it is verified again and again in the historic epic river.In the world, if you do n’t use it for your own, who will be willing to leave him to his opponents and use the most sharp knife to pierce his heart!

"What’s wrong with you?" Uncle looked at Huang Furong’s eyes and asked, he couldn’t help talking. Since he found her difference, he was still in his eyes that he was uneasy in her eyes.

Huang Furong didn’t speak, but instead reached out and circled the uncle’s waist, then puffed his head on his belly, and whispered: "I just want to sleep now."

Chapter 83 Not enough craftsmanship

Huang Furong stood at the door of the old lady’s main hall, squinting and watching the busy family in the distance, seemed to be in thought.

If the old lady knows her so -called details, it makes her more disturbing at the same time, then she is almost anxious now, because it is clear that the old lady thinks she is Huang Furong herself, but the previous things were just being being quilt.Control the mind.Now she is famous, now she, everyone, everyone, now she, Qinqi, calligraphy and painting!

But … God knows, her ladylike courses are all zero!

"Grandma, what are you thinking about?" Hongyu laughed with a smile: "But want to choose one in the piano, chess and calligraphy?"

Huang Furong smiled perfunctory: "Yeah, want to choose one …" She just wanted to choose a good man.

"Grandma, when the slaves learned that you were going to marry into Baifu, I heard that your piano skills are superb and famous. I think the second grandma is very good.It is also elegant, and it should be good. If you do n’t want to say with her, it is also very good to paint ink painting with ink! "

Huang Furong blinked and looked at Hongyu: "The piano skills are superb, the painting skills are well -known, can you hear this? I, I just came back half a year ago! Where did you hear it?" Huang Furong was surprised. In ancient timesIsn’t a woman who can’t get out of the door, how can it really be famous?It’s really going to be broadcast, it is estimated that it is also infamous … "

"But everyone knows what you are in Linjiang Pavilion!" Hongyu said with a slight eyebrow, but when he saw the uncle also out of the hall, he immediately brought a sentence: "Grandma does not believe the uncle, the grandma at the time, the grandmother was good -looking at the time.Woolen cloth!"

Huang Furong listened to the mist, but did not dare to ask clearly, so he had to say: "It is strange to remember the nature of the uncle!" Sure enough: "I can’t remember what you can’t remember, it’s not that the day you return to Pingcheng to see your father and people fighting skills in Linjiang Pavilion. You can’t afford to see him, you may lose your face, and you will be on the line in person!"

"That’s it, the uncle came back and learned to see it. I also said that your talent is indeed superb, more than you … uh …" Hongyu’s voice was obviously aware of her mouth faster, but she received it, but the uncle seemed to seem to bePicking over the past without politely: "You are much stronger than your father! The smell of his chess, there is still a lot of words, and the people playing the piano have not hindered him anything.? "

Huang Furong heard his eyebrows: "Mouth accumulates virtue! He is not good for him to be your father -in -law!" If the uncle is really stupid, she may not care about it, but knowing that he is stupid, she is not so happy, she will not be very happy.Even if that is her cheap dad!

The uncle smiled: "I just said the truth! If you were not playing well that day, and good painting, I definitely asked your father to ask for all!"

"You? What did you get on this?" Huang Furong instinctively answered, and then realized that he was reckless, and the red jade really heard a meal, but then laughed: "Grandma really has no heart in his heart.Step, you did n’t recognize it. Is the uncle and Erfang master who compared with you that day? "

At this moment, Huang Furong couldn’t wait to find a sewing drill in.But where did the ground seam get her drill?So she coughed her throat lightly and looked up directly: "Oh, the weather is good today, but I am busy, you play slowly, I, I have to arrange a dinner, don’t accompany you!"Turning around, but the uncle pulled her arm: "I want to follow you!"

Huang Furong glanced back and glanced at him: "What do you like to follow a woman? Play it yourself!" Where dare to take him, she has to find a gunman!

"No. I’m going to follow!" The uncle said, shaking his body, Huang Furong felt that his nerves were almost collapsed, and he could only nod: "Okay, you follow, you follow!"Mrs. Eye’s courtyard went.

At that time, she couldn’t figure out the specific situation, but it was generally understood that the uncle and Dongfangyu were mixed. According to her inertial thinking, she easily concluded that the so -called coincidence of the talent should not be at all.Coincidentally, I am afraid that Dongfangyu is deliberately arranged in order to let the uncle know himself, and his later thoughts and purposes seem to be needless to say.

"Well, what do we come here to do?" The uncle looked at the courtyard of Mrs. Eye, and asked immediately, Huang Furong didn’t reply: "I didn’t ask what she could take out what she could take out!"When the girl with the eyebrows of the eyebrows, she saw a girl who looked like a little familiar with her and green sleeves laughed and said something.

"Huh? How about Dong Rui?" Hongyu also asked with Huang Furong, and then asked, Huang Furong reacted this well -fitting girl in front of the second grandma, and the two girls who were talking at this time alsoSeeing them, at the moment, Qing sleeves hurriedly greeted each other, but Dong Rui lifts the curtain and pierced into the room.

"Grandma, why are you here?" Qing Xi’s loudly came, and then saluted with Huang Furong and the uncle. Huang Furong browed his eyebrows, "Look at what you say, I can’t come to see your master?Anyway, she is also the uncle’s chamber. I can’t help but think about her wounds, right? "Saying people hurried to Mrs. Mei’s room.

The feet set foot on the steps, Hongyu was lining up, and the curtain moved. The second grandma came out of the inside. Watching Huang Furong smiled with a surprised smile: "Why are you here? Are you not accompanied by the old lady?"

Huang Furong smiled back: "I also want to accompany the old lady, but the old lady did not let me be free. I came to find a good thing about the eyebrows, eh? How can you come here?West courtyard! "

Ye Yuqing’s seemingly helpless lips: "Hey, the old lady looked at me, and told me to clean up the West Court to prepare for the prince, but I didn’t have the bottom in my heart.After three days of living in my family, I asked Mrs. Mei. Anyway, her family had received it. I could follow the look of it in accordance with one, but I was so peaceful. "

"Oh, that’s it! Let’s go in and talk about it together. I also listened to it." Huang Furong said that he pulled the second grandma’s arm, but the second grandma laughed and owed him: "Don’t, my big sisterI have no time to chat with you without you, and ask clearly, I am going to work! You just go with your elder brother to accompany her! She, this leg hurts people

The stuffy panic, just talk about your family!"After talking about the second grandmother, the uncle owed him, and the girl Dong Rui, who followed her eyes, said," Let’s go quickly! "Some Zhang Luo!"Then he left.

Huang Furong looked at the back of Grandma’s departure, and smiled slightly, and people entered the house.At this moment, Mrs. Mei was lying on the collapse, and she was careful. When she saw Huang Furong and the uncle coming in, she laughed with a smile: "I have seen grandma, I have seen uncle!"

Huang Furong knew the courtesy before seeing her, so she smiled and helped her: "Okay, everyone is polite …" Then he pulled the uncle and sat next to him: "These days, your feet, your feet, your feet, your feet, your feet, your feetIs the injury better? "

"Grandma Xie cares, if the eyebrow hurts the ankle, it will be better for a while and a half." Mrs. Eye said with a touch of loneliness on her face, and her eyes were even more prominent.Huang Furong looked at the five -flavored bottle in his heart, and he couldn’t help but scold himself why he had no talent for his exercise, but he said in his mouth: "It is a hundred days of injury and bones.. "Said Mrs. Celebron laughed, expressing her care.

"If Grandma Xie Xie cares, I do n’t know if my grandmother comes to find a eyebrow, is there anything else?"

Huang Furong nodded when he heard the words: "Yeah, there is a pile. The prince is going to come to this grandma, and now the whole family is busy with the arrival of the prince. Just now, the old lady, the old ladySuddenly I thought of something, saying that the prince was for the disaster relief this time, and I felt that our white house should also be performed. However, because the rice grains have come out, the real gold and silver seem to be strong.It is better to think that it is better to from you, me, and the second grandmother to perform a talent for the talent, the prince and the grandfather, and our Bai family is doing their best! "People, she kept her in her heart, but said this, Mrs. Eye heard it, but frowned: "Grandma isn’t he laughing?"

Huang Furong shook his head naturally: "How can this be a joke!"

"But Rumei is a woman, and the virtue of Yineng can only be handled in front of the uncle. How can I be in front of outsiders? This is not appropriate?"I feel that this is an excellent speech, but I can refuse the old lady, but at this time the uncle opened: "What can’t be? The ancestor said, as long as it is for the people, it is nothing to show up!OK? I want to listen to your piano again! "

The uncle said so, Mrs. Eye, who was still hesitating, immediately did not hesitate, but it was a low state: "The uncle said so, if the eyebrows are not stubborn, they are not sensible.I do n’t know if my grandmother wants to perform such a eyebrow? "

Huang Furong glanced at her envious: "What are you best at?"

Mrs. Mei smiled: "Not just a piano skills."

Huang Furong nodded when he heard the words: "Then you might as well draw!"

Mrs. Eye heard that she was wrong, but then she quickly smiled: "Okay, how can grandma arrange it, what to do if the eyebrows!"

Huang Furong nodded: "Okay, then you think about it slowly, oh, this time we are for the disaster relief, but also the righteousness.The uncle said: "I have to go to the second grandma, or you’ll take a break here? Follow me everywhere, it’s not a thing!"

The uncle shook his head: "No, I’ll go to Hongguang them! I don’t want to see how well you can do that time!" After speaking, regardless of Huang Furong, he got up and ran away.

Huang Furong shook his head helplessly and said, "You see it, it’s not about my business!" After speaking, he went out of the house with an inexplicable red jade, but Mrs. Mei wrapped tears in her eyes.Squeezed his fist.

"Miss, what does grandma mean?" Qing sleeve asked softly, but Mrs. Eye twisted her head and reached out to wipe her tears: "What can’t be? Relying on the grandfather’s temperament, bully me!"

"Miss, what are you afraid of, the prince is not clear. At the beginning, he regarded you as a sister, and what he said is optimistic about you and the uncle. When you get there, you will lose two tears at him.I felt sad when I was in my heart, and she couldn’t eat it! "The green sleeve murmured in her mouth, but Mrs. Mei listened and smiled bitterly:" I think about the beauty, I’m afraid I don’t have that opportunity! You see it too!Listening to me in the piano and told me to make paintings. I think she is more afraid of me than anyone else, but fortunately I have a skills! That is … she wants me to post the question.What else can I draw? "

The green sleeve was stunned for a while, and then whispered: "The slaves can’t say it. The second grandma is the most ideas, or the slaves go back to her and ask?"

If the eyebrow nodded, "I only asked her, and now the whole family goes up and down, she will not see me a little more!"

"Miss, you are arrogant again, who are you? You are the second lady of the Oriental family! If you want slaves, you might as well listen to the advice of the second grandma.It is the best to let the prince talk to you. If you can continue the previous intention, you can accept you as a righteous girl, I’m afraid that grandma can’t afford to crook you! "

"Grandma, when you said that when he told her to make painting, the slaves looked at Mrs. Eye’s mouth to swallow a chicken, that was ridiculous!" Hongyu obviously had a good mood, accompanied Huang Furong all the way, and then went all the way all the way all the way all the way all the way all the way all the way all the way all the way all the way all the way all the way all the way all the way all the way all the way.Speaking of the expression of Mrs. Eye, I still learned from time to time: "Grandma really has you, just squeeze her like that!"

Huang Furong listened to his lips: "I didn’t squeeze her, but this piano, I could only play it!" Saying she randomly picked the rockery on the roadside.

"That is, grandma’s piano skills are superb, who do you not play?" Hongyu was still excited, but Huang Furong reached out and rubbed his face with depression: Qinqi, calligraphy and painting, you can cheat on the piano if you don’t move your mind!Chess?How to get it?Chess, I can probably take a gun, Yunzi, I don’t know where I go!painting and calligraphy?Come on, the pen characters are not well written, and the brushes, still drawing, drawing a sketch, you can’t understand it.Hey, don’t you have a piano left? Maybe, maybe I find someone to play behind the back. I do it in front of me, should I do it?

