Whether the nurse should be on duty after 7 months of pregnancy, the country stipulates …

With the rapid increase of the number of childbirth in my country and the number of nursing teams in my country, there are more and more nurses during pregnancy.Management in accordance with national regulations and humanization has become an important aspect that hospital managers cannot ignore."

Nurse pregnancy vacation:

On the one hand, proper management can inspire young nurses, stabilize nursing teams, and improve cohesion; unscrupulous management will not only lead to an increase in resignation rate, but also affect the morale of the team. It will seriously lead to some adverse events.

Due to the particularity of the nature of the nursing workers, the problem of vacation has always been a difficult problem for the boss of nurses.

The feeling of managers’ feelings on the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the department is particularly important.First of all, let’s look at the two cases:

Case number one:

According to Hong Kong media reports, a surgical nurse in Hong Kong Mary Hospital was about thirty weeks a few days ago, and is still observed in the intensive care unit during the night shift.

The Hong Kong Nurses Association said that 3 to 4 pregnant nurses have been received during the night shift unsuitable cases. I hope that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Hospital Administration will increase the nurses and exempt nurses from 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Case 2:

The 3 and a half months of pregnancy, a cities in the third hospital of a city, served the family members of the patient’s family while inhaling oxygen.

After her hard -working scene was photographed by a colleague, a reporter interviewed it.

It turned out that that day was her main class, and she had to dynamically grasp the situation of 58 patients.She felt almost no time to sit on the stool for a while, and she had to go to the ward to check in and care for patients.The call -for -rescue ringing in the ward continued to sound, and she and her colleagues had to go to the ringtone.

At around 2:50 pm, she suddenly felt uncomfortable and her chest tightness.However, there are so many patients. She couldn’t walk at all, so she took half an hour of oxygen.In the meantime, he received a record for patients and received consultation with the family members of the patient.

After the chest tightness relieved, she went to work again.Originally at 5 pm, because there were many patients, she did not get off work until the afternoon.

Hong Kong practice

More than 28 weeks, exemption

A hospital in a hospital was 28 weeks of pregnancy, and he fainted during the night shift. He is still in the treatment department to stay in the doctor. The situation is serious, but it has improved slightly and a wake -up response. The doctor will monitor the fetus.The incident triggered a letter to the Board of the Association of Nurses, and strived to allow the nurse for more than 28 weeks of pregnancy to exempt the night.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Management Bureau responded that the Hospital Administration has exempted from the arrangement of the pregnancy nurse as a night shift. According to different factors such as ward service and manpower, nurses from 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy can exempt the night shift according to the situation.

At present, the Hospital Authority has set up a working group to explore the arrangement of nurses on duty at the night shift of more than 32 weeks of pregnancy. At the same time, it is emphasized that before the formulation of any relevant policies or implementing a new plan, the opinions of all parties will be considered and appropriate arrangements are made in hand planning.Essence

Relevant regulations of the State Council

Do not extend the labor time after 7 months of pregnancy or arrange night shift labor

State’s "Special Protection Regulations for Women’s Workers" (Order No. 619 of the State Council No. 619 of the People’s Republic of China): Pregnancy and lactating female employees have corresponding protection and treatment guarantee.

Such as: the hospital purchase fertility insurance for female employees; after 7 months of pregnancy, do not extend labor hours or arrange night shift labor; female employees during pregnancy and lactation shall not engage in load and high risk work assignments; female employees enjoy during pregnancy, fertility, and breastfeeding.Holidays and holiday welfare benefits stipulated by the state and relevant departments.

From the above content, it cannot be arranged for night shifts for 7 months.

How is the hospital where everyone is?Will there be counter -specified phenomena due to insufficient manpower or other reasons?What good management experience can be shared with you?

Text / Xianyang Zhonggongren

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