Why bleed after test tube after implantation?Gynecologist tells you

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Everyone said that bleeding after test tube and early pregnancy is a common phenomenon, but please pay attention!IntersectionIf you find that you have a lot of bleeding, be sure to see the doctor first warn yourself not to panic, you don’t have to be anxious, and maintain emotional stability. This is very important because the impact of psychology on the physical state is huge.In the end, the test tube treatment was still failed!

At the beginning of the test tube, there has always been a problem of bleeding. Sometimes it ’s a faint blood water in the toilet. Sometimes it is also on the pads.Blood has already been bed, and the situation is still unstable. The doctor said that bleeding is not normal. It is necessary to immediately take lutein to eat lutein or continue bleeding.I go home and wait for myself to flow. The embryo atrophy is an unavoidable thing. Normal women under the age of 30 have a chance of embryo atrophy. This is a natural elimination of chromosomal abnormalities. No matter what you do, it has not been rescued.

In fact, there are many reasons for the failure of test tube implantation. Everyone is different: the four major causes of the test tube course of treatment, bleeding after implantation, in addition to the failure of the test tube, may also be a normal pregnancy, so it may not be a failure. The following is the following is the following.The cause of bleeding:

Normally bleeding in bed

There will be no pain, and there is only a little bit (very little) in bed bleeding. The color of the blood should be dark red or pink without blood clots. It usually occurs within 2 to 4 weeks after the embryo enters the uterine bed.

Abnormal bleeding

Bleeding is usually accompanied by pain, spasm, a large amount of bleeding, darker blood, or condensed blood clots. If the above phenomenon occurs, you should seek medical treatment immediately, because these phenomena may be a sign of miscarriage, or ectopic pregnancy.sign.

If a small amount of bleeding is safe within 14 days after implantation

1-3 days after implantation bleeding

The vaginal bleeding during this period does not need to be tense, it may be a small amount of bleeding caused by the cervical mucosa during the transplantation process.Bleeding will stop naturally for a few days of rest.

7-14 days after implantation bleeding

At this stage, a small amount of vaginal bleeding does not need to be nervous. Embryo bed is the process of identification and invasion of the maternal uterine muscle layer of the maternal uterine.A small amount of bleeding will occur.If the bleeding occurs 11-14 days after transplantation, you can also directly check the blood β-HCG to make it clear whether it is successful.

Be cautious for 14 days after implantation

14-28 days after transplantation, the 14th day of the transplantation of the transplantation was higher. If the vagina had brown secretions, no need to be nervous, 30-50%of people may have a small amount of vaginal bleeding, continue to protect the fetus, and rest in bed rest properly.Yes, after 1-2 weeks, the ultrasonic examination, the vaginal bleeding is bright red, accompanied by severe pain or colic in the abdomen, alert to ectopic pregnancy or incomplete abortion, and immediately go to the hospital.

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