"Grandma, what’s wrong with you?" Hongyu finally found her irritability from her grandma rubbing her face. As soon as she squatted, Huang Furong grabbed her with a serious face and solemnly: "Red jade, you, youWill you have a distress with me? "

Red jade instinctively nodded: "Of course, if grandma has instructed, it is the water in the water, and the slaves will not blink!"

"Okay! I don’t need to run in the water in the fire, I will ask you, will you play the piano?"

The red jade’s face was red and red: "This, the slaves will not …"

Huang Furong’s eyes were glaring: "Don’t you? You really can’t you?"

Hongyu nodded in a grievance: "This slave wouldn’t …"

Chapter 84 Want to insert shallot in the nose

Hongyu also wants to do it. May I ask that woman does not want to finger to make blue plums outside the courtyard?

She also wants!But she has to have the opportunity to learn this!Although she is a girl who is very beloved by her old lady, although she enjoys a certain status at the Bai family, although she will have some fists, she is a girl who has never had the opportunity to contact these elegant things after all.So how could she be?

Huang Furong nodded depressed, and the idea of cheating in her heart was also facing fragmentation. After all, she couldn’t catch someone casually and played a double spring with herself.Fortunately, Hongyu was very considerate. She said very considerate: "Grandma wants Shuangqin to play with? Or the voices are accompanied? In fact, Meilan is very good at the piano, or the slaves are looking for her to accompany the grandmayou……"

"Meilan Club?" Huang Furong’s eyes lighted up.

"Yes, not only Meilan will be, Mei Xiang will also, I remember Mei Xiang had learned with Meilan!" Hongyu said with a magnifying smile on the face of Huang Furong after saying: "Go, let’s hurry up and put it quickly.Grandma the second asked, let’s talk about it. "Then he got up and pulled the red jade and left.

The western courtyard is a courtyard of three in three outs. It was originally the courtyard of the eldest master Bai Dezhi. However, because the grandfather and grandfather had been a young grandfather, he followed his grandfather in the south courtyard when he was a child.After returning to the west, he had his own way, and the western courtyard lived with his daughter -in -law for eight months.Later, with the experience of the external calendar, the western courtyard was empty. Occasionally, I caught up with a long -lived or festival, and I lived in the month.It was just rubbing the gray and not moved.

Ye Yuqing, who was thinking about to settle in the prince, thinks that there is a place where the gray is not seen in the palace, and then drinking the little sister -in -law must wipe the bright everywhere.If a place is not clean, it is a whip.When Huang Furong arrived at the Western Court, he saw the appearance of the second grandma, and then looked at the big, small and small trembling appearance of the yard, and realized that the second grandma was afraid of the right to take over.Most of the people brought out of the people have their own system. When she takes over, this group of meson is moving, but it is two said.

With the second grandma, the three or four women sipped six with the second grandma, and Ye Yuqing stood under the shade of the tree and threw the handkerchief. In addition, he just moved the lounge chair.Immediately made a voice: "Grandma is here!"

Ye Yuqing heard that it was her, and he greeted him with a smile: "Okay, my sister -in -law, people are not allowed to be leisurely. How do you chase me? How, you are playing here, come together?"She said with a smile, but it sounded like playing with a thorn, and Huang Furong had to smile:" I can’t come to find you to ask something, see you nervous, you can rest assured that you can do it.Don’t ask if you don’t touch it! Save you complain about me! "

Who can’t bring in the words?Huang Furong took back the words, Ye Yuqing smiled, and he pulled Huang Furong with his own hands, "Oh, I dare not complain, but a few words, the old lady sent a word, this family wanted this family, I needed this family to want it.You care, I just get busy for you today! "

Huang Furong swept the mother -in -law and girls in front of him. He understood that the second grandma was a foundation for these people, so that they knew that her master was ready to move the nest, so he was disgusted with himself.However, Huang Furong was not stupid, but now he said with a smile: "Come on, what is to give me a busy, obviously for the Bai family, and be busy for you! The second grandfather will take you out in a few days.The incident is done. The family must eat and drink through the second grandfather. I was just pulled by the old lady.Give it to you! Say that Erxi also understands people. You and the second uncle are going out, but it is good. God knows, I want to go out with the uncle, just look at the beauty of the road, it is good! "

Huang Furong brightened the words. Now people know that who is arranged by the old lady still dares to murmur in her heart?Listening to grandma’s meaning again is just that the second grandmother is not handling it, and all of them are busy with her eyebrows and eyes, but Ye Yuqing smiled: "The big sister is so good, as if we are going to playGenerally, everything is from zero, how can there be a blessing! "She said the truth. Although I was happy that day, I knew the difficulties with the second grandfather in the evening, but fortunately, I opened the way.Jiandao smashed the road with silver. Once it was smashed, it was not the relationship between the Bai family but the relationship between Bai Er Ye.I would like to let it go, but when I thought of who was light, she immediately sprinkled her hands. Even her aunt side said it for the afternoon before explaining the benefits.

"Come, I don’t want to talk to you about what you enjoy, and I just simply say that the old lady means that the prince is coming.Sitting together. The old lady said that we could come out all, but the prince came to call him happy, so he meant that you, me, and Mrs. Eyebrows had a hand -to -hand talent.The place where Mrs. Emerald was asked, she chose paintings, what about you, what did you choose Qinqi, painting and painting? "

"Hi, those things are just the same, they can’t get on the table, but the flute I learned more finely when I was young.Human, do you draw a piano or painting? "

As soon as Huang Furong heard that "he" was really famous, he could only smile: "I’ll be happy with Fuqin. As for drawing, I can’t hold my hand!"

The second grandmother heard that she was beaten, and immediately showed a distress: "Hey, the thing that day was really wronged, eh, this time the prince came, the county master, please do you ask?"

Huang Furong had a blank face: "I want to ask the old lady, I don’t know how to be, the county owner is not thought of by the snake god. She killed a life in our house.Baifu, but she won’t go out of the countryside, can she come, who knows! "

The second grandma nodded when she heard the words, and her eyebrows seemed to be thinking about something, but Huang Furong had no intention of accompanying her to talk about it. He just said that you were busy and took the red jade.

As soon as they went out of the courtyard, the second grandmother came up with the ahead of the mother, and the tea, handing the Pazi, full of charming appearance, that Ye Yuqing enjoyed it, and said slowly: "How many are you?My mother -in -law’s daughter -in -law, when I play a little thing, follow the fragrance and spicy, and now I know that I am going to leave, and I can read me in my heart. This is good.When you are, you will have all of you. The rest is your own number of ways. In case of something wrong, it wo n’t be able to rely on me! "

Several girls and women were thanks, and Ye Yuqing waved her hands to pass them, but she called a young daughter -in -law in front of them: "He Sanjia, the other courtyard in the suburbs seems to be taking care of the yard?"

The young daughter -in -law nodded immediately: "Which two grandma, my nephew is young, when it comes to years, it is larger than me."

"Oh, this is the day of May, and it will be the Dragon Boat Festival in a blink of an eye. You have to walk and go. So, when you go outside to buy ingredients with the kitchen, go there to see your nephewAlright, you can’t always get along because people are bigger than you? "

Then the daughter -in -law of He Sanjia was a clever man, and he immediately listened to the meaning of it. He was busy thanking the second grandmother to be compatible.Gift? "

"Remember the hoe when you go, people are the county owner, how can you not be neglected. The Dragon Boat Festival is near, and the male rice wine is two pots. That is our heart, can you understand?"Hey. How can you suffer a snake god? Only Xionghuang can press it! "

Looking at Mei Xiang’s sweaty face, Huang Furong pulled the Pazi in his hand with some irritable.After all the song was over, Meixiang was breathing first: "Grandma, you just spared the slaves, how can the slave’s craft play with you?"

Huang Furong didn’t speak, but Hongyu opened his cavity: "Isn’t it okay for you to play in the past? The first two times I listened to this one awkward, what did you do?" Uncomfortable? "

Meixiang shook his head: "I am not uncomfortable, just think of playing with the prince, I want to play with my grandmother, I will be nervous. Besides, Meilan teaches me some of them., I can’t play it at all … "

"If you can’t play, you have to play!" Huang Furong had a black face with a black face. The two girls who scared the two girls spit tongue together, and Meixiang changed her face: "Yes, yes."

"Don’t think about playing with the prince, don’t think about playing with me. Anyway, you are just to cooperate with me to have a sound effect. When I get the folk style, no one looks at you! You just play itIt’s all sweaty, but the song can’t be so awkward! "Said that she turned to look at Meilan, who seemed to be in a daze, and asked by herself," Do you think this song is good? "

Meilan heard the words: "Grandma, you call the slave to accompany you to choose the song, and the slaves have asked the princes that the prince usually loves the songs.The praise is the world of the people in our country.

Huang Furong was not interested in listening to the introduction, raised her hand to interrupt her, and murmured with a nearly worrying voice: "Did Meixiang Audi mix it? I don’t want to make a leak.

Milan glanced at Huang Furong politely: "If you can’t think of a leak, it’s grandma, you play it!"

Huang Furong raised his claw again: "How can I play like this?"

When Hongyu wanted to speak, Huang Furong glanced at her. She had to swallow the words of her mouth, but she didn’t understand what Grandma could do as a guise.

Meilan looked at the hand of Yinzi, and slightly skimmed, so he had a whisper: "Grandma didn’t want to refute the old lady, and she didn’t expect to make a force.At that time, the two Meixiang and I were faked as consonants. Grandma, you are in front of you. When you play, the slave will be the main voice.It’s troublesome! "

Huang Furong heard his words and waved his hand, "Take a step is one step, but then talk about it!" Said pushing Qin to Meilan: "Bounce it, play it for me again!"

Mei Lan was surprised but not easy to ask, so she had to get the piano low, and Huang Furong focused on how she died and how to play. At this moment, she knew that if she wanted to wear a help, she had to insert green onions in her nose and pretend!

Chapter 85

Meilan has been playing from the morning until the evening. Although she bounces obviously irritability, Huang Furong still does not mean to let her go. Until the dinner, Hongyu had to remind her to invite it. SheI reluctantly put Meilan.

When Meilan saw her grandmother, she left in a hurry.Huang Furong also reminded him of the first few times. In the first few carelessness, Meixiang tongue tongue: "Sister Meilan can be broken by grandma!"

Hongyu smiled and looked at Meilan’s back, pulled Meixiang’s whisper, and saw Meixiang’s eyebrows and nodded, and then smiled with eating.What the girl looks like.

"Grandma, you can’t be delayed anymore!" When Hongyu saw that the grandmother was too vivid, she persuaded her to get up, and Meixiang took the opportunity to slide the piano. After all, she also played with a day.When the makeup was about to go out, it was Zhang’s mother who came to the courtyard to know that because the prince was about to go to the sea house.Old lady, master and wife have drove to the Haijia Bay Courtyard, and there is no need to say hello at night.

Huang Furong asked with a politely sentence, and asked Hongyu to get some cakes for Zhang Mom, but she was ready to send someone out. However, Zhang Ma was happy and intentionally reminded the grandmother’s dinner for the grandmother’s dinner.If you want to make it thinner.Huang Furong turned his mind and understood what she meant. At the moment, he said his unfamiliar words and put things on Zhang Ma’s head. Zhang Ma immediately resigned and responded cheerfully.went.

As soon as Zhang’s leaving, Hongyu pouted: "Leaning for the old!"

