Why is there a "brown secretion" after menstruation?One article will answer for you

Most female friends are very concerned about the state of menstruation, and they will also consider menstruation as a bark meter for physical health. By observing the state of menstruation, the health of the uterus and ovaries is judged.

Menstruation is produced in the uterus, and it also has a lot of connection with the ovaries. If the menstrual state is abnormal, it will inevitably show that there is a problem with the body.

1. The color of the menstrual blood is bright red, and it will become dark red after falling on the aunt’s towel.

2. The menstrual cycle is 28 days, and it is normal for 7 days to float for 7 days.

3. The duration of menstruation is 2 to 7 days, and it is normal to maintain at this time.

4. The menstrual blood volume has been used at 10 ~ 30 aunt towels at each time of menstruation, and it is not normal to severely exceed this standard.

You can determine whether menstruation is normal according to these standards.

Some female friends in life also talk about the topic of menstruation when chatting. People generally understand that after menstruation is over, it is not stopped immediately, but the red essence of blood is not flowing out, and brown secretions begin to appear.

Some people feel incredible and think that there is a problem with physical health, so what is the cause of this situation?

Before discussing this issue, let’s first understand how menstruation is formed.

The so -called menstruation is actually formed after the endometrium of women’s uterine endometrium.

As we all know, women should have a regular ovulation period. Before the egg cells are mature, the endometrium will increase fat and thickened, and unpaid eggs create a comfortable living environment.

However, if the egg cells are not combined with sperm in the uterus in a certain time, the thick endometrium will fall off and decompose to form menstruation.

Therefore, it is not a moment of menstruation or leaving. For example, after the end of the menstruation, there may be some small uterine endometrium that is not completely discharged, so there will be brown secretions.

In addition, the cause of brown discharge may also be related to the following factors.Liseneys inadequate function

Whether the luteal function is strongly connected with the health of women. When female friends find that the menstruation is over, brown discharge may be related to the lack of luteal function.

It is hoped that the majority of female friends should pay more attention to the physical condition. If this situation is more obvious, you can also consult a doctor if necessary.

Gynecological inflammation

Gynecological inflammation is a very high incidence of female groups, and even most female friends have suffered from gynecological inflammation.

Gynecological inflammation is likely to affect the law of menstruation, leading to abnormal menstrual state, and even with abnormal secretions after menstruation.

hormone imbalance

I believe that everyone should have heard that endocrine disorders are relatively speaking, women are more likely to have endocrine disorders.

For example, when baby or menstruation, it may cause abnormal estrogen secretion, thereby disturbing the original endocrine.

If the condition of endocrine disorders is not serious, it may not have much effect, but if severe endocrine disorders occur, it will not only affect the menstrual state, but also cause brown discharge after menstruation.

Qi and blood stasis

For female friends, whether qi and blood in the body are smooth, it is also related to a series of factors such as physical health. If there is a stagnation of qi and blood stasis, it will not only cause the cold and cold situation of the palace, but also affect menstruation.

Qi and blood stasis can easily cause poor menstruation, so it is easy to accompany the brown secretion after the menstruation is over, so this must be understood in advance.

To maintain the state of menstruation and reduce the burden of body and mind, it is also important to condition the body during menstruation. So what should I do during menstruation to achieve the conditioning effect?

[Don’t be greedy]

Most women may have cold constitutions. If they are often greedy when they come to menstruation, and wash their hands with cold water, they will cause cold gas stasis.

Too heavy coldness can easily cause the phenomenon of palace cold, which will not only affect the state of menstruation, but also cause dysmenorrhea problems. Therefore, please pay more attention to this.

【Appropriate exercise】

Some female friends can not exercise when menstruation, and it is likely to affect the repair of the endometrium.

If you are always lying and sitting during menstruation, it may not be conducive to discharge menstrual blood. Therefore, it is recommended that you participate in the alleviating movement in moderation, which may be more helpful for menstrual blood.

[Eat some warm supplement food]

If you can eat warm foods often in diet, it can help warm your body, and at the same time, it can also maintain the smooth operation of qi and blood. It is helpful for the condition of caring for menstruation and improving menstrual abnormalities.

In fact, many female friends also understand the importance of regulating diet to menstruation, but they do not know what to eat.

Which foods have a temperature supplement effect?

1. Guiyuan

Most female friends should be no stranger to the food of Guiyuan. Guiyuan has a certain temperature supplementation effect. I often eat Guiyuan in the diet. While replenishing nutrients to the body, it can also promote the operation of qi and blood in the body to reduce the burden of body and mind.Help maintain menstruation.

2. Black chicken soup

Black chicken soup also has a certain temperature supplement value. In daily life, some female friends are worried about the lack of blood and blood.

When cooking soup, add some other health ingredients, such as red dates, yam, etc., which can not only taste more delicious, but also help warm the body to regulate the menstrual state.

3. Pumpkin

The nutritional value of pumpkin is relatively high. Eating pumpkin in moderation can supplement sufficient nutrients for the body.

The nature of this food is relatively mild, and it generally does not cause much damage and stimulation after intake.

Therefore, eating pumpkin in moderation during menstruation may allow the body to obtain sufficient nutrients, while helping to warm the body and improve irregular menstruation.

For female friends, menstruation is a very normal physiological phenomenon, and it is also a thing that goes through every month.

If you can treat menstruation well, you may be able to reduce your physical and mental burden and avoid discomfort caused by menstruation.

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