Why is it easy to sweat during pregnancy and what should I do?

After entering the middle of pregnancy, most expectant mothers will sweat after using their strength, or wake up at night to feel hot and sweat. Is this phenomenon normal?Why is pregnant mother so easy to sweat?Let’s take a look together

During pregnancy, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, the dating mother sweat is a normal phenomenon

1. 99%of water in sweat, less than 1%of the solid ingredients. Most of the solid ingredients are sodium chloride, and there are a small amount of potassium chloride, urea, lactic acid, etc. These solid ingredients are metabolites and metabolites in the human body and these solid products and metabolites in the human body and the metabolites of the human body and the metabolites of the human body.Harmful Substance

2. There are often symptoms of sweat during pregnancy, mainly manifested as the palm, feet, skin wrinkles, anal, vulva, and scalp sweat glands distributed.

3. The basal metabolic rate during pregnancy increases, and it can reach 15-20%in the late pregnancy. The function of the plant nervous system changes, causing the blood vessels to be unstable, and the skin blood flow increases., Potassium chloride, urea, lactic acid and other metabolic wastes are excreted with sweat from the body. It can be seen that too much sweat during pregnancy is also a protective reaction, which is beneficial to physical health

What are the reasons for often sweating during pregnancy

1. Estrogen in the body during pregnancy increases, and the serum medium cortisol increases, so adrenal cortex function during pregnancy is hyperthyroidism; coupled with the increased metabolism of the mother’s body during pregnancy, the function of the plant nervous system changes, the blood vessels are unstable, and the skin blood flow increases.Causes more sweating

2. Due to the increase in the secretion of small sweat glands during pregnancy, and the enhancement of the mother’s metabolism, people with hand sweat and foot sweat in the past will feel more uncomfortable and even cause dermatitis;Sweating, as the secretion of sebaceous glands increases, expectant mothers will feel that the face, scalp, and back of the back will become more oil, especially on both sides of the nose

3. Until the end of pregnancy, even sweaty eczema can occur. Although the trunk sweat glands are small, the secretion force is the strongest. If the temperature increases, the amount of sweating of the torso will increase.The phenomenon of self -sweating and night sweats after giving birth is even more common.

4. Sweating at night during pregnancy, except for the air circulation status of the sleeping environment and the breathability of bedding, some diseases such as tuberculosis and weak constitution, etc., may occur at night night sweats.And people with emotional disorders and self -discipline neuroma may also sweat a lot at night

Pay attention to the following points for too much sweat during pregnancy

1. Poor sweat during pregnancy is normal, so don’t be afraid of sweating, let alone hide in the air -conditioned room for a long time

2. Drink water reasonably. An adult sweats 500 ~ 700ml unknowingly every day, and there are more pregnancy. These lost water need to be supplemented in time, so pregnant women should actively drink water to drink water

3. Eat more vegetables and fruits, so that you can not only supplement vitamins, but also supplement potassium and sodium ions lost from sweat to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body

4. Change underwear and take a bath frequently. It is advisable to wear loose and hypertrophic clothes to facilitate the growth of the internal fetus and easy to distribute heat.

5. Avoid physical labor that is too heavy, too much, and easy to sweat

6. If there is a sweaty eczema, you need to go to the dermatology for treatment in time

After entering the hot summer, in order to prevent sweating during pregnancy, pay attention to choosing the right clothes and taking a bath.

1. In the choice of clothes, pregnant women should choose clothes that are conducive to sweating. Loose and cotton clothes can make the mother more comfortable and cool.

2. Pregnant women will be more vigorous than ordinary people and more prone to sweat than ordinary people. Therefore, the clothes you wear are not only relatively cool, but also easily absorbed by clothes after sweating.It is advisable to dry and dry the body temperature, it is best to choose real silk or cotton

3. During pregnancy, not only the skin’s sweat gland secretion increases, but the vaginal secretions will also increase. Therefore, expectant mothers should often scrub with warm water, especially in summer, it is best to take a bath with warm water every day and change underwear to keep the skin clean.And can prevent skin problems such as sister -in -law

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