Huang Furong laughed when he heard the words: "As the saying goes, Jiang is old and spicy. People can see the uncle’s nurses again, and they can yell at you. She followed the old lady again, this familyShe is not the end, you can not provoke her if you look at it again. Now that she can know what to do with me, this is the best. What is afraid of not to do it with you.That is difficult to serve. The dinner is not big, and it is not small. Although the old lady will arrange who will come, but in the end, it is also a trivial matter.So long, where can a daughter -in -law be cooked? It ’s okay to go! It becomes me to post money, and it’ s not her back to the pot, what am I afraid of! "

Hongyu listened to Huang Furong’s words, and nodded at the moment: "Grandma seeing it often says that this one who doesn’t know what does not understand, but it is bright in her heart! Zhang Ma is also familiar, and the dinner is given to it.She was not separated, just don’t know if grandma, do you want to confirm the guest? Leng up when the old lady comes back and ask, you have a blind eye! "

Huang Furong listened to the words of Hongyu that it was a big deal. At the moment, he was strange that he was thinking about cheating, so he hurriedly grasped Hongyu and went to the door of the house to find the housekeeper.Zhang Ma came to ask and instructed, and when he came back and forth, he knew who had invited who and who did what he did.

After being busy with this time, Huang Furong just returned to the room to drink porridge, causing the girls to say that the old ladies returned.At the moment, I hurriedly asked An An. Sure enough, the old lady asked the family to explain one by one as soon as she returned. After learning that the Western Court had been cleaned up, after the three people’s arts were selected, they asked the dinner guests.

Huang Furong said one by one inquiring about the situation, and learned the words on each post in accordance with the instructions of Wu Hoster Housekeeper. The old lady couldn’t help nodding.When it was finished, it had reached the beginning of Hai.

"Well, I know you are intentional. This is right to you. I know it clearly, and what I say is the talked about. Yes!" The old lady exaggerated now, and Huang Furong hurriedly polite: "The old lady can be able toI praised me, all of which were familiar with Mr. Wu and Ms. Zhang, and told me one by one, and told me to die, so that I could not be embarrassed in front of you! "

The housekeeper and Zhang Ma were outside the door, and the grandmother listened to the two of them praised the two of them. At present, they were happy on their faces.The old lady also nodded now: "Well, these two people are two ‘human worms’, you will ask! Okay, it’s not early, go back and rest, that, the prince, the prince, the prince at the beginning of the noon at the beginning of the noon at the beginning of the noon at the beginning of the noonWhen we come to our Bai family, the meal at noon is used on our Baifu. In the afternoon, I said that I would go to the two cities. At this time, it depends on the situation.

"According to the meaning of the mother, it is placed in Wangyuelou, which is close to Qinghu!" The master immediately replied.

"How big?"

"The whole building is packed. Twelve seats were prepared in the main hall. Six Zhang Ya seats were pressed on the second floor. In the third floor, the main table of eighteen people accompanied the six vice seats of the twelve people.. The two ends of the room are the tea room left for the wake of drunk. "After the master explained it, the old lady nodded:" That’s it.To confirm directly from home, we must make things complete. This time we are funded for disaster relief, and the silver of the seat may be on the bright side, so as not to guess others. "

"Yes, mother! But is it also accepted in these four major familys?"

"Accept! We have out the wine and water, and don’t do it empty at home. Wherever the real gold and silver are put, no one can pinch our words!" The old lady put it, and said that she was tired and scattered. Huang FurongAfter coming out with the wife, the wife asked politely: "Is there a good piano in your hand?"

Huang Furong remembered that he had a dowry with one, and then said that his wife asked the name name, but Huang Furong didn’t know much about it.A good Guqin gave Huang Furong.

"This is my dowry, but I did n’t have the opportunity to play in the Bai House. It’ s not a trivial matter, but also a righteousness. This piano will send you, so I ’m so polite!Thank you, the wife was tired now, and took someone back, and Huang Furong returned to the courtyard with a piano.

"This is a good thing, just don’t know how long for a long time, what is the sound?" Hongyu put the piano, and said carefully, Huang Furong moved his mind, and raised his hand to try it.铮.

"It’s really a dowry of my wife. My unknown girl knows well!" Hongyu said with a smile and tightened Huang Furong, but Huang Furong was unwilling to be on this, and only frowned and askedWhy haven’t you come back at this time?

"Oh. It’s a slave! I just saw the uncle who was followed by the uncle outside the hall, and asked after asking. In the afternoon, the grandfather Haijia sent someone to pick up the grandfather and said that it was going to drink together at night. TodayI won’t come back. At that time, my grandmother was listening to the piano and did not go out of the hospital.Press all the girls outside and only say that they practice the piano, and they are not allowed to disturb.

"Drink? Uncle is a idiot. Last time, Master Grandma was not willing to take him. Why do you come to pick it up this time?"

"This is not clear. Xu is playing this time. There is nothing serious. Besides, the uncle is just burning, but the wine will drink it. It should never affect it?" Hongyu said, but people did not care, but people did not care, but people did not care, but people did not care, but people did not care, but people did not care, but people did not care, but people did not care aboutNote that the seal in Huang Furong’s hand, the curiosity came up now: "Grandma, why do you say that he hurts his hand? It doesn’t hurt the medicine given by the old lady, do you not want to play?"

Huang Furong glanced at her: ‘I dare not want to do n’t want to, but my hand pain, I’ m afraid that the play is not good."Said, I put on my hand:" Don’t say, I’m tired, I’m still busy, rest! "Alas, when can Xianglan and Cui’er come over to serve?"Since doing something, the old lady said that she called two girls to raise, which was not followed by her.

"Ming, the old lady is afraid of what discomfort, I watched it for two days, there are many things, and 80 % are here!" At the moment, Hongyu said that she was waiting for her to wash and disassembled the hair.In the bed, then I covered the door and returned to my room.

Huang Furong rolled on the bed, but felt boring.The uncle is not around, and it is clear to cheat in the eyes of the public. Even if she has a good psychological bearing ability, she feels irritable.People climbed out of the house with a guy, thinking that they could find two Taoist friends to complain.

But when the bounty wall was not seen, she couldn’t see two familiar figures. She was bored and had to scan the list on the bounty wall by herself.

Suddenly, a figure flashed from her next to her. She smiled and looked at the figure that the figure was hidden in the night and burst out the sentence of Batman, but this sentence has not disappeared yet, but the shadow appears in front of her.A cat face mask with extremely familiar familiarity: "What are you doing?"

"Can’t see it? Pressing the road!" Huang Furong saw that he was in a good mood and took one sentence casually. When the other party was suspected to be wrong, she had already made a chin: "What about you? Are you doing things?"

"Hmm! Help someone steal a baby!" The cat face took out a scroll hidden under the cloak.

"Baby? See it for me!" Huang Furong thought he reached out and took it, and the cat’s face did not shy away, but when Huang Furong opened it, she was stupid.On the scrolls, there are small and small characters with densely strokes, and most of the palaces are different.

"What is this? Word posts?" Huang Furong couldn’t understand, and he went back to the roll. The cat’s face stunned, reached out, and rolled it carefully: "Do you don’t know this baby?"

Huang Furong shook his head: "Don’t know, whose post posts?"

With a meal, I said helplessly: "How can this be a copybook, this is the score, this is the piano song" Ask the Sky "under the end of his life!"

"Pacquent lice?" Huang Furong was cold for this name, and then shook his head embarrassedly: "I haven’t heard it. I have no research on this thing, I don’t know! Oh, this is the task?"

"Yes!" The cat face said that the scroll had hid back into the cloak, and then looked at Huang Furong and asked, "What about you? What is the task of pressing the road?"

Huang Furong stunned and smiled: "I have no task. What I am talking about is our native language, it means to go shopping, eh, nothing? If it’s okay, accompany me to drink a little wine?"

The cat’s face seemed to be hesitant, and then nodded: "Okay, I will accompany you for two cups!"

Chapter 86 Aunt Mrs.

Shiqiao, touched the river, the two sat at two and a half distance between about two and a half meters, and they took two ends of the wine sac in their hands. They drank their masks and drank their heads.Essence

"Why do you think of drinking?" The cat asked clearly, and people seemed to look at the moon in heaven.

"Wine is the soul of sorrow, wine is the courage to counsel, wine is aphrodisiac, wine is a lonely tears …" Huang Furong said with a smile: "I suddenly feel a little lonely, but who I don’t know,Then hold you with two sips, it’s nothing! "

"If you are not encountering me?" The cat’s face said that the mask raised his mouth to drink, but Huang Furong had a meal: "Then you can’t get the baby’s head. If you can’t touch it, it is destined to be todayNo mouth! "

"So I am good for me?"

"It’s my good luck, I mix some wine and drink. Thank you for your wine!" Huang Furong said that he also set off a mask to take a sip.

"Why come out and take this way?" Suddenly, the cat’s face asked very seriously. Huang Furong was filled with a bite in his throat. He was alcohol in his throat and swallowed the wine: "What are you asking as a killer?"

"Yes!" The cat nodded, and reached out the leaves on the weeping willow.

"Why …" Huang Furong murmured: "The beginning was about to live, but later, it seemed to like this kind of tense and exciting life. Now, it seems that only this can prove that I am not a waste." Huang Furong said that he saidHe didn’t catch the little stone around him, and drifted into the water surface: "How about you?"

The cat’s face looked at the little stone to make a string of ripples, and the throat overflowed: "It’s the same as you. It’s just to live, but now you use this to prove that you are not a waste, I use this to send boring."

"It seems that everyone is almost the same. I don’t know what the baby’s head is because of the reason. Hey, do you seem to know?" Huang Furong could feel a invisible fit between them.

"I met much like you, even if you are familiar!" The cat face said that the roll of willow leaves were put in your mouth, and the rhythm was immediately venting in the night.

Listening to Liu Ye Yiyi, Huang Furong suddenly lost the wine sac in his hand. The void made a piano -shaped, shaking his head and shaking his head, raising his hands, as if he was intoxicated.Slowly, the gradient between the willow leaves, eventually became the music "Ya Song" familiar to Huang Furong.

"Huh? How do you know that I played this song?" Huang Furong was shocked.

"Oh, you are good at people, and you can guess one or two, but you just say falsely to me. You do n’t understand the rhythm of the music."The cat’s face said that he lost Liu Ye into the river.

"Whoever said falsely to you! I can just play empty. You really put me the piano here, and after you have played me, you can vomit blood and die in your childhood!"

"Subject? Ziqi?" The cat’s face seemed a little stunned.Huang Furong quickly waved his hand: "Oh, that child is a cow, much better than what the pubic lice you said."

"What? He is also a good piano?" The cat’s face seemed very excited.

"No, he is a coward, but he can listen. There is a person who is much better than Mr. Pakistani. He is called Yu Boya. He took a boat on the river and plays a song" High Mountain Flowing Water ". As a result, the Zhongzi sonThe period understands the chanting in his piano, which makes Yu Boya lead to confidant. Later, Zhong Zi died early. Yu Boya knew it and went to hang it. After the last song was played in front of his grave, he broke the strings.Fuqin. "

The cat’s face was obvious, but there was a lot of emotions in the tone: "Displicable the string without the piano, so a confidant heart!"

Huang Furong nodded: "Yeah, so people often say‘ a confidant is enough! ”

The cat face asked, "Are they the people of your hometown? Seriously, I want to meet."

Huang Furong had a dilemma: "They are my hometown, but they are people who have died for many years, but they have passed down, this deed!"

The cat’s face was thoughtfully nodded, and it was obviously disappointed, but then it was an arch: "Come, let us respect their friendship!"

Huang Furong grabbed the wine sac in his hand: "Long live friendship! Long live a confidant!" After talking about grabbing the mask to suppress his head and drink, and the cat’s face paused obviously, and murmured in his mouth: "Long live!" ThenDrinking a large mouth, but then he pulled a mask with a master: "I still have something to do, I can’t drink anymore.

"Oh, okay! Then, thank you for your wine!" Huang Furong said that he raised the wine sac and watched the cat’s face disappearing behind the night, and then left Qingshiqiao and returned to Baifu.

In the Haijia different courtyard, the noisy at this moment is very noisy. In the garden with a bright light, the uncle Bai Ziqi pulled the sleeves of the people around him without letting go, and kept thinking about it in his mouth: "Drink it when you lose.! "

The caught man helplessly set his hands, and several people around him were persuading: "Bai Ye, His Royal Highness has drank it, it’s you!"

