Where does the steady stream of chicken feet from the market come from?Is it safe?I finally understood today

If there are more people in this world, love food and poetry is better than gold, this world will be a better place.—— Tolkin

Food has always been a very discussion topic, especially in China.

Because China has been famous for "people with food as heaven" since ancient times, this is not only displayed on the Chinese dining table, but also in our words and deeds.

No matter how embarrassing the scene is, as long as one sentence, "Did you eat?"

It can break the gap between Chinese people. This is a kind of ability, and it is a kind of cultural heritage.

Because of this, the Chinese have always been studied on the dishes. Even a common chicken, in the Chinese pot, it will become "wonderful."

Not only is China made a lot of money at meals, even if it is a snack, the Chinese have spent a lot of thoughts to study.

For example, the lemon chicken feet that has been very hot in recent years, as a dish that can bring refreshing in the summer, has always been highly sought after by the public.

But in the face of such a large market, people have a question, where is chicken feet from from?

Combined with various rumors, people can’t help but question the safety of chicken feet.

But in fact, you don’t have to worry about this, because this article can answer it for everyone.

If you often watch some foreign film and television works, you will find a strange phenomenon.

That is, foreigners almost do not eat, chicken feet, trotters and other parts.

These popular foods in China have been abandoned abroad as they are, and they are really indifferent.

And this is exactly one of the unique performances of Chinese culture.

If you want to trace the history of Chinese people eating chicken feet, then we will see the relevant records in "Lu’s Spring and Autumn".

In history, King Qi loves chicken feet, and even eats day by day.

Of course, in "Lu’s Spring and Autumn", there is no description of how King Qi eats chicken feet, but the probability is to stew and eat salt.

However, it can be seen that chicken feet have indeed went to people’s dining tables early.

With the continuous development of the times, the practices of chicken feet have also been diverse. The south -based stew, and the braised burn in the north, are all local flavors.

Between the north and the south, Chengdu has developed a new way of eating, that is, now the popular pickled pepper paw on the market.

It is said that this approach was invented by the famous gourmet master -Lan Gui, but the inspiration of this dish comes from the "white cloud pig hands" of Cantonese cuisine.

Because Pickled Pepper’s Places have the characteristics of refreshing and pepper, it is loved by the majority of labor people once it came out.

It is precisely because of this civilian taste and price, so the pepper and phoenix claws quickly swept the entire China, and in the snack industry, it became a proper signboard.

Of course, the dishes are progressing in the times.

Over the years, people have invented boneless chicken feet and other ways to eat. Because it is easy to eat, spicy and refreshing.

Therefore, it also took the international Dongfeng to successfully enter the table of foreigners, becoming an important opportunity for foreign people to understand Chinese food.

In a sense, chicken feet have afforded the heavy responsibility of Chinese food communication, and also made foreigners see that the Chinese people’s edge is the magical ability of food.

Many years ago, the source of chicken feet was controversial. Because of the source of chicken feet, people were unfamiliar, so many people who cared for rumors made people feel uneasy.

The most outrageous representative is the "mutant chicken" incident more than ten years ago.

At that time, a picture of PS was circulated on the Internet. The rooster on the picture had "three heads and six arms", which was very appalling.

Many people have rumored that the chicken feet on the market are cut off from this mutant chicken.

It is rich in toxic substances, which will cause great harm to the body.

This ridiculous rumor now has indeed become more and more wider, and it has even affected the chicken market of that year.

In this atmosphere of people, experts have to come out to rumor that this mutant chicken does not exist.

Although the relevant departments hope to strictly investigate the source of rumors, the initial rumors have been hidden in the world because of the spread of transmission.

After the "mutant chicken" stopped, some people spread rumors of "boneless chicken feet".

They put a video of the video, and the video was that many old ladies were "bone bone" with their mouths.

But in fact, this matter is also ridiculous, and not to mention that there are cleaner and hygienic boneless tools on the market, it is not proportional to say that labor costs and bone prolapse results are not proportional.

And this is obviously a prank, so don’t care too much.

From these rumors, it can actually reflect a point, that is, people are not familiar with the large source and processing technology of chicken feet.

However, what we can ensure that the source of Chinese chicken feet is regular and hygienic.

As we mentioned earlier, most foreign countries do not eat chicken feet. Without opening these trade in the world, these by -products can only be wasteful.

After the international market is opened, these by -products will be exported to China.

Because the value of foreign chicken feet is not high, the price of imports in China can also be lowered, which saves costs.

This is why the price of chicken feet is high in the city, but it is always maintained at a normal level.

Because there are a large number of auxiliary products abroad, it can be used by my country.

In addition to the channel imported from foreign countries, the chicken farms in China are also an important source of chicken feet and other by -products.

Unlike everyone’s impression, different farms that are messy, and now the chicken farms in China have achieved the construction of modern equipment.

In terms of varieties, my country has also carried out transformation.

The farm is no longer a large area of breeding, and some chickens with slow growth cycles in the local area have turned to the white feather chicken recognized in the international market.

A major advantage of this chicken is that it grows fast and has a large body shape, and basically it can reach 5 pounds within a month.

Subsequently enter the market for sale. This short cycle will naturally make chicken feet. This by -product increases a lot in a short period of time, thereby meeting China’s huge "chicken feet market".

With the blessing of the two domestic and foreign channels, the dining table of the Chinese people will naturally not lack the existence of "phoenix claws".

Of course, it is worth noting that although the source of chicken feet is so sufficient, there will still be some illegal vendors who use medicines to ripen chickens in order to benefit.

Eating such a ripe chicken will cause great harm to people’s bodies.

At this point, everyone must pay attention to distinguish.

However, in all, chicken feet are one of the traditional Chinese food. I hope that everyone can carry forward it on this basis and highlight our country’s food culture.

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