Whether a woman is pregnant is mainly judged through these 4 ways, which one are you

Mother Liu was a novice Bao Ma. I recalled the experience of finding pregnancy at the time and could not help laughing.It turned out that she discovered this fact when she was pregnant for nearly 3 months.For girls, pregnant and having children are a normal thing.There are many ways to judge pregnancy. For example, relatives who visit each month suddenly have not come, or they will be disgusting when they smell the smell of oil, or they suddenly increase their appetite.Fill in.However, there are also some careless mothers who don’t know when they are pregnant.In fact, to summarize how netizens find the experience of pregnancy, it is nothing more than these 4 points.

One: Judgment according to the body’s reaction

The most direct judgment of pregnancy is whether there are menopause. Due to different personal constitution, some treasure mothers will have pregnancy and nausea during pregnancy, and some Baoma except for discontinuation, other situations are no different from other situations.Therefore, we must remember our own physiological period. If we did not come over that period, we have to consider whether it is pregnancy.

Two: others to mention some people

Many people have no experience in their first pregnancy.Even if the physiological period is later, the phenomenon of disgusting and vomiting is a series of behaviors that reflect pregnancy, they will not consider the direction of pregnancy, but some older people around you can see that after their lifting point, I believe it is believed that they believe it.Many talents have finally discovered the fact that they are pregnant.

Three: Bao Ma’s sixth feeling

It is said that girls are emotional animals. They can judge a lot of things with their feelings. This is not fake at all.There are many girls even if they are less than a month of pregnancy and their bodies are not different, they just feel that they are pregnant. When they go to the hospital for examination, they really feel right.It can only be said that people sometimes have to believe in their own intuition.

Four: Baby dreamed

Mother Zhang recalled that she found her pregnancy experience at the time that in the early days of pregnancy, she had a dream one day, dreaming that she was pregnant with a particularly beautiful baby. As a result, she bought a pregnancy test stick to check it.After she said this, many Baoma immediately said that she knew that she was pregnant.

If you are a mother, I do n’t know how you found that you were pregnant?Is it within 4 cases in the text?

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