Why is there a strange smell in my mouth after pregnancy?It may be because of these 4 reasons

Since Xiaoyu was pregnant, he often felt a strange smell in his mouth, so he often prepared some candy in the bag to dilute the strange smell in his stomach.Many users are also very puzzled. Why do you get worse after pregnancy?Why is there a strange smell in my mouth after pregnancy?It may be caused by the following four reasons.

1. Dry tongue

After pregnancy, the water loss in the pregnant woman is relatively fast, and she often feels dry mouth.It is mainly because the secretion of saliva has decreased, causing an excessive growth of bacteria in the mouth, so bad breath will increase.It is recommended that pregnant women replenish water in time during pregnancy and eat more fruits and vegetables.

2. Pregnancy vomiting

In the early stages of pregnancy, most people have a reaction of pregnancy and joy. Because of the changes in hormones in the body, pregnant women have changed in terms of taste and appetite, and nausea and vomiting will occur.Because regular vomiting can cause pregnant women to feel bitter.After pregnancy, there may be a variety of strange flavors in the mouth.Of course, pregnant women should not worry too much about this situation, and this situation will improve in the second trimester.

3. Tooth problem

During pregnancy, tooth swelling, bleeding, and loosening can easily cause periodontitis. Coupled with the number of times the pregnant woman eats during pregnancy, some food residues will remain on the surface of the teeth and gums.Therefore, some bad odors will be released, causing bad breath.Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to cleaning their teeth, and at the same time to see the dentist regularly.

4. Change of taste changes

After pregnancy, due to the impact of hormones, the taste of pregnant women will change.I like to eat some heavy tastes. I am more interested in sweet and sour foods.So too much food with heavy taste can cause serious bad breath.Therefore, it is recommended to stay away from food with heavy taste during pregnancy. It is recommended to eat light diet and eat more fruits and fruits.

After pregnancy, the pregnant woman has a strange smell, which is what we call bad breath.Of course, it is not recommended for treating bad breath. It is best to pay attention to diet of pregnant women to avoid spicy foods. You can eat more light and nutritious foods.In addition, paying attention to oral hygiene will also improve the situation.

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