Why are more and more women getting pregnant?Doctor: Go out of the three major pregnancy misunderstandings, "one blow is the middle"

Many people think that getting married and having children is a matter of water. However, many couples have prepared for a long time. They want to do everything for pregnancy, but they end up with disappointment again and again.

As everyone knows, some methods are the minefields for pregnancy, and the results are counterproductive.Xiao Jiu takes a look at 3 common misunderstandings.

Although women are pregnant in October, infertility may not just be a woman’s problem.According to data, among the factors that lead to infertility, the single man accounts for 30%, and the cases of common infertility are 20-30%.If the woman’s inspection is abnormal, it does not mean that the man is fine. Both men and women should check together when preparing for pregnancy.

The ovulation period is a key period for making people, but it is not guaranteed to be pregnant.Conception is a probability event. If there is only once a month, the success rate is extremely low.

In addition, if men have ejaculated for a long time, they can easily cause sperm aging, reduce vitality, and poor quality.Generally speaking, the quality of the sperm for 3 to 5 days is better.Moreover, even the calculated "safety period" is only the theoretical value, and ovulation may occur.

Many people feel that they are not pregnant because they have poor health and lack nutrition, so they bought various supplements as a common food.As everyone knows, eating too much, excess nutrition can cause obesity, and excessive obesity can cause endocrine disorders, ovulation disorders, and more difficult to get pregnant.

Even if you are pregnant smoothly, the nutritional surplus during pregnancy will increase the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension, and your baby is more likely to deform.Therefore, it is necessary to check why it is difficult to get pregnant when preparing for pregnancy, and then adjust the symptoms instead of blind supplement.

Breeding life is a complex process. We advocate that starting from pregnancy, we must maintain a balanced and non -excessive diet.In October, the fetus developed at each stage different parts, and the focus of nutrition was also different.How to make up for different stages during pregnancy?Xiao Jiu helps you summarize.

1st month: folic acid

Prevent fetal nerve organs from defects

Folic acid must be supplemented from the beginning of pregnancy to early pregnancy, which can prevent anemia, premature birth, and fetal malformations.Especially in the early days, folic acid is crucial to the development of fetal nerve organs.It is recommended to take oral folic acid tablets under the guidance of a doctor and eat more grain food.

2nd month: vitamin C, vitamin B6

Relieve girma bleeding, inhibit pregnancy vomiting

Some pregnant mothers will have gum bleeding in the second month, which can supplement vitamin C in an appropriate amount, which can help improve the body’s resistance and prevent gum disease.

Vitamin B6 is a sharp sword to overcome pregnancy and vomiting. Eat 1-2 spoons of maltose every day not only inhibit vomiting, but also makes pregnant mothers energetic.But if pregnant mothers have diabetes, it is not recommended to eat.

3rd month: magnesium, vitamin A

Promote fetal growth and development

Studies have shown that the number of magnes in the first three months of pregnancy is related to the height, weight and head circumference of newborns.Magnesium is important for the muscle health and bone development of the baby.

In the early pregnancy, the fetus could not store vitamin A. Pregnant mothers need to supply sufficient vitamin A to ensure the health of the fetal skin, gastrointestinal tract and lungs.

4th month: zinc

Prevent fetal dysplasia

This month’s pregnant mother should supplement zinc. If zinc deficiency, it will not only cause their own taste, abnormal sense of smell, loss of appetite, and poor digestion and absorption function. At the same time, it will affect the growth and development of the fetus, causing the fetal brain, heart, and other important organs.

5th month: vitamin D, calcium

Promote the development of fetal bones and teeth

In the fifth month, the fetus’s bones and teeth grew rapidly, and the demand for calcium increased dramatically.Therefore, drinking milk, yogurt, or eating more seafood, soy products and other foods are rich in calcium.

In fact, calcium supplement should run through the entire pregnancy, and pregnant mothers should take calcium daily.But simply calcium supplementation is not enough. Vitamin D is supplemented at different times, and the human body cannot fully absorb the calcium supplement.Vitamin D can effectively promote calcium absorption. Pregnant mothers need to bask in the sun, eat more fish, and eggs. They can also choose double whale and vitamin D drops. Each dose is 400IU, which is directly taken, which is convenient for clear daily intakeEssence

6th month: Iron

Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia

In the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant mothers are prone to iron deficiency anemia.Therefore, you can eat more iron -rich vegetables, animal liver, lean meat, eggs and other foods, or you can take iron sulfate every day under the guidance of a doctor.

7th month: DHA, EPA and brain phospholipids, lecithin

Ensure the normal development of the fetal brain and retinal

DHA, EPA, and brain phospholipids, lecithin and other substances can prevent premature birth, prevent fetal development slow, increase the weight of the baby at birth, and ensure the normal development of the baby’s brain and retinal.

Pregnant women can eat more foods, fish oil, and nut foods.It is best to take some DHA products dedicated to pregnant women.

8th month: carbohydrate

Maintain the body’s calorie needs

In August pregnancy, the fetus’s liver and subcutaneous tissue began to store glycogen and fat.If the pregnant mothers take the insufficient carbohydrates at this time, they will cause protein deficiency or keto acid poisoning.Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the supply of calories and increase the intake of main food, such as rice, flour, etc.

9th month: dietary fiber

Prevent constipation and promote intestinal peristalsis

As the fetus grows slowly, the position of the stomach and intestine will be crowded and lost the position, so it is easy to cause constipation and even cause internal and external hemorrhoids.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to sufficient dietary fiber in their lives to promote intestinal motility.Pregnant mothers should also properly perform outdoor sports and develop the habit of daily defecation.

10th month: thiamine (vitamin B1)

Avoid the extension of the output, difficulty in childbirth

Amarantine is a water -soluble vitamin that has high content in sea fish.If the pregnant mother’s inadequate intake can cause problems such as vomiting, burnout, and weakness, it may also lead to the weakness of the uterine contraction and the extension of the labor process, and the difficulty of childbirth.

In general, the diet during pregnancy is balanced, appropriate, and diverse. As long as any nutrients need to be appropriate, you must not eat randomly.


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