Why do I often constipate after pregnancy?What should I do if I do constipation during pregnancy?

Each pregnant woman will be more or less constipated during a certain period of pregnancy, some are in the early pregnancy, some are in the second trimester, and some are the third trimester.And I happened to be constipated in the early pregnancy.

Before I started pregnancy, I basically had toilets once a day, or once every two days, but after pregnancy in the early pregnancy.It has become once a week, or even two weeks.But I was so anxious that the problem was that my body had not changed much.Because I can vomit, what to eat and vomit.Therefore, it is estimated that the vomiting to spit it out can cause the cause of not going to the toilet for so long.

Later, I heard that eating navel oranges can cure constipation. Coincidentally, we are the origin of the navel orange. When the navel orange is mining, we go to the navel orange mountains of the navel.Because you want to control your sugar, one navel orange is every day.To be honest, it is really effective.

There are toilets every day, not more than three days.It feels really amazing.Many Baoma said that eating probiotics or other fruits can also cure constipation. As long as it is harmless to the baby, you can try it to see which kind of physique that suits you.In this way, constipation will be solved.

Drinking water for honey is also a good choice.Honey has a laxative effect.

Eat more fruits, can eat more fruits such as dragon fruit, kiwi, and apples.There is a very common misunderstanding here, that is, many people think that eating bananas can help defecation. In fact, only bananas have not improved constipation.

Eat more coarse grains, corn and sweet potatoes after cooking can help meal intestines, but if these things are cooked with fried methods, they will become junk foods, which will increase constipation.

You can also eat more nuts, such as peanuts, happy custard, etc. The oil content of these foods is relatively high, and you can moisturize the intestines after eating.

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