Why are women more likely to have anal fissure?Can the large anus be recovered as the beginning?Clearly tell

Presumably, when many friends go to the toilet, they will feel that they hurt their chrysanthemums, and they often find red blood stains on the toilet paper, but because of the sensitive part of the pain, many people are ashamed to open their teeth.

There are some friends who feel that it hurts when going to the toilet, and it is not a big deal.

This attitude will delay treatment, and may endure more pain in the future.The severe pain that occurred in the anus during defecation above is called anal fissure. Occasionally, it is accompanied by blood exudation. This disease is generally not difficult to treat, but it will affect the quality of life of patients.There will be multiple anal fissures, which has a great impact on physical health.

According to the statistics of epidemiology, young and middle -aged people who occupy anal fissure patients are young and young, and in comparison, female patients are even slightly more slightly more slightly better than male patients.

This makes many people understand, because in everyone’s impression, female friends’ living habits are better. They usually smoke and drink much less than men, and they pay more attention to personal hygiene.

According to statistics, the number of female anal fissures is 1.8 times the purpose of male numbers.What causes this result?Let’s take a look.

First of all, the number of female anal fissure patients is significantly higher than that of men.

As far as the local anatomical structure of the anus is concerned, compared with the male anal, the anal sphincter in the front of the female anus is weaker than men.

It is also under pressure during bowel movements, and women’s anal canal is more likely to tear and cause anal fissure than men.This is a congenital factors for female anal fissure patients caused by the innate body structure of women than male patients.

In addition to the different anal muscle structure, the distance between women’s anus and vagina is also very close. Usually everyone in a healthy state may have no adverse effects, but if female friends are accidentally in the state of vaginal inflammation.

Inflammation of the vagina can easily attack the anus that is close to the neighbors behind. Inflammation can cause the anal tissue to become crispy and cause spasm of the anal muscles. This will also increase the probability of women more likely to cause anal fissure than men.

In addition to different physiological structures, another important reason for female anal fissures is that women can bear greater anal canal pressure during pregnancy.

The most important cause of anal fissure during pregnancy is constipation. Due to the heavier body during pregnancy, women will also greatly reduce their daily activities.The frequency of peristalsis also decreases, which will increase the probability of constipation.

Constipation is the culprit of anal fissure. Constipation will thicken the stool and harden. When going to the toilet, the stool of constipation will give the anal canal greater pressure and stronger stimulation.The onset may increase.

At the same time, because the birth canal is opened for the fetal delivery, the pressure of the birth canal can easily cause the anus to break and rupture, and it will cause huge abdominal pressure due to continuous force during delivery, which will bring extra pressure to the anal canal.It is the possibility of pouring oil on the fire.

What are the causes of anal fissure?Pay attention to these three living habits, which can greatly reduce the possibility of anal fissure!

The first is that people who have been sitting for a long time are more likely to suffer from anal fissure.

Many friends who work in the office often sit for a day as soon as they sit. This kind of living habit must be avoided for friends who want to reduce anal fissure.

For a long time without exercise, the stimulation of the gastrointestinal and intestines will be reduced, the frequency of peristalsis will be greatly reduced, and long -term sitting will make the perianal muscles in a tight state for a long time, and the blood circulation of the perianal area will slow down.These factors can easily lead to constipation.

At the same time, due to the lack of exercise, especially the exercise of the lower body, the anal lift muscles and anal sphincter in the anus are not effective. The elastic contraction ability of these muscle groups will decrease when needed to defecate.If you can’t accept the powerful stimulus of constipation, anal fissures follow.

Therefore, for friends who want to prevent and improve anal fissure, adhere to healthy and reasonable physical exercise, promote gastrointestinal motility, and reduce constipation.

The second is that bad bowel habits can cause anal fissure!

Many elderly friends will help bring their grandchildren at home, but taking care of children is inseparable from others, and some friends will be inconvenient to go to the toilet because they are inconvenient.Even if there is a convenience, many people will not choose to go to the toilet immediately when they can continue to bear it.

Everyone must know that the original fierce murder of anal fissures is constipation and dry stool.Please think about it carefully. If the stool that was originally discharged, if you do not leave the body in time and continue to stay in the intestine, the intestine will continue to absorb the water in the feces, making the excreted stool more dry.

The dry stools are more stimulating to the anus and anal canal. During the stool of the stool, due to the squeezing of the muscles, the stool is more likely to break the anal canal.Slicit or burning pain.

In addition to being unable to defecate in time, many elderly friends like to read newspapers when they go to the toilet. With the development of the Internet, elderly friends go to the toilet to swipe mobile phones.

When I go to the toilet, watching newspapers and playing mobile phones is a very comfortable and decompressive thing. This short happiness is a kind of comfort that "stealing for half a day", but this behavior is also very dangerous.

If you squat for a long time, the abdominal pressure will be in a long -term relatively high state. In addition to the pressure brought by the abdominal pressure at this time, the most surface tissue of the anal canal will also bear the pressure formed by the feces during bowel movements.It is more likely to rupture anal fissure.

Therefore, friends who want to avoid anal fissure from the source must have good bowel habits. It is best to defecate on time every day to maintain the soft stool. Do not make the stool rigid thicker.Improve these living habits is the top priority to reduce anal fissure.

