Why is sexual desire increased after pregnancy? Can I have the same room in the same room?

A netizen posted, "From 4 months of pregnancy, I have a strong sexual desire, and I have not been so hungry for 30 years. I feel like I want it every day! The sad thing is that my husband has always avoided the fetus because of taking careBe careful when I fall asleep when I fall asleep! It’s so depressed! I want to ask if I have a pregnant mother like me, or I just happened to be like a wolf like a tiger? "

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Five months of pregnancy, I often have spring dreams!Shy face!

I am … (shameful face).However, I went back to my mother’s house for various reasons.Sometimes I pinch my legs (cover your face)

I was also at that time. When I was pregnant with Dabao, I didn’t know that I was pregnant for more than a month, and I held my husband every day.Later, I knew that there were children before paying attention.At the second child, the experience proves that there is more than one you.

I have weakly said I have it too!After pregnancy, I often have a spring dream, my dreams will be refreshing, and then I am scared by myself, afraid of affecting the child.Essence

After four months, the normal XXOO law was restored.EssenceUntil birth.Essence

After giving birth to a child, there is no desire, which may be the impact of hormone levels.Essence

Why do some women become stronger after pregnancy?

After pregnancy, the blood of the breast and genitals is more, rising and more sensitive, which means that it can be more pleasant.

After pregnancy, the breasts become larger, the butt becomes larger, and the skin is better, which makes some women feel more sexy.When a woman feels sexy, sexual desire increases, which is a psychological effect.

After pregnancy, the mood is relaxed, and the imagination is richer and the sexual desire becomes stronger.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the hormone in the body suddenly increased, especially the estrogen, and therogens will also increase a little, as well as oxytocin, which will briefly improve sexual desire for some women, but the sexual desire in the later period should be slowly reduced.

What should be paid attention to during pregnancy sex life

Generally speaking, harmonious sex is safe throughout pregnancy.

In the first three months of pregnancy, the embryo is in the development stage, especially the connection between the placenta and the mother’s uterine wall is not close. If sexual life is performed, it is likely that the uterus will be shocked due to improper movement or excessive mental excitement.It is easy to make the placenta fall off and cause miscarriage.Even when sexual life is very careful, due to the congestion of the pregnant woman’s pelvic cavity, the uterine contraction can cause miscarriage.Therefore, early pregnancy life should be less than usual, and the action range should not be too large.

The placenta in the middle of pregnancy has formed, and the pregnancy is stable; the early pregnancy should have passed, and your mood has begun to become comfortable.Sexual organ secretions have also increased, which is a period of high sexy, so it can be appropriate to live sex.However, we must also pay attention to the position and time of sexual life to avoid affecting the fetus.

During the late pregnancy, the abdomen of pregnant women gradually bulged, decreased sexual desire, and the uterine mouth was easy to open, which easily caused infection and premature amniotic fluid. Especially during pregnancy, in September to October, sexual intercourse caused premature birth.try to deduct.

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