Why do menstruation always advance?Chinese medicine: Yin deficiency and blood fever!Teach you a trick to condition


This is Dr. Shen’s health science for you. This article will be advanced around menstruation to answer your questions!

Women will produce menstruation every month. The amount of menstrual blood can be evaluated. Some women have three days, while some women are seven days. In fact, as long as women are reasonable and these days are these days, then it is normal.Phenomenon.And for menstrual colors, it is possible to ensure dark red, which is normal.

In life, women may be in a polarized state. I look forward to it, but it will not be treated well, which will cause abnormal menstruation.Why do some women often cause irregular menstruation? What causes this?Let’s find out!

1. Can promote hematopoietic function

Menstruation causes blood loss and hematopoiesis, so that women’s circulatory systems and hematopoietic systems get a "exercise" that men do not have.It enables women to suffer more accidents than men, and can quickly produce new blood to supplement the lost blood.

2. Determine whether women are pregnant

If women are married, they are about to ask their children, and they can usually judge whether they are pregnant through menstruation.In addition, you can calculate the due date according to menstruation, which is very helpful for health care and psychology during pregnancy.

3. Reduce damage caused by high -speed rail content

Now there is a genetic disease called hemogenetic intravenous disease.Excessive iron will cause varying degrees of damage to the heart, liver, pancreas, joints, and skin. Women can regularly excrete blood through monthly menstruation to reduce their harm.

4. More accurately estimate the ovulation period

Women maintain the rules of menstruation and have a significant benefit, which can help predict ovulation. For couples who need to have children, the probability of conceiving in the same room during ovulation will increase significantly. Only menstruation can calculate the ovulation period.

Bad habits lead to

Frequent staying up late will make the body overload, affect endocrine, and the level of hormone in the body has not stabilized, and it is easy to cause menstrual irregularities.

At the same time, bad living habits such as mental stress, irregular diet, cold, and excessive dieting will also lead to irregular menstruation. As long as you change your living conditions and develop good living habits, irregular menstruation will improve.


The role of drugs affects the law of menstruation. If patients are taking some drugs recently, it is likely to cause menstrual disorders.It is recommended to stop the medicine at this time to observe whether the menstruation can return to normal. If there are abnormalities, further inspection is needed.


Long -term mental depression, sullenness, or suffering from major mental stimulation and psychological trauma can lead to advanced menstruation.This is because menstruation is formed after the hormone secreted by the ovaries that stimulates the endometrium, and the hormone secreted by ovarian secretion is controlled by the pituitary and hypothalamus.

Body yang is caused

The reason for the advancement of menstruation is those with strong yang in the body, too much spicy food, or those with low emotional mood, or people with too much blood loss and too much blood loss are prone to blood fever.If the blood is in vain, the flow velocity will be accelerated, so that the menstruation will be advanced in advance.

The simplest and most critical conditioning is to nourish yin and cool blood. Although so, it is relatively simple to say, because the disease of traditional Chinese medicine has no medicine, it is a major direction, and there are countless foods and medicinal materials that can nourish yin and blood.

Exercise, yin deficiency and blood fever usually requires appropriate exercise, such as walking, running, swimming, etc., helping to improve symptoms.

Diet conditioning: Yin deficiency and internal heat, doctors can use foods that nourish yin and heat, such as winter melon soup, barley porridge.Women should eat more foods, nourishing, and tonic foods, such as glutinous rice, lotus root, black fungus, white fungus, lily, etc., which helps to supplement the body’s yin fluid. Usually, the diet should be light, not greasy, spicy, and irritating food.

We must control your emotions, avoid bad emotions such as excitement, anger, nervousness, depression, avoid staying up late, avoid staying up late, and avoid staying up late to avoid affecting kidney health.

Yin deficiency and blood fever are mainly caused by kidney yin deficiency and deficiency fire. The specific reason is that the kidney’s kidney is the door to life, including true yin and true yang.The kidney yin is insufficient, the water cannot overcome the fire, and the fire will be strong.Yin deficiency and blood fever is mainly caused by the loss of fluid or the damage of the human body. The yin cannot overcome the yang qi, then the heat is flourishing and blood invasion, and the blood heat.

It usually occurs when it is overheating, sweating, lack of fluid replenishment, long -term thirst, severe dehydration or excessive consumption of hot food and certain drugs, which can be seen in chronic consumer diseases or psychiatric anxiety.

Women may have advanced menstruation, medium or decrease in menstrual flow, bright red color, and men can experience symptoms such as impotence and premature ejaculation.If this is the case, it is recommended to regulate it in time. If it is improperly conditioned, care should be taken under the guidance of a doctor!

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