"Yeah, Bai Ye, you obviously lost you …"

"Pass! This Rubik’s cube is fighting twice. He spell it for a long time. You say that he is faster than me.As soon as I pushed it, there was no light and heavy. The a few of them were fell to the ground at the moment.Can you do it? Then you see it clearly, but I drank another drink, you can no longer depend on me! "

Uncle nodded with a smirk, and saw the Prince drinking alcohol, then loosened his arms and grabbed the Rubik’s cube and laughed: "Haha, I won, I won!"

The prince shook his head helplessly, putting the glass of the wine glass, and Dongfangyu, who had always owed him, said, "He is stupid. But his temperament has not changed, you still have to ask for a win -win!"

"Yeah, don’t you say the old saying, Jiangshan is easy to change the nature!" Dongfangyu said that he had to put a chopsticks for the prince in the front disc, but he didn’t want the uncle to grab the chopsticks,Send the Rubik’s Cube to the front: "It’s you!"

Dongfangyu rolled his eyes helplessly: "I can’t play, can I know the defeat?"

The uncle’s head shakes the same as the wave drum.

"Drink in the wine!" Dongfangyu said he grabbed the wine glass. The uncle paused and laughed.

Dongfangyu nodded for a while: "Okay, I recognize! You guy is stupid, why is it still like this when you sit on the ground!"

The prince laughed when he heard the words: "Nature, nature!"

Dongfangyu smiled and drank, and he scolded: "This is the second grandfather! He shouted Bai Ye for drinking and funny, and he was filled with our wine! Hey!? "

"Hi, Baspta, in which house is lying on his stomach!" Ye Jiazi on the side said that he clamped a peanut rice entrance: "I used to drink a lot before! I saw him almost!"

"Yeah, let’s go and see!" Dongfangyu stood up. At this time, the prince also stood up: "I also look at him, how much has the amount of alcohol in these years!"In this way, everyone can see that it is to find a chance to hide from the uncle Bai’s family, and I really don’t want to be entangled by him.

Uncle smirked his head and played his Rubik’s cube, but the man said in his mouth: "What fun is the little sister, or my Rubik’s cube is fun …" He was saying, but he was a servant who dressed with a public duck.The claws shouted on the side of the garden: "Come on two people to help me, the second grandfather of the Haijia fell outside the hut!"

At present, the prince and the people sitting were laughing and laughed, and the waiting next to him quickly passed to help.Uncle jumped from the chair: "What, he fell into the hut? But fell into the pit?" He rushed out when he was excited.Can’t help shaking his head, those who accompanied each other and laughed without the side.

The uncle rushed in front of the horse first, and saw the second grandfather on the lying on the house outside the hut. When he went up, he shouted and pinched his arm, but he shook quickly.At the time, a few guards also got close. The help of helping and lifting the person to send people to the house aside, and the uncle shouted in his mouth, and he looked behind these people.The worse and farther from them, and then looking around, it was a shadow, and people disappeared.

When he appeared again, he ran back to the middle of the garden with his nose. Before he opened his mouth, Dongfangyu joked him: "Hi, don’t come, you touch your uncle?!"

"Oh! You just dipped it out. I slept outside the hut!" The uncle said that he was facing Dong Fangyu.Nose? "

After a meal, my nose was loosened: "Oh, yeah, what do I do, I am not stinky!"

Such a rude action, in the eyes of the people around, did not get regrets, but even more presumably laughter, but a little flashed in the eyes of the prince, and some said, "Playing enoughIt’s tired, let’s go! "

As soon as the words of the prince came out, everyone was a little surprised, and they all laughed in a hurry. At this time, a family -shaped person went to the garden and said with the relatives brought by Dongfangyu., Bite the ears with a condensed look.Seeing this glance, the prince saw that Dongfangyu’s face changed greatly, and then asked, "What? What happened?"

Dongfangyu was stunned, and busy was owed. "It’s not a big deal, but something happened in the family. I’m afraid that the small one must go back first."

"Do you need me to help?" Prince Edward laughed with a smile on his face.

"Ah, don’t use it, if you need a small one, thank you, the prince, then the little one …"

"Go!" The prince said his hand, and then waved his hands to everyone: "It’s all scattered, there is a banquet from the Bai family tomorrow, you can’t be greedy!" After speakingThe person who Ying owed him to give him a gift. The uncle grabbed a chicken wings and got up and sent him, but the person was busy with him. He didn’t have any scruples.

Early in the morning, the Bai family was busy.The main masters of all kinds of sizes are busy dressing and dressing. In addition to turning out the best brocade forging summer sets, they also find all kinds of head and jewelry, and choose the most beautiful set.

Huang Furong also got up early, sitting in front of the mirror, she was combed by Hongyuhong with a symbolic identity.This high -puppet, which was originally the costume in the palace, flowed out of the people and became the dress of the lady.Huang Furong had no hobbies about this, and he had no intention of spent his mind here, so he combed what the girls wanted to comb, and just fiddled with the three sets of jewelry in front of them.

"Grandma, which set can you choose?" Cui’er and Xianglan held two sets of clothes and asked to ask Huang Furong.Hongyu guessed right. Because of the busy today, Ms. Zhang in the early morning put their two of them returned to serve.

"Pick your clothes first and then match the jewelry!" Huang Furong yawned, and looked at the clothes in the mirror from the mirror. As a result, he took two girls to take out the clothes out, and Huang Furong stunned: "Red?Other colors? "

The two girls didn’t speak, but Hongyu said with a smile: "Grandma, what you saw today is the prince, you are the grandma, and the new marriage one month. What do you wear?" What do you wear? "

"But this is too red!" Huang Furong always didn’t like to wear too bright clothes. As a killer, she was used to a mode of disguise with a low -key camouflage on weekdays.

"Grandma, red! I don’t know how many people can’t wear red clothes but can’t wear it!" Cuier said with a skirt with a peony in her hand: "Grandma, how is this?" HuangfuRong heard that Hongyu had said the rules of color level, and felt that there were some things that could not be relied on, so I looked at Hongyu: "I look good, please help me pick it up!"

Hongyu fixed her hair bun with a big puppet, looked back at the two clothes, and took Xianglan’s hand: "Grandma is not wearing this body.Although the peony of the body is beautiful, the second grandma has always liked the peony, it is difficult to protect the clothes, and it is better to avoid it. "

Huang Furong nodded and swept the three sets of jewelry in front of him: "This, you also choose!"

"Gold and silver’s utensils are the most common, and there are many embedded. The eyes that slaves look at it are really not good …" With a meal, there was Yinger’s voice outside the door: "Grandma, Mother Zhang is here! "

"Please!" Huang Furong said quickly and got up to the screen, but saw Zhang Mu holding a box: "Grandma, the old lady asked me to send you a cover!" Said the box in the handledeliver.

"The old lady sent it?" Huang Furong took it in surprise and opened it to see, but it was a jewelry of pearls.


"The old lady said that people of the four major familys today will come. Gold and silver in various places are common, that is, it is not much worse. This is the most favorite set of jewelry before his life.The old lady said that when the uncle married his wife, he gave the grandmother. The old lady said that she wanted to take it out when she wanted to worship the temple, and I was afraid that you would not be appropriate today, so I will take it.Ask you to put it on today! "

"Okay, I wear it, Ms. Zhang bother you to thank my old lady for me. When the matter is finished today, I will go to the old lady again." Huang Furong glanced at the red jade, and the red jade had to take it.A bead flower in the box came over to Huang Furong’s hands. Huang Furong was inserted on Zhang’s hair bun: "This is a big day, you have to dress up, I have nothing to doHead and face, this rubber pearl flower is still looking at it, you take it! "

"Oh, how do you make this, this is your grandma your dowry …"

"Okay, I don’t treat you as an outsider!" Huang Furong withdrew his hand with a smile, pretending to look at it: "Well, yes, you are always red, I call someone to support the rubber of the rubberWear! "

Zhang Ma’s face immediately smiled like a fold to rub his butt paper: "Grandma, you are so polite!"

"Should!" Huang Furong said with a look at the clothes that Hongyu had chosen. Zhang Ma: "Hey, Zhang Ma, you show me, the head and face given by the old lady, can I wear this body?"

Zhang Ma looked at it with a smile. Seeing that the red gown skirt was dressed, he nodded, but his eyes swept to the embroidered Lianhe below, but asked, "Dare to ask the grandma’s other body?"

Xiang Lan asked, and quickly took out the stacked clothes again. At the moment Zhang’s eyebrows frowned, and then asked, "Did you only have two red skirts?"

Hongyu nodded: "Yeah, the original embroidered peony was the original. It was only sent yesterday with the lotus lotus, but it was not a new one when the clothes were made …"

"The grandmother has a red dress with a remarriage?" Mother Zhang asked a little carefully.

How many are Huang Furong?Those who are just on the face are all skirts, not formal clothes, how to wear it, naturally only smile: "I don’t love red clothes, I really don’t have red skirts."

Zhang’s eyes flashed with a touch of disturbance in obvious eyes. Huang Furong smiled when he saw this: "How? Both clothes are not suitable?"

Ms. Zhang smiled: "The meaning of the second grandma is that the big grandma is best to wear a peony, and everyone can divide it."

"Put on peony? Lost she thought about it! Which of the family did not know that the second grandma loved the peony dress, she was really okay!" Hongyu said that he stuffed the peony’s clothes back to Xianglan’s arms: "Let’sJust wear Lianhe! "

"No!" Huang Furong shook his head: "Lianhe can’t wear it."

"Why?" Hongyu asked subconsciously, Huang Furong bit his lips lightly: "Eat people’s mouth short, holding their hands soft, Mother Zhang is a bully and hard -working master, but also the uncle’s nursing., She means obvious, they can’t wear them, but I didn’t change it, she told me to wear peony, I’m afraid it would be the harm of the two power! "The jewelry box locked deeply.

"But if you wear a peony. What if you hit the second grandma? Although you are a big house, she is a second house, but the whole family knows that she likes peony.Out of the limelight … "Hongyu was a little worried.

"Then don’t wear red outfits!" Huang Furong said that he threw the red clothes of the lotus lotus to Xianglan: "Go to the formal dress of other colors, powder, goose yellow or snow purple!Peony and lotus! "

"Other colors?" Hongyu heard that he was nervous: "Grandma, are you suitable for red?"

"I am like my person, not with my clothes. If I want to wear red, I can prove that I am a wife, then I might as well go out in the house!" Huang Furong said that he had already already said that he had already already beenHe went forward in person, Cui’er also sent someone back, and now he helped pick it up.

After a few clothes tried, Huang Furong wore a set of snow -purple high -waisted skirt format, with a white light gauze, and then brought a full set of pearl jewelry.It seems that the nobleness is very expensive, and it is even more likely to show a qualitative quality.

"Grandma, you look so good!" Cui’er looked at it with sincere, but Huang Furong smiled, stretched out his hand and rubbed Dai Shi gently on his fingertips, leaving in Mo Qing on his eyes, and then she was slightly a layer of eyelids.The faint smoke effect immediately made her bright eyes larger again, and then she took Dai Shi to touch a little bead red and gently browed.

"Grandma, you …" Xiang Lan puzzled that women had paid attention to the perfect word since ancient times, so a little bit of the eyebrows became moles, and they really told them to confused.And Huang Furong smiled lightly: "This is called beauty mole, the most style is the most popular!"

Chen Zhengshi used the meal. In the early days, Huang Furong brought red jade. Xianglan Cuier and Ying’er were four in front of the house.At this moment, Aunt Zhou and Aunt He took their daughters and daughters. Both mother and daughter wore light powder and stood at the entrance of the hall. Seeing that Huang Furong was wearing a purple clothing, he was a slightly regular blessing body.salute.

Huang Furong put his hand away, and asked Mrs. Mei on the way to the room but was still coming.It is the prince, and the rules are greeted by the family, but the children are children after all. You look at it carefully. Especially those who eat food can be carefully stated."

