Why can’t I sleep after pregnancy?Do you know what are the reasons?

Many geometric mothers around them have such doubts in the city after ancient times. It is not that I can’t sleep at night at night. No matter what it is taught or not, even some of them suffer from prenatal tartaria.We all know that if the pregnant mother disappears in the period of time, it will not only bring risks to our health, but also have a great impact on the baby in the stomach.

In fact, the mother sleeps well after ancient times, and most of them are caused by the reason for the next few reasons.

First, show various adverse symptoms during pregnancy.

During her body, her mother was uncomfortable with symptoms such as backache, back pain, nausea, and foot cramps. Therefore, when she sleeps at night, she will be uncomfortable. I think that it is not fast, and it will not help turning over.Some mothers still have the custom of drinking water before going to bed, so they are still on the latrine at night, which is also one of the causes of the mother’s poor sleep quality.

Second, change in diet during pregnancy.

Because of the impact of conception, there is some mediation of the dietary customs of pregnant mothers during the period.Some pregnant mothers have a good appetite during their body period. They want to eat everything, and they always feel that eating more without cheating, which causes gastrointestinal discomfort.There are still pregnant mothers who prefer sweets and coffee before they have them. They can never be prohibited during pregnancy. Drinking coffee in eternal calamity will also affect the quality of sleeping.

Third, the mother’s physiological pressure is too great.

Some pregnant mothers always like to be greedy before going to bed, which puts great pressure on their own physiology.Suddenly, I am worried that the baby will give birth prematurely, and suddenly I am worried that I can not be safe. I am afraid that the problem is presented in the production process. The more I think about it, the more I can’t sleep.Especially at the middle of the night, women are particularly sensitive, and their nerves are very weak, so when they sleep, they are very easy to feel attentive.

Is there any steps that can improve the environment of disappearance during pregnancy?

1. It should not be too long when you go to bed during the day: Once you sleep in the daytime, there will be no sleepy at night, which will cause disappearance.

2. Drink a glass of milk before going to bed: We all know that milk has a good sleep help, so pregnant women drink a glass of milk and shortness before going to bed.

3. Eat more nutritious and rich foods: fish and shrimp contain ketones needed by pregnant women, and there are rich protein in the bean finished products, and red dates can be used to replenish qiThere is also a director for the auxiliary sleep.

4. Don’t give it too much physiological commitment: Do not think too much before going to bed, so as not to give you too much physiological pressure. If you ca n’t sleep, you might as well listen.

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