Why are you pregnant, always "stay"?

Pregnancy itself is a happy thing.However, because of the natural abortion, many women have discouraged.

Repeated natural miscarriage makes many pregnant female friends feel stressful, and when pregnancy is afraid of unable to keep the fetus; infertility caused by repeated natural miscarriage also brings heavy blows to many families.

Clinically, patients with habitual abortion are also used to regulate pregnancy. Patients are also large. There are not a few abortion in more than a dozen pregnancy, and pregnancy is easy to conceive, that is, they cannot keep their fetuses.

If a pregnant patient has a natural miscarriage twice or more than two times in a row, then we can conclude that she is a recurrence abortion.During miscarriage, vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain can be manifested in abortion. Of course, some patients do not have obvious clinical symptoms.

The cause of natural miscarriage is very complicated. Only 50%of the causes of recurrent abortion can recognize their causes.At present, it is known mainly including chromosomal abnormalities, abnormalities of mother’s reproductive tract, abnormal endocrine endocrine, abnormal immune function, reproductive tract infection, incomplete cervical function, and tendency of thrombosis.

Most of the time is the result of comprehensive factors. Today I will tell you what are the specific reasons.

The first cause: chromosomal abnormalities

Including husband and wife chromosomal abnormalities and embryo chromosome abnormalities.

The second major reason: mother’s endocrine disorders

(1) Lutectin function incomplete

Affect the bed in bed.

(2) Polycystic ovary syndrome

The quality of eggs and endometrium is very low. This is the main cause of abortion.

(3) Hyperplasmiarmia

Hygensoladin causes macular incomplete function and the quality of eggs decreases.Some scholars have found that prolactin can reduce the secretion of early human placental chorionic gonad hormone.

(4) thyroid disease

Low thyroid function is related to natural abortion.It is also believed that the recurrence natural abortion is related to the existence of thyroid antibodies (mostly the thyroid function of such patients is mostly normal).

(5) Diabetes

Diabetes in clinical or satisfactory diabetes will not lead to recurrent abortion, and unprecedented insulin -dependent diabetes naturally increases natural abortion rate.

The third reason: the abnormality of the mother’s reproductive tract

(1) Uterine malformation

Including a single -corner uterus, twin uterus, twin and uterine, and the uterus.Among them, the uterine incomplete transition is most likely to lead to recurrence of abortion (endometrial dysplasia, not sensitive to the body hormone, poor blood supply).

(2) Asherman syndrome

Cervical or uterine cavity adhesion after artificial abortion is called Asherman syndrome. At this time, the volume of the uterine cavity is reduced and the response to the body hormone is reduced.

(3) Cervical function is incomplete

The painless cervix duct disappears during pregnancy and expansion of the palace.The most likely causes late abortion and premature birth.

(4) Uterine fibroids

The submucosal fibroids and more than 5cm of myized fibroids are related to relapse abortion.

The fourth cause: reproductive tract infection

Patients with bacterial vaginal disease increased in the incidence of late pregnancy and premature birth; chlamydia and chlamydia of the sandytis, and the primary mycoplasma causing endometritis or cervic tubeitis can cause miscarriage.

Fifth reason: abnormal immune function

(1) Self -immunity

Such as antidentic antibody syndrome (APS), antidentic antibodies can activate various ways such as blood vessels and platelets, causing thrombosis, and can also damage nourishing lobe cells.

(2) The same kind of immunity

Pregnancy is a half -the same transplantation process of success.If pregnant women’s autoimmune regulation and inhibit cell imbalances, they will cause the mother to close the antibody or protective antibody deficiency, the immune exclusion response, and the abortion occur.


(1) Unhealthy lifestyle is related to abortion.Such as smoking, alcoholism, excessive caffeine, etc.

(2) Environmental factors, such as the effects of organic solvents and poisons.

(3) In addition, obesity is also related to early abortion and recurrent abortion.

The above sharing hopes to help everyone and raise the body to welcome the bunny.

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