The two aunts responded, and Huang Furong said again: "I’m used to be a lazy person, and I don’t use you to ask me every day to ask for service.Ask the matter late until the afternoon, the child should not bring it. It is not disturbing when you are sleeping.

The two aunts smiled grateful after listening, and at this time, a small sedan fell on the mouth of the incident, and Qing sleeve lifted the curtain to help Mrs. Eye.

"His!" A few cold pumps sounded in front of the quiet office. Huang Furong looked at a rose red dress.

Mrs. Eye was holding her crutch holding her sleeves, and she moved to Huang Furong carefully, slowly holding the green sleeve as a blessing posture: "Grandma forgive me, like the eyebrows are late!"

Huang Furong didn’t say a word, and said after watching her after finishing all the entire Fuli, "If you want me to wait, you have nothing to wait, your wife, etc., but your rudeness!", Go to the old lady! "At the moment, the red jade man got on his head.

Dongfang bit his lower lip, but his eyebrows were bright. After she helped the green sleeve on her sedan, Zhou He and the two were holding the child and followed, but there was no sedan to sit.of.

The group was waiting for the old lady, and it was already the second moment.Huang Furong was the sedan. The girls who were waiting outside were surprised. Huang Furong ignored the hall and nodded slightly at the housekeeper Wu.

Huang Furong stepped into the house, and he worshiped at the main table according to the rules: "Old ancestor, Rong’er asked you!"

Calm calm and generous, at this time Huang Furong was light and cloudy, and he would be clear and clear.

"Get up!" The old lady reached out and put her hand, and asked Huang Furong to ask the master and his wife, and then asked, "How do you wear this? How do you not wear a red dress?"

"The old ancestor was loving, and the Sun daughter -in -law also wanted to wear red, but when she was helpless when she went out, she had a good clothes and chose another body. However, it was common to be the prince today.Although I am new to Yaner, I am not as heavy as the prince. I think that the prince is coming for the disaster relief. It is not appropriate to wear a red one, and I change my boldness to change this purple, the old ancestor, you look at it, you look at itMy grandma Bai’s grandmother is decent! "Said that she motioned for her to take a seat.

Seeing that the old lady nodded through, Huang Furong immediately put down the worry in his heart. When he obediently turned into the seat, he noticed that his wife wore a lotus -colored dress today, and the whole skirt was the embroidery of a green lotus map.

Hey, fortunately, keep your heart!Huang Furong was comforting herself in her heart, but her eyes were swept behind the master and wife, and she was standing with four women wearing bamboo -green dresses, and their age seemed to be only 30 or 40 years old.They were combed with a unified fall, indicating their unified identity.

Xu Shi Huang Furong’s wrong was noticed by the old lady. At present, the old lady made a voice: "Grand grandson daughter -in -law, do you look at them, right?, Do n’t go to the stage, so it ’s in your courtyard’ s courtyard. If it ’s not the prince today, you, you have to wait until you return to the entrance and see them officially!"

Huang Furong quickly got up when he heard his words, and the master put his hand on the side, and the four aunts went to Huang Furong on his own, but the four were counted as a gift to her, and the wife smiled and gave Huang Furong with a smile.I introduced: "This is the aunt’s wife, from the Wang family of Binzhou."

"This is Mrs. Second Auntie, from the Haijia of Lingcheng"

Huang Furong glanced at the words and glanced at it, and noticed that the aunt’s appearance was quite beautiful, and her eyes seemed to be talking.However, she didn’t dare to react too much, and she nodded in surprise.

"This is Mrs. Third, I am accompanied by Ye Ye."

When Huang Furong saw it, he saw that he was a somewhat plump woman, with a dimple on his right face.

"This is Mrs. Fourth, from the Li family of Pingcheng, it was originally your father’s closeness."

Huang Furong looked at it. Although this was the fourth house aunt, it was not the smallest, and it was obviously older than two or three.

The wife introduced it in detail. Huang Furong also did the courtesy. At the moment, the four returned to the master and stood behind. At this time, a mother -in -law came in at the door and put it on, and the red cherry was out of the hall along the hall.

The old lady asked why the people in the second house had not yet arrived, and the red cherry blossom over there twisted her eyebrows and muttered a few words in the old lady’s ear.The old lady was on the side: "Oh? Isn’t it to say, how can I see it? How can I get it back? Let him go with the people in front of him. There are many things in this one, you tell you to go to a knowledgeable thing to go.Accompany. "

"Yes." Red Sakura went out. The master asked curiously: "Is something wrong?"

"Nothing, it’s red shadow, but it’s not right!" The old lady said something to ask, but at this time the people on the Er Ye arrived.

Huang Furong listened to the red shadow. He was worried in his heart. Suddenly, when he thought of the old lady’s words, he immediately shivered: How many of them were before?Is there no Meilan and Meixiang?

Chapter 87, why are the prince always staring at me?

Huang Furong was still worried, and the second grandfather took his second grandma into the hall. A peach -colored dress, full of peony flowers, made Ye Yuqing very beautiful.When the two of them were saluting, they asked Huang Furong to ask, and when he saw Huang Furong’s purple clothes, Ye Yuqing asked at the moment: "Hey? Why did you wear this body, you don’t wear it …"

"I was careless to hang the red skirt, but I can’t wear it if I repair it. Furthermore, I can’t wear the embroidered dresses, like peony, lotus lotus, such beautiful flowers, still suitable for you to wear." HuangfuRong Qian smiled as if he said casually, but emphasized the flower.Ye Yuqing said with a smile: "Dasao really speaks." People entered the seat with Er Ye.

"The two of you came early on weekdays, this one is late!" The old lady said with a smile, and the second grandfather immediately stood up: "The ancestors don’t blame.Delayed. "

"East?" The old lady raised her eyes: "What would they know?"

"It’s not aware of the meeting, but to ask our Bai family to help!" Er Ye said with a smile, sweeping the four aunts in the house. As soon as the old lady beckoned, the wife glanced at the four people. The four aunts ladyIt was very knowledgeable, and the quiet fish went out of the hall, and there was no sound in the middle.

The girls who followed in front of them had to step back. Huang Furong missed his own thing, reached out and pulled the red jade, and compared her to Meilan’s mouth.Hongyu blinked her eyes and went out quickly.

"Say what is so mysterious." The old lady fiddled with tea leisurely.

The second grandfather smiled: "The Eastern family was a thief last night!"

"Oh? Really?" The old lady raised her eyelids slightly.

"After asking the details, I didn’t lose any gold and silver treasures. I lost a volume of the score …" The second grandfather said, but the old lady raised her eyes when she heard the score: "What is the score?"

"Mr. Yin Master’s" Ask the Sky "!" Er Ye said with a greater smile on his face: "His family was stolen, this thing was gone, he had nothing to present a good thing to the prince,Then come to ask me to help, please see the song "Ancient Cha", and say that the price is recognized! "

The old lady twisted her eyebrows: "Have you promised?"

"I dare not, but it’s good but things are not found for a while. I pushed it on the elder brother." The second grandfather said that Huang Furong watched her and owed her."

Huang Furong was shocked when he heard that "Asking the Sky" was shocked. Suddenly, he was blank by the second master. She didn’t understand what she wanted to help.Fortunately, the old lady worried about her and explained: "You don’t have to look like that, the score is here!"

Huang Furong nodded blankly, but the second grandfather was stunned: "Where is there?"

"Yeah! Qier had something wrong. I was afraid he would not hesitate in the things in his house."Ask the Sky", if not for each other’s face, he would not give up the Oriental family. Now he lost the score, and there is a face to make us to make "Ancient Chasa"? Dreaming! "The old lady said, rightHuang Furong said: "The granddaughter daughter -in -law, the things are in me, the name is accepted in your room. This thing cannot be given to the Oriental family, do you know?"

Huang Furong can only nod: "I know."

Huang Furong looked at the anger of the old lady’s eyebrows, and nodded, but he didn’t understand the two scores in his heart.

"Hey," Ask the Sky "was stolen … Hum, his Dongfang family also looked ugly on his face this time!" Master Bai said with a shook: "But, mother, the Oriental family seems to have made the scores of the scores.What can they do if they push this matter to us? At that time, we will not give the music, his Oriental family is in front of the prince to read us two words … "

The old lady sneered: "It’s not his family. He has to remember, hum, deserves to suffer! Want to use this to please the prince? He will borrow the Buddha!The painting was not stolen at all. They clearly wanted to use our Bai family to seize the prince. Be sure to make the princes happy and want to knock more tunes. Unfortunately, I don’t eat this set of this set! I just burned it and I won’t give it! "

"Mother -in -law, if it was a little froze, I was afraid that the Bai family would look good!" The wife said with anxiety.

"Rest assured, the Oriental family couldn’t bear to go with us!" The old lady said with a smile and looked at Master Bai: "Dehou, have you confirmed everywhere?"

"It is confirmed that everyone knows that the prince is coming, and the disaster relief, how much money to do, is extremely generous, and some people ask if they can ask the Prince’s Mo Bao to make a signature.Yes, but I didn’t dare to promise, thinking about testing one or two at noon. "

"Listen well, it is okay to use the kindness of the prince, but you have to hold it first, it is cheap, the street is full, too high, there is no pretentious, not sincere enough, please pay attention!"The old lady said to look at Huang Furong: "You are going to perform this day, and you are all in detail. This is not only in front of the prince, but also in front of Pingcheng.But I ca n’t lose their faces, let them see it, even if my Bai family is stained with the rivers and lakes, it is more elegant than them! "

When Huang Furong saw this posture, he opened his mouth and lowered his head. He said secretly: Meilan knew that I used her, shouldn’t they go out?

At this time, Xiaoyu came and said that the uncle’s fighting with the prince had passed the Xiaowu archway. At present, the old lady called again, and she helped the people out of the hall and planned to see the people in each room.Just wait for the welcome.

As soon as the hall was out of the hall, Mrs. Pearl’s treasure was the most conspicuous. The old lady looked at her, but her eyebrows were lifted, but she looked at Huangfuer, meaning how she made her so eye -catching.Huang Furong smiled slightly, and when he went up, he helped the old lady and said with a smile: "Our Bai family is talented. How can the old lady look at it?"

The old lady squeezed Huang Furong’s hand with a smile: "Okay, okay." Now he stepped up the two doors in front of the front, and the man in the Bai family hurried to the door to face it.

"What do you think?" Seeing the men go to the door to meet, the old lady squeezed Huang Furong’s hand in front of him, whispered.

Huang Furong scanned his wife and the second grandmother and said behind, and bit her ears in front of the old lady: "Rong’er has no thought, but she is not afraid of it, after all, it is also a concubine. Then what is the words?Say? Can’t get on the dog meat! "

The old lady heard that she was very brilliant, and Huang Furong became more clear that the old lady hated the eyebrows several times more than her.

She glanced slightly at the east who followed the eyebrows and followed the eyebrows. Looking at her man’s face and overflowing from Hua Jiao’s face and the overflowing of the whole body, she sighed from her heart.Sighing: This is the old society. Once you are rushing, you are the girl’s girl is useless!Unfortunately, speaking, she is actually just a little girl who hasn’t reached 20!It’s a pity, destined to be a victim!

After a moment of the second door, you can hear the sound of firecrackers at the gate.After a moment of waiting for a while, Xiao Xiao came to say hello before fighting, followed by the red cherry blossoms, and changed the girl next to the girl and Huang Furong to help the old lady.

"Can you arrange it?" The old lady looked ahead and asked.

"Once arranged, some of them accompanied. My mother named Jin took your post to accompany, rest assured!" Red Sakura Lisuo said, and smiled at Huang Furong. Huang Furong wanted toAsked if Meilan followed, they didn’t dare to say it.

At this time, there was a bustling sound in front of the wall, and several gray servants came in. At the moment, a young talent wearing a silver -white brocade red python graphic Tu Jifu was surrounded by everyone around the wall.Walking at the door, and the uncle smiled and threw his arms, he raised his hand and pointed at the old lady and shouted: "Old ancestor!"

