Why always ask me if I am not pregnant?

Why do people always ask me in the background recently?Intersection

A unified answer now: No!

Have you ever thought about it, maybe it’s just the little belly that hasn’t been reduced … (hahaha)

But I am looking forward to having a child.

What a different experience to be a mother.

Recently, I have also thought that there will be a daughter/son in the future, how can I raise her/he grew up.

I don’t want her to develop these character.

A blogger mother took her daughter out to play, her daughter wanted to eat sushi on the street.

It was very late at the time, and there was only a copy of the stall.

So the mother and daughter waited for the stall to do it. At this time, a little boy came and looked at him with only one. He was disappointed but reluctant to leave.

After a while, the daughter suddenly made up her mind, and said, "This is for the younger brother, I don’t want it."

Then I looked at my mother a little expecting, as if I was saying, "I’m doing great, just praise me."

But the mother did not respond, bought the last sushi and took her daughter to leave.

On the way home, she asked her daughter a few questions and knew that her daughter actually wanted to eat, but the book said that her parents liked the girl who liked to be modest.

Mom sighed and said to her daughter very seriously:

"My daughter does not need kindness or beauty. My dad and I will always support her to love her. All the best is qualified to get it.

This point really pokes me.

My uncle is a special person in Gu.

I took me and my cousin to play with my cousin in the summer vacation. My cousin and I were in the countryside.

I have a daughter and a cousin and a cousin who lives nearby.

Our four children follow the puppets every day. He took us to the park when he returned from get off work and a skewers …

That summer, I was very happy.

But the impression is more profound.

I am neither the biggest nor the smallest, but the one that can give up the most.

The electric vehicle rides can only bring three people, and one of the remaining bicycles will be taken.

We all want to take the uncle’s electric car. My sister is younger than me. I let my cousin go to go with my aunt first, but the cousin is unhappy.

The child who walked with my aunt was me.

The three sisters followed with the joy of the uncle. I remember it now. My aunt looked at me worriedly that her bicycle was broken.

Later, I thought, why is the person who is humble?

What you can get is the praise.

For this praise, for this recognition, and for the words of sensibility, I have no electric vehicles in the happiness.

I wake up myself countless times in this time.

You do not lack love and recognition.

It should be yours, don’t be modest because you care about evaluation.

Unless you really feel, humility makes you happy.

There is a question on Zhihu: I am "the child of someone else’s family", why is it still inferior?

The landlord shared himself. From small to most, he was a good student, and his academic life could be said to be smooth.

But I care about the thoughts of others very much, often inferiority, and feel that I "but this is true."

After the first place, the first was panic, and heavy pressure.

Even after paying hard work.There is no such thing as "this is what I deserve".

It is also a very hard thing to do "children’s children".

One mountain is even higher than Yishan. The so -called learning sea is boundless. The more powerful in the eyes of others, the higher the expectations.

Gradually, the feet are looking forward to the high ground, looking back, it is the abyss without seeing the bottom.

A step by step, it seems that it is a long time.

I can’t bear my child to meet such a dilemma.

Just like the donkey with eyes, was hung by the radish above the head. I do n’t know the way before. In the expectations of others, it has been confused.

Because I am such a person!

Seeing a post, a girl with an annual income of 1.5 million.

For half a year, the female parents were taken care of by the female parents.

After the confinement, I went back to work, and my mother -in -law helped take the child (do not allow the babysitter).

After working hard to go home all day long, when she saw two dishes, she picked up the meat of vegetarian dishes.

Husband said, "Don’t eat that meat, leave a little to mom."

The girl didn’t say anything, put down the chopsticks and ordered takeaway.

Her husband was furious, quarreled with her, and went to the forum to post, saying that he was not divorced with his wife for his child.

Netizens stood up and said that the man was outrageous.

As a result, the girl stood up, saying that her husband and mother -in -law were very hard, but they did not do it well …

Will you still talk when others say you?

Are you subconsciously standing on the standpoint of others?

Then be eaten by those who are strongly rational in their lives?

We don’t seem to be able to argue and explain since childhood.

I really thank my mother, because I saw many girls in my life, and they would only be dumb and speechless, and had no sense of fighting.

Since childhood, parents have told them not to explain.

Wrong, it’s wrong.

But sometimes it is not a child’s fault.

That’s not important.

The important thing is attitude.

So he swallowed in life and never got his head in his work.

If I have a child, I will let her learn to "fight" me bravely.

Let her know that we can have peer talks.

Explanation is not offending, fighting for more hostility, and fighting for yourself, there is nothing terrible.

My parents have no reservation to their children.

Dad has a bad temper, but rarely talks to us.

Mom’s life exists for children.

When I was a kid, my family was not good, but I was so bad that I couldn’t afford the fritters.

But my mother will always buy a few of them. For children to eat, I always say that I don’t like it.

She didn’t have eaten fritters smoothly.

The fritters are bought, and they need to spend money.

From my mother, I learned what it means to love others than to love myself.

As a girl, it is cold, and I will first consider buying new clothes for the object.

as the saying goes:

Parents are a mirror of the child, and the child’s behavior is the projection of parents’ behavior.

I project my mother’s personality, but then I saw those shortcomings in the mirror.

Moms, the clothes you buy for your children really don’t have to be more expensive than you.

Delicious, don’t just buy one copy, leave one for yourself.

You have to tell your children what it means to love yourself.

Only when you can love yourself, you can love others while you lose yourself.

However, he was pleased, and he was not abducted by excellent.

It is what I look forward to.

The future is not a passion, but I hope that no matter what happens, she has the supreme courage to face it.

Good night.

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