The last point is bad eating habits!

Compared with the past, the bad eating habits of modern people are also another important reason for constipation. Now because of fast life rhythm and stress, everyone likes to eat some fine foods, and it seems to be rich in crude fiber -rich foods.Insufficient, it is easy to cause constipation and induce anal fissure.

In modern life, dairy products and sweets are sought after.Both foods are high -calorie, low -fiber foods, which are less easily digested and not easy to digest. The time for staying in the intestine will be longer, so as to achieve the purpose of fully digestion.

This leads to the extension of the digestive time, the interval between the bowel movement will also be extended, and the moisture of the feces will be reduced.Friends who often eat these foods are likely to decrease the number of bowel movements, and the feces will become thicker and dry. During the bowel movement, it will bring greater pressure on the surface tissue of the anal canal, which is more likely to cause the anal canal to break.

As the so -called "illness comes in", improving eating habits can also reduce the risk of anal fissure. In daily life, you can eat more foods rich in various dietary fiber, mainly fresh vegetables, such as celery, cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, cabbage.Spinach can promote gastrointestinal motility, thereby achieving the role of promoting defecation, alleviating constipation, and reducing the risk of anal fissure.

Now everyone knows a few bad habits that are likely to lead to anal fissure. How can you treat it if you really have anal fissure if you really have anal fissure?

The most obvious typical symptom of anal fissure is that there is a periodic pain that changes with the cycle of the stool. The characteristics of the pain are painful or cut -like pain, which will bring great pain to the patient.

A small number of patients will also have radiation pain in the inside of the thigh and perineum. This kind of pain will last for several minutes or hours. Until the sphincter of the anus is relaxed, the pain will be relieved.Blood in the stool caused by the rupture of the small blood vessels, the color is bright, but the amount is generally relatively small. It is basically attached to the surface of the stool or on the toilet paper.

There are also some patients with a perianal itching sensation due to the stimulation of anal fissure.

The anal fissure is divided into acute and chronic. With 8 weeks of boundary, within 8 weeks, it is called acute anal fissure. After 8 weeks, the treatment of chronic anal fissure is divided into surgical treatment and non -surgical treatment. Various treatmentMethods each profit and disadvantages, different patients need to choose suitable treatment solutions according to different situations.

Patients with acute or first occurring anal fissure are first treated with non -surgical treatment, and most patients can be cured within a few weeks.Non -surgical treatment is the safest and few side effects. It is usually the preferred treatment method of patients with anal fissure. It is mainly divided into internal or external use.

Because the anal fissure is caused by constipation, then we solve the dense stool from the source, which can also achieve the purpose of alleviating the symptoms of anal fissure. Generally, oral relievas are used to soften the stool, make the stools unobstructed, and reduce the right right.Stimulation of anal canal.

However, drug treatment is not a long -term strategy and cannot be used for a long time.The use of laxatives may cause reduced intestinal nerve sensitivity, form refractory constipation, and worsen the treatment of snow.Therefore, it is necessary to use the course of treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

You can also choose to take grass fiber or other expansion agents in front of the car, which can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility, accelerate the excretion of feces, and reduce dry stool.

Some patients with anal fissure may occur in tissue rupture. The nerves are extremely sensitive, and the pain will be very severe. It is difficult to tolerate such patients such as Lidakin.Can reduce the symptoms of patients’ pain.

The commonly used topical ointment is nitroglycerin ointment with a content of 0.2%. Applying it to the part of the anal fissure can relax the periac flat muscle and the pressure of the anal canal, which makes the blood circulation in the perianal area smoothly.The time lasts for 5 ~ 8 weeks.

This drug effect is really good, it is not possible to use it for a long time, and it is easy to resist, so it should be used strictly according to the drug treatment.

Generally, 1: 5000 potassium permanganate warm water sitting bath. Potassium permanganate is a substance commonly used in medicine to clean and eliminate inflammation. Take a bath with it to clean the skin and mucous membranes of the anus.And increase the flow of blood circulation around the anus.

The use of potassium permanganate solution anal bathing is generally 10-15 minutes, and you can come 2 to 3 times a day.

If these methods are invalid, surgical treatment can only be taken. Surgical treatment is the last line of defense for the treatment of the perianal. It is the most effective, but at the same time, it also has a certain risk of anal incontinence.

Therefore, friends who want to avoid surgery must pay more attention to protecting their anus, improving bowel habits, and reducing the possibility of anal fissure.

Many people will worry that because of their long -term constipation, the stool becomes much thicker than normal. They will suspect that their anus will be enlarged and worry that the anus will not be able to return to its original tightness.

You can rest assured that as long as the anal sphincter is not torn, and the slight anal expansion can be recovered by itself, but it will be expanded according to the expansion. It is short and short at different times. Usually a few days to a few weeks, it will be a few days to a few weeks.have.

If you have muscle tears, you still need to seek medical treatment in time to seek help from a doctor.

The most important thing is to improve your daily habits, maintain healthy bowel movements, add more exercise, and drink plenty of water to reduce the possibility of anal tube enlargement.


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