The old lady blame the Grandpa at a glance, hurriedly stepped forward, and helped Huang Furong and Red Sakura to kneel: "The wife Bai Tian has seen His Royal Highness …"Followed all his knees.

"Mrs. Bai, please get up!" Prince Edward said quickly and owed himself, and the old -fashioned chin next to him was to help the old lady further.

The old lady thanked grace, and then the prince also relieved everyone’s gift, which came together.

"Don’t look at it since the previous year, His Royal Highness is more and more handsome!" The old lady said with a smile, as if an elder, there was no kind of carefulness.And the prince reached out to help the old lady with a smile: "You say that I am handsome, then I am handsome!"Looking at Huang Furong’s eyes, the obvious meal at the moment, the eyebrows were raised.

"Oh, I dare not be!" The old lady hurriedly withdrew her hands when she saw it, and Huang Furong was surprised to bow his head carefully: Why did the prince help the old lady?Also, why did he stare at me so much, and my face didn’t spend … "

The eyes of the prince flashed, and the old lady laughed at the old lady: "What dare not be, I can’t help you in front of outsiders. This is not helpful to Bai Fu?"As soon as the arms were pulled, the grandson and grandmother spoiled: "I, I really miss you in the past few years!"

The old lady smiled and patted the hand of the prince: "I don’t want His Royal Highness all the time!"

"Oh!" Master Bai coughed gently: "Go in the hall! Standing here, we can lose the gift!"

"Okay, go inside!" The prince smiled and smiled at the old lady, but helped the old lady in person, but the eyes swept down Huang Furong and said, "Oh, this look at his eyes, yes …"

The old lady stopped and stopped, raised her arm and turned her hand and pulled Huang Furong’s hand and said: "This is the wife who only married Qier for nearly half a month, and the young lady of the Huangfu family of Pingcheng.", Huang Furong had to lower his body again: "Bai Huangfu has seen His Royal Highness!"

"Gone!" The Prince said with a bright light and looked at Huang Furong and turned to the uncle who followed him, "Brother Qi, your wife is the color of the country!" Blessed! "

Uncle grinned, and he rushed to Huangfu Yue and a good sound.

"Let’s go into the hall!" At this time, the old lady said with a smile. The prince should accompany someone to go to the main hall. After sitting on the identity, except for his wife, all of them again rituals.

The prince said that the surrounding gray servants were holding a lot of things into the hall with a lot of things.

"Everyone is almost sitting, don’t be so restrained!" Prince Edward said with a hand, the servants holding things stepped forward, the old -fashioned old man set off the red cloth on the tray, and and the same.The prince said with a smile: "This time I came to the disaster relief for the emperor, because I wanted to send the rice grain to the people in person, and I set off by Pingcheng and the Haijia fleet.Next, we weekly. This time, I said that the grain team has been on the road first, because I really think of Mrs. Bai, I insist on taking the opportunity to see you! This is when I left the palace, my father Emperor, Father Emperor, Father Emperor, the father of the father, the father of the Emperor,His old man knew that I was going to disturb you, thinking of the grandfather Bai, and the grace of Mrs. Bai, and asked me to bring it in person.

Then, this is a pair of pair of pair of tribute to the white -bottomed rouge red flowers and bird patterns with large cans. Do you like it?"

"Oh. The emperor’s reward is a rare baby. My wife feels happy when I listen to it? I like it!" The old lady said that she was holding a big can, the corner of the smile of the laughter,Both we caught the ears: "Thank you the emperor for thinking, and thank you the emperor!" He said that he got up and thanked him, and the prince naturally took her to avoid these.

The Prince Edward gave a gift to the grandparents at the moment. The old master got a set of four treasures of the studio, and the wife was a set of jewelry created in the palace.Two thanks, if there is something, it is naturally a big house if there is something, and because the uncle is newly married, the prince is naturally a pair of pairs.

But just in the prince, the Prince sent someone to send the long and double -pair Ruyi and a set of sandalwood comb, but he suddenly watched the uncle’s red eyebrow behind him opened his mouth: "As a sister of eyebrows, do you stand, do n’t stand, do n’t stand.Later, come here, in addition to what I brought you to play with you, the concubine also entrusted me to bring you a gift! "Said that the two waiters held things forward, a tray was put in a trayA wonderful and small doll, a tray is a golden bird with a bead of Huangfu.

Huang Furong looked at these things and sneered, but in the second, she looked at the hot eyes that always turned to her, and asked herself puzzled: Why do this prince always stare at me?

Chapter 88 Why does he always stare at you?

Huang Furong was surprised by her, but Dongfang’s eyebrows were excited.She slowly moved her body, and the prince noticed that the old acquaintances lamented.

"Huh? Your feet …" The prince asked, and the old lady smiled again: "Our threshold of our family tied her."At a glance at the East, the East was busy and laughed: "Thank you His Royal Highness for your care.

"Oh. Then you have to raise it well. If you hurt this leg and feet, you must slowly raise it." When you said, he pointed out: "I am given you.Well, listening to the person in front of her said that this seems to be a nobleman, my father appreciated her. "

"Thank you His Royal Highness to carry out love, thank you for the concubine!" Dongfang Rumei said tears in his eyes, and when she saw the occasional people, she said inexplicably: "This is the capital in BeijingIs the puppet of ‘Xianghe De’? "

The prince nodded naturally: "Of course, I can remember that you want their even people if you are noisy …

"His Royal Highness, do you remember?" Dongfang’s tears fell down, as if to say something, but the old lady suddenly coughed, and Mrs. Eye’s body was stunned.Essence

At this time, Huang Furong suddenly opened his mouth: "Mrs. Eye, you are crushed, what are you waiting for after the afternoon, this will, the second grandfather and the second grandma can wait for them to wait. Do you want them to wait?Is it? Don’t lose the gift! "

The words of gentle laughter, the speed of tightening and slow, only look at the east as eyebrows, with sharpness.Dongfang listened to Huang Furong’s words, and immediately nodded, thanked the prince, and retreated, but he held the puppet with his own hands without avoiding it.Hold it to the green sleeve.

The second grandfather and the second grandmother were ordered by Huang Furong, and they could only be accompanied by a smile.Then quickly gave the second grandfather and the second grandmother a pair of the same jade, but there was no set of sandalwood comb.

"Hey, what about Yan’er?" The prince finally found that there were fewer individuals in the house. The old lady quickly smiled and explained: "You must know that the master of Jingyang County came out of my Bai Fu to play, andHowever, I didn’t want to kill the snake by mistake and collided the snake god. A few days ago, I invited the host of Wu Xiang Temple to do the common legal affairs, but I didn’t want to be in my white house because of the killing of the snake.It is for the sake of the county to stay away from the place where the snake kills. Therefore, she is now sent to the other courtyard of my Bai Family.Responsible, I fell into the inn in the inn in other courtyards. "

"Oh? Is there such a thing? Parking the snake god? This … is it misunderstanding?" The prince was obviously not faithful, but at this time, the uncle jumped up and said excitedly: "Dragon BrotherIt’s not wrong. When the county owner was crazy, we all saw it. She shouted everywhere, don’t eat me, don’t eat me, scared my ancestors! "

"Qier!" The ancestor glared at him at a glance: "Sit on your seat, don’t make trouble!"

The uncle immediately skimmed his mouth, collapsed the shoulders that waved, and returned to Huang Furong with his face, and he pulled Huang Furong’s puppet with dissatisfaction.

Huang Furong was surprised by the way the uncle called the prince, but when he thought of hitting the prince, he was familiar with the Bai family, and he had no mood to explore this.

This smile was light and casual, natural and generous, and Bai Ziqi trembled in his heart, and he laughed subconsciously.When Huang Furong smiled, he sorted him up his shirts again. The concern was naturally revealing the dagger, but at this time the prince’s voice said with a sour taste: "It’s really a newlywed couple., Envoa is envious! "

When Huang Furong heard his words, he quickly accepted the move and laughed carefully. He blamed himself if he lost his gift, but the uncle was unwilling, just sticking to Huang Furong, laughing and asking the prince:"Brother Long, my wife is pretty?"

"Uncle!" Huang Furong hurriedly pulled Uncle’s arm, and the prince smiled: "Beautiful, beautiful!"

At this time, the housekeeper Wu and others stood at the door, and Master Bai’s family said that the family banquet had been prepared. At the moment, the family also went out of the hall and said with a smile to the garden.

The old lady followed because of the prince, and the red cherry was followed again. She couldn’t make her up to help. She pressed some steps and fell on the grandfather and the queen, and pulled the uncle to follow the team.

"You go down and see if Hongyu can come back?" She whispered Xianglan and Cuier, and she immediately held things.The second grandmother on the side also sent the girl’s mother -in -law to go back and put things, and when she turned around, she said to Huang Furong: "Da 嫂, you are so beautiful today! I watched the prince’s eyes a few times, and I was here."

Huang Furong smiled lightly, but deliberately glanced at Mrs. Emperor’s eyebrows. Grandma Er said, "Really? Erxiang’s eyes are really bad.

The second grandma laughed with a hint of embarrassment, and Huang Furong pulled the uncle forward quickly. At this time, the second grandfather clamored his eyes and said, "There are many things!"

Ye Yuqing turned his eyelids: "Woman’s affairs, you don’t understand!" After speaking, his chin was a step, but the second grandfather shook his head helplessly, stepped forward, his eyes stared at Huang Furong’s purple yarn.The boat skirt is slightly thoughtful.


The family banquet is located in a water grid in the garden. According to the identity level, the large and small ones are also sitting out of five.Prince, old lady, master, wife, these four are one table, the remaining two -bedroom owners, one table, auntie, a table, and the child in the two -bedroom room is a table. FinallyThe gray clothes attended the table.

"This is a family banquet. Why should you wait so much? Looking at the points, I want to be in a loose restraint in the Bai family. If you are careful here and the palace, it will be uncomfortable!"He ordered his life: "Uncle Grandma, Grandpa, Grandma, come over! Ruobu, you can come!"

The big golden table is to sit down at the twelve people, but only five, but the old lady didn’t say anything, and suddenly heard that the prince ordered the eyebrows.A pair of smiley eyes showed the cold, and he knocked on the eyebrows of Wen Yan’s nourishment, and said busyly, "Prince Xie is kind, like eyebrows, as if the eyebrows are not qualified to sit at the main table!"

"This is a family banquet!" The prince looked at the old lady with a smile. The old lady smiled lightly: "His Royal Highness, not the old body to wipe your face, the Bai family is very strict.Although the eyebrows are the second lady of the Oriental family, they can go back to the Bai family. Don’t be embarrassed! "

The prince only nodded when he heard the words: "That’s it, okay!" He didn’t say hello to the eyebrows, but greeted the Bai family’s two bedrooms and joined the seat.Although it is a family banquet, it is easy to be relaxed, but after all, it is careful in my heart, so I do n’t have fun or greedy cups for lunch.

"Let’s take a break, the sun is big at noon, go to the two cities, you may wish to click dark again!" The old lady’s face was considerate.Mine. "At present, I went out for an hour, and everyone retreated.

The prince laughed at everyone and went out of the hospital. The eunuch guards around him immediately looked around.

"This is the Bai family, not to worry about." The prince put his hand.

"His Royal Highness is unable to do it. Although you and the Bai family, the Lord of Jingyang County has been here. Furthermore, the Bai family has the same attitude towards both sides, and the slaves feel better."Wan Yan persuaded, and did not ask someone to listen to the search.The prince didn’t say much when he heard the words, and only instructed: "Go to the rosin, I will rest a little."

The eunuch agreed to go away. When he left a little, the prince’s hand was recruited, and immediately a gray guard came to the front: "His Royal Highness."

"Tell someone to check the Yueyue , and see how the lunar moon is still there? If she is not there, she needs to ask where she is from? Why is it now!" The prince said with a slight eyes.


"Go back quickly, and ask someone to ask the Bai Huangfu in Pingcheng, I want to know her.


