Why do women get vaginitis?One article explains all of them (inner attachment to prevent control)

During the gynecological clinic, after seeing many women with vaginitis came to the doctor, some of them would ask me in confusion: "Director, why do I get vaginitis?" So why do many women get vaginitis, the reason is the reason for the reason for the reason for the reasons.Where?

1. Use antibiotics to cause vaginal flora disorders

In fact, some vaginal infections are not because women do not talk about hygiene.For example, the vaginal vaginal fake silk yeast disease and bacterial vaginal disease are now considered to have something to do with the flora dysfunction in YD.There are many reasons for the disorders of the vaginal flora. The most important of which is to often apply antibiotics to reduce the beneficial lactobacilla in YD, which causes other microorganisms to infection.Therefore, do not apply antibiotics yourself, know that it is not good, but it is harmful.

2. Bad rinse habits

In addition, some women have bad habits of YD rinse, which will also affect the distribution of normal flora in the vagina.In the future, we must pay attention to the vagina without doctors’ requirements.

3. The body’s resistance decreases

Some vaginitis often occurs when the body’s resistance decreases. This is because we have our own natural immune mechanism in our body, which can resist the invasion of foreign microorganisms.Decreasing forces, reducing resistance and prone to some infections.There are many microorganisms in the vagina, but they do not reproduce a large amount and cause YD infection. If the body’s resistance decreases, some of the conditions in YD may cause the opportunity to reproduce, thereby vaginal infection.

4. Special factors

For example, diabetic patients, pregnant women, hormones often eat hormones, or women with some immunosuppressants, are also prone to vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease.There is also a humid and hot weather, often wearing chemical fiber panties or leggings, long -term sanitary napkins or pads, etc., adding opportunities to occur in Yin Yin YD filamentous yeast disease.

5. Husband and wife infection

Men can bring bacteria without showing a disease, so they are often not considered abnormal, but such men can pass bacteria to women.

1. Increase secretions, accompanied by abnormal color and odor;

2. Outer Y itching and burning;

3. Frequent urination, urgency, urinary pain;

4. Heat, chills, pelvic pain.

1. Inflammation spread

Inflammation affects the urinary system, which can lead to urethritis, cystitis, etc., causing symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, dysuria or fever.

2. Bad pregnancy

If you have vaginitis during pregnancy, if you do not treat it in time, you can cause premature fetal membrane, premature birth and low birth weight.

3. Infertility

Vaginal trichin can devour sperm, affecting conception and fertility.

1. Antibiotics

2. Oral estrogen

3. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment

Last year, a female patient, 34 years old, was a salesperson in a supermarket.Three years ago, the hospital was diagnosed with bacterial YD inflammation. Western medicines such as oral antibiotics were treated, and the expected results were not achieved. It also combined with taking heat and dampness Chinese medicine, the effect was not obvious.

Find me after being introduced by a friend, engraved: outer Y itching and YD pain, chills and cold, hands and feet are not warm, cold and cold pain, leucorrhea yellow, thin quality, dull tongue, white and purple, white and greasy and thick, thick and greasy, thick and greasy, thickness and thickness of the tongueThe pulse is sinking.

Dialectics is the evidence of damp heat stasis.With the cold and dehumidifying soup, add flavor.

The second diagnosis: the yellow yellow yellow yellow becomes light and decreases significantly.

Three diagnosis: itching relief.

Fourth diagnosis: YD pain is basically contact.

Five diagnosis: The evidence is basically eliminated.

[Efficacy and Indications] Divillment and cold, strengthen spleen and qi.Applicable to vaginitis.

[Friendly Tips] Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation and one person, and one person needs to be comprehensive theory based on symptoms, physical fitness, and degree of condition.

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