Why do you feel cold after pregnancy?

Many pregnant mothers who just get pregnant will find that they will be afraid of cold in the early stages of pregnancy. Even if the temperature is more suitable, it will still feel cold.In fact, most of the phenomenon of fear of cold in the early stages of pregnancy is normal. Pregnant mothers do not have to be too nervous, which is related to the special nature, physique, and nutrition of pregnancy.

1. In the first three months after pregnancy, the placenta in the abdomen is still in the beginning of development, which will keep the body temperature of pregnant mothers at a high level, so generally pregnant mothers will have a fear of cold.After the early stages of pregnancy, the placenta is gradually developing, and the body temperature of pregnant mothers will tend to be normal, and the situation of fear of cold will be relieved.After the early stages of pregnancy, the amount of blood in the pregnant mother will increase, which will cause the body’s heat to rise, which is not afraid of cold in the later stage.

2. Pregnant mothers have poor physical fitness, poor resistance, or do not keep up with nutrition during pregnancy, such as carbohydrates, fat, and protein inadequate intake, resulting in weakness in pregnant mothers and fear of cold.

3. Low thyroid function.Due to the low thyroid dysfunction, pregnant mothers have caused endocrine disorders and low metabolism. There are also such examples clinically.

What should I do if I am afraid of cold in the early stages of pregnancy?

1. Reasonably adjust the room temperature.Although pregnant mothers are afraid of cold in the early stages of pregnancy, their own body temperature is higher than the average person. Therefore, if it is in summer, the pregnant mother does not need special additional warmth. Instead, pay attention to adjust the room temperature.Blowing the air conditioner or fan.If it is in winter, it is recommended to turn on the heating and adjust the indoor temperature to the appropriate room temperature to make yourself feel comfortable.

2. Appropriate exercise to enhance physical fitness, such as walking and pregnant mothers yoga.

3. Balanced diet in diet, do not picky eaters.Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, such as apples and walnuts.

4. To regulate your mood, don’t worry too much, and ensure sufficient sleep.

5. Be sure to add enough folic acid to enhance physical immunity.

6. Periodic inspections should be performed regularly.

I often want to cry in early pregnancy and I want to cry without moving. Is there a prospective mother who loves to cry like Xiao 2?But the mood of a bad mother who loves to be good will affect the health of the baby.

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