Why do women coming to "aunt" can be painful?What should I do if my chest pain after the same room?One article gives you popular science

For women, breasts are the second characteristic of women, and after women’s delivery, breasts can also secrete milk to achieve the role of nurturing babies, so for women, breast health is very important.

It is just that many women often have some breast problems in life. For example, before menstruation, the breasts will have a tenderness. What is going on?

What are the causes of breast pain before menstruation?

1. Unusual changes in hormones in the body

When women are about to enter the menstrual period, the ovaries will secrete a large amount of estrogen and progesterone, and these hormones will prompt the endometrium to fall off periodic.

However, due to the rapid rise in hormone levels in the body, the breasts of women are stimulated, which causes women to have chest pain.

If it is caused by abnormal hormone in the body, after menstruation, the level of hormone in the body will drop rapidly, and the phenomenon of breast tenderness will be reduced or disappeared. Generally, special treatment is not required.

Second, suffering from breast hyperplasia

Breast hyperplasia is a more common benign breast disease. The cause of the onset is related to endocrine disorders in women and abnormal hormone levels.

Once suffering from breast hyperplasia, due to the abnormal hormone levels in women before menstruation, it will affect endocrine, which will cause periodic pain in the patient’s breast part.

When breast tenderness occurs, there will be some cable or granular nodules in the breast, and it will also be accompanied by nipple salvia symptoms.

Some women will have a tenderness in the breast after the intercourse. How can I relieve it at this time?

1. Appropriate hot compress

Generally, the cause of breast pain after the intercourse is related, which is related to the excessive squeezing of the breast during intercourse.

If the breast area is overly squeezed, some damage will cause the breast tissue.If the symptoms are not very obvious, you can use hot towels to apply hot compresses on the breasts multiple times, which can quickly alleviate this pain.

2. Drug treatment

If there is just a serious breast pain after the intercourse, or the phenomenon of damage to the nipple part is generally due to strong damage to the breast.

Then women need to go to a regular hospital for a doctor. According to the degree of disease, taking some drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor can not only relieve the pain of tenderness, but also eliminate some breast inflammation.

Third, early pregnancy test

After a period of time for intercourse, if women have pain in the breast area and the extension of menstruation, we must pay attention to it. This phenomenon is likely to be a symptom of pregnancy.Then women must go to the hospital for early pregnancy test. If it is caused by pregnancy, we must pay attention to the conditioning of all aspects of life.

All in all, for women, if there are obvious breast pain before menstruation, and there is a phenomenon of lumps and nipples in the breast, it is generally caused by breast hyperplasia.Women must be treated reasonably under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition, if the breast tenderness occurs after the intercourse is done, in addition to proper hot compresses on the breast site, you should also go to the hospital for examination.If it is damaged or pregnant, corresponding treatment and conditioning should be performed according to the situation.

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