Why are you getting pregnant before getting married?

There is a phenomenon in the society in today’s society that the phenomenon is: married because of children.

Why do most people get married because they have children?Children have become your two families merged.Many people were pregnant before they fell in love, and they were pregnant unexpectedly, and then went home to tell the family that their family immediately said they were married.Otherwise, just wait for the child to be born before remarry.

In the past, this kind of thing rarely happened, and children who would only have after marriage.Why does this phenomenon become rare to this day?

I want to ask you who are married because of your children, have you regretted it?Will you suddenly feel that you shouldn’t have children so early and family?What is even more outrageous is that some people get married because of their children. After the child is born, she finds that they are not suitable to the other party.What do you do, have you ever thought about it?

The young people now do not want the consequences to do things. When things happen, they come and go to find ways, and then go.Isn’t it sad for a person’s life and so much time?Because of the increase, the divorce rate rises and the derailment rate rises.

Several friends around me suddenly said that they were going to get married, and there was no sign.I never saw a boyfriend who came out.After asking, I knew that it was pregnant, and the family said that she was going to get married.I asked them, have you thought about getting married so early?They all said they had never thought about it, but the children were innocent, and the gentleman came down.

Well, when the child is born, throw it to grandparents or grandma.I went out to work with my husband, and the child didn’t care.So much so much that the child is the grandparents, grandparents, and grandparents, not parents.

Many marriages now buy big and small.A few days ago, I heard that my cousin was about to get married, and the first question of the family was: "pregnant"?Everyone’s concern is whether there are children who are in a hurry to get married (because my cousin and his girlfriend have been together for less than a year).But my cousin said no, not pregnant.

Then when the family was eating together that day, my cousin’s mother said, "By then, I have to tell my cousin’s girlfriend clearly that when you get married, you will have a lifetime.It’s been a lifetime. "As a result, the post -90s of the last 90s said:" The idea of aunt is too naive, maybe it will happen in the future.

Young people, long snacks.Don’t get married because of pregnancy. When you are pregnant, you will only feel that you are responsible, not necessarily because you love and love the time to mature.Don’t get married because of "love", and don’t divorce because of "love". The biggest influence is children.

Finally, I hope that everyone can meet the right person at the right time, then fell in love, and then marry love.

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