Why are girls’ breasts soft and hard, how do you grow scientifically?The answer is here

Girls’ chest size is a topic that many women care about, which not only affects the appearance of women, but also is closely related to self -confidence and health.Many women want their chests to become larger, but how can they be scientifically realized?In this article, we will explore the relevant knowledge of women’s chest size and how to scientifically breast enhancement.

1. Factors and size factors of women’s breasts

The composition of women’s breasts is mainly composed of breasts, nipples, areolas, breasts and fats.The size and shape of female breasts are determined by factors such as genetic and hormone levels.Generally speaking, the fat tissue in the breast occupies a dominant position, that is, the size of the breast is mainly determined by the fat tissue.In addition, women’s hormonal levels, diet habits, weight changes, etc. will also affect the size of the chest.

Second, the influencing factors of women’s chest size

Female chest size is affected by various factors. The following will introduce some common influencing factors:

Genetic factors: Genetic is one of the important factors that determine the characteristics of individual body, including the size of the chest.Parents’ genes will have an impact on their children’s physical characteristics. Therefore, if there are members with larger or smaller chests in the family, it may affect the breast size of the offspring.

Hormon level: Women’s hormones play an important role in chest development.Estrogen is one of the main sex hormones of women, and it promotes breast development during adolescence.The changes in hormones can also affect the size and form of the breast. For example, during the menstrual cycle, breasts may change due to changes in hormonal levels.

Age factors: With age, women’s breasts will change a series of changes.Under normal circumstances, breasts develop and grow in adolescence and early adults, but as they grow older, breasts and breast tissues of breasts will gradually decrease, resulting in smaller breasts and sagging.

Change of weight: Increased or decrease in weight also affects the size of the breast.Breasts are mainly composed of adipose tissue, and changes in weight can cause changes in the distribution of adipose tissue.Therefore, the increase in weight may lead to bigger breasts, and decreased weight may lead to smaller breasts.

Pose and posture: posture and posture also affect the appearance of the breast.For example, the posture of a tight breast and abdomen can make the breasts look more upright and plump, and the posture of bowing or hump can cause the breasts to make a droop and not plump enough.

During pregnancy and lactation: pregnancy and lactation are important periods of breast development and change.Breasts during pregnancy will increase by hormones and prepare for breastfeeding.During breastfeeding, breasts will change in size and morphological due to the needs of milk production and breastfeeding.

3. How to get bigger scientifically?

Although the size of the chest is affected by many factors such as genetics and growth and development, some scientific methods can help women achieve their chest enlargement.Here are several common methods.

Reasonable diet

Diet is an important factor affecting physical health, and it is no exception to the size of the chest.Women should pay attention to foods rich in vitamin A, C, E, B6, B12, folic acid, protein, calcium, zinc and other nutrients, such as chicken, fish, tofu, milk, honey, yam, walnuts, black sesame, etc.In addition, you should minimize foods that eat high -calorie, high fat, and high sugar, such as fried foods, sweets, snacks, etc.


Appropriate exercise can promote the metabolism and blood circulation of the body, and help the development of the chest.Women are advised to choose targeted exercise, such as fitness, yoga, swimming, rope skipping, etc.Pay attention to wearing suitable sportswear and sports underwear to reduce the impact on the chest.


Frequent massage of the chest can promote blood circulation and lymphatic flow, which is conducive to the absorption and metabolism of nutrients, and then promote the development and increase of the chest.Massage can use professional massage appliances or manually massage by yourself, including kneading, shooting, squeezing, etc.

Use breast enhancement products

There are many breast enhancement products on the market, such as breast enhancement cream, breast enhancement oil, breast enhancement massage, etc., they can promote the increase of the chest under the premise of ensuring safety.But pay attention to choose regular products to avoid choosing products without clear effects.

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