Why did you suddenly lose "fetal heart" in 8 months of pregnancy?Novice pregnant mothers don’t care, protect yourself well

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According to statistics from relevant national departments, there are an average of 5 million unmarried abortion surgery in my country each year. After more than 3 times, the probability of habitual abortion will rise to 72%. Some women have the possibility of stopping the fetal heart if they are pregnant.

In life, the streets and alleys can always see painless advertisements. This is not a good phenomenon, because the flood of painless abortion advertisements will mislead those women with no concept of miscarriage. They are likely to do things that hurt themselves.

Some surveys have shown that if a woman flows off the first child, it will be very difficult to get pregnant in the future, and even some pregnant women will have the problem of stopping the fetal heart, which will make people very collapsed.

Maybe these people can’t understand that when they are pregnant, they have not done severe exercise, and they have not eaten things they should not eat. Why do the fetus "disappear"?

Excessive radiation has caused embryos to stop developing

After women are pregnant, they must stay away from radiation areas, because the fetus will absorb all bad substances in pregnant women.

I used to see such a thing in "Chel Nobel Lyrics": A pregnant woman was just a few minutes because a pregnant woman was close to her husband.The impact of radiation on the fetus is far more serious than we think.There are wrong diets, eating crabs and other slippery foods

If pregnant women eat foods that are easy to slip during pregnancy, the fetus will also cause the fetus to have no fetal heart.Crab, barley, etc. are typical slippery foods. If pregnant women take it, it will definitely affect the fetus.

After eating crabs, the gastrointestinal peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract will become fast, diarrhea, gastrointestinal spasm, and cause the uterus to contract violently and abortion.Barley is cold food and stimulates the uterus, so it is not suitable for pregnant women.Genetic problems, chromosomal abnormalities

The fetus has no fetal heart, and there is another case that is abnormal in chromosomes. For example, the chromosomes of eggs or sperm are originally abnormal. Such fertilized eggs were initially unhealthy. It is easy to stop in the process of pregnancy. Naturally, there is no fetal heart.The poor quality leads to the survival of the fittest

The fetus may not have a poor quality of the fetus, or the quality of the embryo is poor. After the development of it, it stops growing. The fertilized eggs also have the characteristics of survival of the fittest. If the quality of the fertilized eggs is not high, they will stop developing.

In the early pregnancy, abdominal pain and bleeding

It is very important for pregnant women to be three months before pregnancy. Many pregnant women find that they have been pregnant for the third month when they are pregnant. As a result, they did not pay attention a few months before. They were still wearing high heels every day, doing strenuous exercise, and staying up late.

For this reason, many pregnant women have abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy, and even guiding bleeding.When pregnant women find that they have these situations, they must go to the hospital in time, which is likely to have abortion.

Pregnant women are not stable three months before pregnancy, so they must pay special attention.During this period, pregnant women can be raised at home first, and it is also possible to go to work when it is stable.Frequent headaches, it is likely to suffer from pregnancy hypertension

Pregnant women will feel very tired during pregnancy, and they will have a headache when they have something. This is normal.But if pregnant women have continuous headaches, or headaches are getting worse, they need to be cautious.

Pregnant women often continue to have headaches. It is likely that pregnant women have hypertension during pregnancy. This situation is very serious. It is easy to inherit the fetus in the abdomen. Pregnant women need to go to the hospital immediately.Pregnant women’s body itching is serious

If pregnant women find that they are itchy, especially when they are itching, they need to be cautious.

When pregnant women suffer from intrahepatic mile syndrome syndrome, itching will occur, which can easily lead to suffocation, premature birth, and no fetal heart.The urination burning sensation is obvious, it is likely to be urinary infection

If the human body is short of water, a burning sensation will occur when urination. If the urination feeling occurs during pregnancy during pregnancy, it is likely to be caused by the urinary system infection.If the urinary system is infected, the uterine pressure of pregnant women will increase, and pregnant women are prone to abortion.

Be cautious when preparing for pregnancy, prohibit smoking and drinking

Pregnant women must not only quit smoking and alcohol during pregnancy, but also need to pay attention to during preparation. In addition to women, men also need to quit smoking and alcohol.

Nicotine and alcohol can affect the quality of sperm, not only easily cause the fetus to malformation, but also cause abortion in pregnant women.At the same time, during pregnancy, women and family must maintain a healthy and good attitude, let alone stay up late.Optimistic mentality, avoid making a lot of noise

When pregnant women are pregnant, their emotions often fluctuate, they will feel inexplicable panic and anxiety, and occasionally they will make a big noise.

These manifestations of pregnant women are very unfavorable to the fetus. The emotions of pregnant women will directly affect the emotions of the fetus. If the mood is ups and downs, the fetal heartbeat will increase, and the probability of stopping the fetal heart will increase greatly.Therefore, pregnant women should maintain an optimistic and positive attitude during pregnancy. Don’t always get rid of the horns and learn to relax herself.

Enhance your physique in appropriate exercise and avoid fever

Pregnant women can do some exercise appropriately during pregnancy, which can enhance both physique and relax.Pregnant women are very bad for getting sick and fever during pregnancy. Pregnant women cannot take medicine and can only use physical therapy to reduce fever.

In addition, the fever of pregnant women will also affect the absorption of fetal nutrients, the nervous system will be disrupted, and even if the fetal heart rate will slow down.Therefore, in the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant women can count the fetal heart every day to check whether the fetus is developing normally.Scientific diet, reasonable match

Pregnant women have greatly increased their appetite during pregnancy, especially in the middle and late pregnancy. I really want to eat greasy foods, but eating more greasy foods will cause pregnant women to gain weight, and it is also easy to suffer from pregnancy obesity.

The body size of the fetus in pregnant women will also become larger, which is not conducive to the baby’s development.Therefore, pregnant women need to be matched with a reasonable diet during pregnancy. Daily vegetables and fruits should not be less. At the same time, they should eat more foods rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins.

Mother Lafay Mother’s Message:

An October is a long process. During this period, pregnant women need to bear a lot of pressure and pain. The body is swollen, unable to sleep, distressing mood, loss of appetite, and so on.Families must help pregnant women to relieve discomfort and relieve their physical and mental and mind. This is not only helpful to pregnant women itself, but also conducive to the development of the baby.

In addition, pregnant women must be checked regularly in accordance with the doctor’s order during pregnancy. Each birth checkup can find the problem of pregnant women and fetuses in time. When the pregnant woman’s birth examination, it is best to accompany the pregnant woman’s husband.In this way, pregnant women can have a sense of security, and the baby can also have a closer relationship with her father.

Finally, I hope that every baby can be born smoothly and grow up safely!

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