Why is it anemia during pregnancy?It’s not that the fetus is "blood -sucking", but because I haven’t done these things well

Some pregnant mothers have no anemia on weekdays. Why do you have symptoms of anemia during pregnancy?Someone may ask if the fetus is "blood -sucking"?Because the nutrition of the fetus is obtained from the mother’s body. In fact, this may be caused by the pregnant mother himself. Do you know?

Why is it caused by anemia during pregnancy?

Because during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have different degrees of pregnancy vomiting, and those pregnant mothers who are pregnant with severe vomiting have a significant loss of appetite and do not want to eat. If this time, it lasts for a long time.It will also cause the hemoglobin in the pregnant mother, which will cause anemia for pregnant mothers, and the fetus will also absorb some nutrients from the pregnant mother’s body, which will increase the symptoms of anemia in pregnant mothers.

How to relieve pregnancy

Therefore, no matter how serious pregnancy is pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to insist on eating, lighter to eat, and eating things that can be eaten. Don’t consider the tonic.A appetite.Pregnant mothers are severe in pregnancy. They can eat less and eat more vegetables and fruits that relieve pregnancy.To avoid anemia during pregnancy and affect the healthy development of the fetus.

Harm of anemia during pregnancy

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers can’t eat things, and anemia occurs not only themselves, but also affects the absorption and development of fetal nutrition.Pregnant mothers have always experienced anemia, and the physical resistance of pregnant mothers will naturally decrease. In this way, pregnant mothers will inevitably be more likely to get sick. If the pregnant mother is sick during pregnancy, it is extremely unfavorable to the development of the fetus.And for a long time during pregnancy, it may also lead to insufficient blood supply to the fetus and bring danger to the child. In severe cases, it may endanger the life of the fetus.

So how to solve the condition of anemia during pregnancy

During pregnancy, in addition to ensuring normal diet, you also need to eat more foods rich in iron -rich elements, such as: meat, animal liver, egg yolk, black fungus, etc.There are also raisins are also a good product for nourishing blood.I ca n’t eat meals during pregnancy. I often eat raisins, not only nourishing blood, but also appetizing!If anemia is very serious, you can take iron supplement drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

Avoid anemia during pregnancy and ensure that normal diet is the most basic.In addition, you can eat more fruits. You must not pick up anorexia. It is very important to ensure the comprehensive balance of nutrition during pregnancy. This is also for fetal development.Therefore, no matter how uncomfortable the pregnant mother, she must insist on ensuring a normal diet!Believe that you will have a return after you get pregnant in October!At that time, I would definitely feel that it would be worth it.

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