Who can’t get teeth?Precautions for extraction!

When the teeth have problems, it will affect it. We all noticed that these are more to know. At the same time, when choosing tooth extraction, you also need to know who can not extraction. If you don’t pay attention toDiscover more, then, who can not extract teeth?

1. Infection cannot be extracted during the acute period: comprehensive considerations such as the area and scope of the infection, the development stage of the disease, the type and toxic force of the bacteria, the size of the tooth extraction, and the size of the tooth extraction.Generally, if there is gum swelling and pain, if there is a gap infection when the wisdom tooth inflammation, the opening mouth is limited, and the inflammation should be removed first, otherwise it will cause inflammation to spread.When the height of the acute osteomyelitis is loosened, the removal of immediately removal can be eliminated immediately under the control of antibiotics.

2. Do not extract teeth during menstruation.Tooth extraction during menstruation may cause compensation bleeding, which should be temporarily relieved.

3. Do not extraction during pregnancy.The first three months and the next three months taboo tooth extraction, otherwise it will easily cause miscarriage and premature birth.It is relatively safe in 4 to 6 months, and you can consider the condition.

4. Those who take anticoagulant drugs for a long time should suspend drugs for a week before they can consider tooth extraction, and they should comprehensively consider it with relevant internal medicine doctors.

5. Patients with diabetes should control blood glucose to extract, otherwise it is easy to cause difficulty in control.

6. Patients with hyperthyroidism should control the disease before extraction.

7. In the following situations, patients with heart disease taboo tooth extraction: (1) There are recent history of heart infarction.(2) Recent angina pectoris frequently occurred.(3) Symptoms of level 3-4 may have symptoms of breathing, hay, cervical veins, lower limb edema, etc. (4) There are three or two-degree rooms with a vice block, double bundle branches, AsesHistory of syndrome.

You need to eat breakfast before extraction, otherwise the blood sugar may be reduced due to an empty stomach, and syncope occurs during the tooth extraction process.It will anesthesia in the process of tooth extraction, so it is generally not very painful, and patients can rest assured.

Remember to pay attention at 6 o’clock after extraction:

1. The cotton ball or gauze in the mouth must be spit out after 40 minutes. After spitting, you can eat some ice cream, drink ice water or local ice.

2. Do not lick the wound with your tongue after extraction. Do not brush your teeth and rush your mouth within 24 hours. Pay attention to protect the wound when brushing your teeth the next day.

3. On the day of tooth extraction, you can enter soft or liquid food. Do not chew the affected side. Do not eat irritating foods. Generally, the wound healing after 7 days of tooth extraction can be chewed with the tooth extraction side.

4. Speak less on the day of the tooth extraction, and try not to spit in 4 days, otherwise it will affect the healing of the wound and cause the wound to bleed.

5, quit smoking and alcohol, do not exercise vigorously.

6. For example, the pain gradually worsen after 2 to 3 days after the tooth extraction.

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