Why is amniotic fluid called "amniotic fluid"?"Drink water" during pregnancy, the amniotic fluid is healthy and clear

After each maternity check, in addition to describing the fetal development information, the indispensable is the various development indicators of amniotic fluid.As the "guardian" of the fetus, amniotic fluid plays an important role in the development of the fetus. Whether there is too much or less amniotic fluid or less, it will affect the development of the fetus. Doctors will also propose intervention measures to restore the normal level of amniotic fluid.

A while ago, there was a Mom Mom asked why amniotic fluid was called "amniotic fluid"?Is it the same as the development environment of lamb so is it?With this question, I checked the origin and legends of the term "amniotic fluid".This article will share the cold knowledge about fetal amniotic fluid, as well as how to do the healthy and clear of amniotic fluid during pregnancy.

During pregnancy examination, the depth and cleanness of amniotic fluid is the indicator of doctors’ focus.As an indispensable protective substance that maintains fetal life, amniotic fluid plays an important role.Many pregnant mothers can’t help wondering, so why is amniotic fluid called "amniotic fluid"?There is such a statement about the cold knowledge of amniotic fluid.

Amniotic fluid is also "raising water"

"Sheep" and "raising" are homophonic. The amniotic fluid provides an environment for the survival of the fetus, which has many benefits to the development of the fetus.Without amniotic fluid, the fetus cannot survive, so it can also be called "raising water".

The ancient noun can also be called "Yangshui"

As a ancient term, the source is no longer available.In ancient nouns, "sheep" and "Yang" are connected, and the life of human beings cannot be separated from "Yang".Initially, "amniotic fluid" was called "Yangshui", which represents the origin of life.Later, with the evolution of cultural knowledge, "Yangshui" became "amniotic fluid".

Medical Terminology

The source of the word amniotic fluid is not exactly sophisticated, and most of them are left by the people.However, there is such a word "AMNIOTIC FLUID" in medicine. The translation is "liquid of amniotic membrane", referred to as "amniotic fluid", which is more convincing.

I have seen such a video. When I made a four -dimensional B out of the pregnant mother, I took a scene of the fetus in drinking amniotic fluid. The cute moment made people have to sigh the magic of life.So, in addition to protecting the fetus, is the effect of amniotic fluid used to quench thirst or fill the stomach?The role of amniotic fluid is mainly as follows.

Protective effect on fetus

Pregnant mothers should know that it is not just belly to protect the fetus, but also the buffer effect of amniotic fluid.When pregnant mothers accidentally hit or squeeze their stomachs, amniotic fluid has the effect of balanced external pressure, thereby protecting the fetus from being harmed.

Maintain fetal body fluid balance

When the water in the fetus is too much, the excess moisture in the body will be excreted through urination; when the water in the fetus is too small, the water will be supplemented by swallowing amniotic fluid.At the same time, the fetus exercises the ability to swallow and promote the development of the digestive system through the action of "drinking amniotic fluid".

Conducive to childbirth

One of the signs of childbirth "amniotic fluid rupture", when the amniotic fluid is overflowing from the birth canal, it will lubricate the birth canal.In this way, pregnant mothers will be more smooth during production, and it will also help reduce vaginal damage.

Maintain the temperature in the palace stable in the palace

As a protective substance of the fetus, amniotic fluid will keep the temperature in the palace constant during the fetal development, and avoid the fetus from cold or hot.Protect the development of the fetus at normal temperature.

Amniotic fluid has a key role in maintaining the development of the fetus. There is less amniotic fluid, more or turbidity in advance.How should pregnant mothers do the healthy and clear amniotic fluid during pregnancy?The following suggestions for reference for pregnant mothers.

Get up a glass of water early

After getting up in the morning, the pregnant mother is best to have a large glass of warm water first.The first is to play the role of clearing the intestines, and the other is to supplement the water consumed during sleep.Due to pregnancy, pregnant women may sleep longer than others, and the fetus will consume a lot of water at night.A glass of water in the morning has many benefits to the fetus and pregnant mothers.

Make more hydration after bathing

After exercise and bathing, they will lose a lot of body water. Because of the baby, pregnant women are more likely to lose moisture than ordinary people.At this time, pregnant women must replenish water in a timely manner in order to maintain the water balance in the body. The baby will not drink "amniotic fluid" because of thirst for thirst, resulting in a decrease in amniotic fluid.

It is best to drink fresh cold water when pregnant mothers drink water

Pregnant mothers drink water, not all water can drink, because once "drinking" is incorrect, it not only affects the health of the pregnant mother, but also easily endangers fetal health.When pregnant mothers drink water, it is best to choose fresh boiling water to prevent repeated boiled water and tap water without boiling (this kind of water contains many harmful substances).

CICI Mother’s message: I often see that many pregnant mothers will encounter too much and less amniotic fluid in maternal examinations. Slightly adjustable adjustment can return to normal, which may endanger fetal health.In addition to doing your own work, it is necessary to do a good job of your own work.

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