Why do enteritis during pregnancy?Pay attention to beware, this is not a trivial matter

For everyone with poor stomachs, enteritis is a common disease. Once this disease is suffering from this disease, it is uncomfortable and affects normal life, let alone for pregnant women.So why is it suffering from enteritis for those who are pregnant?What should I do if I have committed intestinalitis?

First, why do enteritis during pregnancy?

For pregnant women, the most common cause of enteritis is infection.In general, it is due to the infection of the pathogen, including the most common pathogens include Salmonella, Zhiga Dynthemacteria, Candurbalobacteria and virus.If the food poisoning of pregnant women, or in some parts of the body suffers from virus infection, it will also cause the chance of enteritis in pregnant women.For pregnant women who are pregnant early, if acute enteritis occurs, it will cause pain in the abdomen, and in severe cases, it will cause abortion, so you must pay attention to prevention.Moreover, when people are in summer, acute gastroenteritis will become the most likely to occur. As long as pregnant women can be spit, pain, pain, and emotional anxiety.

2. What should I do if my enteritis is committed during pregnancy?

1. Replenish people who are pregnant.Because patients with enteritis will have diarrhea, ‘pregnant women will lose water in a large amount of water, and the balance of electrolytes will be broken.Therefore, at this time, a lot of replenishment, especially the supplement of potassium ions.Patients need to prohibit the use of food for 6 to 12 hours or more than 12 hours while replenishment.

2. Diet, diet treatment is also a very important aspect for pregnant women with enteritis.Food supplements can follow the principles of less, from thin to thick, and eat as light as possible and easier to digest.Avoid some cold, greasy, spicy, fried, etc. some irritating food intake. If the condition is relatively light, it can last for 3-4 days.If the condition is more serious, it needs to last about 5 to ten days.During this period, you can take some medicines, such as Narcinus or some other Chinese medicine.

3. During the treatment, you should observe whether the fetus’s state is good at any time, whether there is a sign of premature or abortion, and once there are any symptoms of discomfort, you need to go to the hospital for timely treatment.It is necessary to avoid taking medicine without authorization. If the useful medicine is improper, it may cause the fetal development to be affected and the fetal deformity.

4. Be sure to do a good job of nursing, often observe the patient’s vomiting, record the number of diarrhea and displacement, change the diapers frequently, and clean the hips for patients to prevent patients from infection with urinary tract.

5. After checking, the symptomatic treatment is performed. If it is caused by pathogens in the large intestine, the use of antibiotics should be used in an appropriate amount according to a situation infected by the intestine to control the development of the flora.

What should I do if I have committed intestinalitis?In summary, it is to reduce the pressure on the intestinal tract, strengthen personal care, eliminate the pathogens from fundamental, control the development of the disease, and regulate diet.In addition, patients should pay attention to eating less cold and spicy foods to avoid this.In addition, pay more attention to exercise and increase immunity and resistance.

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