"Go!" The prince put his hand, and the gray servant immediately retreated, while the prince was relieved and murmured: "The moon is the moon, how can you become the Bai family?Grandma? "

He righteous thoughts, but there was a little movement at the door, and then a little eunuch ran over: "His Royal Highness, the second lady of the Oriental family said she wanted to ask you to give you a little bit of gift to the concubine."

"Brew?" The prince laughed when he heard the words, and at this time the old eunuch had already come up: "Isn’t she confused? With a little things? His Royal Highness would go back to the disaster.Hurry up the month! Go back, … "

"It’s okay, I think she probably wants to narrate with me! Go, let her come in, it’s okay anyway, it’s good to talk."The eunuch was busy letting go, and the old eunuch whispered: "His Royal Highness, she is the chamber of the Bai family after all, Mrs. Bai looked at it clearly, why do you …"

"How can it be done? I always give face to the Oriental family, and you know, I can’t help but support the concubine!". By the way, find someone to go to the Baijia Belly, see if she is really wrong! "



"What? Meixiang and Meilan followed out of the house?" Huang Furong heard Hongyu said, only feeling dark in front of him.At this time, the uncle came out of the house and leaned on the door, and asked with a joke, "What is the matter, you want to hang them two? Is it fun?"

Huang Furong wanted to open his mouth to tell him that I was thinking about it, but when she went back to her mouth, she couldn’t think of any good reason to explain that she couldn’t play the piano, but to tell the truth … She was not stupid enough to make the uncle.The trust that can be given to her is also destroyed.

Uncle Xu noticed the sorrow between Huang Furong’s eyebrows, and even noticed that Zhu Hong was squeezed out of his brows. He now gathered: "Why ignore me? Is there any difficulty?"

Huang Furong smiled strongly, and planned to try whether he could coax the uncle to help himself, but at this time, the uncle suddenly murmured and asked: "Well, do you know the prince?Staring at you? "

Chapter 89 Discuss Countermeasures

Huang Furong listened and asked, and it was a bit wrong.

She also noticed the "special care" of Prince Edward, but she simply believed that maybe just because the Prince was more cared for Mrs., so it was not normal for herself.

But when I asked the uncle, I felt the taste, but she shook her head at the moment: "Do you think I am you, the prince county owner can just be familiar with you.I said it was a famous lady, but I married you before you were in the old forest, all in the nuns, do you think the prince will appear there? Do you think I will know him? "

The uncle nodded naturally: "Yes, you can’t know it, but why do he always look at you?"

Huang Furong wanted to reply: You ask him!But when I got my mouth, I got my chin, reached out and touched my face: "It’s about because I am a beauty!"

The uncle’s face was obvious, and the red jade on the side was also froze. I didn’t expect that your grandma would praise himself so much.

"Obviously the ugly eight monster, and the beauty …" The uncle said that he made a face with Emperor Fu Rong, and the man entered the house by himself, leaving Hongyu to laugh and hold his head down.

Huang Furong watched the uncle enter the house so he didn’t give his face so much, and he was so red jade on his mouth and said, "If you want to laugh, don’t give it out of the injury!"NND, I asked the prince just now that I am beautiful, this will say that I am ugly, you are a narcissus man!

Hongyu laughed when he heard the words, and hurriedly laughed, and persuaded: "Grandma don’t care about the uncle. He is used to this. Who is boasted by the uncle in this house?Don’t find yourself! "

Huang Furong nodded when he heard his words: "Also, I was so angry with him, I was really full!" Turning around, he lifted Erlang’s legs and sat herself.

"Grandma, what are you sighing? Since Meilan are no longer in the house, you only have to play your own. Anyway, your hand uses the old lady’s medicine, but it will not hurt!" Hongyu said, sayingIt was a smile. In that second, Huang Furong really felt that she was going crazy, so she opened her mouth at the moment: "Actually …"

"Rong’er!" At this time, the uncle set off the curtain to show his head: "Come and stay with me to sleep!"

Huang Furong turned his eyes when he heard his words: "Sleep! Do you want to be accompanied by such an adult?"

Uncle’s mouth: "No, you have to be with you! Not uncomfortable!"

Huang Furong’s face was red, and then he looked at the jealous jade, and said shyly, "Okay, I go in and rest, you, you go down!"

Hongyu immediately retreated to his hut. Huang Furong glanced at the uncle in an angrily, entered the house, and then deliberately said, "I’m not ugly, why do you want me to accompany me?"

"It’s okay to accompany you to be ugly or ugly!" The uncle said that he held Huang Furong’s waist from his back like an octopus, and said with her neck with her mouth, "Let’s say it, look at it again, look at it again, look at it again.No heart … ah! You, you step on me? "

Huang Furong’s heel crushed on the feet of the uncle, and took his ears on his own: "Where did I step on you? Obviously you have my feet!"

Uncle stared at Huang Furong and pulled his shoes and rubbed his feet by herself, but Huang Furong smiled and went into bed with a thief: "Go, go!"

The uncle immediately hugged his feet, and he shrank into the bed with grievances, while Huang Furong took the puppet, took off the purple skirt, and slept on the bed carefully.She combed Gao Hao today. This hairstyle is plainly filled with countless wigs and pushed it on her head. It looks very good. In fact, she doesn’t say that her neck is tired, and she can’t twist.So the Huang Furong of this meeting was not sleeping at all, just a trip.

"Are you unhappy?" The uncle asked softly, and Huang Furong didn’t want to care about him, but he really had no way for himself, so he simply sat up and looked at the uncle: "Well,very unhappy."

"What?" Uncle asked whispered with his head crooked.

"Because, um, the talent performance at night, I am not sure …" She said carefully, paying attention to his expression.

Uncle blinked: "Aren’t you playing well? I remember at that time," Liu Yan "was amazing!"

Huang Furong’s mouth was drawn: "Stunning? Do you still know amazing?" Then he said with a smile and said, "That, I, I haven’t played it for a long time, my hands, hands, and … the hand doesn’t hurt anymore.But, but I suspect that I might hurt my meridians, my fingers seem to be not obedient … "

Huang Furong said that he had a finger and deliberately did a move that could not bend.

Bai Ziqi is not a fool. Is it unclear if Huang Furong’s hand injury is not hurt?But looking at Huang Furong’s face, he doubted whether there was something wrong with it, don’t follow her words: "Really? Oh, how can you play this way, or tell the ancestor to tell the ancestor to tell the ancestor to tell the ancestor thatWithout it, you won’t play at night? "

Huang Furong rolled his eyes: "How can it be? I said that I want to play, if I want to play the ancestor, I will be miserable!"

"What should I do?" Uncle blinked innocent eyes.Huang Furong smiled, and reached out and grabbed his arm and hugged it in his arms!"That, do you play the piano?"

Uncle nodded: "Of course I will!"

"Will you know" Ya Song "?" Huang Furong’s eyes revealed hope, and the uncle nodded: "Of course!"

"Really?" Huang Furong straightened his body excitedly, and the husband nodded firmly.

"Ah! Long live!" Huang Furong hugged the uncle’s cheeks excitedly, and then took a sip, and then he immediately got out of bed and hugged the piano.

Bai Ziqi was surprised by Huang Furong’s reaction. When she saw her holding Qin to her, she knew about what the idea of Huang Furong played, and then blinked deliberately: "What do you hold Qin over?Still sleep! "

"What to sleep! Come!" Huang Furong said that he threw the Qin into the arms of the uncle: "You play me!"

Uncle crooked his neck: "Why do I play?

"Because, because I don’t believe you will be!" Huang Furong said with a stinky look, but the uncle put the piano beside him: "You don’t believe it!"fall.

"Hey, hey, don’t Jie. Uncle, ancestor, can you play it again?" Huang Furong reached out and pulled the uncle, pouting: "No!"

"Why are you like this! I am your wife! I have to play a song and you have to play!" Huang Furong saw this attitude, and he almost wanted to fly to him.The uncle seemed to be in a hurry to see Huang Furong, and it was not easy to make any noise. He just sat up and said: "Play the bomb, but you have to give me a benefit!"

Huang Furong reluctantly vomited: "What do you want?"

Uncle stretched his face: "One incense!"

When Huang Furong saw him sitting on the ground, he clenched his fist tightly, but at a glance, he could only accompany the piano with a smile, and stretched out his food.The uncle was really good, his head stretched out again, and Huang Furong was stained on his cheeks at the speed of lightning, and he fists: "Bounce!"

Uncle actually wants to say that what I want is the mouth.But seeing the appearance of Huang Furong, he also felt that it was good to stop, and he hugged the piano obediently, slightly paused, and then scratched it.

The jade ring was beam, and the blue silk was shadowed in front of the forehead.The white skin, the condensed eyes, was sinking between the slender fingers and scratches.

Huang Furong could listen to his movements at first listening to his tone, but soon, she was absent -minded. She looked at his focus, looked at him into the rhythm, and suddenly felt that the man in front of him seemed to be perfect.The artwork exudes his atmosphere and light under the light.

Because it is Yale, there is no cheerfulness, nor the lingering of emotion.

When the uncle’s hand was pressed on the string, he stopped the final sound, and he smiled slightly at the emperor Fu Rong.At that moment, Huang Furong was standing on Tao Lin, and he looked at the peach blossoms.

"How?" He asked with a smile, and she nodded blankly, "Gorgeous!"

Uncle laughed and put the piano into Huang Furong’s arms: "Okay, it’s over, I want to sleep!"

Huang Furong was awakened, and hurriedly put Qin put Uncle’s shoulders, almost posted his ears and said, "Is it better to be a game?"

Uncle’s nose raised his eyebrow: "What game?"

"Do you know the double spring?"

The uncle blinked: "But the one performed by the people in the market?


Bai Ziqi understood what Huang Furong was going to do. Now he said, "What do you mean is that you just do it, and I am quietly bounced behind? But isn’t that fake?"

"Oh, don’t you say who knows! At that time, it was a banquet anyway. So many people were busy. Who would take care of you? You said you would go to the toilet and quietly slipped to the back.This is a game. To be honest, I wonder if you can cooperate with me and don’t wear it! "

The Fa is very easy to use, and the uncle really made his head: "You underestimate me! I can do it! But if I do well, what do you say?"

As soon as Huang Furong looked like him, he knew what the ghost idea he calculated, but the uncle could help her, she was already grateful, so it was not easy to count the behavior of "falling down the well", but only smiled at Bai Ziqi: "IfYou can perform well with me, and if you are not discovered, you can keep secrets … I, incense! "

The uncle was happy immediately and pointed at his mouth: "Then I want here?" Huang Furong turned his head immediately: "I know!"

The two fiddled with the piano again, and then they packed up and rest. It was about 20 minutes, but the girl came to ask, saying that the prince had already started, and was ready to go to the two cities.At the moment, the uncle was urged, and the clothes were accompanied. Huang Furong was boring. Think about it, worried that he leaked again, he hugged the piano himself and tried to play the piano according to the memory.

She is a hard -to -memorize action. Because the position can be remembered, she can barely make a song, but because she is unfamiliar with the finger and does not know the strength, she doesn’t talk about it.There are some parts of the middle intermittent.

"Hey, it’s really not a bowl of rice!" Huang Furong lost his piano in a mood, but Hongyu came in.Seeing that Huang Furong looked irritable, it was Fei asked: "What happened to Grandma? Just now listening to Qinqu is quiet, this will not be a song?"

Huang Furong realized that he was careless and hurriedly concealed: "I heard that the ancients could rebound the pipa, and I wanted to try if I could bounce the strings.

"Grandma wants to rebound?"

Huang Furong hurriedly waved his hand: "Come on, can’t play!" He said to the red jade: "You bring this piano with and the wife given together. Although it is enough at night,But I’m afraid that in case of something, it’s better to be prepared. "

Hongyu nodded and said in a blink of an eye: "Hey, by the way, what the grandmother wants to say to the slave in the afternoon, because the uncle has forgotten, what does Grandma have instructed?"

