Why do you look forward to "unloading" in the third trimester?Understand these uncomfortable symptoms of pregnant mothers, you understand

Jing Mom once stayed in a group of pregnancy for a while. Every morning, there were some mothers in the third trimester of pregnancy every morning to send pictures in the group: seeking unloading, seeking delivery, and no side cut.

During the third trimester of pregnancy, there were 2/3 of the pregnancy, but there were two or three months. These two or three months made many mothers feel like year.

The fetus belongs to a foreign body in the mother’s body, and the later the foreign body will become bigger.The impact on mothers will become more and more.

1. The stomach is to the extreme, itching of the belly

Because the skin of our belly also requires nutrients, after pregnancy, the skin on the uterus is also greatly supported. There is not enough nutrients to the skin on the stomach, so it will be dry, itchy, and even some even some.Moms will grow eczema in these biggest places, and this itching is even more uncomfortable.

If there is no problem with the checkup, then wipe a little moisturizing oil at most, or use a furnace glycrystone. There is no other better way. Generally speaking, it will be better after giving birth.

2. Heavy body

In the past, I went to the seventh floor alone, and there was no burden at all, but after pregnancy, I felt tired and panting on the second floor. Because the uterus increased, our spine will move forward, so the balance of the entire body will change.And the body’s heavier, also aggravating our burden, resulting in more tired.

3. Hand -feet edema

In the second trimester, the mother’s blood volume will increase, and after the blood volume increases, the body will have some excess water. If it is not able to discharge immediately, it will cause the feet to become edema.

Generally, when we sit with a mother, our feet can be lifted to reduce edema. Usually do some walks, or yoga can also relieve the symptoms of edema.

4. The feet will become larger

Some mothers usually wear 36 yards of shoes, but they still feel tight after wearing 38 yards after pregnancy. In addition to our feet edema, there are also relaxation to cause the uterus to reduce, making the mother’s feet larger. This is not too big.The relationship will generally recover slowly after giving birth.

5. Seizure of hemorrhoids

In the third trimester of pregnancy, not only the enlarged uterus will compress our rectum, which will cause us to be prone to constipation, and hormone secretion will cause the perianal venous swelling, hemorrhoids will occur, and hemorrhoids will cause constipation during the attack.Hemorrhoids, so a vicious circle is formed.

6. Back pain

In order to be able to give birth smoothly in the third trimester, the body will secrete relaxin and make the joint ligament relax.

This relaxation can also cause her mother to feel back pain or her thigh pain.

7, intercostal pain

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the uterus increased to the ribs, and the ribs would also sore. In addition, the fetus was relatively large, 5 pounds, and the action amplitude of the movement would be relatively large.

8. Anti -acid is more serious

The changes in hormones during pregnancy will relax the digestive system, so a lot of gastric acid will accumulate in the stomach. By the end of pregnancy, the uterine increases further compressing the volume of the stomach.More serious than early pregnancy.

9. I can’t sleep well at night

Some mothers may be because they are mentally nervous, so they are easy to have nightmares at night. They always dream of all kinds of strange things. When we dream, we do n’t sleep too much, so these pregnant mothers have reached the late stage.God will feel insufficient sleep and groggy.

There are also some mothers who were woken up by the baby.

Some mothers are because they are too big, so they are uncomfortable to sleep?Sleeping here is uncomfortable and uncomfortable to sleep.

Therefore, because of the above symptoms that make the mother very uncomfortable, these symptoms may grow up with the fetus, which is getting more and more serious. When the mother counts the countdown every day, she can unload the goods.

In addition to physical discomfort, will many mothers have difficulty giving birth when they have children?Will you not be born and wait and wait for these anxiety. It is recommended that mothers can go to the hospital in the hospital for class. The doctor in the pregnant woman class will explain the knowledge of various professionalism to the mothers and ease the anxiety of mothers during pregnancy and childhood.And also suggested that prospective dad also go to such courses.

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