Why does it fail to use condoms?Do you have to reflect on whether you have committed these 6 "wrong"

No one is willing to have an unexpected pregnancy in real life, unless you have a plan to get pregnant from the beginning.If you don’t want to get pregnant, you must take contraceptive measures, and you choose a reliable contraceptive measure.The condom is the most popular contraceptive method. It is less harmful to women, it is convenient to use, and the success rate is very high.But even if it has a high success rate, if it is not used properly, it will cause the results of contraceptive failure.

1. There is a case of condom rupture

If the action is too large in sexual life, too fierce, the condom is too thin, or accidentally cut by jewelry, nails, etc., there will be a conclusion of condom rupture.The condom is broken, and the failure of contraception will increase the chance of accidental pregnancy.Such problems should be remedied in time, and emergency contraceptives should be taken within 72 hours.

2. No selection of the right size

Many men do n’t know that condoms are sizes. In fact, even the same condoms are divided into size and models. When choosing, take a look.If you choose a condom that is not suitable for your size, whether it is too large or too small, it will affect the success rate of contraception, and it is easy to make accidental pregnancy.

3. Bring a condom without the beginning

At the moment of entering the female body, until it is released, we must wear a condom all the way.This does not have the effect of contraception, because men will secrete a liquid called prostate liquid when they are excited. This liquid contains sperm and has many sperm.The combination of this part of the sperm and women’s eggs will make women pregnant.Wearing a condom must be worn throughout the process. In this regard, there are many examples of accidental pregnancy due to this reasons.

4. Did not empty the front end before wearing

Although the condom looks easy to wear, it actually needs to pay attention to many details. It is very important to have a detail, that is, you need to squeeze out the air on the front of the condom before wearing.The front end of the condom itself is the location of the storage semen. If the air is not discharged, the space of the storage semen will not be large enough. At that time, it is easy to cause the front end of the condom to break the problem. The sperm flows into women’s body and will cause women to get pregnant accidentally.

5. Use the same condom repeatedly

Sometimes there is no condom around me, but if you want to live sex, you will use the first use condom to clean it again.Although there is not much difference in use, this approach is very wrong. Repeated use of condoms will affect the contraceptive effect of condoms, and it will easily cause the condom to cause damage during sexual life, resulting in the results of unexpected pregnancy.

6. Wear two condoms at a time

Many men choose to wear two condoms at one time in order to make condoms safer.This behavior is actually unsafe, because wearing two condoms, rubbing between condoms and condoms will make the condom more easily damaged.It is enough to wear a condom, don’t do more.

Constitution is the most popular method of contraception, but if it is not used properly, the above 6 errors are made, and the chance of accidental pregnancy will be increased.Men should take good care of women’s bodies. Women must take good care of their bodies. They do not want to get pregnant. Since choosing contraceptives, they must use the correct method of contraception to avoid the result of contraception failure.

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