Why do they want to divorce so many pregnant women?

The issue of divorce, once it involves children, will become difficult.

And pregnant women are even more difficult.Imagine that he was looking forward to his arrival with love, but now there is a problem with marriage, you must decide the life and death of a child who has not been born.

Men have become father since the birth of the child, and women have become mothers since the moment they are pregnant.

I don’t know what it means for the man, but for expectant mothers, this is undoubtedly very difficult to choose.After all, it is a husband, not a child.

So why would you rather divorce if you would like to make such a decision?

Let’s talk about physiological in terms of physiology. In the early stages of pregnancy, various reactions during pregnancy will appear.

I found that after I was pregnant, I started to lose appetite.I don’t know what’s wrong, I just feel that the meal can’t be in my mouth, and I can’t eat anything.

My mother -in -law changed a lot of dishes for this, and I felt that I couldn’t swallow it.It was not until later that I could only eat white porridge and pickled vegetables. I suddenly discovered that I was pregnant.

At the beginning, the whole family did not know that this was because of pregnancy.I think I think I feel confusing at the dinner table, but they never blame me.

But my situation is very special, because my mother -in -law is particularly good to me.

It is not good to replace it with other families, not to mention that the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law is not good, even if they are usually polite.As long as the mother -in -law said no, pregnant women will definitely be sad.

Because they may not know what happened.

In the later period, the child was getting bigger and bigger, and his body became more and more heavy.Various pain will also follow.

Edema, pubic pain, stretch marks, obesity, etc., all tortured pregnant women.

No girl will like to be in shape, and the skin is full of pattern.

I added expectant mothers during pregnancy. The group mentioned in the group is nothing more than two issues: to be produced in the baby, and there are various discomfort in the body.

Based on the changes in the above bodies, the psychology of pregnant women will become extremely fragile.

Maybe they are still at work, and they can do the same as ordinary people at work.But when they return home, they need to be more caring than usual.

Don’t think of picking up her mouth during pregnancy, don’t say, "What about others are pregnant?" Everyone’s body is different.

The husband usually said: "You look at your legs, thicker than me." This may be a laugh, and the woman will laugh and scold back.

If this sentence is said during pregnancy, it is a knife.No pregnant woman can bear such damage.

Why do women always become more sensitive during pregnancy?

In fact, it is the man’s unchanged.

Regardless of whether she was a female man before, she was a little woman who needed to take care of during pregnancy.

Squatting down and helping her with a shoelaces, buying something usually reluctant to eat, boasting that she is as beautiful as before, is it difficult?

Some netizens broke the news that she had a threatened miscarriage during pregnancy, but her husband did not give her a penny and asked her to go to work.

Later, I did not get very good care after miscarriage.

As a result, her mother -in -law also blamed that her body was too bad.In the end, netizens and her husband divorced.

During pregnancy, it is easy to be irritable due to hormones and drill the horns.But in general, noisy and noisy comes over. In the end, it is difficult for the man to blame the idea of divorce.

The child was unwilling, but the child was born in a single -parent family.No matter what choice, it is not a good result.So why do pregnant women divorce?

I was four months pregnant and found that my husband had a lipstick online shopping record. The problem was that this lipstick was not bought for me, so I left my heart.

Later, I found that my husband did derailed when I was pregnant.

Broken the child’s agreement to divorce immediately, there is no good discussion.

This situation is clear, and the husband has made a principled mistake.

The experience of a expectant mother in my group is even more sigh.

Originally, the husband and wife lived alone, and the relationship was very good.After pregnancy, her husband proposed to let her mother -in -law live in to take care of me. She didn’t think so much. She felt that the proposal was good and agreed.

Unexpectedly, after her mother -in -law came over, she took the fruits bought by her mother home for her aunt. The good rice also moved back to most of them. He said that he would come and take care of it, but he saw the dishes every day for three meals a day.

It was too much that she bought a very expensive bag once. As a result, her mother -in -law took away her aunt without her consent.Later, her aunt looked in front of her and showed off. Obviously, she didn’t know that this bag was originally her.

Living under the same roof, contradictions have repeatedly occurred.She is in a bad mood every day, telling her husband.

Husband said, "Mom comes to take care of you, why do you say so much."

The little contradiction accumulated, and everyone couldn’t stop when it broke out.

Regardless of my mother -in -law, I think that the last straw that crushes her is not maintained by her husband.

Pregnant women finally make a divorce decision, which is more difficult than ordinary women.In this case, they will inevitably be unpredictable.

Physiological discomfort, emotional instability, but no corresponding care.It wasn’t because she didn’t love anymore, but in such a special period but did not feel love from the other party.

The continuation of this marriage will inevitably face endless sadness.

It’s not that they can’t figure it out, but they want to open it.

Long pain is not as good as short pain.

It is hoped that all women can have special care in a special period.

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