Why does "love" during pregnancy bleed?Four reasons are the answer

In the middle of pregnancy, it can be appropriately living and can increase the relationship between husband and wife. However, if the same time or method of the same room may cause vaginal bleeding. At this time, it is necessary to deal with it in time to avoid causing abortion or fetal death.

1. Breakal abortion

In sexual life, it may cause miscarriage if the movement is too rough or the uterus is oppressed. Vaginal bleeding is the main symptom of threatened abortion. It must not be ignored. Time to choose a regular hospital for tires in time. Pay more attention to rest during treatment to avoid getting too much fatigue.

2. Port

After pregnancy, intermittently, vaginal bleeding, and nausea and vomiting, the uterus increased abnormally.You need to go to the hospital to further check the blood HCG and abdomen B -ultrasound to see if it is caused by hydatidites.

3. Vaginal damage

After pregnancy, due to sex hormones, the blood circulation of reproductive organs is abundant, and blood vessels are congested and rough.If the movement is too intense during sexual life, it may cause local injuries or bleeding.During pregnancy, the uterus and abdominal cavity are congested and very fragile. If you exercise slightly or stimulate, it will cause bleeding.

4. Ectopic pregnancy

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy and accompanied by sudden abdominal pain and abnormal vaginal bleeding may be ectopic pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous. Only when going to the hospital for B -ultrasound can be judged, you need to go to the hospital for treatment in time.

1. Time to seek medical treatment

During the pregnancy, the vaginal bleeding in the same room should be selected to see the embryo development. If the amount of bleeding is accompanied by abdominal pain at the same time, it may cause abortion.If the amount of bleeding is small, it may be the symptoms of aura abortion. As long as the tire protection can be made, the embryo can survive.

2. Make more bed rest

During the period, rest in bed, avoid excessive fatigue, ensure adequate sleep, and stop bleeding.Observe more bleeding during the rest period, keep the perineum clean and hygienic, and change to the vulva to prevent infection.If the amount of bleeding is increased or abdominal pain increases, you should seek medical treatment in time.

3. Diet conditioning

After bleeding in the same room during pregnancy, adjust your diet to keep your fetus.Do not eat greasy and spicy foods, so as not to help heat.Choose foods that are easy to digest and highly nutritious, such as the nutrients required by the internal organs, lean meat or fish, etc., eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits to maintain smooth stool.

Kind tips

You cannot have the same room for 3 months before pregnancy and 3 months after pregnancy, otherwise it will cause infection, premature or abortion in the palace.Choose a suitable posture in the middle of pregnancy to avoid compression of the abdomen, and pay attention to mild movement.No matter what kind of factor, the vaginal bleeding must be paid attention to, and during the period, we must be restrained.

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