Why are so many people anemia during pregnancy?These advice you have to know

There are many very many women who can find their anemia during their pregnancy checks during pregnancy. Why do they have anemia when they are pregnant?It’s very simple. Naturally, a person’s body is naturally not nutritious and not enough to cause anemia.

During pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, at 32-34 weeks, the blood capacity of pregnant women reached its peak, the average plasma was increased by 1000ml, and the hemoglobin was only increased by 450ml. Relatively speaking, the blood was diluted, so it was also anemia.

Then at this time, the body noticed that he was anemia, and he would work hard to produce blood cells. At this time, he needed enough hematopoietic raw materials, otherwise the bone marrow would be difficult to cook without rice.

Anemia during pregnancy may lead to a series of adverse consequences, such as heart disease, malnutrition of fetal fetuses, dysplasia of fetus, and limited growth in the fetal palace.

Therefore, it is necessary to actively prevent anemia and discover timely corrections in time.

1. Animal liver and animal blood are very good, and lean meat is also excellent. However, when purchasing internal organs and blood, you need to pay attention to the purchase of regular markets. Some small shops may be the internal organs and blood of the diseased animals, so as not to cause serious consequences.

2. The kitchen utensils at home are replaced by iron, which can increase the "iron" content in the food and increase the intake and absorption of the rail. If necessary, just eat a iron pot and go down.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi, oranges, broccoli, because vitamin C can promote iron absorption.Also pay attention to the intake of vitamin B12 and folic acid.

4. There is also a very important point. In addition to the above -mentioned precautions, the anemia during pregnancy should actually supplement the iron under the guidance of a doctor.

During pregnancy, anemia, not only the baby took away the blood, but also bleeded the child, so the postpartum also needed to replenish blood.

In fact, the postpartum blood supplement is mainly based on the above principles, especially in terms of diet, not only should pay attention to blood supplement, there are a lot of attention in the confinement.Scientific confinement meal, don’t worry about nutrition.

And if you do n’t go to the confinement center, you can refer to my previous articles, and PO has a detailed confinement recipe!

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