Why is there no fetal heart in 7 months of pregnancy?These 5 common reasons must be understood!Must look at expectant mothers

Under normal circumstances, it is basically safe for three months of pregnancy, but because of their own constitution or fetal factors, some women will have asymptomatic fetal stops in the third trimester. In the end, they can only terminate their pregnancy with induction of labor. What is going on?

1. Pregnant women suffer from physical illness

If pregnant mothers suffer from diseases during pregnancy, such as infection, hypertension during pregnancy or diabetes, digestive systems, immune systems, endocrine and cardiovascular system diseases, reproductive tract deformities or amniotic fluid embolism, etc.Condition.Regularly conduct a checkup and actively treat the disease.

2. Bad sleeping position

As the fetus increases, the stomach will become extremely prominent as the fetus increases. Many women feel uncomfortable when they sleep. They will choose to lie on their stomachs, left on the left, lying on the right side, lying flat, or sleeping.For pregnant women, lying on the left is the best sleeping position, because most of the uterus rotation is rotated. The lying sleeping position on the left side can improve the right rotation problem, reduce the pressure on the lower cavity vein, and provide more oxygen and nutrients for the body.Do not sleep on your stomach, so as not to compress the fetus and cause the fetus to be hypoxic.You can’t sleep with your head, so that you can reduce the inhalation of oxygen, and the carbon dioxide internal carbon dioxide cannot eliminate the in vitro and cause hypoxia in the fetus.

3. Fetal abnormalities

The fetal structure is abnormal.This is mainly related to virus infection, drug abuse during pregnancy, bad living environment and genetic.Therefore, stay away from the harmful environment during pregnancy, try not to take medicine and quit tobacco and alcohol.Taking folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy can prevent fetal nerve tube deformity.

4. There is a problem with the umbilical cord

In the middle and late pregnancy, many fetuses died due to umbilical cord problems. The common ones were umbilical cord around the neck, short umbilical cords, short knots, and prolapse.The umbilical cord around the neck does not cause great harm to the fetus, and the fetus can move out of the direction by itself.However, if it is frequent by the outside world or excessive fatigue, the umbilical cord will become tighter and tighter, which will cause hypoxia.Moms in the third trimester must count the fetal movement regularly and can find the fetus hypoxia in time.

5. There is a problem with the placenta

Common placental problems include premature placenta, poor placenta function, premature aging of the front placenta or placenta, etc., which causes the heartless heart.Do medical examinations on time during pregnancy to confirm the status of the placenta.

Pregnant mothers need to count the fetal movement regularly in the late pregnancy, and the fetal movement is regular and rhythmic. This is normal.If you suddenly find that the fetal movement is reduced or the fetal movement is inexplicable, you should go to the hospital for examination.At the same time, it is necessary to regularly do fetal heart monitoring to find the problem of changes in fetal heart rate in time.

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