Why do women feel chest pain?Analyze these 6 reasons, take a look at it!

Some women in life will have chest pain. Part of them are related to improper sleeping positions. They like to sleep on their stomachs, and pain will cause pain when they are oppressed.But some women still have chest pain even if they do not have this habit.There are many causes of chest pain, which may be related to abnormal secretion or physiological causes of hormones, or it may be caused by disease.

What are the causes of chest pain?

1. Preliminary syndrome

Some women will find that chest pain often occurs before menstruation. This is because the level of menstrual hormones changes, which may affect the breast and feel that the chest is particularly bloated.In addition, it will be accompanied by symptoms such as emotional irritability, headache, and abdominal pain.

2. Breast hyperplasia

Middle -aged women are prone to breast problems. What is more common is breast hyperplasia.When touching the breast, you can obviously feel nodules or active lumps, and some people will have the manifestation of nipples. These symptoms may be breast hyperplasia.Local lump pain occurs after breast hyperplasia, which will increase in early menstruation.

3, mastitis

Mastitis can also cause chest pain. If it is acute mastitis, the pain is severe, and it will also have symptoms such as fever and lymph nodes.In addition, the skin around the breast will find that the skin temperature is rising, and the pain is more obvious when pressing the mass.

4. Breast cancer

Women with breast cancer will not have pain in the early stage. If cancer metastasis or aggression occurs, chest pain will occur.With the development of the disease, if it is transferred to the thoracic spine, it will be accompanied by severe pain, the skin shape around the breast will change, the orange skin -like shape around the breast, and the lymph nodes will appear under the armpit.

5. Early pregnancy

Early pregnancy women have more physiological causes of chest pain. Due to the vigorous secretion of estrogen secretion in this period, vascular flow rates and vascular development of the breast will increase the temporary increase in breasts and pain.In addition to pain, it will also be accompanied by symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, lower abdomen discomfort, and lethargy.

6. Emotional fluctuations

Emotions can also affect the secretion of hormones, and emotional fluctuations will directly affect the normal metabolism of the liver. The liver is located on the chest. This situation will also cause pain.Secondly, emotional fluctuations will also affect endocrine function, and estrogen will also be affected by emotions, causing discomfort in various parts of the body.

If women have chest pain, it is caused by self -examination of self -examination, and it is necessary to see it in time if accompanied by other symptoms.Pay attention to your diet, do not eat foods with high hormones, and often self -test your breasts. If nodules appear, you should be vigilant.You also need to choose the right underwear. Do not wear underwear at night to avoid affecting blood circulation.

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