Why can’t Lin Yun and Lin Yichen be thin?See if you are recruiting!

Hello, little fairies, have you found that autumn is really a bumper season, and the long -awaited love beans have recently came out of new works.

Captain Avril, who disappeared for N years, issued a new order, and the surprise captain of next year’s abuse and destroyed.>!

At this time, the buds are in the crazy single cycle. Thank you for your hard work.There are more new actions, and the exposure is also up.

The street shooting pictures of the airport made the buds look at the aunt who laughed. What happened to this?What’s the matter with this fashionable big -name slippers, and what is going on with the small face covered by the mask!

It is no reason. Last month, the mood of being hit by Weibo The Saito Saito Birds was just calm. Now even the blue child of the men’s group can bully me.EssenceEssenceUnhappy ~

What’s more is, the buds turned to Zhao Liying’s latest street shooting, with a mask, and even her face was small now. It was clear that she still could comfort people.

The unintentional buds continued to find the street shooting of other love beans.EssenceEssence

All charm couldn’t stop, but the small faces were stunned.Think about it this morning that I feel that the dust is a bit pungent, and I can’t hold myself on the mask.

I immediately felt that the world was too cruel to the big face, and I still didn’t let the pictures make you laugh.It must be understood that it is almost Xiao Yueyue.EssenceEssence

Speaking of this small problem, the most envious face shape is still international chapter.

Crashing in the case of high -definition 0 pictures, the outline is very good. I think that I have to change to 180 angles every time I take a selfie. It is really angry. O (╥﹏╥) o

As a VIP player who has been struggling with his big face for many years, tell you a big truth, hoping that the face will become smaller, thin, and three -dimensional. The first is definitely a repair.

Of course, a trick is more suitable for hand disabled party. Buying a light foundation with a shallow color number, only coated with the forehead, bridge, bags under the eyes and chin.Then the skin in other parts of the skin is not bad with the original skin tone.

Secondly, it is a sunglasses. At present, the buds like Karen Walker. They do not press their noses, and the Asians are really superior to their faces, versatile and classic, not easy to be outdated.As for skin care products and massage, buds feel effective, but it takes time.

If any female star or the person around you, suddenly one day from the big cake face to a small V face, don’t believe what she is caused by wisdom tooth extraction, and there is a contribution of thin face.

Although the sprouts are disdainful on the surface, I can’t wait to find a doctor now with two thin face needles.

Speaking of thin face needles, if you are too strong and developed by the masseter muscles, then congratulations, you can feel that botulinum toxin thin face needle brings a significant thin face surprise.If the masseter muscles are not so developed, the effect of thin face is not so obvious.

▼ Botox’s face loss effect

Botox’s thin face is very good, but do n’t fight it with a nest, because not everyone is suitable, so Badba consulted a professional plastic surgeon Xiu Zhifu today.

(Content support: Plastic Doctor Xiu Zhifu)

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Tell you that under the premise of health, which types of people are not suitable for botulinum toxin and thin face, and what else is, it is absolutely impossible to fight!IntersectionIntersection

This refers to the whispering of the face and rolling, and it is caused by the accumulation of fat at a glance.

It’s like Xin Yanlei in "Embroidered Spring Knife 2", the face is very good.

Of course, if the face is fat and accompanied by the developed masseter muscle, you can choose to use a thin face.Many Asians are the cases of ten yuan girls.

However, if the face is only caused by a lot of fat on the face, the effect of botulinum toxin that only plays the muscle, the effect may not be obvious.

▼ Facial fat accumulation should work hard to lose weight

People with a lot of fat on their faces, let’s lose weight seriously, otherwise it is okay to be a "facial liposuction".

▼ Facial liposuction indication

If the cheek pad is hypertrophic, unless it is really necessary to perform a "cheese fat pad" surgery, it is still retained. After all, the age is young, and people with Babyfat may be younger.

That is to say, such people who are thin, depressed, and visible to the outline of the skeletal are not suitable for thin face needles.Lin Yichen had a poor physical condition for a while, and she immediately had a clear depression.