Huang Furong blinked: "Oh. I don’t remember what I miss you at that time, so, wait for me to tell you again!" Hongyu immediately smiled.

"Hey, why are you only one of you, Xianglan and Cui’er?"

"Mrs. is here to accompany the prince. Cui’er knows that I can not see it? Pull Xianglan and go to the front yard!" Hongyu said to take the pianoThe set was piano.

"What happened to the red shadow, can you ask clearly?" After Huang Furong and she sent Hongyu out at noon, she went for a long time, thinking that I was afraid that it was not a small matter.Essence

"The slaves were reluctant, so I hurriedly thought about chasing and stopping. It was best to leave the Milan girl, but when I chased it to the door, Meilan had left the house, and the red cherry was aunt.At the door of the door, I was not easy to speak. When she turned around, I asked to ask, only to know that the red shadow was all good. This morning, it was not right.White foam, it was rolling again, it was scary.

Later, the old lady did not call them a few to accompany them. Presumably, they must be sent to the old lady’s friends to treat them!"

Huang Furong nodded: "Hey, it’s not right to see it, willn’t it be the poison?" She asked, and suddenly thought that the red shadow had been a bounty.In this way, I suspected whether the medicine was unsolved, and thought that I couldn’t escape this thing, and I was worried to my thoughts.

"Who knows!" Hong Yu said that he saw Huang Furong dazed, and he hugged the piano out without a lot of words.

At dusk, Bai Fu dispatched a dozen carriages, and went to Wangyue Building, Linhu Lake.

When I got off the bus, Huang Furong noticed that the carriage was stopped along the street, and at the gate of the restaurant, Master Bai was in person with Er Ye and the housekeeper Wu.

Huang Furong, they are all female relatives, they should have made it directly from the back door, but because this one is a place, and they also have to perform art, they have no taboo. They only brought the veil and from the bottom.People helped upstairs.

The building was very noisy, and there were greetings everywhere. Huang Furong was afraid that there was something to lose his face and lost his courtesy.

I was about to enter the hall on the third floor, but I didn’t want to have a snow jacket in front of me. She instinctively looked up and saw Dongfangyu’s smile: "Grandma White is here!"

Huang Furong naturally had to give him a little face in front of people. It was slightly owed to salute that it was easy to avoid it. He did not intend to talk to him at all.But Dongfangyu saw this, but she stopped the road of Huang Furong step by step, and then smiled: "I heard that Grandma Bai is going to perform this night, it can be said to have been washing it for a long time. You can listen to it!Seriously, so many giants and nobles, don’t be too nervous! "

Huang Furong laughed at the words: "If you worry about me, you might as well worry about the girl, I hope she, don’t lose your face of the Oriental family!" After that, he turned around and bypass his body.Go ahead, and Hongyu glanced at Dongfangyu and hurriedly chased over.

"Huh! Tonight, see who’s face is lost!" Dongfangyu said he was sneer!

Chapter 90

After entering the hall, I saw that there was no one in the main hall, but the corridor was visible, and I heard a lot of laughter and laughter.Huang Fulong frowned and patrolled around, seeing Zhang Hua’s Baifu screen, and was excited to call Hongyu to put the long -back piano hiding behind.

Then she picked the place and sat at the restlessly, and whispered the red jade that had already released the piano: "Can you put it?"

"Hmm! Grandma, why do you put the piano?" Hongyu’s eyes puzzled.

"I put it in front of me!" Huang Furong smiled with him, and asked in a while: "Hey, it’s all along the way, why is there only us?"

"Also said, Grandma, you just bowed his head and rushed forward. The old lady was still asking guests on the second floor. Grandma went to the first floor to say hello.Samped his mouth.

"I still have to say hello! Hey, the second grandma is not very good at getting started. I can know these individuals!" Huang Furong said, but it was a push of the hall.After entering, the eyes were swept to Huang Furong, and Huang Furong hurriedly got up to salute. For a moment, he didn’t know if he should kneel.

"Grandma Bai doesn’t have to be polite. Today is your Bai family as the east, which can be regarded as the master’s house!" The prince said to sweep his eyes and the guard with the front. The two of them immediately left the hall and he sat on the seat in front of him.It seems very casually saying: "Why didn’t Grandma Bai go down to greet the guests? At this time, I thought you were as busy as Grandma Bai!"

Huang Furong nodded: "Yeah, I should be with the guests, this, this goes down!" Then he wanted to leave, but the prince raised his hand: "Don’t, I’m not a guest, you really go down,! Since I do n’t like entertainment, it ’s better to learn me lazy!” Said the prince with a smile and pointed to the chair: “Grandma Bai is sitting, and it’ s good to accompany me to say a few gossip! ”

"This …" Huang Furong hesitated slightly.

"How can I talk to me?" The prince said with a laugh, Huang Furong was not easy to leave, so he had to sit carefully.

"I chatted with me for a while in the afternoon, and I knew that you would have to surprise me tonight! To be honest, look forward to it!" The prince said, making a tea posture, and then found a few discoveryThe empty in the tea bowl on the tea bowl looked up at the red jade: "That, go to my guard and tell him to take out the golden tea I brought out to the banquet, and ask him to bring me bring meFind the Golden Ball, you will give it to me, I will give an extra reward at night! "

When Hongyu saw Prince Edward’s empty cup, her heart was shocked. Goodbye Prince Edward instructed to go out immediately, and even shouted Xiao Er with tea at the door.

At the moment, Xiao Er greeted him to come in to add tea, but was reached out by the gray guard to pick up the teapot. He came in and added tea himself. When he went out, he brought the door with the door.

In this level, Huang Furong instinctively raised his head, and she had to have her and the prince in the house. It was rude to see it.She was busy standing up, but at this time, she noticed that Prince’s eyes stared at her with enthusiasm, just ignoring the slightest etiquette, even the corner of his lips was overflowing.It has been collected cleanly at this time.

Huang Furong was unhappy at the moment, and people wanted to escape, but at this time the prince opened a cold mouth: "What are you afraid of? No one knows we are here!"

"How can there be no one? Everyone watched when I came up." Huang Fu Rong said that people wanted to go out, but the prince stood up and stretched out his arms and said, "But did I come in?Who knows! "Saying him a step forward:" Why? "

Huang Furong was confused and confused, and he took the sentence: "Why?"

"Why lie to me? Why marry into Baifu again!" Prince’s face was very ugly, and even gritted his teeth.

Huang Furong was shocked when he heard his words, and took a few steps back subconsciously: "What …? Well, we, do we know before?"

The prince seemed to be hit a little bit when he heard this, but a smile appeared on his face, but it was obviously angry: "What? Do you want to tell me, don’t you know me? The moon!"

Listening to the prince who bite the two characters in the moon, Huang Furong can feel the anger and care of the prince, but she does not remember that she still has this name, so she laughed at the moment: "His Royal Highness, are you, are you?What did you misunderstand? "


"Yeah, although I have a monthly word in my name, it is called Rong’er.

"Ha, do you say I recognize?" Prince’s lips on the corner of the prince: "Huang Furong! Isn’t you called the lunar moon in Jingyue?"

Huang Furong was stunned at the moment, and he did not know how to do it.She only knew that she would come back half a year ago at Jingyue, but she didn’t know that she had a name, and couldn’t imagine that a person in the nuns could know the prince!

This, this is too tumbling!

Huang Furong felt unacceptable, but the prince said with a sneer: "Why don’t you speak? Why don’t you say that I misunderstood?"

Huang Furong laughed awkwardly: "That, we, do we really know before?"

"Ha, do you want to sue me, don’t we know it?" A furious smile on the Prince’s face.Huang Furong led his mouth, so he had to say that he was an excuse for amnesia who had been cross -tried by the army. "That, something happened on the way back to Pingcheng.Please forgive me……"

Suddenly, I suddenly heard that there were several footsteps outside the door, and accompanied by some laughter. At present, the hand of the prince grabbed Huang Furong’s hand and pulled the person to hide in the hall, and it scattered a bunch of the ledger.Cover the two in it, and the Prince reached out directly and covered Huang Furong’s nose.

The door pushed away, and the two grandfather came in with two people’s appearance. There was no one inside the house, and the three also accepted the laughter and closed the door.

"Is the difference between the collection?" Er Ye asked anxiously.

"The knot comes out, that is, the silver is still delaying for a while …" The slightly fatter said embarrassed.

"Still delay? When is this all? I tell you that it will be on the end of the month! If you can’t get me before the reconciliation, don’t say that I don’t say hello""

"Oh, Er Ye, you can rest assured, I have a lot in my heart! I will pay you within five days of preparation!" The member laughed and laughed, and he stuffed a piece of gold in the hands of Er Ye.

The second grandfather took it, stuffed into his sleeve and looked at the thin one: "How about you?"

"The cargo is all right, it is pressed in Curry, just waiting for you to say hello!" Said the thin, and the golden teeth in your mouth flashed under the candlelight.

"Still Lao Gao’s work!" The second grandfather took a patted on his shoulder: "Wait for my letter!" Said a smile, went to the door, opened the door to see the left and right, and took the two with two people.Quickly leave.

When Huang Furong saw this grabbing the prince’s hand from his mouth and nose, the person flashed out of the account, and he was about to say something.Hurrying off the tent mantle and covered himself in it.

The door pushed away, and a little sister came in. He was carrying a big teapot in his hand. When he looked left and right, he went straight to the screen, and then went around. After a while, he came out and lowered his head with his head.Hurried out again.

Huang Furong thought of her piano now. After waiting for others to go out, she rushed behind the screen without thinking.Qin was still there, but Huang Furong felt wrong. He reached out and pulled the piano set away, and found that the strings were loosened …

"How can there be a piano?" The prince asked lightly behind Huang Furong.

Huang Furong frowned: "I don’t know!" When he lost the piano, he would leave, but there was movement outside. At the moment, the two could only hide behind the screen.And this time it was red jade. She smiled and held a box into the hall. When there was no one in the hall, it was a stun, and then shouted, "Grandma? His Royal Highness?"

Huang Furong came up with a voice, but felt that he and the Prince were indecent when standing on the screen in this way.Hongyu shouted twice and saw that no one answered, and then turned out again.

"His Royal Highness, I don’t remember knowing you. If we met before, please don’t care about me." Huang Furong said that he wanted to leave, but the prince said softly, "Wait, etc., etc.Don’t you really remember? "

"Yes, I got sick on the way back, forgot to have many things, and I really don’t remember knowing you!" Huang Furong could only support it.The coldness in the eyes of the prince is much less: "It turns out, then what are you … oh, you, you are about to be cleaned!" He said with a helpless smile, and then said, "Go out from the main entrance, it will be able to go out of the door.If you are seen, you should go back to the back door. At that time, just say that she goes back and I go out. Well, you can take her and others to go directly to the corner room to find me. "

When Huang Furong saw that he had the intention to help cover up, he looked up: "Thank you His Royal Highness!"

The prince’s smile was a little lost: "His Royal Highness? When you know me, you always just call me ‘nerds!"I ran away quickly.

The small door is the staircase and corridor with all the elegance between the three floors.Huang Furong hurried out and found that he went to the lobby on the first floor, and the second grandma was laughing at others not far away.

Xu Yi’s purple coat of Huang Furong was too special. Her appearance quickly attracted the attention of people around him. Ye Yuqing saw her in front of him, and busy pulling her and saying: "Da 嫂, you are willing to help me say hello,Come on, I will introduce you, this is the owner of the Golden Pavilion. The jewelry of their family is unique. In the future, you can directly ask them to make it for you … "

Huang Furong smiled with the entertainment, and at this time Hongyu also ran to her with the box and asked, "Grandma, why are you going? I can’t find you and the prince.Give the prince! "

As soon as Huang Furong turned his eyes, he said, "Oh, the prince asked you to take things, and the person was invited to the corner house. I sat down and turned around when I got it.He stretched his fingers to the corner house upstairs, and Hongyu immediately turned around, and Ye Yuqing was shocking: "How? Dasao was with the prince just now?"

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