Why are there some round tip of "pregnant belly"?The doctor said 6 reasons, all have nothing to do with the gender of the fetus

Beauty -belly man, round belly female?The doctor explained the reasons for the shape of the pregnant belly. No one is related to the gender of the fetus

The unit has a colleague Xiao Wang who has been married for more than two years. With the continuous spawning of the parents of both parties, he finally conceived.Recently, the stomach has become more and more obvious.Every time we eat in the cafeteria, we look at Xiao Wang’s belly and say, "You see Xiao Wang’s belly, you must be a son."

Another colleague said, "It’s right! You didn’t see Xiao Wang Sheng so many spicy vegetables, sour girl, must be a daughter."

Xiao Wang returned to the office and asked me, "Sister, I know you are a mother and baby blogger, and you should have experience than them. You can help me see that it is a male or female."

I said with a smile to Xiao Wang, "Wang Er, do you see sister like B -ultrasound?"

Xiao Wang shook his head.

I said: "Sister is not a B -ultrasound. I definitely can’t see the fetus in my stomach, so I don’t know. I guess it is not a boy or a girl."

Xiao Wang said, "They all say that the belly is a man, and the belly is round. Isn’t it?"

I smiled and said, "Of course it’s wrong. I asked my attending doctor at that time. He told me a few reasons that affected the pregnant belly. No one was related to the gender of the child."

The reasons that affect the shape of the pregnant woman’s belly are not about "children’s gender"

For 10 months of pregnancy, the fetus will not always stay in the mother’s belly, and they will keep changing their positions.The fetus sometimes faces the mother’s back. At this time, the belly looks sharp, sometimes it will face the belly, and the pregnant belly will look a little flat.The baby’s gender must not be a man, a while, and a while.

Secondly, the body of pregnant women is very different, and to a certain extent, it will also affect the shape of the pregnant woman’s belly.Four months later, the fetus slowly grew up, and the pregnant belly slowly bulged.

Pregnant women are petite, and their stomach expansion will reach the limit before she expands.At this time, the fetus had to develop in another direction, so the stomach looked pointed.

Some pregnant women are tall and full of body. The stomach of the same month is not obvious, and it will look round.

In addition to the shape of the pregnant woman, the baby’s body is also critical.Some babies are fat after birth, they are tall, and some babies are thin and small after they are born.

The size of the fetus is different, and the body size is different, and the shape reflected in the mother’s belly is different.The fetus is tall, fat, and the mother’s belly looks pointed.The fetus is petite, and her mother’s belly looks flat and round.

Generally speaking, the weight of a baby boy will be a little heavier than the baby girl, which may be the source of "pointed male".

The shape of the pelvis is also an important factor that affects the shape of the pregnant belly.The pelvis is a pelvic bone ring formed by the bones of the spine and lower limbs.The pelvis of pregnant women is wide, and the more what they can, the less easy to be found in the fetus, and the more round the stomach looks like.The pelvis of pregnant women is narrow, and the fetus becomes larger than a little bigger, and it is easy to show their arms, and their stomachs will be more sharp.

Every woman hopes that she is rampant and backward, and some mothers even deliberately pull their hips a little.When the hips become tilted, the lumbar spine will protrude forward, causing the uterus to lean forward, and the belly will look pointed.Most people’s lumbar spine will not convex forward, so the stomach will be relatively flat.

The shape of the pregnant woman’s belly is also related to the toughness and strength of the abdominal muscles. The pregnant women who often fit the abdominal muscles are good, the strength is large, and the belly looks round and flat.Those pregnant women who do not like fitness, have poor abdominal muscle strength, thin belly, and belly will look sharp.

The above is the reasons why the pregnant woman’s belly has a rounded sharpness. None of them are caused by the gender of the fetus.In fact, many pregnant mothers want to know that the baby is a male or a woman or a woman is not because of "heavy men and women", but because of curiosity.As long as the baby in the stomach is healthy and healthy, it is not so important that men or women.

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