Why are pregnant women prone to hemorrhoids?What are the hazards!

Speaking of hemorrhoids, I believe that many people are no strangers, and even some people are suffering from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids will always feel pain when they appear when they appear.Among them, pregnant women are a type of people who are prone to hemorrhoids, so pregnant women should pay special attention to usually take measures to prevent hemorrhoids and avoid the emergence of harm.

Why are pregnant women prone to hemorrhoids?

About 70%of pregnant women will be favored by hemorrhoids. This is mainly because women will continue to increase the uterus during pregnancy. At this time, due to the continuous increase in the uterus, the pressure of the abdominal cavity will increase.The lower cavity vein is compressed and caused by venous congestion to induce hemorrhoids.At the same time, women’s fibrous connective tissues during pregnancy will become softer due to changes in hormones, which will cause blood vessels to expand veins and eventually cause hemorrhoids.Therefore, we should pay attention to the measures to prevent hemorrhoids during pregnancy. After all, hemorrhoids will cause great harm to pregnant women.

What are the harms of hemorrhoids to pregnant women?

1. Will make pregnant women anemia

After hemorrhoids occur, some pregnant women will have the phenomenon of stool with blood during bowel movements. If this is the case for a long time, it will cause the body to cause anemia due to excessive blood loss.Great damage, so be particularly vigilant.

2. Cause pain

When suffering from hemorrhoids, the body is easy to have constipation, and it will even cause local anal edema and inflammation, which will cause the body to feel pain. When pain occurs, the pregnant woman’s mood sleep and quality of life will be affected.

Third, affect production

If pregnant women are born, they will give birth effectively when they are produced, which will cause hemorrhoids to rupture and have great pain, which will cause pregnant women to affect production due to pain.

Fourth, toxin absorption

The emergence of hemorrhoids will make pregnant women feel particularly uncomfortable during bowel movements, and even some will feel that their feces are not clean, which will cause feces to produce toxins in the intestine. These toxins will flow back to various organs of the body, and they will be.It affects physical health and affects the development of the fetus, allowing the fetus to absorb these toxins and causes damage.

In general, pregnant women are prone to hemorrhoids during pregnancy, so pay special attention to taking some preventive measures to help prevent prevention, which can reduce the harm of hemorrhoids to the body, and it will not be due to the existence of hemorrhoids after production.Increasing the difficulty of nursing in the later period can also make pregnant women feel uncomfortable due to hemorrhoids during pregnancy and affect their emotions. This is also very unfavorable to the fetus.

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