Why do girls suddenly cold and hot and responding to you

Why do girls suddenly be cold and hot to you? Why are girls always cold and hot, which is a question that many boys will encounter and puzzled.For this classic problem, Xiaobian summarizes the following:

Today, when you are studying hard and devoted to the girl routine, the girls have already practiced their own routines.Then you find that women are actually getting more and more difficult to deal with. In fact, you do n’t know how to deal with some routines, you do n’t know how to deal with it.Let’s talk about her most commonly used routines here: suddenly cold and hot.

emotion analysis:

At the beginning of this girl, she pulled you, see if you will hook it, will she pursue her.If you are hooked, she pushes you away, making you regret to pursue her.But at the emotional level, you are completely confused, because she pushed you away, but it even aroused your interest and the interest she conquered.


the first method:

I often use it, you tell the girl directly: "You have been attracted by me, I like me, but you feel that our relationship has progressed too fast, you are afraid of this feeling, so you want to calm down for a few days to determineNext. "(The framework implies that you are the protagonist of the game, you are a prize, she has to chase you.)

The second method:

You tell the girl directly: "Is this the way you are best at chasing boys? Can you change a very creative idea? (The framework implies that she is too old to chase men, very tacky)

The third method:

Pre -selection causes jealousy.When she was indifferent, you disclosed a little during the process of chatting with her. Your relatives or classmates introduced you to your girlfriend. You met and gave her a photo to let her staff.Jealous plot)

The fourth method:

Not moving.When she pushed you, you are not moving.To know more women, understand your true needs, what kind of girl do you like.

Don’t always feel that girls are elusive. These four methods described above, as long as you can use it well, you can add color to your road.

Facing this kind of routine of a girl, all you need to do is to set up your attitude.

For example, the girl’s intention is often late, and you are obviously uncomfortable in your heart, but you are afraid of her angry, so you have been tolerating, but tolerance is not the best way.

If you can always be unconditionally tolerant, then she can only become more and more "too".But if you say no, I must have been in this life, and I must have only you who are injured.

The best way is to find the reason

If you ignore you alone when you chat, it may be that your chat skills are not good. She feels that chatting with you is boring, then you will improve your chat skills.

A small joke may open her topic.

If she is cold and hot after meeting, it is likely that your appearance does not meet her requirements, then you will improve your dress and change a clean hairstyle to build an attraction.

If you are cold and hot after the invitation, it means that you are too anxious, and she doesn’t want to develop too fast with you.

Someone asked, is there any simplest way?

In fact, even if I taught you a routine today, this routine cannot be used forever, and it is impossible to take a routine.Sometimes picking girls is like a barrier, and if you are fighting against your fate, then you will be this life in your life, and there will be no Lin Zhiling as a wife in the sky.

You must have seen a man who looks like a beautiful woman around you. You lament that good cabbage makes the pig arch. In fact, you may not know that although he knows that he is not very hard, he will work harder to improve.Skills, get in touch with more girls to gain experience, so that she can hold the beauty, so don’t stare at a woman anymore. After a long time, she will be uncomfortable.

Will marrying a fat woman be laughed at? Tall and thin, it is a lot of boys’ requirements for girlfriends, but in fact, girls with fatter are also very good.If you don’t believe it, then I will tell you the benefits of finding a slightly fat woman.

1. Sexual life is more harmonious

The quality of sexual life of slightly fat women is generally higher than thin women.They can mobilize men’s sex to the greatest extent.

Second, heart wide body fat

Although this sentence is not a slightly fat woman, generally, the fat woman’s mind is relatively simple, so it is easy to get along with them.

Three, good face

The Chinese still believe in the statement of the face. There has always been a word of heart and heart. The fat woman has flesh on her face, and it is usually Doffangfu’s face.

Four, good personality

Micro -fat women are generally cheerful, and they will not feel tired with their men.

Five, more practical

Fat -fat women are very solid, and they will not go more every day, and then do things very reliable.

Six, a sense of security

Men also need a sense of security. The characteristics of a slightly fat woman and a good personality make men feel security.

Seven, know how to live

Generally, slightly fat women know how to live very much, and they will live tepidly. They are loud and colorful. Being with such a woman will feel that life is very happy.

Eight, good health

At first glance, a slightly fat woman feels good health, and there will be no problems. Such a woman living together will feel that they can take care of their families well.

Nine, good relationship between mother -in -law

Because the fat woman is better, the relationship with her mother -in -law will also be very good. There will be no big relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law. This makes men feel that the backyard is peaceful.

Therefore, Zhang Manyu, who is regarded as an idol by many women, is not favored by men because it is too thin.Fashion is fashionable, but it feels too bad.There are also the beauty of Yushu’s wind like Yang Liping, Lu Yu, etc., which are only suitable for the dancer, which belongs to the realm, but does not belong to a temperature of a temperature.Some men even say that women lose weight and even say, "Dear, don’t bother you to lose weight, I like the feeling of flesh like you." It’s like a man always says that pregnant women are the most beautiful, even if you are bloated like a one like a one like a oneballoon.

In fact, no matter how men define women and define happiness, I only have one standard at any time, that is, vowing to carry out S -shaped slimming careers to the end.In your hand.Whether you get married or not, a woman who loves yourself and knows how to control herself is a confident woman, and a woman who is ready at any time, can be retired or retreat, is a charming woman.

In my opinion, "women are pleasing to themselves" should first be "women to be happy for themselves", that is, to dress themselves to make themselves happy, of course, including controlling their body weight and maintaining a certain body curve. As for whether menI like, who cares?

The above is the benefit of finding a slightly fat woman. How about it, it feels good.She can not only bring you a sense of security, but also greatly mobilize your sexual interest.So the eyes of your brothers can be put in the long run ~~~

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