Why is the appetite open during pregnancy, not a pregnant woman "", but the "compensation psychology" influence

The Spring Festival is coming soon. Looking at the "mountain and sea flavor" on the table, the pregnant mothers are very tangled. On the one hand, all kinds of food will make their appetite open, but on the other handWeight, even gestational diabetes, etc., affecting the baby’s development.

Unscrupulous eating and drinking is a unique right to women during pregnancy. Everyone in the family wants pregnant women to eat more. Only with sufficient nutritional intake can the fetus develop better, and no one will say that pregnant women are eating.

When I was pregnant with the boss, I didn’t like to eat pasta, but the taste changed dramatically after pregnancy. The white buns became my favorite, and I especially like sweets during pregnancy. It may make sweets that make dopamine secretion in the body., Make yourself happier, and then grow more than 160 pounds without control.

Many times during pregnancy, weighting is not the real needs of the body, but the "compensation psychology".

"Jung Psychology" has such a concept. Under the influence of the surrounding environment, people will be driven by subconsciously. For example, during pregnancy, people around pregnant women will say: "Eat more, you are two people now, even if you are two people, even if you are two people, even if you are two people, even if youIf you do n’t eat it, you have to eat it for your children. "Over time, pregnant women will be driven by this subconscious. They can not stop until they can’t stop. This is called" collective unconscious compensation psychology ".

Eating itself will cause the brain to secrete "endorphin" and keep people excited and happy. Before pregnancy, there are many lifestyles that can make people happy, such as shopping, K songs, going to bar, etc.Pregnant women, the method of obtaining "endorphin" has become less, and can only maintain this pleasure by eating.

There is also stress. After pregnancy, the mother -in -law is worried about affecting the work that affects her love. The full -time mother is worried that the fear faced during production will put pressure on herself. In order to alleviate this pressure, the most direct way is to eat.

It is not a woman who is pregnant during pregnancy, but a variety of reasons.

During pregnancy, the mother’s taste will greatly affect the taste preferences of supplementary food after the baby is born.

In the middle and late pregnancy, the taste of the fetus has been formed, and swallowing amniotic fluid has begun to appear. 98%of the composition of amniotic fluid is water, and 2%are composed of some other minerals.But suddenly eating a lot of irritating foods, the concentration and taste of amniotic fluid will still change, and the fetus is likely to capture this subtle change.

The University of Dalham in the United Kingdom had done such an experiment. When a pregnant woman in the middle of pregnancy did CT, let the pregnant woman eat a small amount of mustard. After 10 minutes, the fetus frowned and smashed.When irritating food, the fetus can be felt.

Therefore, it is definitely not good to eat irritating foods frequently. Occasionally, eating once will not have a great impact on the health of the fetus, but it may cause a short -term fetal movement, that is, the baby "protests" in the mother’s belly.

The delicious seafood will make many pregnant women unable to resist the temptation, but many people have heard that the seafood taste is cool and it is easy to cause the abortion of pregnant women. Will it really be this?

Seafood is not only delicious, but also rich in nutritional value. Among the 100 grams of sea crabs, it contains 12.2 grams of protein, 1.6 grams of fat, and 0.9 grams of carbohydrates.Can be eaten.

But one thing we can’t ignore is whether seafood is polluted and whether it is alive when buying, because the seafood is particularly easy to deteriorate, and it will breed bacteria. Do not eat overnight seafood.Stir -fried, it is likely that some bad businessmen use the spicy taste to cover the seafood.

Take potatoes as an example. With the method of steaming, 100 grams is about 60 kilometers of calories. The calories of fried potato silk will increase.Card, far exceeding the management of calories during pregnancy.

There are also many pregnant women who like to eat barbecue. Although there are many types of barbecue products, they can take different nutrition, but this processing method is very unhealthy. There was a report that a pregnant woman was unwell to the hospital for examination.After a series of examinations, it was found that there was a mouse medicine component in the blood of this pregnant woman. It turned out that pregnant women often like to eat barbecue in barbecue restaurants downstairs, but the meat of the barbecue restaurant is always stolen by mice.Come to destroy the rat, the mice went to eat meat after taking the mouse medicine. As a result, this happened. In the end, it was a pity that the pregnant woman had to induce labor.

Studies have found that summer pregnant women’s food source infections are much higher than other seasons, which is related to food in the refrigerator in summer. It is hot in summer. People like to put food in the refrigerator and take it out.In the process, it is easy to infect Listella. It is one of the most fatal food -oriented pathogens. This bacteria particularly like the environment in the refrigerator and often attach them in some fruits and vegetables. ThereforeTake it out of food without processing, which is risky for pregnant women with weak resistance.

There are many places to pay attention to during pregnancy. Some foods that are not good for the fetus should be tolerated first. After all, there will be many opportunities to eat in the future.

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