There are more flesh on your face, why not let the meat less?Because the masseter muscles are in the lower half of the cheeks, after the thin face masseter muscles are reduced, the original thin cheeks will be even more depressed.

▼ Puttering position

▼ The depression problem of the face after thin face can be improved by filling

Most people do not like this kind of cheeks and thin faces.Lin Yun, who had diet madly before, looked tired and a sense of distance.

If the cheeks are sunken, you can eat fat if you can eat fat, or you can also make a "hyaluronic acid filling" or "autologous fat filling". Some people may not be obvious after filling in the filling muscle.

If the facial contour is relaxed, the nasal lip grooves, and the corners of the mouth are relatively obvious, then after the botulinum toxin is thin, the developed masseter muscles will become smaller, but the loose tissue may be drooping and wrinkles due to a certain supporting effect of the masseter muscles.It’s obvious.

If the facial contour is relaxed obvious, the urgent work is to solve the problem of sagging first, Lin Xinru is a typical example.

You can use the "Botoxex’s Mandibular Fate", "facial line carving" or "super radio frequency" as needed to pull tight and anti -aging.

▼ Facial line carving treatment


A person who is known to be allergic to the botulinum toxin and formula known for injection

For those such as botulinum, protein, gelatin, etc., people cannot use botulinum toxin, and it is not recommended to use allergies or botulinum toxin.Of course, if you want to know if you can use botulinum toxin, you can do a "leather test" first:

▼ Specify the leather test

Use the tone botulinum toxin needle to test the skin test on the inner arm of the forearm, hit a pill, and observe whether there is any response after 15 minutes. If it is a small white point or reddish red, it is normal.It means that allergies to botulinum toxin cannot be injected.


Injection site infection

If the injection site is infected, it may cause local or systemic infections after injection, and then cause danger.


Patients with neuromuscular disease

Neuromuscular diseases, such as severe muscle weakness (a long -term neuromuscular disease, often affects the eyes, facial and swallow -related muscles, which can cause symptoms such as resignation, drooping upper eyelids, difficulty speaking, and difficulty in walking), multiple stoves), more stovesSexual motor neuropathy (a chronic multiple monocular nerve based on motor nerves, manifested as permanently symmetrical limb weakness), Lambert-Eaton syndrome (a rare neuromuscular conduction abnormal disease, manifested as muscle weakness weaknessSome symptoms), muscle atrophic side sclerosis (that is, the "gradually frozen people"), such as the more familiar), etc., once injecting botoxin may aggravate the condition.

▼ Hawking, suffering from muscle atrophic side sclerosis


Conditional or anticoagulanting therapy with coagulation dysfunction

Injecting only has acupuncture traces, normal people can quickly recover, but people with coagulation dysfunction may cause bleeding.


Those who use amino glycoside antibiotics and other interference neuromuscular transmission drugs

These drugs themselves have neuromuscular blocking effects, which will interfere with the effect of botulinum toxin and have adverse consequences.


Women during pregnancy and lactation

There is no need to say this.If you encounter such a situation: After you have a botulinum toxin, you find that you are pregnant, what should I do?

Although there are currently no related reports of fetal deformities caused by injection of type A botulinum toxin, it is not clinical data for women who use type A botox toxin during pregnancy.Toxin treatment, it is recommended to determine whether to be pregnant before injection, and contraception within 6 months after injection.

If you are pregnant, then consult the professional opinions of obstetrics and gynecologists and consider comprehensive consideration.


Minor under 18 years of age

Minors are in the stage of physical development. This period is usually not recommended for any plastic surgery and micro plastic surgery.

Unless it is some problems that affect physical function, such as severe upper eyelid drooping, or cleft lip and palate like Li Yan.

Sprout love

Of course, there are some physical health problems, and doctors think they are not suitable for playing, such as their own infectious diseases such as AIDS, syphilis, etc., and those who have severe heart, liver, kidney, lung disease, and some immunization, and some immunizationSexual diseases.Before accepting botulinum injection, consult a doctor, explain the medical history, and accept the advice of the doctor. The previous these are also based on the formal professionalism of the institution.It can be more beautiful when it is safe. Do you say it?

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